WordPress SEO Mistakes – Are You a Victim?

Rahul Biswal

Rahul Biswal

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Rahul Biswal
Rahul Biswal
Rahul Biswal
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Even though WordPress is user-friendly, and even search engine-friendly, are you sure you are taking its SEO potential to the fullest? Even if you are certain of your on-site optimization skills, you can’t be sure you are not making a single mistake and risking poor rankings.

wordpress seo mistakes

Browse through the following mistakes many WordPress users are making, and set your knowledge and skills in stone. Here are the some of the WordPress SEO Mistakes you must avoid.

Poor Keywording: WordPress SEO Mistakes

Whenever posting new content of which you are unsure whether it will be SEO friendly or not, remember that keywords are extremely important. Good keywords can be the determining factor for being in the top search results. Hence, attempt to arm your links with keywords, as it will help you get better results.

If you want a search engines to provide good results on a post or site, inserting keywords is crucial. The more strategically placed words you have, the better your visibility on the Internet. Most newbie users avoid to use LSI keywords. Which are very essential for proper SEO.

However, remember that keywords do not necessarily mean that your post will be a hit, try finding that optimal balance between quality and keyword optimization.

Not mapping your site

A huge mistake that almost all new posters make is that they forget to provide an XML sitemap. Consider adding this feature to your website because it is like a table of contents in a book. For a user, this provides easier overview of your website. For search engines, it provides a fundamental breakdown of your pages.

With an active XML sitemap you can get more than just page indexing and the chance for better search results, it will also give you additional information that might help you build up a better SEO.

Low quality backlinks

Avoid using low quality backlinks and low quality backlink websites. Sure, they will provide you with lots of links pointing towards your website, but in the end, any search engine will also judge those links. If the links seem of poor quality and they are only used to generate traffic, your website will not rank any higher in the search results.

Instead of aiming for quantity, try opting for quality. You might end up with fewer backlinks, but if you make it look natural and place them well on other websites, it can be the perfect combination to make your website more search engine friendly. Furthermore, because it does not seem like you are only fishing for link clicking, you will have more traffic.

Not dealing with categorizing and tagging

Imagine that you have many pages on your website, and someone is trying to find a page that was created a while back, but the user cannot

find it because rummaging through what seems like endless pages is a bore and hassle. Another crucial mistake to avoid is to leave your website uncategorized. Indexing and tagging will not only help your website become more organized but it will also help users who visit get around more easily.

Furthermore, categorization might help you with SEO optimization as well. You will have an easier time over viewing and analyzing what is going on with your website and how well you are doing by integrating categorization with analytics tools

Not optimizing for Google+ Authorship

If you haven’t heard of Google+ authorship, you have surely seen it. When looking at any search results having an author profile image, that’s authorship in action. It has been proven to boost click-through rate by 150%, and therefore attract more traffic. When you manually link an author to their G+ page using rel=author.

you are allowing Google to pick up details and the image from this profile. You will benefit with branding and your click-through rate.

Using WordPress without essential plugins

It is essential to optimize your content properly, and it is really hard to hit the right balance relying on your instincts. Many plugins can help with content optimization: WordPress SEO by Yoast, Scribe, Inbound Writer and a range of others. All you need to do is set a ‘focus keyword’ when creating a post, and plugin will analyze your content to check its proper optimization, and suggest areas that need your attention.

Take it from the experts, all of organic search marketing agencies are insisting on smart targeted keywords. Online Marketing Gurus said there is no definite answer to proper keyword density (whether it’s 10% or 2%), especially with the recent changes in Google’s algorithm. So everybody should be smart about it – and plugins can really help out.

Using Free Cheap Quality WordPress Themes

Many newbie bloggers use free WordPress themes. But they don’t how much these free themes harm their whole blog. These type of themes are poorly coded and prone to security attacks.

Indexing every page

Some pages shouldn’t be indexed at all. For instance, when a new user becomes an email subscriber, website redirects them to a thank you page. Should you index this page? The answer is no. The page has no value to a user, and it shouldn’t be in search results.It’s a mistake to index pages that have no real value in search results.

Have you been making any of these mistakes?

WordPress SEO Mistakes blunders are absolutely understandable, nobody is perfect and we are learning all the time. No matter how hard you try, a mistake here and there can certainly find its way to your content.  Was this article helpful, did it point some insight you weren’t aware of? We’d like to know!


  1. These are just on-page optimization mistakes. Though quite important part of SEO, I think majority of the big problems are comming from off-page optimization and lack of any SEO planning.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Google I(nventions)/O(ffers) Annual Showcase: The ReviewMy Profile

  2. nagu akkina says:

    Hi Rahul, Very nice tips at SEO I almost gained what I expected and this helps me to get more backlinks

  3. Hi Rahul,

    wordpress has been completed with many plugins that is useful to ease SEO matters. I like what you have said about keeping the balance between keyword optimization and content quality. It is a true challenge to keep the both aspect to gain the SEO benefit.

    Thanks for the post. Wish you have a wonderful week
    Okto recently posted…How to Clone Your Best CustomersMy Profile

  4. Hi Rahul,

    I have one question here, I have heard that your tag pages shouldn’t be indexed by search engines as it could create duplicate content problem. Is it true? And how to deal with this problem?
    Pankaj recently posted…All in One Mobile Recharge Software : IT FreelancingMy Profile

  5. Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. SEO is an essential part of blogging, and everyone tends to make mistake s. It’s better to be aware of it than getting duped because of mistake being a blunder.

    Though these are some of the on-page optimization mistakes, I’m glad that you brushed up my knowledge about it.

    Sayantan Mahato recently posted…How the Amazon Smartphone Could Change the Smartphone IndustryMy Profile

  6. This is one of the most comprehensive list of SEO mistakes I have read in a while. I tried the Google+ profile technique but it appears that it is not working.
    Umair recently posted…7 Best Google Easter EggsMy Profile

  7. The other thing many people get wrong with WordPress is duplicate content – eg they show their whole post on the blog page and on the actual page, then the tag page and the category, author page etc. This can be easily fixed with Yoast for WordPress plugin.

    Re keyword selection go for keywords with buyer intent not for search volume – consider the situation. If someone types in they keywords with review, or discount or coupon. Guess what – they are almost ready to buy what you are selling.
    David recently posted…On Page SEO ChecklistMy Profile

  8. Hello Rahul!
    I think we all makes mistakes, specially who is new to WordPress and those who migrate from blogger to WordPress. The very first mistake i did was not choosing appropriate permalink, which increased my work later and had to tweak htaccess file to deal with it.

  9. I have one question. If I enable google authorship on my blog, does it boost the rankings of the site in search engines?

    • Vijay, Getting Google Authorship is best for every blog. But it doesn’t guarantee high search engine ranking. There are about 200 ranking factors for ranking any page. Your site must have unique and high quality content with proper on-page and off-page seo to get better ranking.
      Last year i outranked CNET just with just on-page seo, little bit off-apge seo.
      Rahul Biswal recently posted…WordPress XML Sitemap: All You Need To KnowMy Profile

  10. Nice and very informative post
    SEO is very useful for any websites or blogs but at the same time it can also harm your website . WordPress is a great CMS and is very search friendly too. Just managing or using WordPress does not allow your site to rank better or get seen in search results.

    The above post explains about the few mistakes which should be avoided. The mot important thing is good keyword research and checking of low quality back links . Not using enough plugins and using cheap WordPress themes are other mistakes that should not be done.

    Great post and I hope this post would help many bloggers and online marketers especially beginners who are using SEO and WordPress.

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted…How to be a Good Interviewer: 18 Must know CharacteristicsMy Profile

  11. Hi Rahul,
    A great share for newbies.
    Although I didn’t did any of these mistakes. Well, yeah that’s true. Because when I started two years back I knew nothing about doing SEO and after some months I got to know about SEO and how to do and how not to do it.
    I didn’t did any of these mistake but I made a even bigger. I didn’t deindexed my replytocom but for my this website I have done this. Don’t wanna take any chance.
    Anurag recently posted…Best HTC Phones Under 20000 Rs in India!My Profile

  12. Great work and some really handy tips those are! SEO mistakes and their direct relation to poor rankings is every bloggers nightmare! Thanks for such an informative post!

  13. Hi Rahul,
    Sometimes it depends on On Page Optimization too. Though quite important part of SEO, I think majority of the big problems are coming from off-page optimization and lack of any SEO planning.
    Shailesh recently posted…Top 10 State Universities in IndiaMy Profile

  14. Google+ Authorship is a great way to get indexed faster. I also create google business page for my websites and that’s a good place to post links to new blog entries. For anyone who is new to wordpress, they must make sure they install all the essential plugins for google xml, SEO, caching (to improve page load time) and social sharing. For bing indexing, I have noticed that they required quality backlinks for a particular page.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…MocospaceMy Profile

  15. That was a great tutorial.Helped me learn alot regarding SEO and backlinking.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Sushain recently posted…Kuch To Hua Hai Song Lyrics Download| Kuch To Hua Hai Song Mp3 DownloadMy Profile

  16. Great stuff you’ve shared. SEO mistakes are so irksome sometimes and take up a lot of time to correct. A better understanding of how the analysis works can help avoid such common problems. Thanks for enlightening us with this info. !
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…5 Engaging Super Cool Android GamesMy Profile

  17. Hello Rahul,
    The truth is, there are some free themes out there that are well coded and built for seo. Themes found in wordpress dot org are recommended and works wonder. how did i know? at the starting of my blogging career, i did use a free theme and it worked wonders for me :)

    nice post man. do have a nice weekend
    Babanature recently posted…How to Totally Stop Receiving Spam CommentsMy Profile

    • Babanature,

      I cannot but help agreeing with you. The idea that all free themes are bad is false. Like you, my first year online was with a free theme and I can argue that it matched my premium theme in many respects, only falling short in such areas as responsiveness.

      This ideas of premium, premium, premium is certainly one of the best told lies in blogging!

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…ELIMINATING POVERTY WITH ‘THE FAST LANE BLUEPRINT’My Profile

  18. Thank you for these excellent tips! You’ve shown me that I am doing some things right, and you’ve shown me how to correct some of the errors you mention above. I will ask you…how do I find the highest quality sites? How do I know if a site I am linking on is a good one? I thank you in advance for your response :)
    Joe Dalio recently posted…Avoid This Sales and Marketing MistakeMy Profile

  19. I can safely say NO. I am not doing any of that. The last thing I changed was indexing every page. You are right, some of them add no value at all. Thanks
    Adam recently posted…I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  20. Hello Rahul,

    We all make those silly mistakes, believe me – at least from the beginning. You see, life online is a constant classroom and sometimes, I heartily laugh at my own mistakes and wonder how I managed to do so many wrong things at once!

    Anyway, we all learn. Don’t we?

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…ELIMINATING POVERTY WITH ‘THE FAST LANE BLUEPRINT’My Profile

  21. Hello Rahul,
    I think on page optimization is not more so effective. Now seo is focused on off page. Yes, keyword placing still matters. Also I believe that SEO is different person to person.
    Indeed, Nice article. Great information revelaed.
    Rohit Kumar recently posted…Happy Friendship Day 2014 quotes, Friendship day messagesMy Profile

  22. Hey Rahul,
    These are some common mistake which many newbies make. Not mapping site, poor keyword, not making links with other are very common. Every blogger have to make sure that they avoid these mistakes. This post really gonna help many newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  23. Thanks Rahul for such an interesting post. WordPress is a great blogging platform if we are using it with the guidelines mentioned by Google. But if we forgot those than we surely loss our rankings. Onpage is quite important after panda and penguin updates and we should properly do the optimization as per google guidelines.
    Ovais Mirza recently posted…Why Reputation Management is Important in SEO?My Profile

  24. wordpress has been completed with many plugins that is useful to ease SEO matters. I like what you have said about keeping the balance between keyword optimization and content quality. It is a true challenge to keep the both aspect to gain the SEO benefit. We should avoid low quality links
    lalina recently posted…Windows 7 ISO 32bit /64bit Official Free DownloadMy Profile

  25. Nice article.SEO is a must do thing if you really want to get some serious traffic from Google. without SEO you wont be able to get much traffic. Everyone makes some mistakes like keyword stuffing and other things which should be avoided
    Prabhat recently posted…Top 10 Best Thrash Metal Songs of All TimeMy Profile

  26. I used to make the first mistake of not giving much importance to keywords while writing content but Then I learned the best way to create SEO friendly content is to plan the post along with all the essentials before starting to write. It takes me half hour or so but really helps my focus level when I am writing. I make sure I know exactly which keywords I am going to be targeting and where my target audience lies . Will it be searching this problem on google or will they be using social media. This procedure helps me write content faster and also provides greater value to my target audience.

  27. Great article Rahul but don’t you think we cannot avoid all low quality backlinks ? As your blog grows bigger you are sure to get linked by many blogs out there so you aren’t gonna disavow them all..
    Prateek recently posted…Install BBM on PC without BluestacksMy Profile

  28. Hi, Rahul, I really appreciate your post. I want to share some points which may you miss,

    – Over indexing: Some blog has too much indexing
    – Missing sitemap on blog
    – Over tagging or too many keywords in the blog post
    – Lack of internal linking
    – Linking unrelated External links
    – Missing ALT tags and Title of Images
    – Not having G+ Account which helps you for claim Google authorship
    – Bad Categorization or labels
    – Missing Canonical links
    Vaidhegi Patel recently posted…How Brand use Social Media + E-commerceMy Profile

  29. Hey Rahul,

    Nice mistakes you pointed out in this post.

    I just didn’t know much about LSI keywords but after reading this post I gonna do a little research on it .
    Yes, low quality links harms post, site and site ranking in search engine as well.
    1 quality back-link is far better than 100 low quality back-links.
    Once again thanks for sharing this helpful article.
    Mustafa Gaziani recently posted…Free WordPress Plugin: Safeguard your Site from Spam CommentsMy Profile

  30. SEO is really a good thing to get traffic. I have been doing SEO for all my sites and getting pretty good results. I am a niche blogger and so SEO is a muct do thing for me. But yes everyone makes some mistakes which should not be made.
    Fer recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Download [Guide To Install WhatsApp on PC]My Profile

  31. I was not aware of the facts earlier , but thanks to you rahul you have done a great job for me, thanks to you.

    Karan Rawat
    Karan Rawat recently posted…Xiaomi Mi3 goes back on sale tomorrow with 15,000 units on FlipkartMy Profile

  32. Leon Bailey says:

    Good read. The indexing is definitely a problem I have seen sites make mistakes on. Got to no index some of them pages!

  33. Hi Rahul Biwal, Thanks for sharing such an excellent piece of article. Which contains very useful tips regarding SEO. Hope you still write the quality articles in future which is helpful in blogging.
    Muhammad Mairaj recently posted…Top Onpage Seo Techniques For Successful BloggingMy Profile

  34. Hi Rahul,
    WordPress though provides SEO benefits on its own yet it is beneficial to take some extra steps like you mentioned. I think the most crucial of the above are the use of keywords and xml sitemap.
    A lot of bloggers don’t create an XML sitemap for their blog. An XML sitemap helps in better crawling of a blog by search engines specially Google.
    Thanks for these tip. Hope to learn more from you.
    Vineet Saxena
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Blogging Tip 1My Profile

  35. Great tips indeed!

    Grabbing Low quality backlinks is the biggest SEO mistake that generally bloggers make nowadays. Backlinks should be always niche specific. Doing spammy blog commenting and buying links get them no where and finally they get penalized by google.

    Thanks Rahul for sharing such ultimate tips. Truly appreciate your effort.
    Nikhil Ganotra recently posted…SiteGround Coupon 2014 – Get 60% Discount And Free DomainMy Profile

  36. There are so many great tools for SEO when it comes to WordPress yet it is surprising how many authors of WordPress sites get even the basics of search engine optimization wrong. Great post that should go a long way to help people get SEO right. On the other hand when the site is not WordPress a lot of this advise is also good, however there is alot more that goes into it. Which benefits me and the services I provide.

  37. hello
    i think i am being the victim of these my keyword serach is poor a lot hope i will improve these things to get a better ranking in google thnx fo rsharing this wondrful info
    deepti recently posted…Free download idm with crack v6.21 :- pc softwareMy Profile

  38. saad iqbal says:

    frankly speaking about SEO i think according to my experience off-page SEO is more important as link building will not only brings traffic, give you high page rank but also makes you popular :)

  39. Great advice Rahul. I’m currently thinking investing on quality premium WP Theme for my blog and working on improving quality back-links to my blog. I used Thesis not long a ago but I found it more difficult to work with than the normal WP theme. Do you think migrating to Genesis will be a good idea?
    Ismail N recently posted…Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  40. Nice article you have posted here. Very useful for WordPress users such as me
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted…Are You At Risk Of Nail Fungus Infection? Find OutMy Profile

  41. Well, Yes There are quite a lot of mistakes. Newbies always make many of them and that’s where a lot of time gets spoiled. I have done in my past, but will not do it in my future.
    Atinder recently posted…How to Disable / Remove Visual Editor Mode in WordPressMy Profile

  42. Rahul i read your post because i needed it. Bro i am working on this website from four months plz visit it and suggest me edits to get good traffic. i have no traffic instead of having a good alexa ranking, i don’t know what is the problem ? help me plz
    Anis Rehman recently posted…Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)My Profile

  43. Really true. These mistakes most of every newbie does even I did when I started my blogging career. Your Post will guide new bloggers not to do this mistakes.
    Parth Patel recently posted…10 Best Free Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress in 2014My Profile

  44. I have a question about my blog feed. It’s not validating. Can you please guide me? What I’m doing wrong?
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted…Best Automated Social Bookmarking ToolsMy Profile

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