Guest blogging deserves a bit of respect

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There’s been a new guest post almost every single day for the past two weeks and for the most part, they’ve been excellent! There have been a couple however that I have had to reject because they weren’t guest posts, more like excuses to publish sales pages that lead to more sales pages or written solely to publish an affiliate link.

Wipe your feet!

If you are going to submit an article to someones blog as a guest post then show a little respect, don’t trample your affiliate links and blatant seo baited anchor text all over the floor! You’ll go a lot further if you write a decent article, one that reflects your own blog and constructed in such a way so that the reader actually wants to visit your site.

Honestly, if you have to trick someone into clicking a link or lie your way onto someones front page just to get some eyeballs on your content then, well, that’s all I need to know about what you do to know that I don’t want a part of it.

(dont) Follow the crowd (over a cliff)

A lot of people say that guest posting is an excellent way to get links back to your site, they also say it’s a great way to get more traffic but what they don’t say is that you wont get either if you don’t do it properly!!

Make sure you follow the guidelines set down by the blog owner, that means write to the minimum word count, don’t put a gazillion tags on your post or try and hyperlink every.single.keyphrase and for crying out loud, don’t include affiliate links no matter how relevant you think they are!

Drive by guest blogging

Don’t ruin your chances of getting your site noticed and your brand recognized by drive by guest blogging. Nothing will lose you respect and hinder your chances of becoming noticed quicker than thinking that you can get away with a half arsed article full of links to splogs.

I know you’re excited about your product launch or 110% believe in your platinum plated, guaranteed roads to riches, one million hits traffic formula but, you know what buddy? keep it off my blog!!

From little acorns…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, slow and steady wins the race etc etc. Don’t rush these things! It’s so true, from little acorns, mighty Oaks grow. Don’t be a fool and think you can publish one post full of questionable links to even more questionable sites and sit back and watch the riches come in. IT WONT HAPPEN!!

It takes time to build a reputation, it takes effort to create a brand and it wont happen overnight. Sure! guest blogging can be an amazing way to jump start that process but not if you mess it up. You’ve got to do more than write guest posts, you’ve got to write GOOD guest posts!

The whole point of guest blogging (to me) is to get yourself in front of a new audience, to showcase what you’re about. If the new audience likes what they see then they are sure to click through on your guest author box to see what else you have to say. If you write good articles the blog owner will want you to come back and write more, it’s in their best interests to have a steady supply of unique, interesting content published on their blog so write the best post that you can, make it interesting, informative.

Good show! (of products/services/writing skill)

There have been a few articles published in the past which have struck me as really good articles in their own right but also do a good job of promoting the guest authors own site/business.

One such article was the “How to keep dogs from barking all night” post written by Dave Baker who runs a pet advice site .

Another was “How to make your blog famous” by Rick LaPoint who runs an internet marketing blog.

They don’t all have to be a shoe in to your own site, guest posts can show off how well you write and what kind of authority you have on a given subject. Take Ileane Smiths post about “Five costly video blogging mistakes” , a funny yet informative post that makes me want to visit her basic blog tips site or Satrap who has published guest posts all over the blogosphere to do with link building and SEO tools. His Big List of 60 Web 2.0 Sites for Link Building has definitely caused visitors to go on to his ways to make money online blog so there has never been a better time to guest blog.

Submit your request today and you can be up there in the blogosphere with people like Karen from Blazing Minds or Byan from “Earn money from home” writing quality articles that get well deserved attention on numerous high PR and pageview blogs like ComLuv, FamousBloggers and more.

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