Guest blogging is NOT dead.. see Matt Cutt’s appended post in this video

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I can’t type so well these days so I made a video using google hangouts instead (and share my screen)

here it is!

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  1. Watched this yesterday, Andy, so a good and timely reminder that successful blogging is more than just one thing. It’s an holistic approach, much like life :)
    I offer guest blogging on my site using my own rules and requirements which works well – every blog owner needs to draw than line in the sand as to the content, style of content and what’s allowed and what isn’t. Be firm and people will still come and guest blog.
    Martin recently posted…Happiness Comes in Some Strange PackagesMy Profile

    • Hello Martins,

      You took that straight out of my mouth! It’s actually the best thing to set your rules – and then, stand by them no matter what. You’d be surprised the respect you garner in the process.


  2. I’m ecstatic to hear that guest blogging will continue to live on. I’m going to be accepting guest posts on my own blog soon and was pretty disheartened when I read the news about how guest blogging wasn’t going to be viable anymore. Thanks for clearing things up.
    Mike Howg recently posted…3 Awesome Google AdSense Strategies to Improve Your EarningsMy Profile

  3. Guest posting can never be dead, it will always help for ranking in Google. Google can\’t finish it, Guest poster will always get juice but if some one\’s blog is not based on articles, i mean if some one has an other niche like niche of my this blog is on Pakistani Dramas, so what do you suggest for us to drive organic traffic fastly and to get good ranking in Google.
    Anis Rehman recently posted…Adaalat Episode 25th January 2014 by Sony TvMy Profile

  4. Kostas Chiotis says:

    Guest blogging is certainly not dead, it just needs to be used the right way and not just write guest posts for the shake of links…

  5. I think guest blogging is a good way to spread your name in a particular niche as they tend to be such small communities. Me for example – I haven’t done any guest blogs bar 1 place and my article for it just went up today so I will track how it impacts visitors to my site and conversions etc but I think its a good way to establish authority in your chosen niche or topic within the community.
    When your name flys around this small niche long enough – if people are genuinely interested in what you talk about it will draw them to you and it is something i’m finding does happen. It’s not exactly by the thousands or even hundreds but it does create a presence I think and leave an imprint. Most of my mini-successes have come from word of mouth and thats probably through an odd post here or there on forums too.
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  6. My opinion is that bloggers who accept tens of guest posts on their blog that has backlink with anchor text as keyword will be hit by future updates, according to Matt Cutts we should allow guest post only from those people we trust and do real business not some fly bloggers and get rich quick scheme whatever.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted… – Best CPA for Content, File and Link Locking MonetizationMy Profile

  7. Melody Campbell says:

    First let me say that at first started listening for the the obvious – to discover whether or not guest posting was passé – BUT I kept listening because I was charmed by your accent!

    I’ve been dabbling in IM for a few years and finally decided to get focused on learning the A – Z of everything related to Internet Marketing. I’ve just started my Masters Degree program at Full Sail University so that I’ve got a thorough overview of everything related to the discipline. The fact that I have graded assignments keeps me going.

    I’ve just started guest blogging so I’m happy to read that it’s not a complete loss. I’m going to research the quality of posts that you have on and maybe I’ll submit a repurposed assignment if I feel like it would meet with your standards.

    Cheerio! Thanks for the video post. It was lovely hearing you share.

  8. After this video and announcement from Matt Cutts there has been a lot stir among webmasters some of them have misunderstood it and posted articles that guest blogging is dead from now on but what the truth is guest blogging just for the sake of SEO and dofollow link from low quality blogs is now considered bad. Matt Cutt has been trying to say guest posting should only be done for branding and not for SEO. But then Google won’t even tell what kind of specs does a bad or low quality blog/website is like?
    Abhishek Tavasalkar recently posted…How to save Whatsapp profile picture in AndroidMy Profile

  9. Cutts definitely picked his words poorly. To say that guest posting is dead without making any initial effort to single out spammy posts is like saying disseminating information over the Internet is obsolete. Google refines its algorithms with the purpose of making the online experience more valuable and our search results more relevant. I wouldn’t expect any update to injure the chances that actual quality content could be ranked and found.

    I’ve gone to creative writing conferences and thought something along the same lines. Most every lecture and panel having to do with successful writing strategies always amounts to a lot of words saying exactly the same thing: “Tell a story that people will want to read and tell it well.” In the end, success isn’t going to come from cutting corners and quality will win. Google will make sure of it.

    Great video. I completely agree.

    • I agree Bekah, I think that’s why he needed to made an amendment to the original article.
      It’s ok though I think because only the copy/paste bloggers are freaking out, real and worthy guest bloggers have nothing to worry about because they write good and useful unique content
      andy recently posted…CommentLuv PremiumMy Profile

  10. So first they aren’t good and then they are, I wish Matt would make up his mind, it’s completely battering my head, but I have to say that you’ve certainly cleared things up with the video Andy ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted…The Shocking Truth about How Safe is SochiMy Profile

  11. Hey Andy, I am so glad and grateful that you have taken the time to make this video, scrubbing our doubts. Completely agree that guest blogging is alive, I believe Google has just raised the bar in valuing the quality of guest bloggers. Thanks!
    Chetan recently posted…Home Buying Destinations in the SuburbsMy Profile

  12. It’s good to hear that Guest Blogging is not dead but I stumbled upon a site and it was saying some sites practising Guest Posts got penalised and now am confused.
    Gautam recently posted…Download WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

    • The reason some sites got penalised Gautam is because they were accepting any old crap as guest posts and not checking it for duplicate content. It was pretty much spun spam linking to bad neighbourhood sites.

      Good quality guest posts are still the best way to get authority and new audiences to your blog
      andy recently posted…Submit Your ArticleMy Profile

  13. parthiban says:

    Hey andy,
    Guest Blogging still using many bloggers to build backlinks and make good relationship with all other bloggers in your niche.
    I think Guest Blogging & Commenting, Social Media these three only the way to build your backlinks in these days..

  14. I allow guest blogging on my site, i kept my own rules. Every blogger should have a page for guest posting, but sometimes that strikes me is that giving do-follow links from my blog will effect my SEO if my blog is new?

  15. I’m ecstatic to hear that guest blogging will continue. I’m going to be accepting guest posts on my own blog soon and was pretty disheartened when I read the news about how guest blogging was not going to be viable anymore. Thanks for nice info..

  16. Norm Miller says:

    Good call Andy, and exactly right. Google loves content, LOVES content. The more content the better. And they do still reward large sites. You get a large site largely by blogging. Allowing guest bloggers is the best thing you can do. All that being said, no you absolutely do not want to through moderation of your blog out the window. Moderate your blog contents, and invite quality relevant content, and you will be going it right.

  17. Oliver Pusch says:

    Just like any other marketing avenue that you use, blogging takes time, and inviting people to blog on your site shouldn’t be taken on automatically. Keep in touch with people, explain why you did and didn’t accept the post, and ensure that your guests are aware of what you can and cannot do for each others’ business. you are right, Andy, there is too much panic about this subject, and here we are three months later,and nothing has happened. keep on concentrating and blogging, folks!

  18. I dont know how guest post can be dead ? Yes they have penalized some website networks but that was mostly due to duplicated bad content.
    agathasewing recently posted…Singer 7258 Reviews – Stylist Award-winning 100 Stitch Computerized Sewing MachineMy Profile

  19. Guest blogging is very necessary to establish brand and very helpful in link building too. Its importance should be remain as it is.
    Parth Patel recently posted…10 Best Free Social Media Sharing Plugins For WordPress in 2014My Profile

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