6 Must Follow Tips For On Page SEO

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on-page-seoSEO is a vast topic, it require many tasks to be done by the webmasters to rank their site or blog higher in the search result. SEO is basically divided into two parts OFF page SEO and ON page SEO. In this post I will share some On page SEO tips which you should follow to rank your blog higher in the search result.

On page SEO is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Use of proper On page SEO tips will help you to grab immense organic traffic. On page SEO requires some skills like using your keywords effectively in your post, optimization of your post’s title and image, use of Meta tag and title tag etc.

Now Here Are 6 Must Follow Tips For On Page SEO:

Add Meta Tag and Title Tag:

Adding Meta tag and title tag to your blog is the must do thing for the on page SEO of your blog. Meta tag and title tag are the things which tell the search engine crawlers and readers that what your post is all about. It is important to provide Meta tag (keywords and description) and title tag for your all blog posts.

Keywords Repetition:

Keywords repetition is the backbone of On-page SEO, even after Google panda update keyword repetition is still the key to grab the organic traffic to your blog or site. You should repeat your keywords in your article so that search engine crawlers can identify the importance of your post for that particular keyword. Make sure your keywords density should be between 2 to 6% in the article. Remember if you repeat your keywords again and again Google as well as other search engines may also consider your article as a spam hence it is always suggested to use keywords in limited sense.

Interlink Your Old

Interlinking your old post in your new post is an important thing to do for an SEO. It also give life to your old posts. By this you can also reduce your blog’s bounce rate. By interlinking your old post you are inviting search engine crawlers and readers to visit your more post.

Optimize Your Post’s Images:

Image optimization if done appropriately then can give lot of traffic from search engines. Optimize your image by using alt tag and proper name for them; it will help you to get organic traffic to your site or blog. Give proper name to your images, use appropriate alt tag and title tag for your images.

Optimize Your Post’s Title:

Post’s title optimization is an important and must do thing for On page SEO. Post title should have at least one keyword and it should be catchy enough to attract readers. Search engine crawlers and even readers first look at title of your post. Use of keywords in your post’s title increases the chances of getting higher rank for that keyword in the search results.

Use Header Tags:

Header tags (h1-h6) also help in ON Page SEO of your Blog. Use of header tags in your posts will increase the chances of getting higher rank in search results. Remember H1 tag is the most authoritative tag among the all header tags. Use H1 tag for your blog’s header; don’t use H1 tag in your post’s content. Use H2-H6 tags in your post according to your need of headings and subheadings. Header tags in your post will tell the search engine about the importance of text used in the header tags, the content in header tag has more priority than the normal text in your post.

These were some tips for On-page SEO. Hope you will follow these tips. Never forget “content is king”. Write quality content with these 6 tips and see the change in organic traffic your blog will get.