How to rank with reverse-engineered Step by Step

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Competitors Rankings

Did you know you can rank higher than your competitor with reverse-engineered plan? Yes and indeed I’m ready to show you how to today so as to boost your rank higher.

Reverse engineering is a method used in seo to find out where your competitor is getting the backlinks. With this you will need to know if your competitor is using another pattern or has other tactics which are making him or her get to the top position on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What will we focus on?

  • Why you do reverse engineer
  • How to reverse engineer
  • How to get your competitors ranking
  • How to find your competitor’s backlinks
  • What to do after reversing engineering

1/How to go about it

The greatest joy you can ever have in internet marketing is to figure out what your competitors are using to rank high.  This is one discovery that can keep you on top pleasing search engines and eating the fruits thereof.

After getting the tactics you need to find a better way in which you will maintain your top rank in a way that your competitor will not get. Imagine getting your own seo strategy which is working in the best way. This would mean that there are no chances of losing it to anyone.

The other thing that you need to know is how Google is using its algorithm. Do a research and find out what the updated algorithms are like, get to know what they favor or not. This tool will effectively work for the better and you will not be out thrown by anyone.

2/ Find a solid ground for your site

First for all make sure you have located where your competitors are and who they are. Locate their link sources and get to know the keywords which they are using. Also check on their content so as to find out which of their keywords is ranking high than another one. This is a way in which you will get to know what they are using against you.  Their website structure also plays a big role in search engine optimization since there are structures which are seo friendly than others. Find out where their visitors are coming from and this will help you know their interest in that site. After doing all this you will need to consider having a different niche which will thrown you in the market place faster and bit your competitors.

Step 1. Get to know which tools and service to you for reverse engineering

There are many tools available online which will help you know who your competitors are. Just do a little bit of study to determine what these tools and services are since information is laid freely by seo personnels. After that get to know how these tools works are which results they are suppose to give you. you will find tools which will help you know how many links your competitor has and where they are coming from, know the keywords they are ranking for and many more. Such tools like Google

analytic will give you more details which you can use to reverse engineer your competitor.

Step 2. Know their keyword and anchor text your competitor is using

When you determine what keyword you will be using it is important to find out which people are ranking for it. If you find your competitors it is wise to know the volume of the keywords they have used on their pages and contents they post.  In most cases you will rank high because you are doing something different from any other person out there is this will favor you. One of these ways may be determined by the anchor text you use. The strength, pattern and preference you use is what tells the effectiveness of it.  When reverse engineering this is one tool that you should use so as to get a top rank. Find out how your competitor is making the anchor text and you will overcome the game and win.

Step 3. Use tools for reverse engineering

There are different tools which you can use in order to see that you have reverse engineered successfully.

Google Alerts

This is the best way to catch your competitor. What Google will do is send you an alert once your competitor posts a new content and they will not know that you are watching them.  This doesn’t need much of your time and hours since you only need to visit Google Alert and enter the keyword and it will be bringing you any news.


This is yet another tool which helps you know what your competitor is tweeting. This is actually one of the best ways in which you can get to know what is on top in their website and the keyword they are marketing.

SEO toolbar

This is yet another tool and most people who knows the importance of this tool use Firefox browser since it allows this toolbar to be installed on it. With this you will be able to tell why some pages are ranking and others are not.

 SEO Spyglass.

This is a tool which will tell you what you are not doing but your competitor is doing and taking you over.

This will help you find many but different keywords which are ranking on your niche.

Step 4. Get to know which pages they are linked to

This is very important in seo. We all understand page ranks is very important and most of us look for high PR so as to increase our ranking. If you find out where your competitor are back linking then you will be able to win if your play this game well.  With this you be able to find out what are some of domains and pages where you can post and get effective backlinks after reverse engineering.

Step 5. What is your competitor’s internal linking structure?

Many people make sure that they have used a different but specific pattern of linking in internal link and directory structure. If you get to find out this pattern or structure it will be possible to reverse engineer your competitor.


You will be able to stand in the world of seo and smile while others are struggling to go higher. Reverse engineering is something that you will have to do in order to reach your goals and it doesn’t come overnight. Google comes up with different ways to deal with spammers and you must ensure that you are not caught in the trap. Be smart with them and run as they do it. Good luck as you reverse engineer and take over your competitor.


  1. Hi Marc,

    Great in depth analysis that i can affirm that seo pros use.

    the dispute is building connections with the site owners who can give you a high value link, which will usually come from assisting content where you can do some natural deep linking.

    Sagar Rai recently posted..5 Best Free Widgets For Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Nice article with some great info. It’s always important to check out the competition to see how they are ranking their pages. I find the tools on Moz to be very helpful. I use the Mozbar and Open Site Explorer the most.
    Bill recently posted..College Creek Annapolis Engagement SessionMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    This is great knowledge and it has helped me. I have been using reverse-engineering tools and it has been effective in my blog. I would also urge anyone who would like to see good results in their website to use them too. Nice post
    Anetta Bursh recently posted..How to remove jucheck.exe from windows 7My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    hi thanks for this article this article also determines about the those ranks generated steps so very good

  5. Twitter:
    Hi Marc,
    To beat a competitor in SEO, we need to know their strategy and devise ours which is better than theirs. Often, we might try too hard to beat a blog or website for a certain keyword and in turn face penalties from Google.
    So, it is always advised to first properly research the keyword and SEO ideas for which you want to beat your competitors.
    Thanks for sharing this with us.
    Vineet Saxena
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Top 5 Articles – How to Create Your Social Media Strategy?My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    It should be noted that on-page SEO needs to be as good as you can get it because no amount of back-linking can make up for what can easily be done on the page.
    Kirby Hopper recently posted..SEO Pricing – How It’s Done and Why It Doesn’t Make SenseMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    This post is really of great use. I have heard of reverse engineering of keywords but never tried it for my own. Tools you have shared is of great importance & I am also looking forward now to get something from it. Thanks for sharing this great article mate. Keep sharing.
    alan recently posted..BBM for PC Download, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Marc,
    Great reverse engineering tips indeed.Reverse engineering is the best way to beat your competitors.Reverse engineering give idea to us in which way our competitors are going on.Also nice tool list give by you which are very useful in reverse engineering.
    sameer recently posted..How to Turn Off iPodMy Profile

  9. Very important and good post. Thanks for such a post. I think in today’s world smart work counts more than the hard work, and hence reverse engineering can be very helpful in it.

  10. Twitter:
    Hey that’s really great I must Say.Am really going to try this idea from now and see what will happen.Hope it works and I rank fast and better.
    Gautam recently posted..Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    This is the best piece of advice that I have read in terms of finding out what my competitors are doing and building a strategy around that. Thanks for sharing.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted..If free trade is truly beneficial, why do we need fair trade?My Profile

  12. Hey @Marc, you have presented the reverse engineering process very well. I had some questions regarding ranking a website. Suppose I am targeting a keyword and I am not in the first page of Google. If I analyze the backlinks of the site which is ranking #1 for my keyword and try to get backlinks from same sources, will it help to boost my ranking?

  13. Twitter:
    Hi Marc,
    Interesting analysis. Never heard about reverse engineering before but it sounds work very well. Going to learn about your tips. Thanks

  14. Twitter:
    I think the first thing is to check the competition and then do what is required to rank well.
    Ansh Gupta recently posted..40+ Best WordPress Music Themes For Bands & MusiciansMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Where do you recommend the small businesses start in terms of priority.
    Aaron recently posted..Video Regarding the Amish LanguageMy Profile

  16. This is absolutely fascinating lol. Until I landed on your blog, I had never heard of any of this. I tend to be focused on the personal development, emotional and spiritual content and not focus on any of this at all … I wonder if it could be helpful for my sites.

  17. Twitter:
    Spying competitors and deranking them with seo tools is great way, but manual seo can’t be beaten by anyone!!!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted..Whatsapp for PC Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  18. Twitter:
    I always do that buddy but to my unfortune i am unable to beat my competitors… I dont know why.. Work hard but still to no way…:(
    SAJID recently posted..WhatsApp for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

  19. Great post! I just wrote one that covered a lot of the tools an SEO / marketer can use to leverage their marketing efforts. One important step I would add is pulling the backlinks of your top competitors. I personally use Raven Tools, but I have used Moz / OSE in the past as well. Both will do the trick.

    If you want to take it one step further, you can download an Excel file (using the tools I mentioned) of your top 5 competitors backlinks and combine them all into one Excel sheet or just copy/paste each backlink report into Scrapebox. Make sure you have some proxies and remove all duplicate urls / domains. Once you have gotten that far, you can use the PR checker to check / sort every domain by PageRank. You can also use the Page Authority add-on to check the authority of each page using Moz’s API.

    Afterwards, you’ll have a HUGE list of every important backlink your comp. has gotten, sorted by PageRank and Domain authority. :)

    But that’s just the easy work. You still have to get those links. I never cease to be amazed at some of the linking strategies I have uncovered, including top brands.

  20. Twitter:
    This is actually very much focused on personal building and the thought process of man ! to think and choose between what to implement and what to not. ANd by the way competition is everywhere !
    harshi recently posted..Root Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch | How to | EasyMy Profile

  21. Thanks for the great insights, definitely one key to succeeding in any niche, is your ability to know the strenght of your competitor. Lately Have been using google alert to uncover some great sites in my niche, mostly especially when you request for discussion boards, it’s simply amazing. Yes Anchor text diversity plays a big role, you really need to understand how to spread your anchor text. Seo is gradually changing as well, in the sense that the more Authority you command in your niche, the stronger you become. Basically i have learnt to follow these four rules( Relevance,Traffic,competion,and commerciality). have those four points in mind, when you want to piggy back on your competitor.


  22. Twitter:
    Great post with solid information stuffed in it! I’m relatively new to this concept of reverse engineering. You’ve explained the procedures associated with it brilliantly.

    To be honest, I’ve developed an interest in this process. It has potential. Ultimately it will benefit my blog ranks higher! Thanks Marc for sharing your strategy with us :)
    Arun Kallarackal recently posted..How to manage a day job and a flourishing blog togetherMy Profile

  23. Hi Marc,
    It is a great idea to watch our competitors, specially on the keywords they are focusing. Thank you for listing some of the tools to find out the competing keywords. Social Bookmarking do help to get quality backlinks, but the key point lies in selecting high PR bookmarking sites.

  24. Toni Vrbic says:

    Excellent post Mark! I am starting my own blog and your post will help me a lot. I was looking at creating good backlinks, but did not know how to do it. Now I can see, thanks to you, what my competitors are doing and I will try to be better than them.

  25. Twitter:
    Rather than trying to beat your competitors at certain keywords/keyphrases sometimes it is better to just look for what they are not ranking for and try and rank for that. Its often a lot easier and still delivers plenty of traffic.
    Adam P recently posted..Fujitsu Heat Pumps AucklandMy Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Hi Mate !
    I use some of the tools that you’ve mentioned in this listl .I never look at what my competitor is engaged in to increase their traffic,rankings . I simply concentrate on my strategies .

    Pramod recently posted..Micromax A65 price in India and full SpecificationsMy Profile

  27. Twitter:
    hi marc ,

    Really amazing article and very good list of useful tools. I have used only Google alert but you have explored several tools. I think i should follow you for generate traffic or higher rank.
    diwaker recently posted..From Ishqiya to Dedh IshqiyaMy Profile

  28. Keeping an eye on your compititors is the best way to track & plan your stratergy for higher ranking, Thanks for nice share. :)

  29. I recently did this through a trial of a SEO software. It was light years behind the gems in this article. Are there any specific website you use to find what back links my competitors are using?

  30. Now days blogging is going to more crowded therefore we need to find out the our all competitors linking strategy, their writing style.
    One of the important thing is we need to care about our valuable readers because What they actually needed? We are are giving them right information or not because they are our first priority.
    Nikhil recently posted..MPSC 2014 Schedule Time Table Exam DateMy Profile

  31. Twitter:
    Great article to study competitors’ SEO tactics to rank higher in search engines. Open site explorer by Moz is also an interesting software to analyze your competitors backlink structure.

    Thanks :)
    Akash KB recently posted..We Celebrate Happy 2nd Birthday @ SEOHourMy Profile

  32. Budi Irawan says:

    For reverse engineering, I love using opensiteexplorer, ahrefs and Market Samurai. These tools are really great to help me do reverse backlinks. I really recommend opensiteexplorer first because it is FREE and can give you much more information about the competitor’s keywords

  33. Twitter:
    Hi Marc,
    Very informative post. . . you have explained how to analyse competitor’s site rank better, thanks the tools you mentioned! :)
    Adithya Shetty recently posted..6 Free WordPress Plugins That Can Be Used Alternative for Hello BarMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Very interesting. This is looks like a great way to build on the backlinks for sure!
    Aathira recently posted..A good mobile test methodologyMy Profile

  35. Felipe Rivera says:

    I really like your reverse engineering strategy! What tool can I use to see where my competitor is backlinking? I know that google analytics (as you mentioned) allows me to see all the information from MY site, but how can I see this information about my competitors?

  36. Twitter:
    Thank you marc.donovan, i always use ahref s to check my competitors backlinks and it is great, there is one of this tool that is also free and if i remember the name i will share it here.
    The tool is able to see all the backlinks pointing to your competitors site and it is FREE/
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Google PageRank Update 6th December, 2013!- check your Site PR hereMy Profile

  37. Muhammad Nurman says:

    Hi Marc, this is just a great post. What a coincidence! I need this info, surely how to analyse competitor’s site rank better, thanks the tools you mentioned.

  38. Twitter:
    Thanks for the valuable Article. I found most important thing is which value of link which was added in the page. Thanks for the tips please keep it up.!!!
    shiv recently posted..Sony Xperia Z C6603 : Update with Android 4.3 Leaked firmwareMy Profile

  39. Twitter:

    Great write indeed. I love the part about the competitor link structure. Always focus in building links and hey, knowing what your competitor is doing is definitely great.

    Thanks for sharing that.
    Reginald recently posted..Comparing Synthesis And WP Engine With Zero BS ReviewMy Profile

  40. I have read a few of these posts today, the tools in this post are really good to use, i’ve used these techniques since i first started building sites and the really do work well, staying one step ahead is what its all about and if you don’t keep an eye on what others are doing your going to fall, they may have there eye on you … so just a quick question , is there anyway of hiding what you do S.E.O is there anyway of hiding your own tactics if someone was to use the tools above ?

  41. Twitter:
    Thank you Marc for the tips and the list of tools :) since i’m always looking for more ways to improve my blogs traffic and presence
    Osei recently posted..Why Rental Booking Software for Your Business?My Profile

  42. Great Idea Marc! Should give a try to Reverse Engineering. Are these tools are free with all features or they are available with some limited features as free?

  43. hello marc
    acoording to me it is the best way to track & plan your stratergy for higher ranking,thnx for this nice share marc will share it with my frnds too
    monika recently posted..Samsung galaxy s5|release of samsung galaxy s5My Profile

  44. Twitter:
    Very helpful and informative post I think. Anyway, I still have to learn my way with keywords. I run several technology Blogs and I don’t normally make keyword researches before I write a post. However, I think I have to try and make it a habit to first do keyword researching before writing. I think it’s the issue that has affected my Blog and made me rank low on Search engines.
    somon recently posted..Best antivirus and anti-malware app for android 2014My Profile

  45. Twitter:
    Hey Marc,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. In blogging, finding out our competition is very important. To know which page our competition is linked is very important point and it helps in also making links with them and we can also score high rank.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  46. Twitter:
    Analyzing the external backlinks is a good start to understand the competitors. Sometimes, we just look at the backlinks to the homepage URL. It is quite possible that some competitors are using the backlink strategy to inner subpages. I would also recommend picking the hosting data center wisely. I never realized that I could setup Google Alerts to alert me whenever my competitor makes a new post. Thank you!
    Arun Chandran recently posted..KikMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    I use SE Cockpit for determine keywords and then utilize SpyGlass and BacklinkSpy from Swiss Made Marketing – it uses data from MOZ. It’s super fast but like all backlink tools it misses links.

    I find Google Alerts after a while you start to disregard them as your get some many emails. I stopped using the alerts a few years back.

    I prefer to do a out reach campaign after identifying the backlinks of my competition.
    David Robertson recently posted..157 Social Media Terms and AbbreviationsMy Profile

  48. Twitter:
    I use SECockpit for determine keywords and then utilize SpyGlass and BacklinkSpy from Swiss Made Marketing – it uses data from MOZ. It’s super fast but like all backlink tools it misses links.

    I find Google Alerts after a while you start to disregard them as your get some many emails. I stopped using the alerts a few years back.

    I prefer to do a out reach campaign after identifying the backlinks of my competition.
    David Robertson recently posted..How to Make SEO Keywords Work for Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  49. Twitter:
    So many tools and so many things to do. But I guess, it’s worth it if we can get good placing in the search engine ranking. Great tips.
    Ismail N recently posted..Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

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