How to rank with reverse-engineered Step by Step

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Competitors Rankings

Did you know you can rank higher than your competitor with reverse-engineered plan? Yes and indeed I’m ready to show you how to today so as to boost your rank higher.

Reverse engineering is a method used in seo to find out where your competitor is getting the backlinks. With this you will need to know if your competitor is using another pattern or has other tactics which are making him or her get to the top position on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

What will we focus on?

  • Why you do reverse engineer
  • How to reverse engineer
  • How to get your competitors ranking
  • How to find your competitor’s backlinks
  • What to do after reversing engineering

1/How to go about it

The greatest joy you can ever have in internet marketing is to figure out what your competitors are using to rank high.  This is one discovery that can keep you on top pleasing search engines and eating the fruits thereof.

After getting the tactics you need to find a better way in which you will maintain your top rank in a way that your competitor will not get. Imagine getting your own seo strategy which is working in the best way. This would mean that there are no chances of losing it to anyone.

The other thing that you need to know is how Google is using its algorithm. Do a research and find out what the updated algorithms are like, get to know what they favor or not. This tool will effectively work for the better and you will not be out thrown by anyone.

2/ Find a solid ground for your site

First for all make sure you have located where your competitors are and who they are. Locate their link sources and get to know the keywords which they are using. Also check on their content so as to find out which of their keywords is ranking high than another one. This is a way in which you will get to know what they are using against you.  Their website structure also plays a big role in search engine optimization since there are structures which are seo friendly than others. Find out where their visitors are coming from and this will help you know their interest in that site. After doing all this you will need to consider having a different niche which will thrown you in the market place faster and bit your competitors.

Step 1. Get to know which tools and service to you for reverse engineering

There are many tools available online which will help you know who your competitors are. Just do a little bit of study to determine what these tools and services are since information is laid freely by seo personnels. After that get to know how these tools works are which results they are suppose to give you. you will find tools which will help you know how many links your competitor has and where they are coming from, know the keywords they are ranking for and many more. Such tools like Google analytic will give

you more details which you can use to reverse engineer your competitor.

Step 2. Know their keyword and anchor text your competitor is using

When you determine what keyword you will be using it is important to find out which people are ranking for it. If you find your competitors it is wise to know the volume of the keywords they have used on their pages and contents they post.  In most cases you will rank high because you are doing something different from any other person out there is this will favor you. One of these ways may be determined by the anchor text you use. The strength, pattern and preference you use is what tells the effectiveness of it.  When reverse engineering this is one tool that you should use so as to get a top rank. Find out how your competitor is making the anchor text and you will overcome the game and win.

Step 3. Use tools for reverse engineering

There are different tools which you can use in order to see that you have reverse engineered successfully.

Google Alerts

This is the best way to catch your competitor. What Google will do is send you an alert once your competitor posts a new content and they will not know that you are watching them.  This doesn’t need much of your time and hours since you only need to visit Google Alert and enter the keyword and it will be bringing you any news.


This is yet another tool which helps you know what your competitor is tweeting. This is actually one of the best ways in which you can get to know what is on top in their website and the keyword they are marketing.

SEO toolbar

This is yet another tool and most people who knows the importance of this tool use Firefox browser since it allows this toolbar to be installed on it. With this you will be able to tell why some pages are ranking and others are not.

 SEO Spyglass.

This is a tool which will tell you what you are not doing but your competitor is doing and taking you over.

This will help you find many but different keywords which are ranking on your niche.

Step 4. Get to know which pages they are linked to

This is very important in seo. We all understand page ranks is very important and most of us look for high PR so as to increase our ranking. If you find out where your competitor are back linking then you will be able to win if your play this game well.  With this you be able to find out what are some of domains and pages where you can post and get effective backlinks after reverse engineering.

Step 5. What is your competitor’s internal linking structure?

Many people make sure that they have used a different but specific pattern of linking in internal link and directory structure. If you get to find out this pattern or structure it will be possible to reverse engineer your competitor.


You will be able to stand in the world of seo and smile while others are struggling to go higher. Reverse engineering is something that you will have to do in order to reach your goals and it doesn’t come overnight. Google comes up with different ways to deal with spammers and you must ensure that you are not caught in the trap. Be smart with them and run as they do it. Good luck as you reverse engineer and take over your competitor.