Top five Effective backlink checkers for 2013

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Backlink Checker Tiers building

Today I’m going to show you some of the effective tools for backlink check. We all understand how important link building is and most of us know how to do optimization and they can tell the pain and joy of the labor they put in. this work is done to make your site popular and to cause high ranking. This has turned to be the biggest competition on all online business since without it your competitors will overtake you thereby losing the business. To attain a high rank, this dirty game known as back linking is applied though if poorly done the site owner may face some repercussions from the search engine.

In order to know whether you are doing zero work or you are building your rank, there are free top important tools which are known as backlink checker. These are software’s which tell you the number of links you have created since the time you started. What you do is get the tool and enter in your link. After this you will be able to view all your links. The best thing is that they are available online and some are free.

Top five backlink checkers which you should opt to use:

1/ Ahref

With this tool you can be able to get more details in relation to your backlinks. It outlays the analytical information that you will need for your seo.  In most cases we look for a way in which we can tell whether our links are going up or down. The search has been made easier with ahref backlink checker. In fact you will be able to tell how the increase or decrease have been going showing you time. This can bring you a solution to your seo since you can be able to tell where you are getting more visitors on your site. Getting it is very easy, find it online, and get a free account and register. After that visit the subscription option and make away to checking.

2/ Majestic SEO

This is one of the most widely used tools to do backlink check in the world today. The statistics shows that there are more than ten thousand users who sign up every day. You may ask why?  This tool is publicly available and it shows the largest index when it comes to checking backlinks. It shows the total number of backlinks which has been made for your site. The best thing is that it is a true telling tool. This will help you know how far or closer you are to reaching your goals.

3/ SEO Spyglass

With this tool you can be able to tell how many links your competitor has and the best thing is that they come in page rank. You will as well get to know where their links come from, whether they are link farm or the competitor has been using site wide links.  Another thing that you will know is what type of an anchor text

and the keyword density of you’re the competitor. With all these results you will definitely come up with a way in which you can be whoever you are competing with. The fact that where their links are coming from will also be effective and you can use and upgrade the tactics that he or she is using to out list their site and leave them behind. This tool becomes more effective when you use it before stating and back linking campaign since in this way you will be able to find a way to outsmart any of your competitors and also avoid making mistakes of posting in sources where you cannot get ranking quickly. Use it today to do backlink check.

4/ Open Site Explorer 

This tool was created by SEOMoz and it has been very effective in doing backlink check. One of its attractive features is its ability to check blog land website backlinks and you can actually tell your domain authority plus page authority. Apart from this you will get to know who your competitor is and check on their backlinks. With this you can be able to compare both backlinks which will help you determine your weaker back linking areas and that of your competitor and after that you can come up with a way of outsmarting them and get yourself a higher rank. Another of effective feature is that it has more than 8 hundred million links in its database. This is what has made it to be widely you. This gives you every reason to use Open Site Explorer.

5/ BacklinkWatch

If you want to know the quality of your backlink then BacklinkWatch backlink checker is what you need. It is gaining its popularity in that it is hitting 1000 sign ups a factor that shows people are appreciating the results it is releasing. Note that the quality of your backlinks is very effective and it can cause a decrease or increase in your website. That is why it is very important to find out whether you are posting quality links or else the search engine may deal with you mercilessly.  BackLinkWatch is powered by ahrefs and according to many people it works better in Firefox than any other browsers.

With this you must understand that you can be posting links while the site admin may not favor you and so he or she may decide to remove your links. Another thing is that you may hire a person to do build links for you and this would be the best way to catch a thief. This is because you will be able to tell whether the person has been working or not.  Before the arrival of these tools people used to keep records of the sites they had left links and after a short time they could revisit the link to see whether it still exists. This is truly a long journey to go and you might spend a lot of time. Thanks to technology things are getting easier daily and that is why you should consider using backlink checkers to find out how many backlinks you have and those of your competitor.