How I Got 240 Unique Visitors To My Site By Just 1 Comment!

Prerit Pathak
Prerit is a tech savvy person and a passionate blogger. He is the owner of Tech - a widely read technology blog. He likes to play around with hi-tech gadgets. Some people may call him a 'geek' due to my passion towards technology.
Prerit Pathak
Prerit Pathak
Prerit Pathak

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Prerit Pathak
You can get your own content published on this site as long as you have CommentLuv installed on your site.

Doing so means you get exposure to thousands and thousands of other CommentLuv users and your posts get sent out to the massive subscriber list.

Google loves this site and indexes it multiple times per day and posts always get lots of comments so you can be sure of some excellent exposure.

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My Weblog known as Tech fanboys is a technology blog that gets some 500 guests daily. Here are some excellent opportunities for generating many visitors to your website by leaving comments on some excellent high-profile blogs. This content which i’m composing today will describe how I got 230+ unique visitors in a week by posting just 1 comment !

So, I published a authentic opinion on a website ZenHabits which is one of the greatest efficiency weblogs with over 79k RSS members.

What to be conscious of when leaving comments on a blog?

There are so many factors you should keep in your thoughts to improve the opinion that should be able to generate numerous guests to your website.

Optimize visibility for most clicks

  • To generate a great deal of guests you must opinion on a high-profile blog that has normally got plenty of visitors / RSS members / commenters/ Visitors.
  • You should be the first to opinion on the short content. Because if you will opinion on the short content first of all, it will get most visibility.
  • You must be an very early
    commentator. The earlier you are, more visibility you are going to get. Not many individuals are going to study all the 50 feedback from the same short content. Aim to be in top 10 commenters or so on.

Provide value to get interest of the readers

  • Don’t just comment for getting the advantage for it. Only create a statement if you would liked to  be published and if you have something that is appropriate and exciting to say.
  • Write a quite high quality opinion that is developing some value to people and can get his interest. Add something significant to the opinion you are going to publish. Add your useful ideas about the publish, offer some extra and reliable details from your individual expertise or from a publish you have on your own blog.

Brand your feedback and get lengthy lasting advantages.

  • Brand your opinion by using only one name, one character, one URL and the same trademark as well. This should be reliable with your public networking details. Consistent promotion will develop excellent connections to your website. When individuals proceed seeing your name being recurring again and again in feedback segments of weblogs and your feedback are useful and exciting, it will make them wonder that who is the individual composing and will get them to just click over to your website and that is It.


  1. Twitter:
    Hi Prerit,
    Thanks for sharing the tips
    Yes, in the case where comments are listed in order of arrival, being first to comment brings more exposure especially on blogs with great traffic.

    do have a wonderful week and thanks again for the tips
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Set up gmail account – Make it full time sales machine with Pump Up GmailMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hello Prerit
    Really you get 230+ guest by one comment?. This is awesome. I knew the power of commenting but comments can be that much powerful ,I didn’t think. Thanks fro the nice sharing.
    Mahendra recently posted..Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 ListMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hi Prerit,

    I agree with your statement that comments are a good way to gather traffic but only because of some spammers, this system has been termed as the worst. Many people don’t even bother to read the post. They just grasp the title and try to write a related comment.

    I have tried an experiment with comments on my blog by turning it to dofollow, I got a flood of comments to it, but when I turned it back to nofollow, then the rate was significantly reduced…..
    Naser recently posted..How to create a password reset disk in Windows 7My Profile

  4. Sahitya Singh says:

    Thanks for sharing this.I think this is the very good tip given by you to get unique visitor on blog.I will try to implement on my blog hindi poems also.

  5. Twitter:
    Are you honest about this? Number looks a bit too high. Few years ago, it was possible, but nowadays, I simply doubt that a single comment can drive that much traffic. Sorry for being suspecious, but I have to say that I am very active commenter on most top blogs in my niche.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted..Manual Spam Action Revoked in 5 DaysMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hey PreritAll the points you have mentioned i completely agreed with them. it is important to create a relation with other blogger and respect there work. I have seen many bloggers / I also receive many comment which doesn\’t make sense at all .THanks
    Ashi recently posted..Facebook Acquiring Oculus for $2 BillionMy Profile

  7. i’m a new blogger, my blog is about the gadgets , technology i want to know how to increase the traffic in my blog.

  8. Twitter:
    Hey Prerit,
    We all knew that comment is very important factor in blogging and helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog but with only 1 comment, you got 240 visitors is really amazing. Thanks for sharing these tips with us and this post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted..Flappy Bird FOR PC / Computer / WINDOWS 7/8, MAC AndroidMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hi Prerit,

    Thanks for sharing the tips with us.
    I am fully agreed with you. First comments is always get much exposures in compare to other comments but your comment must be add some value in the post.
    Swarup recently posted..DVDFab DVD Copy Software Review : Best DVD BurnerMy Profile

  10. Thanks Prerit for sharing this valuable knowledge. This is surely going to help me increase my daily visitors.

  11. Twitter:
    One commentor said “Many people don’t even bother to read the post. They just grasp the title and try to write a related comment.” and I may agree though I certainly feel many do not even read the comments. You sort of said so yourself. it is sort of a crap shoot. Certainly it would not hurt to be at the top of the list though.
    Troy S. recently posted..#978 Returning an item with no receiptMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Great article. Common sense really, but it needs to be pointed out to be sure you’re thinking about it this way when you do your guest posts.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Gary Bowers recently posted..Opening up the pool or hot tub – get tips from the prosMy Profile

  13. Hi Prerit,
    I think its a very interesting post. Timing is a very important aspect in every field and I think by your this post you have also proved this.
    And I think while commenting one should also think about the topic and put some quality comment.
    kuldeep recently posted..Compact SUV Ford EcoSport features review and priceMy Profile

  14. Thnx, prerit i’ll apply your suggestion in my website. your current article is really helpful to increase traffic its really good article.

  15. Great way to get more valid traffic on your website and back-links. Thanks for this resourceful post. As I am new to WordPress blogging. I am really enjoying this platform.

    BTW my question to you is that, Is there a way to prevent spam comments from commentluv users ? coz lately I’ve been getting a lot very unrelated comments on my blog. Thank You. And Kudos to you Prerit for such a good post.

  16. Twitter:
    Commenting is one of the best way to get more visitors and also to get backlinks which helps to increase page rand and also alexa rank. Instead of reading whole article many may read the comments for reviews. Really nice article.

  17. Twitter:
    Yes, its true. It is a better practice to make earlier comment on a post, as earlier comments get much importance then the rest. But, placing earlier comment on every blog post will be a little bit annoying too.
    Biswajit Nath recently posted..How to Setup CloudFlare CDN for WordPressMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    This is very helpful. I never heard of this site, and will be sure to check it out. Leaving comments on High Ranked sites is a must. I’m thinking about posting more on travel websites to get more visitors to my website. It’s hard, but it will pay off if I work hard at it.
    J. Wright recently posted..Call of Duty Ghost CheatsMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Thanks for an inspiring traffic trick. I really appreciate you sharing about the way you got some unique visitors. I never realized commenting at first could bring a good impact on traffic. I especially thank you for this point.
    somon recently posted..Retrica for pc or Windows 8, 7 & XP computerMy Profile

  20. scott masse says:

    I recently wrote a post very similar to yours. My strategy has been to reach out to very busy FB forums and develop case studies for the newby’s to follow. Many of the experienced people on these boards do not like to share ideas for obvious reasons. So by sharing ideas, people follow along with your progress.

    I would have never imagined the amount of traffic I received in one month with no paid traffic.

  21. Good read. Short and sweet.
    @scott masse – i do that too sometimes. Works well.
    Andy Kent recently posted..Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    Thanks interesting tips another great way to get additional traffic i usually use Q&A site for problem solving traffic. But i will try also this by commenting and my first target will be 50+ visitors from one comment.
    Tamara recently posted..Top 7 Sites for Watching Live Sport Streaming Online FreeMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    It’s really nice of you that you are sharing the how you got 240 unique visitors with just one comment. Thanks for sharing this.
    Prakash recently posted..Bluestacks Offline Installer for Windows 7/8/XP/ MAC/ PC Download FreeMy Profile

  24. Solomon raj says:

    Nice Article,I recently wrote a post very similar to yours. My strategy has been to reach out to very busy FB forums and develop case studies for the newby’s to follow

  25. Twitter:
    Good article. Thank for your sharing
    I used to use these ways and maybe I’m not patient and now I’m falling.
    Hai recently posted..Social Lead Wizard ReviewMy Profile

  26. I think the key with this is high quality comments. Either that or being edgy. I’d love to know what you actually said to generate the traffic.
    Adam recently posted..High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  27. I am also the same to receive traffic… hope so i will succeed
    Shishir recently posted..Software to Compress 1 GB of Data into 10 MBMy Profile

  28. kamlesh nishad says:

    Your post really helped me a lot.. I started commenting on a blogs as soon the blogposts published my comment always on the top and it always help me to get good amount of traffic.

  29. Twitter:
    Do you think most visitors will come back ? I’m afraid that comments on others website can make visitors curious but not really interested . Or you have to be in the exact subjet and this is really hard.
    Arnaud recently posted..Agnes ObelMy Profile

  30. Twitter:
    Commenting First having some valuable points with it, will bring some traffic to our site especially if we are commenting on a high visited blog.
    Noor Basheer recently posted..HostGator Vs BluehostMy Profile

  31. I also agree with some prior comments? Do you think that these visitors would be intrigued enough to become regular visitors? Or just one and dones?
    John recently posted..Teens and College Students Make Money Online!My Profile

  32. Twitter:
    I have the same question as John. What percentage of the 240 visitors do you think became regulars?
    Adam recently posted..Gatlinburg Weddings in the Beautiful Great Smoky MountainsMy Profile

  33. Hi Prerit
    Nice Article. Commenting blog is good ways to increase traffic but how do we find relevant niche, dofollow blog and high page rank? how about finding .gov and .edu, any tips or trick?

  34. Frank McCormack says:

    Being the first to comment can have its advantages, as you suggest. But only a) if that blog list the oldest on top and not vice versa and b) if it does not “banish” older comments to a page 2 and following. Another aspect: if you comment on a blog with really high traffic, and you want to add a comment that’s worthwhile (i.e. fitting all the pertinent criteria you listed), then it takes time to think through and compose. By the time you’re finished, it has already been relegated to position twenty or so by the guys who comment like “just wanted to say hi” or “really nice post, will bookmark it” (and got away with it). Even if the moderator marks these aforesaid mind nuggets as spam, then those who say “Ken, glad to see you’re back after a while; and as always, good stuff you brought to the table” are fast contenders. These guys do get published and are always ahead of you somehow. Which leads me to the age-old conclusion: publish the comment in any case if you think what you’re saying is a) what others haven’t said yet/even have missed, b) what the original author might have actually made a paragraph in the post you comment upon, had he/she only ever thought of it. This might even earn you an answer by the owner and these serrated threads again catch the eye of those who take time to scroll down. It might get as much attention as those in place one. I, at least, have given up any cosmetic deliberations as to my positioning in comment threads. For once: if I don’t have anything valuable to say, I don’t. If I do, then I think: is it worth it, e.g. taking into account the rest of the perceived readership. And if it is and I have something to say, then I apply the following measure: 1) I’m already here, that took a chunk of my time. 2) I’ve already read and understood the post. That took another chunk of my time. 3) I have already formed an opinion in my mind, which likely took some time too. 4) In conclusion then: what are the opportunity costs of letting this effort go to waste completely against adding the (often smaller) amount of time that’s now required to write a valuable statement rather than not recouping any of this effort … ever?

  35. Twitter:
    It’s really an easy way to get traffic. Thanks for this nice post. I wil do your suggestions now
    Linda recently posted..Zamurai Video Bootcamp – Huge BonusMy Profile

  36. Twitter:
    Hi prerit,
    Great article dude I’ve learned lots of things there and I sure all of these things can improve my comment policy. thanks for the info.

  37. Twitter:
    I agree that early commenting on a post can drive traffic to your website – but the reality is to make money from your website you need to sell something otherwise it is just a hobby. And if it’s a hobby that’s great – but driving unqualified traffic is only traffic not sales.
    David recently posted..How to Make SEO Keywords Work for Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  38. Twitter:
    The effectiveness of your post can be gauged by how simply you attracted my attention with the title of your post. Most bloggers would die for this ability to use catchy titles and comments to increase traffic!
    Thanks for the share.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted..5 Engaging Super Cool Android GamesMy Profile

  39. Twitter:
    Well written interesting post, but I don’t think it is possible now. SEO and SMO are the easiest way to boost web traffic. Anyway thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..How Marketers Use Social Media NetworksMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    Your title for this article is very catchy indeed. It got me instantly interested. Subscribing to RSS feed of websites is a great way to be the first on commenting and getting more visibility. I have noticed significant traffic some such commenting.
    Arun Chandran recently posted..MocospaceMy Profile

  41. OMg….SO true….Being first to comment has its benefits (if your comments are going to be listed in order of arrival). However, I have found out that more than ever, it is consistency that pays when it comes to commenting…the author of this post has a unique experience that may not hold true for the rest of us.
    lalina recently posted..Things To Do When You’re Bored At HomeMy Profile

  42. heelo
    i will try this method on my blog too .. i am facing a worst issue with commnent ..very informative post to get 240 visits thnx for this nice share
    deepti recently posted..Free download google talk windows,mac,androidMy Profile

  43. Twitter:
    There are tons of comments above me now. I guess I won’t get much traffic from this comment. Still, a great article to read and I will try to implement the tips in the future.
    Ismail N recently posted..Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  44. Twitter:
    It looks so unreal but I will give a try what you did and get back to this comment queue.
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted..How to Get More Followers on TwitterMy Profile

  45. wow, that is pretty cool. 240 uniques from 1 comment is pretty impressive.
    good work
    Paul recently posted..The Best Italian Car BrandsMy Profile

  46. Twitter:
    Indeed a great article. But i don’t think it works a lot in this scenario. Although i agree with you if we comment on others blogs earlier. But we only get some comments but not as much which you mention in your article.
    Thanks for nice sharing.
    Muhammad Mairaj recently posted..Most Convenient Way To Make Money With BubblewsMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    hey buddy..your blog techfanboys isn’t available now! What happened?
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted..5 Ways To Increase User EngagementMy Profile

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