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Shamsudeen Adeshokan
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One of the most consistent and popular search term in Google search is how to rank number 1 in Google search engine. I also carried out an extensive research on how to get on the first pages of SERP.

I always thought that to get on search result first pages is exclusively reserved for the SEO experts. I never thought an average blogger like me could create a page that would hit the first pages of Google, Bing and yahoo.

Many times over, I would run a Google search on how to rank number 1 in Google. The information presented always gets complicated, I never figure out how these SEO experts do it.

I felt completely overwhelmed, confused and frustrated due to lack of free targeted traffic. This began my quest to find out how Google works.

After many trial and errors, I finally decode some basic steps you could take to increase your chances of being rank higher in search result pages.

So I decided to write this article for beginners blogger who wants to understand the simple basics to build both human and search engine friendly blog so they could increase their chances of ranking high in search engines without having to know the nitty-gritty of search engine optimization.

What You Should Know.

There are tons of information out there on how to rank #1 in Google, many of which will only turn you to internet junkies. Lots of garbage information that will only get you confused and completely paralyzed.

Many of what you’ll find online on how you can rank your pages up to the first page of search result are completely meant for the techies and not an average bloggers like you and I.

In my opinion, there are only 4 most important aspect you should focus all your energy and attention when trying to hit the first page of Google or any other search engine.

Below is what I consider most if you want to rank your web pages high in search result.

*Warning - There are lots of factors that determined how webpages are ranked like domain age, quality of content, quality of back links, sites speed, frequency in posting, search term you’re targeting etc. What you’re reading now are meant to put your blog and content on the right track and not a guarantee that your webpages will hit top spot after following my instructions.

#1. Submit Your Blog Url.

The first step towards search visibility is to submit your blog url to Google and other major search engines on the net.

If your blog url is not submitted to search engines, you don’t stand any chance of getting found.

Although, Google will find you even if you don’t submit your blog url but is better to put your destiny in your own hands.

#2. Create a site map for your blog.

Creating a site map is easy and you don’t have to do it yourself. If you’re on Word Press, there are plugins that will create and submit your site map on your behalf each time you updates your blog.

This is very essential to do as it always allow Google crawlers to properly craw your entire blog and index your pages properly. It tells Google how your site has been structured so crawler knows their ways in and out.

You’ll need to install a video site map plugin that allow Google to index videos on your blog.

#3. Blog Description.

This is one of the most important foundations to search visibility. If search engines crawlers can’t in one simple sentence understand what your blog topics is all about, you probably not going to appear anywhere on the net.

And if you does appear by mere accident in any search result pages, it is for the wrong keyword. This will amount to higher bounce rate on your blog.

The first most important thing to do is to have in a clear visible space on your blog and in one sentence what problem exactly is your content solving on the net?

In other words;

  • what are your writing about?
  • What category of audience are you targeting with your information?

In one good concise statement you should be able to answer all this questions. If you can’t, then you’re in serious trouble and no amount of search engine optimization and keyword research combine will help you get on the first page of SERP.

The downside to this is that if you don’t have your own blog description in-place, search engines will find a string of text on any page on your blog and attached it as your description.

That is if you’re lucky they found one, and the worst case may happen in which Google may choose not to display any meta description in your listing. Very bad for commercial purpose.

A good Meta description should contain a part of the keywords your company or blog is primarily targeting with your content. It makes it easier for people and search engines to quickly understand your content, services or products.

#4. Write Quality content.

Everything you’ve read above will become completely useless and waste of time, energy and resources if at the end of it all your content is nothing but gibberish.

The only factor that stands between you and success online is the value you give in your service. Make sure in every article you produce anywhere online, you give your best.

What are quality content?

I can’t categorically tell you what quality contents is, but I assure you that when you create one, you’ll recognize it. When you create a quality content, these are the benefits that comes along with it:

  1. It will spread like wild-fire on social media sites.
  2. It will become a reference point.
  3. You will build back-links in the process.
  4. Bloggers will start linking to it.
  5. It will rank higher in search engine due to quality of links pointing toward it.
  6. It will bring in new loyal readers.
  7. It will be relevant today, tomorrow and always.

So how do you create a quality article?

There are no right or wrong ways to produce a quality article. Don’t be surprise when an article you pour all your heart in writing didn’t get a single social share and something you wrote just to update your blog went viral like a virus.

Is all about connections and effective promotions. But there are some things you can start doing to help your situation.


first thing you’ll need most in creating quality article is the”headline“. Learn how to craft articles headline that stand-out from the crowd. I won’t duel much on writing never to ignore headline

Nevertheless, here are 5 time-tested and proven headlines categories that compel users to take certain action and click the call-to-action button in your copy.

News Headline -

  • Italian Airline Crashes at San Francisco.
  • Six Win as Word Press end guest blogging contest.
  • Just released – Comment-luv 3.1 Word Press plugin.

How to Headline -

  • How to write compelling articles.
  • How to rank #1 in Google search engine.
  • How to satisfy a woman in bed.

Question Asking Headline -

  • Short post vs long post which is better for SEO?
  • Do you commit these web design mistakes?
  • Who else want to make $1000 online working 2 hours weekly?

Direct headline -

  • Get 5% off Go-daddy hosting.
  • Get my money-making secret Guide.
  • Download our 30 pages SEO book Now.

Command headline -

  • Click on the link now.
  • Subscribe to our newsletter.
  • 2014 Guest Blogging contest is out! Join now.

Benefits Headline -

  • Make $1000 in two days working five minutes daily.
  • Loss 30 ponds in less than two-week with weight loss pro.
  • Rank your websites number 1 with Google ranker 2.0 WordPress plugin.

Testimonial Headline -

  • How I rank #1 In Google.
  • How 20-yr-old deaf and dump made $647,694 in 30 days.
  • How I loss 67 ponds in two weeks and how you too can.

Start experimenting with each of the above headlines and see what works and don’t work for you. I guess you grab the ideas behind each one?

Optimizing your content for search visibility.

What you need to understand here is, its takes work and lots of it to rank your pages high in search result. Am not saying you will rank #1 or even get to the first page of Google but if you follow the steps outline here, you will increase your chances of hitting first page.

Ask me why I believed you will? I know because they worked for me.

The key important thing you’ll want to take here is before you write your next post; ask yourself this very question –

  • Who are my targeted audience with this information?
  • Why should I write for this audience?
  • What problem are they facing that I need to solve with my information?
  • In what format should I present this information?

All these questions you’ll need to answer in your content. Remember, you’re to write for human first, and search engine second.

When you’re done brainstorming on all this criteria, is time to do some keyword research using the Google keyword planner formerly called keyword tools. That’s what I use.

Providing genuine answer to those questions will make it easier for you to have a list of keywords related to your content. You’ll want to find its global monthly search and market value.

Here you’ll want to go after keywords with high volume global monthly search to build your content around.

A Word of Advice Here.

Focus on low competitive keyword to increase your chances of ranking high for a keyword that your targeted audience will find you with. There are many factors that lead to higher ranking which only on-site SEO will not guarantee you there.

Type your keyword phrase into Google search and see what result it return. If the search result is more than 100,000 then it seems is highly competitive.

Focus on writing your article around keywords that are below 70,000 return results to increase your chances.

What you’ll need to understand here is; the keyword may not send you massive amount of traffic but is far better than bunch of drive-by traffic that does nothing for your business.

What you want is free targeted traffic; you only need to make the best out of it. Quality matter most, not quantity.

Now, its time to write your post and tweak it around to include your targeted keyword. I’ll suggest you write your post normal and later see how you can include your focus keyword in it.

Don’t stuff your article with keyword in all paragraph, it doesn’t work that way anymore. I recommend you include your focus keyword in the first paragraph of your post and lastly, in the concluding part of your post. Keyword density is no more an important aspect to ranking webpages.

Make sure you include your keyword phrase in the title tag and post title, also in the Meta description tag. This help to entice visitor from search engine to click-through to your websites.

The earlier you tell these spiders what your content is about the better, that’s why you’ll want to include your focus keyword in the early paragraph of your post and it also help readers to understand they’re reading the right information.

All-in-all, write for human first, then make sure the search spiders are able to  find enough meat and potatoes on your blog when they come crawl your pages.

Also remember that these spiders have no eyes yet, so it will be best to give your images description tag. It will help these spiders to know what type of information they’re crawling.

What next?

Now that you’ve created something worthy enough to tell families and friends, is time to share it with loved ones.

In fact, no one will ever notice your content exists if you don’t go out and tell them about it. You start by placing on your blog social sharing buttons of all major social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Delicious, StumbleUpon, etc.

I assume you already joined as many as possible relevant bloggers communities. After hitting the publish button on your blog, visit relevant Facebook groups, bloggers communities and share your content in there.

Promote promote and promote till you have exhausted all available marketing channel within your reach. This way your content will be seen by more targeted audience who could help spread the word out of your blog.

I believe all I’ve said so far is just an intro. There is plenty left to be learned when it comes to search engine visibility and the theory of blog post optimization.

I will be grateful if you can share with me your invaluable experience through the comment box below.


  1. Twitter:
    This posting teaches the SEO on professional basis that will destine to the top ranking of the search engine. Thanks for sharing this article, I really appreciate the way you describe about the SEO and the technique of link building.

  2. Twitter:
    I have done most of them and some of my blog posts are shown in the first page of Google (2, 3 position).
    As my blog is new, i have less backlinks.
    Now i am trying to write more posts and to get backlinks.
    Thanks Shamsudeen for sharing a informative post.
    Shoukot recently posted..Add Blogger Blog & Sitemap To Google Webmaster ToolsMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hello, read your whole article word by word but my question is why my copied article rank in search results on google for a targeted keywords on the other hand my article in not even on first five pages. What else we can do to rank our old post to rank on the first page. Waiting for your kind attention on this issue.
    Rakesh Kumar recently posted..20 New Responsive Church WordPress themesMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Rakesh,
      This things happen and I just don’t know how smart, cleaver or internet police Google claim to be. The site that copied your content are better optimized and while Google seems to nail reputable blogs for some silly things, these content thieves game the system and non of the animals in Google zoo ever catch them.
      Well, on what you could do to increase your ranking – first, follow the basic steps out-line in this post and always do keyword research before writing your post. Target low competitive keywords, this will give your an added advantage to do well in SERP.
      Always write your post for human and not robot, I mean don’t stuff your post with your focus keyword in every paragraph. The ideal place to input your targeted keyword is in the first paragraph and maybe two times within others.
      Well, all these will only increase your chances, better ranking in search engine largely depend on quality content, quality of back link, site speed etc and sometimes – “mother luck”.
      I hope this will do a little.
      Thanks for reading, Rakesh.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..Successful Blog – What 50Cent Taught Me.My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Thank you for taking the time to write on this, as am always interested to rank 1 for my niche keywords, so I think am going to benefit from this. bookmarked it and am going to read all over again.
    Frank Joseph recently posted..Journey to $200 a month using Amazon and Adsense (Update 1)My Profile

  5. Twitter:
    In my experience, it helps to have a strong what I call a “social link wheel” that contains content that is congruent with your flagship (WordPress) site (blog article) and when you can, embed that content into your WP article like a SlideShare Deck with a YT Video inside the Deck.

    As an example; Google it “what is a social link wheel” and note the multiple SERP I have on page one. Similar results for the Google query “dominate page 1 search results”. Granted, all the SERP’s are not my owned web pages. Rather, they are tier 1 social profiles I control. Since Google Authorship and rel=author and eventually Author Rank will have a major influence on search engine rankings.
    Neil Ferree recently posted..Dominate Page 1 Search Results using Social SEOMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hiii Shamsudeen,

    A special thanks to you for sharing this mind-blowing Article here. you shared all the needed factors here to rank number 1 Google search. I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing post.

    I have a little confusion and i hope you have lots of ideas to solve it. Whenever i publish my article on my Blog it Ranks nicely on first Page of Google but just after few days it moves on 4th or 6th pages. Can i know why? and what is should do to fix it? please Help me Bro.
    I am waiting for your reply
    Amit Kumar recently posted..gFile – An Amazing Android File Manager (Gmail-Inspired UI)My Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Tip #6:

    Make sure to attach relevant images with at least one with the keyword in alt and title tag.
    Hemant Aggarwal recently posted..How To Download Pictures From Instagram On Android And iOSMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tips Shamsudeen especially the headline writing one also when i just started blogging i only targeted keywords with less than 10000 searches and that helped me out alot. To others it wouldn’t seem like a good number to target but i wrote frequently so the numbers did add up after a while
    Osei recently posted..5 Blogging Tips For Baby BloggersMy Profile

  9. Nice write Shamsudeen,
    One thing what i agree with you is “yes there are a lot of stuff out there which are a garbage\” and what confuses is each expert have their own set of strategies.
    Hey i must appreciate you for “How do you create a quality article” its worth a read. Over to you…
    Sunil recently posted..Download WhatsApp for PC (Windows 7|8|XP|Vista and Mac OS)My Profile

  10. Twitter:
    i must confess you did an excellent job here Shamsudeen, wow, what got me is the tactic of your headlines.. something to learn from, Seriously! Thanks for this excellent and wonderful write up, wishing you the best.
    omoscowonder recently posted..Maximizing Pinterest: The Ultimate Marketers Guide [Infographic]My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Thanks moscowwonder,
    It seems the headline section of this post is the highlights of it, maybe in the near future I will write on this subject alone. Thanks for finding time to read. Have a nice day.
    shamsudeen recently posted..How to write An Artcicle That Get Read – The Art and Science.My Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Hi Shamsudeen,

    No offence but there is nothing new you mentioned here, I have read this stuff numbers of time. I’m not saying that these are not working tips but I’m only saying that there is nothing new here.
    Pankaj recently posted..Binary Multi Level Marketing SoftwareMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Panjak,
      Yes, you’re right about that, nothing new in it. But I still got emails from readers asking how to install WordPress through cpanel.
      Just because something mean nothing to you doesn’t mean it does to everyone. No offence either. Thanks for reading.

  13. Yes I totally agree, i also agree with Hemant agarawal tip#6 Better sites content tends to keep rankings then a site having a poor content. better content plus good link building strategy and good On-page Optimisation, i thing these will help in making a better site with #1 rank in Google search.

  14. Twitter:
    wow man
    what an article . You have explain all the asppects of good blogging. I learned something today. WOuld love to read more from you. Have a great day ahead

    Thanks & Regards
    Ashish Kumar recently posted..7 Ways to Convert Your Windows 8 Laptop into Wifi Router HotspotMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    Hello Shamsudeen,
    You made a very valid point about writing a ”headline“. Its such a important part of an article. Writing good article and its title is imperative if you want your article to be popular and well read. When somebody is about to read an article, they want to know that they’re going to get something out of it that is going to help them in some way. Otherwise, why read it?

    There is no better way to create curiosity than to use words that point towards solving mysteries or uncovering secrets.
    Worli recently posted..How to Find The Right SEO Service For Small BusinessesMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    Hello Shamsudeen,

    Thanks for the post. I loved to read “So how do you create a quality article” section of your post.

    Personally I found that Social Media site (specially Google+) plays a major role in Google Ranking.
    Swarup recently posted..History of # Hashtag [Infographic]My Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Swarup,
      Good to see you here and adding your voice to this. Yes, I agree with you on that, but some expert claim social media shares or whatever doesn’t in any way influence ranking. Though, everyone is entitle to his findings and opinion.
      And thanks for finding the time to read my content. Have lovely day.

  17. Twitter:
    This is quite an informative entry, Shamsudeen. I thought that as someone who has consistently ranked number one for various keywords, I would have something to add…I’ve got none! Your post is damn too detailed and very well written.

    It’s no magic, believe me and the days of keyword stuffing are long gone! Do the correct thing and you’d be surprised, ranking would be as easy as ABC.

    I have also found out that long, detailed entries always have a way of ranking far above same quality articles of shorter length.

    Do have a great day!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..TREATING YOUR BLOG AS A BUSINESS: 6 IMPORTANT TIPSMy Profile

  18. agen bola terpercaya says:

    Thank you for all your explanations, I was one of the bloggers beginners who are learning to optimize my blog. But to be honest I was a little bit difficult to set up sitemap on my blog (I use blogspot). When I tried to set up its always erros.

    • Twitter:
      Hello Agen,

      While the Blogger platform is great, I personally prefer WordPress, especially if the blogger involved is a newbie as you are. This is because, more help is available on the whole as lots of themes and plugins to tackle various challenges exist.

      In WordPress, creating a Sitemap is a simple as uploading a good XML Sitemap plugin and viola! the deal is sealed!

      You may consider switching.

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..VALENTINE, LOVE AND STUPIDITYMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    Nice & detailed post .i have to improve a lot as many of my pages are not even indexed .before i thought that all contents will automatically index at the same time of my post,but now when i searched many of my pages are not indexed at all.Now i have used Google webmaster tool url submitt.

  20. Shamsudeen…this post has a good start to getting a site ranked #1. I would add a bit more emphasis on proactively building links to your site. Google places more emphasis on this. Getting links with good keywords in the anchor text can offset some of the on-page optimization shortcomings. Keep in mind too, that some terms are more competitive than others and harder to rank for. You’re absolutely right about social media being key….it can generate a lot of links. One thing with this…it really helps if you create some kind of content that isn’t just quality, but it’s SO good, that people can’t help but link to it…it can be a free tool, a helpful resource, an infographic, a contest, incredible photographs, lists…something that goes above and beyond the normal quality blog. Overall good tips…keep sharing your insights as you go. It will be interesting to see what else you learn, and have to share. :)

    @Akaahan: I agree with you..WordPress is by far the best platform out there in terms of ease of optimizing.

  21. Twitter:
    I want to ask you a simple question. Do H1 tags still help in ranking?
    Chetan recently posted..Kandivali – A Promising Step up the LadderMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Chetan,
      Yes, they do but not as influence as they once powerful. That doesn’t mean you can trash it. Think of H1 tag as the article headline. It stand out among the rest of the body content and not only good for SEO benefits but also good for human reading.

      There are lots of debates on either is still a good practice to include your keyword in your H1 tag or not, but I still believe you need to do that.
      Think about your human visitors that arrive your page through search engines. This people input a search term before landing on your blog, why not make them feel they’re reading the right information by including the keyword in your page title which is made up of H1 tag.

      To answer your question better; most WordPress themes developed by studiopress comes with H1 tag as the page title. An indication that they’re still relevant.

      Hope I have answered your question.

  22. Twitter:
    Hey Shamsudeen Adeshokan,
    Am doing all things which you have mentioned in your article but my blog is not getting a good amount of traffic. My blog is about 5 months old, What is the problem?
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted..Download Top 5 Best Free WordPress ThemesMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hello Zaib,
      Your situation is not a personal one, most bloggers are facing same problem. So relax, it takes sometime before things will start happening the way you want it. 5 months old blog is still a new blog unless you’re an established blogger with some experience with older blog, then you can shot such blog to the roof top in no time.

      However, if you’re doing the followings, then, it maybe a matter of time you’ll sure see an improvement in amount of traffic that comes your way:

      First, determine who your audience are – without knowing your targeted audience, it will be impossible to attract traffic. Even if you do, it will be bounce traffic.

      Then discover their problem, interest , worries and concern. When you’ve done that, write good quality content that address these things, contents that increase the value of their well being.

      Then find where they gather most in large crowd and expose your content to them. Do not wait for them to find you. Cause they will never find you unless you drag them down to your blog.

      Spend more time, energy and resources in marketing your content than you’re writing it. Join relevant bloggers communities, do blog commenting a lots and leave remarkably comments. Social media presence is now important than ever.

      Guest post on popular blog and be active in responding to comments left either on your blog or your guest articles.

      Above all these is one important thing you must engage yourself in at all times to achieve building popular blog; build relationship and make friend, lots of friends you’ll need to build a popular blog.

      Work on all these things and hopefully, the reward will come. But they sure won’t happen overnight, it takes time, constant practice, focus and determination to build a successful blog.

      Have a nice day.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..Writing My Blog – A Day In A Life Of A BloggerMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    I think your article is completely and accurately, i bookmarked it and i am going to read it several times. I have a question: Is Meta Keyword tag still important in ranking? I often focus on Title, Description Tag and skip Meta tag. Is that good? Thank you.
    Daniel recently posted..Kindle Ritual 2014 Review and BonusMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      In one word, “NO”. Meta description tag don’t affect ranking.

      Think of Meta description tag as a sales page where you tell a prospect what your products or services is all about. In a simple sentence or just 160 characters long, you should do all that.
      If you don’t input your own words there, search engines like Google will help fill in the field.
      Thanks Daniel for finding my post useful and really, am very grateful.
      Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..WordPress Themes – Yoast Releases Three ThemesMy Profile

  24. eskisehir is ilanlari says:

    Hi. I did everything but my web site is not at number 1. i have traffic but not enough for me. I am at 5th pozition, and i have 200 daily traffic. if can i get 1. pozition, i will have 5k daily traffic. What i have to do :(

  25. Twitter:
    This is really well written post for any blogger. Making your article SEO optimized so that it comes first in Google search results is not an easy job. Hope it will help my blog. Nice post.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted..Opera Max Minimize Your Mobile Data Usage On Android PhoneMy Profile

  26. Hi Shamsudeen
    I read your whole article many time briefly and my thinking is that you have done a great job. This article will help beginners to improve their google ranking.
    thanks for your wonderful article.

  27. Twitter:
    Thanks very much for this very informative article. I’m not a blogger, but a photographer who realizes that blogging is essential to increasing exposure! So I guess you could say I’m a blogger-in-training. I’ve been doing tons of research on SEO, and your article has been very helpful. Thank you!

  28. Twitter:
    Thanks very much for this very informative article. I’m not a blogger, but a photographer who realizes that blogging is essential to increasing exposure! So I guess you could say I’m a blogger-in-training. I’ve been doing tons of research on SEO, and your article has been very helpful. Thank you!
    laura recently posted..Introducing Mr. “B” | Cape Coral Newborn PhotographyMy Profile

  29. These are all good points but as I understand it quality links with the right keywords are essential? Lots of them.

  30. Twitter:
    Hi Laura,
    Thanks, am very grateful for the kind words. Good to know you’re photographer and since you’re managing a blog; you’re a blogger.
    Thanks for coming, do have a nice day.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..5 Blogging Myths You’ll Need To Debunk In 2014My Profile

  31. This is really interesting post well written and in depth for anyone who want to be a blogger should know about. One of the main thing is continuity in blogging and make interesting posts of your niche that is worth reading .

  32. i m totally agree with you…
    i want to ask you a question, it is helpful if we include H1, H2 and bold font in one post..
    plz reply to it..

  33. Its really a nice and very informative article covering almost everything that matter in ranking a website.I have one question in my mind that should we Use H2 heading or H3 heading, which is better or we can also use both H2 and H3 headline ??

  34. Twitter:
    Rankings Number on Google Depends on Many Factors Like
    Domain Name
    Quality Content
    Search Engine Optimization
    Keyword Research
    Relationship Building
    Social Media Buzz
    All These Factors are Most important to get on the First page of Google. Do Doubt an Awesome tutorial Shamsudeen Adeshokan to Get on the First page.
    Atinder recently posted..How to get Indexed #1 in Search Rankings ?My Profile

  35. Twitter:
    Hello Shamsudeen,
    Really nice content on the most complicated topic..To get rank 1 in Google search is not an easy task. I wanna try your tips, it might be possible that I’ll get number one search result of my site..
    vikram recently posted..Samsung Galaxy S5 Look, Features, Specs and Releasing dateMy Profile

  36. Twitter:
    Hello Shamsudeen
    This article is a complete description getting and doing good SEPR and SEO . I read your post thoroughly and learn a lot from it. Choosing a right keyword for your blog post id the main thing about SEO and getting traffic. Thanks for the nice share, Shamsudeen.
    Mahendra recently posted..Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  37. Twitter:
    Hey Shamsudeen,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these tips with us. I learned lots of new stuff from this post and Yes, writing quality content is very important factor for getting good result in Google search. For ranked good in Google search requires lots of hardwork, consistency and also the tips which you mentioned above. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted..Flappy Bird FOR PC / Computer / WINDOWS 7/8, MAC AndroidMy Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Hi Sudipto,
    Thanks for reading through, and it feels so nice hearing you find the post useful. Like you said, writing quality content and giving it maximum exposure are important for good ranking in any search engines.

    Thanks for reading through and do have a wonderful day.
    Shamsudeen Adeshokan recently posted..Social Networking Sites For Marketing Blog – Which Is The best?My Profile

  39. Rossaimi says:

    I’m trying to writing articles in my blog without think about SEO. For me the content is king and backlink is dead now after hummingbird.

  40. Twitter:
    1. Make SEO friendlily content
    (go for bigger keywords, but choose those one that inside have other smaller and more competitive keywords. For eg.
    With this you can rank also for many sub-keywords eg. Free Seo tips, best seo tips, seo tips for beginners, seo for beginners and etc.
    and in description you will say the same thing and some more with different words eg.
    “Top search engine optimization tricks for better ranking on google. Try our free guide for success in all search engines.” or something like this.
    with this description you make stronger your title and also you can rank for even more keywords. eg free seo gude, best seo guide, Top seo tips for beginners, and etc.

    2 also other important thing are backlinks you need to get backlinks from many low quality site and than around 20 good quality sites with high PR or moz rank also links on social sites, bookmarks ect.
    ok there are few other thinks i do but i have no more time i have to go.

    Your post will be from great help for bloggers and site owners, but i think seo is in the same time most complex and simple so all readers don’t waste your time with my comment, go and read 1000 seo post try many of them and make your own Seo tactic.
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      Thanks Lalina,
      well, well, well, is obvious these points I listed above are meant to put courage in beginners bloggers that ranking for top spot is not impossible for anyone if you know and understand what you’re doing, but I agree with you, these points are not in anyway going to do much in today’s struggling for SERP.

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