Is Disavow the Back link tool really Helpful?

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Rudraksh Pathak
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Our Web pages are so open on internet that our security can be compromised any time. The era of today’s World is so competitive that even your fellow partner may do anything to hook you out from the competition. So it’s good to be remaining protective. What kind of protection I’m talking about? Coming to the point, we know that, In Blogging, Back links really matters a lot. Inbound Do-follow links or simply I can say the Back links are the building blocks of a blog. Back links helps you to get the good page rank that again helps you in many factors over internet.

Well, I said having back links improve the page rank, that doesn’t mean that you should have the inbound links from any site. If you are considering the back links for Page Rank, you should only have quality back links. Even quantity doesn’t matters some time.

But what if someone is spamming and giving you the low quality, degraded and illegal back links intentionally to degrade your position and performance over internet?

Well that was the matter of concern till few months ago. But now we have a tool to take control over the inbound links. When I attended the g|Days event of Google that held last year in India, I asked the same question there that, Is it possible to take control over those back links which are coming to my site? I was very surprised when I got an affirmative response. After that I discussed further on this topic with the Google Webmaster Engineer.

Now the Back link controlling tool i.e. “Disavow Backlink” tool is available for every Blogger for free in Webmasters section. But the question is how to use it and does it really work?

Let’s talk about this tool. How does it work, how to use it and most important thing, how appropriate is it?

So going on, take a look on,

What is Disavow Back link tool –

Disavow Back link tool is one of the recently introduced tool in Google Webmasters that is available for free for every Blogger. Through this tool, Webmasters can control the inbound back links by allowing and disallowing the back links. This tool is really sensitive that it may even affect your performance if not used with special care.

What I asked in g|Days –

What Matt Says about this tool –

Why we should use
Disavow Back link tool –

If you are a Blogger, you must be aware of the terms Panda and Penguin updates which are the Database update algorithms, recently introduced by Google. In case of spam back links, Panda update matters but not as much as Penguin do. Penguin Update is basically introduced to kick out those web pages from the Search results which are actively involved in Link piracy. Now if someone is repeatedly giving you the back links intentionally then it makes you an active participant in Link piracy. Although you are not involved in all this but in term of Google, yes you are doing link piracy or in other words, you are playing Black hat SEO. At this point Disavow Back link tool really matters. You can use this tool to take control over the Back links so that you can put your name out from Link piracy.

Is this tool really Helpful ?

Now here comes the Final question regarding this article. Is this tool really helpful? Well as I said in above sections that this tool is much sensitive and should be used very carefully. Because if not, it may even lead to worse situations.

How to Use this tool ?

Using Disavow Back link tool is quite easy. All that you have to do is open the tool page. After opening the tool page, you will be asked to select a website to perform the disallow action. Disavow-backlink-page

After selecting the site, you will be redirected to a new page where Webmaster Bots will ask you for a file that will contain the information about the links like from which links you don’t want any back link.


Let’s have a look on how the file will look like –

# Contacted Owner of on 01/01/2012
# for link removal but got no response.
# admin removed some links but left these links

See the main information is the links here. Rest of all the text which are starting with # sign are comments will be neglected by bots. They are for human consideration. After all you have to do is upload the file and Tada that’s it. Wait for the response from the Google in Webmaster Dashboard. Just note down one thing the File size should not exceed 2 MB.