How to Get One Post in the Top Four Google Search Results at the Same Time

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Dominating Google Search Engine Results Page

Making Bad Press Less Noticeable by Replacing it with Your Own Posts

Sometimes dominating several of the top spots on the Google Search Engine Results Page for certain keyword phrases is not only possible but advantageous. I was looking up a local builder on Google and what came up was a lot of bad press from a disgruntled customer who didn’t like the stamped concrete flooring he got in his house. Not that I would want stamped concrete on the INSIDE of my house either, but that’s what he asked for. Anyway, the customer’s blog dominated Google page one. The builder apparently does not have a website at all. If he had a website that was in the #1, #2, #3 and #4 spots on the Google results page then potential customers might not even see the negative comments coming from his customer’s blog since they would be farther down on the page.

WordPress Makes It Easy to Dominate the First Page of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)

The way I accomplish that is built into how I design websites for better SEO plus the built-in advantages of a Content Management System like WordPress. I know this works because it works on my website. I published an article about Wordtracker misrepresenting a study and 4 different

pages of my site showed up in the top four spots of the Google SERP for the search term “Wordtracker misrepresents”. Not only was my post in the #1 position but it was also in the #2, #3, and #4 positions. In other words, I dominated the the Google results page for that term.

I have new posts show up in at least five different places on my website and Google treats each one as an individual page to display on its results page for all the world to see. Firstly, excerpts are on my blog page for the last 20 posts. Secondly, each post gets its own page like the one you are reading now. That’s typical for WordPress. Thirdly, excerpts of the most recent three or four posts are on my front page. Fourthly, for the category “Truth in Marketing” I have another page of excerpts, and fifthly each post will be in it’s own category and show up on a category page. Actually, I can assign as many categories to a post as I want so there are even more opportunities for a post to show up on Google page one.

This means for at least the short term, before I write more posts and this one no longer shows up on my front page, the title to this post will show up on 5 different pages of my website and Google has picked up on 4 of them. ┬áThe reason it doesn’t show up on my blog page is I have a different header with no introduction to my services so it’s harder for the Googlebot to tell what the page is about. But hey, taking the top 4 spots on a Google results page is still dominating by anybody’s definition.