Does Social Media Strategy Trump SEO?

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Wade Harman
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Wade Harman
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Recently, I have had the great opportunity to have the honor to be asked to start speaking at blogging conferences. So far, I have been asked to speak at 3 this year, and already have been booked for 5 for next year. Seems as though my social media strategy has gotten the attention of some people, and they have asked me to share my ideas.

Anyway, I said that to say this. So far, every time I go to these conferences, there is always people that come to me and ask me the question of social media verses SEO. I guess since I am starting to be known for social media strategies, then people automatically assume that I am some kind of authority on the subject and therefore abandon SEO completely.

This is just not the case…and I don’t abandon SEO either!

But the song remains the same. Can social media strategy trump and SEO efforts that you can do online?

Social Media Strategy

Now this is not a post where I am trying to fool you into thinking that social media is any better than SEO. Not even a little bit! Each one has it’s importance in your strategy bag, and to assume that one is more important than the other is ridiculous and even laughable!

Social media does have it’s perks!

One can start a blog today, and I mean dust off the “new” on the domain name, and get traffic from social media that very same day. Now my social media strategies may be different than what you are used to hearing about, but they work for me. So much so that I have had great success in teaching people how to get thousands of social media visits every day to a new blog with my free ebook Boost Your Social Media Traffic.

Now let me warn you…

You can’t just waltz into a social networking site expecting to get results. There is actually a plan that you have to implement.

When dealing with SEO efforts, you are basically talking to a machine, or the Google bot. You tell it your keyword and you build links to your post frantically in the attempt to get ranked on the first position on that coveted page in Google’s search engine.

No emotion

necessary. No trust needed. What you see is what you get. No more, and no less.

With social media you are dealing with real live people, as if you didn’t already know, but sometimes you get so excited about that new post that you have just written that you tend to forget how to get social media traffic, and you just blast links at people thinking this is the way to go.

In social media platforms you have to connect. You have to build relationships and establish trust with your friends and/or followers if you expect them to hop on that “link train” to your site.

Social Media Interaction

One of my favorite bloggers, Marcus Sheridan, proves this point when he explains how to build trust with your blog readers, and this is really the key to social media and getting traffic that converts well on your site.

Social media interaction comes from having a social media strategy that happens every day. Even if you are only on these sites for ten minutes a day, you need to be on there establishing a reputation that is positive with your friends or followers, sharing their updates, and liking their posts.

Scheduling is very important in having a social media strategy that can trump SEO. When you are visible, people remember you. When people remember you, they will read your updates and then visit your site.

Interaction is you reaching out to others, talking to them personally, and even *gasp, visiting their site! Remember, when you interact with someone, they communicate too.

Is Social Media Better Than SEO?

No, not in any way, and SEO is no better than social media. However, having a social media strategy that is set on a schedule where you interact and communicate with others CAN trump your SEO strategy any day of the week.


Because it’s instant. It’s not too hard to learn how to get blog traffic, but as you will see, if you stay consistent in any strategy that you implement, you will be successful!

In Conclusion

What is your favorite strategy to implement? Do you have a cool social media trick that you want to share with everyone else here, or even a great tip about SEO? Let us know!