What Does It Take To Get Website Traffic?

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Wade Harman
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Wade Harman
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SEO for Internet Traffic

We all know how aggravating and tedious it can be to get ranked up for Google or some other search engine. All of the hassle that it takes to actually get your blog or site to the first page really takes a lot of time. This in itself is time consuming enough, but I think the most aggravating thing about this topic is getting traffic to your site!

If you really look at the time that it took you to get on the first page of Google for that one high ranking keyword, then you know what I am talking about. But are you secure just being “middle of the road” on the first page of Google?

The Facts of Internet Traffic

SEO does not necessarily mean traffic. Having your site on the first page of Google doesn’t mean that you are about to be flooded with traffic either. Usually top positions are awarded with the most traffic.

  • Position #1: 45.46% of all clicks
  • Position #2: 15.69% of all clicks
  • Position #3: 10.09% of all clicks
  • Position #4: 5.49% of all clicks
  • Position #5: 5.00% of all clicks
  • Position #6: 3.94% of all clicks
  • Position #7: 2.51% of all clicks
  • Position #8: 2.94% of all clicks
  • Position #9: 1.97% of all clicks
  • Position #10: 2.71% of all clicks

Total: 95.91% of all clicks occur on Page #1 of SERPs

Notice the click difference between position #1 and position #2. Depending on what keyword you were ranking for, this would posiibly take a tedious effort on your part to overtake that number one position. People like Darren Rowse, who have been doing this a whole lot longer than the rest of us, and probably dominate the search engines for different keywords. In fact, I know from experience that if you search anything with the word “blog” in it, Darren dominates the searches.

What To Do For Traffic?

I know, I know, this is upsetting and probably a little frustrating to see something like this. The realization that some other person has the nerve to compete with you on any certain keyword is literally preposterous by any means! However, that’s just the way it goes.

Ok, so what do I do now? Some searches are worthless going after since there are many other people in this game way ahead of you and I. There is one other process to consider. Keep doing your SEO. On page and off page SEO is key to getting ranked higher on the search engines. Make sure your keywords are “Low” to “Medium” in competition. There are a lot out there that have masses amounts of traffic to rank for.

In other words, there is still a chance for a beginning blogger and website owner.

Social Media For Traffic

social media traffic-Learn how to make money using Twitter with my Twitter Secrets Revealed post.

With the rise of social media on the horizon, many people benefit from this particular platform in getting website visitors and much needed traffic. In fact, most people that use and make money from Twitter don’t even own a website. Social media is a powerful tool to implement in your SEO strategy.

Here are some Social Media Stats-Quoted from Sharaholic’s Social Media Stats

» Pinterest grew from 2.5% of referral traffic in December to 3.6% of the referrals in January. That’s impressive growth from just owning .17% of the traffic back in July.
» Referral traffic from Google+ dropped slightly in January, although Google’s product set (Google news, Google images, Gmail) continues to be a top referral source. Google continues to integrate Google+ into its offering more and more, so it will be an interesting trend to watch.
» Eyeing its IPO this week, Facebook continues to dominate referral traffic, with mobile traffic alone accounting for 4.3% of overall referrals. Referral traffic grew by about 1% in January, making it the second fastest-growing site for referral traffic after Pinterest.
» Although Pinterest did beat out YouTube in referral traffic, YouTube’s referrals grew by .07% in January. It’s got to be the Sh*t Girls Say meme. Definitely.
» It’s important to note StumbleUpon’s position as the number two referral source. It seems like most people don’t talk or think about it nearly as much as top-of-mind Pinterest and Google+, but it continues its stronghold owning 5.07% of referrals in January. Similar bookmarking site Reddit also ranked as a top source of referral traffic, with both Stumbleupon and Reddit significantly beating out Delicious and Digg.
» Lastly, it’s always interesting to check in with the once-powerful MySpace. It continues to linger as a small source of referral traffic with no sign of growth this month.-End Quote

What to do?? I guess with the knowledge of knowing that only position #1 is going to yield the best results, I would suggest to take a medium competition level keyword that has a lot of traffic searching it, and plugging away at it! My own strategy is to get 3 keywords and build links for all 3 of them. I compete for a Low, Medium, & High competition level keywords. This usually takes a little longer to rank for, but it works after a while!