5 killer ways to get the best out of your guest post

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Gilbert Samuel
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guest blogging

Guest blogging seem to be one of the best but stressful traffic strategies ever. No wonder most of us prefer blog commenting to guest blogging because it takes no time, 5 minutes is enough to read a blog post and drop a comment but guest blogging is on the contrary. Guest blogging is all about splashing your writing skills around the blogosphere and the best way of getting not just visitors but readers and subscribers. You should have noticed this by now; anytime a blog talks about generating traffic, guest blogging is always the first on the list because it’s the most effective of all. Do you want to get the best out of guest blogging? Try implementing these tips below.

NB: These tips below are not just ways to get the best out of your guest post but also way of getting the best out of your (personal) blog post. Let’s just call it a combination of both.

Killer Guest blogging Strategies

1. Compelling title

Regardless of your content, writing an attractive and compelling title is a way of attractive visitors to click and read your (quality) content. Bloggers are found of using an attractive title to bait readers in reading a content that is contrary to the language of title which is totally bad. Write a title that visitors can’t afford to overlook followed by quality content. This one of the best way to earn a visitor’s trust and make him a returning visitor.

2. Interactive content

Interactive content makes your blog post interesting. Many of us are SEO addicts like I am and we all want to have a high ranking on SERPS, this strategy has really channeled our blog post from your readers. Write for your readers and not for search engine alone, remember to include emotions and questions in your blog post. This will make your readers more interested in reading more of your posts and of course, a good way of making it lively.

Call to actions

Do you use call to actions? Call to actions is commonly found at the end of your blog post usually in a question format. It’s a great and perfect way to encourage comments thereby getting the best out of your blog post. If you’re not using them I think you should start implementing them on your blog, it’s not just a way of encouraging comments but a perfect way of building your readers and earning their trust.

4. Reply to comments

Actually, I can’t do without replying to comments because I’m addicted to it and I take it as my hobby. I’ve seen situations where guest bloggers submits quality guest post but the mistake they made was ignoring their readers. I don’t think you’ll be welcomed back as a guest blogger on the blog if you try to submit another guest post. I’ll also do the same because I don’t want my readers to leave my blog with unanswered questions.

5. Promote your guest post

Regardless of the traffic of the blog you’re submitting your guest post on, promoting your guest post should be a tradition. That you submitted a guest post on a blog (that is not yours) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote it; I’m sure most of us omit this step.  Try as much as possible to tell your followers on social media about your guest post. I don’t see anything hard in it and it doesn’t take much time. If you’re in this shoe then it’s high time you promoted your guest post, your blog post is not the only thing you have to promote you know?


Like I said above, these are not just tip on getting the best out of your guest post, you can also implement them on your blog and definitely, you’ll make your blog go viral. Guest blogging is not just a traffic strategy but it’s the perfect way of getting safe backlinks to your blog. There are many significance of guest blogging, are you a guest blogger and is guest blogging one of your major traffic strategies? I’d love to know if you do promote your guest posts. Well there are many of us there that prefers guest blogging to blog commenting. Which one do you think is better?