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Gilbert Samuel
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guest blogging

Guest blogging seem to be one of the best but stressful traffic strategies ever. No wonder most of us prefer blog commenting to guest blogging because it takes no time, 5 minutes is enough to read a blog post and drop a comment but guest blogging is on the contrary. Guest blogging is all about splashing your writing skills around the blogosphere and the best way of getting not just visitors but readers and subscribers. You should have noticed this by now; anytime a blog talks about generating traffic, guest blogging is always the first on the list because it’s the most effective of all. Do you want to get the best out of guest blogging? Try implementing these tips below.

NB: These tips below are not just ways to get the best out of your guest post but also way of getting the best out of your (personal) blog post. Let’s just call it a combination of both.

Killer Guest blogging Strategies

1. Compelling title

Regardless of your content, writing an attractive and compelling title is a way of attractive visitors to click and read your (quality) content. Bloggers are found of using an attractive title to bait readers in reading a content that is contrary to the language of title which is totally bad. Write a title that visitors can’t afford to overlook followed by quality content. This one of the best way to earn a visitor’s trust and make him a returning visitor.

2. Interactive content

Interactive content makes your blog post interesting. Many of us are SEO addicts like I am and we all want to have a high ranking on SERPS, this strategy has really channeled our blog post from your readers. Write for your readers and not for search engine alone, remember to include emotions and questions in your blog post. This will make your readers more interested in reading more of your posts and of course, a good way of making it lively.

Call to actions

Do you use call to actions? Call to actions is commonly found at the end of your blog post usually in a question format. It’s a great and perfect way to encourage comments thereby getting the best out of your blog post. If you’re not using them I think you should start implementing them on your blog, it’s not just a way of encouraging comments but a perfect way of building your readers and earning their trust.

4. Reply to comments

Actually, I can’t do without replying to comments because I’m addicted to it and I take it as my hobby. I’ve seen situations where guest bloggers submits quality guest post but the mistake they made was ignoring their readers. I don’t think you’ll be welcomed back as a guest blogger on the blog if you try to submit another guest post. I’ll also do the same because I don’t want my readers to leave my blog with unanswered questions.

5. Promote your guest post

Regardless of the traffic of the blog you’re submitting your guest post on, promoting your guest post should be a tradition. That you submitted a guest post on a blog (that is not yours) doesn’t mean you shouldn’t promote it; I’m sure most of us omit this step.  Try as much as possible to tell your followers on social media about your guest post. I don’t see anything hard in it and it doesn’t take much time. If you’re in this shoe then it’s high time you promoted your guest post, your blog post is not the only thing you have to promote you know?


Like I said above, these are not just tip on getting the best out of your guest post, you can also implement them on your blog and definitely, you’ll make your blog go viral. Guest blogging is not just a traffic strategy but it’s the perfect way of getting safe backlinks to your blog. There are many significance of guest blogging, are you a guest blogger and is guest blogging one of your major traffic strategies? I’d love to know if you do promote your guest posts. Well there are many of us there that prefers guest blogging to blog commenting. Which one do you think is better?


  1. thanks for posting such a nice information.
    i read this article and follow the steps and am getting benefit from it …..
    i am a new to blogging and want some tips to increase my blog traffic.

  2. Great killer post Gilbert :)
    I am just working on Titles for the blog posts..Hope I will learn one day.
    You’re article has help me a lot to think on various aspects of guest blogging ..
    Pritam recently posted…A risk you can’t afford. Domain name expirationMy Profile

  3. vishu sachdeva says:

    Very well concluded editorial.Nice to see you to provide such an important information.It will surely helps to newbie in this field.Getting traffic is one of primary requirement of any blog or website.Thanks for sharing it..happy blogging..:)

  4. Well written Gilbert.

    You nailed it very well and thanks for sharing. For me, the best way is to ask the editor what they are expecting, then learn what the visitors are looking for. Write not a good one but a great one. Of course, help to share etc :)

    Great write mate!
    Reginald recently posted…What Is NoFollow Rule And How It Affects SEO?My Profile

  5. Yes, You said right that we should promote Guest post because mostly bloggers skip this because they thinks that there is wastage of time while promoting but they don’t know promotion can brings a lots of traffic to their blog.
    Guest Blogging usually used for creating backlinks and generating traffic.
    Thanks for awesome post Bro
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 A240 Full specificationsMy Profile

  6. I must say Gilbert your Killer Guest Blogging Strategies are very helpful.
    I have followed your steps and found it really helpful in making bigger audience of my own blog.
    Thanx a lot for this wonderful piece of information.

  7. Guest posting is done for link building most of the times. But if we are smart enough then we could use guest posting to promote our brand and get good number of sales too! nice post!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Whatsapp for PC, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XPMy Profile

  8. Hi mate !
    These strategies would surely make the guest post successful . Though I’ve never posted guest articles , i’d like to like to join the club very soon .I’ll remember these strategies at the time of writing and submitting my 1st guest post .

    Thanks for sharing the information,
    Pramod recently posted…Best SEO Techniques to increase search engine trafficMy Profile

  9. Getting your guest post published is a very hard task and after that you need to take care of many things and you made points of them and explained very good.
    Gautam recently posted…Top 5 Free Best Antivirus For AndroidMy Profile

  10. i agree titles are the key . especially it enages when it appears in search results. compelling title always works.
    Rohan Mod recently posted…Hammer Effect Mega Drop Down Menu Bar Widget For BloggerMy Profile

  11. Great tips on how to get the best out of your guest post. The key is to write a killer article with a killer content. If that is the case, everyone will want to publish your content. Thanks for sharing your tips!
    Elena recently posted…5 Sensational & Extremely Effective Weight Loss Supplements You Don’t Know AboutMy Profile

  12. Another reason why I prefer to blog comment, is that with guest blogging, there are way too many restrictions, and/or “must have’s.” With a blog comment, well, all it takes is a nice formulated response that is related to the article, nothing complicated about that! Good article I must say!
    Chavol recently posted…Reasons Why Social Media Does NOT WorkMy Profile

  13. I prefer Guest blogging, but the both (guest blogging and blog commenting) are usefull when your backlinks sources are safe.For example , it\’s easy to apply A/B testing on one or two weeks with these two kings of strategies (blog commenting and guest blogging) and see what works best.I suggest that, because the objective here is to have best conversion rate.

    • You’re on my side Marc but of course they are both useful for getting safe backlinks. Oh! i understand what you mean by split testing them and i noticed that the results are (not really) equal but on different criteria. When you submit a guest post on a blog, you’ll get 100% conversions from guest blogging (it worth’s the time you spend in writing the guest post) and you’ll get 5% from blog commenting and dropping 20 blog comments lets say in 3-4 days it approximately a guest post. The only difference is that most blog post are nofollow and you won’t get a link juice from the comment but on guest blogging, there’s always a link juice flowing through the author bio and the can increase a blog’s PR.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  14. Good post. Guest blogging/Article for seo has to be one of the most effective ways of link building.

  15. Well i think that promoting guest post is a good way with which we will get traffic as well as there will be great effect to the person who wrote guest post for us . With this there will become good relations with guest author . This is what i think .
    Jones recently posted…Shazam For Pc Download : Android App For Pc Shazam Download For ComputerMy Profile

  16. Gilbert i will remember your advices. I am also going to make a guest post on this blog. So at this time your outlines helped me very very much. But how much traffic we will recieve for our blog ? what should we promote more our blog post ? or guest post ?
    Anis Rehman recently posted…your phone will unlock with your fingerprint – iphone 5My Profile

    • Hi Anis,
      i’m glad you found this helpful, I can’t wait to see your guest post on this blog and i’m sure you’re going to love it too. You should promote your blog post more, all i’m trying to say is at least let your followers on fb or twitter know that you did a guest post, they’ll hop over to the blog and drop a comment and you’ll get a closer connection as if you promote it, new readers will also be pointed back to your blog through your author bio. I’ll advice you to focus more on promoting your blog.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  17. Great post. I am trying to incorporate a more frequent guest posting strategy. As you point out, commenting is much easier and less time consuming. However, I may get very few extra hits from it. Thanks for another wonderful piece on blogging.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted…Reminder: Dr. Jackson will appear live on Charlotte View on MondayMy Profile

  18. Today guest blogging is really hard if you are talking to get best result. Before you try a guest blogging campaign you should have a clear target on what you are after. Many people get disappointed with their result on this subject.

    Great post
    Okto recently posted…Advantages of User Friendly Designed WebsiteMy Profile

  19. puneet gupta says:

    First of all i must say thanks to you for sharing a useful information.
    When i read this article then i fully enjoyed. actually i am not professional blogger but then also i like your 5 ways. but in my opinion i always prefer to content which is unique and quality for our blog. and i am following, am getting +ve …..well i will also try of your ways.

  20. I find guest posting quite difficult, whenever I write a good post I wish I’d put it on my blog

  21. Hi Gilbert,

    Well, guest posting is an effective strategy, indeed. It is also difficult and stressful. That is why a lot of people have a hard time with guest posting. They are in a constant state of “about to start” guest posting. Sometimes one little block stops them to do it.

    My problem with guest posting is… pictures. When you submit a guest, post, for example, do you need to explain to the blog owner where did you take your picture? Do you need to show him or her the link to where you took the picture? Do you need to prove in some way that the picture is yours?

    Title and content
    Magnetic titles are good but not enough, indeed. After some magnetic or killer headlines followed by miserable content, your readers will run and never return. Even worse. More and more posts have titles that are obviously crafted to be “magnetic” or “killer”. Whenever I see a title like this, I avoid that post. I think the title must be interesting and relevant to the niche. Unfortunately more and more titles tend to be “shocking” in a desperate effort to attract attention.

    Interactive content? Very good idea. Questions and emotions are a great way to make your content interactive. Together with some good call to actions (by the way, how many calls to action do you think is safe to place in a blog post? I saw posts with 4 calls to action or more inside a blog post) they create a very dynamic and attractive environment that entice readers to take action. Good idea, indeed.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted…The Best Twitter Tools to Get More Traffic. JustretweetMy Profile

    • Hi Silviu,

      You’re right, effective but difficult.

      I don’t see anything wrong in pictures and there’s no need for any explanation, well it depends on the blog and the blog author. Some blogs might require you to give the source of the picture some credits by dropping a link to it’s source while some bloggers hate tons of links in their blog post.

      My pictures are from google safe search, the pictures are license free so there’s no need for giving anyone credit but if they are downloaded from picture directories like “freedigitalphotos” or “flickr” then a credit is required. Though i prefer google safe search but if I’m not satisfied then I’ll hop over to directories and use any picture of my choice followed by a due credit.

      I’ve seen bloggers using a killer title and a miserable content like you said. this is the reason why i used “quality” in bracket in order not to mislead readers into writing just a killer title.

      Number of call to actions? Most people sprinkle CTAs (even more than 4) allover the content, it’s a good way of creating interactions. If call to actions is used at the end of a blog post then it should be a maximum of two in order to avoid confusing readers and making the blog post a quiz but if sprinkled allover the content, then number of call to actions doesn’t matter.
      Have a great week ahead.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  22. Hi,

    Guest blogging isn’t really difficult, but it’s a little time consuming and requires good convincing skills with fellow bloggers. It sure is rewarding for the effort you put into it.
    Gautham Lurk recently posted…TrueCaller for PC Download, Install TrueCaller on ComputerMy Profile

  23. Great article. For a call to action, are their keywords or certain ways to phrase it that can get more of people’s attention?

  24. Alexander Fuglistahler says:

    So happy I stumbled across this blog as I spend quit a bit of time and effort, now realizing I should have spend more of it on guest posting.
    It is because of people like you that it gets easier for the average person to get honest and real information!
    May the Force be with you:)

  25. Alexis G epps says:

    Yeah guest posts are must if i write 30 posts a month i publish 20 on my blog and use rest for guest blogging and dramatically i drive more than 30% of my blog’s traffic from guest blogging

  26. Jane Stevens says:

    Guest posting is the best way in this modern age to build a strong link. Every online marketer should give more importance to guest posting. Your post contains some great points, which can be very effective for all the link builder.

  27. Replying to comments is a very important and good thing when we are doing guest posting as it help us to connect with more and more audience.

  28. Agreed! Replying comment is really a good view to engage audience.
    Chetan recently posted…Buying Flats in Kandivali Turn AffordableMy Profile

  29. i accept with your all way gilbert but can you explain how it helping to get ranking in Google search engine..??

  30. Asher Elran says:

    I prefer the combination of both. Quest blogging gives you both back link and traffic. Commenting usually only traffic as most of comment links are nofollow.

  31. Nice suggestions Gilbert. Guest posting is the best way to get the quality backlinks into your blog without actually violating any of Google’s policy. All points are quite basic but need to be followed to get the best out of your guest post.
    alan recently posted…Vector for PC Download, Vector Game for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  32. Great post Gilbert and I am sure that you will become a successful blogger soon because you know what to do. Hope to see you with all these types of great tips on CumLuv. Guest posting is the best thing I had ever done in my blogging time.
    Sahil recently posted…Top SEO Tips: 4 Things You Must KnowMy Profile

  33. You mentioned reply to comments but if none of the user is commenting what the hell is i am to do ?
    SAJID recently posted…How to install Android Flash Player on Android DeviceMy Profile

    • Haha Sajid, this is the funniest comment I’ve ever received and a little bit rude too. I’m so wise enough to submit a guest post on comluv because it’s a blog with traffic and I’ve replied 100s of comments. Oh! Check out the number of comments I’ve dropped on this blog in the commentluv logo.
      Now tell me, what the hell are you going to do if you submit a guest post on a blog without traffic and get no comments :)
      Would love to hear your reply buddy.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  34. Hello Gilbert,

    Yes, Gilbert, Guest blogging is one of the best ways to get instant traffic and strong link for blogs. But it is really tough to write an awesome (actually Killer) guest post. But you have described the whole ideas beautifully.

    So many thanks for your great ideas.

    Gautam Biswas recently posted…How to submit a site map to Google?My Profile

  35. Glad to see this post. My priority is to look for high quality sites to do the guest posting, and I saw your post. One lucky gal here. Thx for the nice info.

  36. Norm Sanchez says:

    It’s definitely better for SEO purposes to guest blog rather than blog commenting but I think a combination of both works rather well. I would much rather write a targeted article with a couple of links and submit it to a regular blog which allows guest posts instead of submitting it to an article directory. I also know for sure that depending on the blog you write your guest post for, you stand a much better chance of getting more traffic to your site than through blog commenting.

  37. Amazing article, I’ve just started to do blog commenting and am noticing very slight SEO results and traffic generation. I must consider guest blogging as I’m now beginning to see the big picture of how much potential there is, especially for traffic generation. Thank you for this valuable information.

  38. Thanks Shawn,
    Blog commenting really have a hand in traffic and seo bt guest blogging works better, good luck as you implement it and have a wonderful day
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  39. Yes the main point is writing interesting and interactive articles to attract more people but they might convert less sometimes
    SAJID recently posted…Primary Cloud Deployment ModelsMy Profile

  40. hiii mate
    You nailed it very well and thanks for sharing. For me, the best way is to ask the editor what they are expecting, then learn what the visitors are looking for. Write not a good one but a great one. Of course, help to share etc
    thnx for this nice share
    rajat recently posted…Free download diwali wallpapers | diwali 2013 wallpapersMy Profile

  41. Thank you for a great post! I’m blogging myself and really need to climb up the latter. This is definitely helpful. Thank you once again.
    Simon recently posted…Crazy GoodMy Profile

  42. Guest blogging is NOT only for back links according to Google’s recent Algos, we should encourage with readers and the content must useful to readers with natural linking profile.

    Tiffany recently posted…Cinavia PS3 Bypass – Troubleshooting methods for 100% Cinavia PS3 FixMy Profile

  43. Sagar Desai says:

    Hey Gilbert,
    Nice written article. All points mentioned by you are really important.
    I would like to divide all tasks in percentage.

    Title: 30%
    Without catchy title no one read its contents

    Content: 30%
    Content is king as usual

    Call of action and reply to comments: 20%
    Readers are happy as they get noticed. And new reader takes interest if engagement of author and readers is healthy.

    Promotion of post: 20%
    Without promotion, no one will read your post, despite it has enough meat.

  44. Júlia Leite says:

    Hey Gilbert,

    What an amazing article!!! I’d say that is the most well written that I saw untill today. The strategies are soooo correct and, joining your article with Sagar’s comment, it just stays perfect.

    Answer to your question, I prefer, by far, guest blogging. But only if the author does all the things you said in your article. There are some guest blogging that, despite the quality of the writing, they just don’t get my attention because they fail in other things, specially in the interaction with their followers. You can write a perfect text, with a perfect title but, sometimes, our public doesn’t see the world the way we do, so it’s perfeclty normal that doubhts appear. When that happens and the follower post a comment with a question and doesn’t receive an answer, it’s almost certain that he will quit reading the blog. And there’s more: in guest blogging world, people like to change experiences, skills and opinions. The only way to do that is with interaction. They read something, say something, the author replies, the follower likes the answer, tell a friend about the experiencie and, finally, that friend joins to the discussion and… voilà: one more viewer :)

    Anyway, all of this to say that, in all the strategies you pointed, I prefer interaction ;)

    What do you think?

    • It’s just like you read my mind Julia, Interaction is my favorite aspect and I’m very good at it. Writing a blog post and referring to them (just like you’re talking to them but in a written version) and also replying to comments.

      Now i love the way you calculated those pinch of strategies. First of all, guest blogging is better by far like you said. I was once in the shoes of having unanswered questions and believe me, i might not visit that blog unless i find something catchy in it. Simultaneously, this means interaction is the root of all these points mentioned above and without it, the reason for guest blogging might not be achieved.

      I guess i need to put an extra chain to your point there,……..friend joins the discussion and also tells another bunch of friends and those bunch of friends told their bunch of friends too…etc that’s what i call viral

      Have a wonderful weekend Julia
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 social media strategies to promote your blog postMy Profile

  45. I should definitely start doing number 3. After a few dozens over 100 blog posts, I have never called for action…

  46. I was really looking some guest blogging advice like this.I will follow all the tips mentioned in this post whenever i guest post on a top blog.Thank You Glibert for such a nice article

  47. Nice suggestions Gilbert Samuel…..
    Rajat Prasun Sati recently posted…Micromax Canvas Tablet P650 : First Canvas Tablet @ Rs.16,500/-My Profile

  48. Thanks for this really cool post, I really liked it!
    Prakash recently posted…Subway Surfers for PC Download or Subway Surfers for ComputerMy Profile

  49. This was a very good post I really enjoyed reading it :)
    I think interacting with other bloggers is the best thing ever to easily get your guest posts published
    However the key is to write a high quality guest post which will be hard for the admin to decline.
    once your guest post goes live, you just have to promote it as possible as you can.
    I usually sumbit guest posts that are better than the posts on my blog :)
    bbrian017 recently posted…9 Killer Ways To Get Traffic Without SEO Or Social MediaMy Profile

    • Hi Brian,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I concur with your point, writing high quality contents hardly get declined. Content is all about quality. No wonder all bloggers use this statement “content is king”.

      Submitting guest post better than my blog post? I do that a lot to an extent that I’ll be tempted to publish it on my blog but the best approach of becoming a successful blogger and building a good reputation is splashing your writing skills around the blogosphere.
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted…12 Best Affiliate Marketing tips for BeginnersMy Profile

  50. superb article, very informative! It is very time consuming to be active on all social media available, yet it is an important cornerstone for online success and marketing.Thanks for the post1

  51. Charles Omotayo says:

    This is a really awesome article on ways to get the best out of a not only a guest post but also normal blog posts. A wonderfully and fearfully created content will is a sure bet.
    However, a compelling title is a call to action and will get more people to view the post. The other tips are equally important.

  52. amitsarwara says:

    yeah really true that you have to interact with your visitors through your comments, if you do so then you will be successful in building your fan count.

    Choose your best post for guest posting because if will represent you in front of a lots unknown peoples.

  53. Man, I really agree by the articles you made here because I think at least (yep because maybe it could be not) the guest who came to our website have some chance to be our website big fan if you keep posting a very good article gradually, and that means your target to generate traffic to your website have been succesfull or if not at least there are some people who have read the article you made there.
    Thanks for this good article anyway :)

  54. Julia Busch says:

    Thank your Gilbert Samuel for this artical,You are Seo master, I have a qustion plz tell me how many backlinks make in one day.

  55. Great post. I Really like it. Just remember : Content is king, and without traffic you can write the best post in the world, it will be simply useless… Anyway, nice writing Gilbert!

  56. Mirza wasim says:

    nice post . Just remember : Content is king, and without traffic you can write the best post in the world, it will be simply useless… Anyway, nice writing Gilbert!

  57. Thanks for sharing effective guest blogging tips……And today i understood how much important is replying to the comments.
    Simon George recently posted…How To Increase Your Internet SpeedMy Profile

  58. This is a great list that should be used by every blog. I’ve seen blog owners that reply to comments a year later. I don’t think the person posting the comment will wait a year for your reply, especially if it is a question needing an answer. The title is the most important thing on any blog post as it’s usually the first thing the reader looks at.
    Admir Gracanin recently posted…Best Online Fax ServiceMy Profile

  59. I am just getting into guest blogging. I think it’s a great way to cross promote businesses. The most important things are to provide relevant information to the site that you are a guest on. Being able to engage the readers so they comment is very important. Make sure that the guest blogger follows the blog so that they can follow up directly with the commenters.
    Bill recently posted…Eastport Photography Website RedesignMy Profile

  60. Guest blogging can be very stressful.

    You spend time writing an article, send it to someone that has agreed to post it, then you have to chase them up. The whole process can be very time consuming.

    The benefit over blog commenting is that you are guaranteed a Dofollow link back to your site – that isnt always the case when commenting on blogs.
    Mark Ford recently posted…Why Your Business MUST Be On Google PlusMy Profile

  61. Hi Gilbert Samuel,
    I feel that i was too late to reach to your blog.
    Note about catchy titles,initiative calls,and more are pretty good .These points would really prick the new bloggers when they post. And the best thing i found was what you preach is what you do :)
    keep blogging :)
    Jessica Parker recently posted…What is HEDIS Coding?My Profile

  62. To make the most out of your guest posts, you should make sure to reply to each and every of the comments made to that post. This way, you will build some new relationships and also get more and more visitors to your own blog.
    Arbaz Khan recently posted…Nokia Lumia 929 – Official Looking Images Leaked OnlineMy Profile

  63. hello admin
    Very well concluded editorial.Nice to see you to provide such an important information.It will surely helps to newbie in this field.Getting traffic is one of primary requirement of any blog or website.Thanks for sharing it..happy blogging..:) thnx for sharing
    rajat recently posted…i love you wallpaperMy Profile

  64. Good idea I really like the idea of checking out the Popular Posts. And, even if you don’t have time to read a ton of posts, sometimes just checking out as many headlines as you can is very helpful.
    Sagar Nandwani recently posted…What is the Difference between Organic Fertilizer and Bio Fertilizer?My Profile

  65. Hi Gibert. You made some good suggestions in this post. Although guest blogging very stressfuland time consuming,nothing come so close toit when it comes to quality backlink building. It will not only generate backlink but at the same time drive traffic to a website.
    I will like to implement more callto action in my post because i think that is where i’mlagging behind. Thanks

  66. I love the interactive content point, thats where I’ve been putting a lot of effort into to keep the conversation going.
    Drew Tracy recently posted…Akona TalonMy Profile

  67. Great tips on guest blogging, Gilbert! am FINALLY starting to come around and give guest posting a try.

    Question – With the call to action (link to or site) should it go to a landing page? I would think so, but wanted to ask. Again, thanks for the great tips!
    Adam Dukes recently posted…What Should We Post On Our Facebook Business Page? (11 Creative Ideas)My Profile

  68. Sarmista Aun says:

    Hi Gilbert,
    I do agree with you. Your title determines whether your visitors will read your post further or not. So it is necessary to make it impactful, interesting and appealing.

  69. Great suggestions, Gilbert. You have touched all the core points of a successful, impacted , interesting and appealing blog .

  70. You are right to have started with the title which is like to main entrance into your article. If it’s poor, you get low CTR. Hot titles make the post hot too.

    thanks for the post and have a wonderful weekend
    Enstine Muki recently posted…How I speed up my WordPress blog in one day – from 10s to 3sMy Profile

  71. Reply to comments is essential, as it is the best way to engage yourself with audience of your blog. but unfortunately, a lot of people ignoring it. Thanks Gilbert for this great post to get most out of Guest post. Keep doing your good work.
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…What to Do When USB Flash Drive is Not Working?My Profile

  72. Thanks for the info. I usually will take up to 1 hour just to write a guest post. because I need to correct my grammatically error. So far guest post bring more traffic than you expected.
    Jazz M recently posted…Japanese Curry Recipe – An Honest Review of ‘A Touch Of You Lin’s Japanese Kitchen’My Profile

  73. Hey Gilbert,

    You have shared the best way of promoting one’s blog. This are truly killer ways of doing so. I don’t think there’s more I can possibly add up here rather than give kudos to you.

    Thanks for sharing this all important post buddy and I’m glad I found it.

    Stay blessed,
    Sam Adeyinka recently posted…Represent Your Business Online – 8 StepsMy Profile

  74. Hi Gilbert,
    Great tips for guest bloggers to gain maximum benefits out of their guest posts. I think title here plays a really important role and we have to make the title compelling as to attract more visitors.
    Visitors tend to read those articles where they can connect or relate themselves with the title of the posts.
    I would thank you for these awesome tip. I will definitely keep these on my tips next time when I will write a guest post on some blog.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…5 Reasons Why You Must Use Child Themes For WordPressMy Profile

  75. Yes killer title is a must for the article to be read by many people, as it is the starting point for the article to be read. So spend good time in writing down the article title.
    Rajkumar recently posted…Smartphones of the future can sense your mood and be controlled by gesture aloneMy Profile

  76. Although, I already realized Guest blogging is a great way to get high level of online exposure. But I was too busy with my other jobs and always neglect this super system. After read your writings I am thinking I have to write as a guest for others site. Thanks for presenting some helpful guest blogging tip.
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  77. Hey Gilbert,
    Nice post and Yes, guest posting is very important factor in blogging as it helps in making relations with other blogger and also helps in promoting our blog and drives traffic to our blog. Replying to comments, promoting it is very important factor. Thanks for sharing this post with us. these tips really gonna help many newbies.
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  78. I have read @Erricson’s article and just now i have read yours article too. Both of you are awesome guest bloggers. Your writings can draw the attention of people easily. I have tried to become a guest blogger and i have been rejected by the admin of the blog. Guest blogging is nightmare to me!

    But now i will try your five tips.

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