5 Steps to Get the Maximum Benefit From Guest Blogging

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Jawad Khan
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Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan
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Guest blogging is one of the most frequently discussed and advocated content marketing strategies these days. Every blogging forum and community is full of posts highlighting the benefits of guest blogging.

However, many bloggers never really make enough planned effort in order to get the maximum benefit out of their guest posts. This is why you’ll find a lot of them complaining about the ineffectiveness of guest blogging and how it has been unnecessarily hyped up.

In reality though, if you take certain pre and post guest blogging measures and think strategically, there’s no reason why your guest post won’t do well.

Here are 5 things that your should do to create impactful guest posts.

1. Have a Clear Objective

This is one of the most obvious, yet mostly overlooked, reasons why many bloggers fail to make an impact with guest blogging.

Before starting your guest blogging campaign, define clear goals that you want to achieve from it. Whether your objective with guest blogging is to create backlinks to your website or to build the brand image of your company, you need to be clear about it from the start.

Your objective will define the type of content you develop for your guest posts. An unclear objective will lead to an ineffective post that will fail to achieve solid results for you and waste the time of your audience.

2. Target Relevant Blogs Only
Are You Ready For Guest Post?Once you’ve clearly defined your objectives from guest blogging, it’s time to target the right blogs. Based on your
objectives, filter out the most relevant blogs and create content that fits with them.

Make sure that your content is in line with your target blogs. It should address the problems of the blogs’ audience and should highlight actionable points to move forward.

An overwhelming number of bloggers write generic posts with no real value in it for the readers and expect other blogs to publish them.

And even when they do target the right blogs, the content of their posts is usually not in line with their guest blogging objectives.

This is why it is absolutely

critical that you approach guest blogging strategically and align your content with it.

3. Prepare Your Website for Traffic

Whenever you publish a guest post on any other established blog, you are likely to receive tons of traffic from it. Preparing for this traffic in advance is critical for the success of your guest post.

Unfortunately, this is where a large number of guest bloggers fail to take benefit.

The visitors referred from your guest post will most likely never return to your blog again if they do not find anything too hook them up on your blog.

This is why it is always recommended to design a special landing page for the visitors that are referred through your guest post. One of your main objectives should always be to increase your email list subscribers.

Once you get the email addresses, you can develop regular contact with your subscribers through new blog posts and emails.

So make sure you do not ignore this crucial part of the guest blogging cycle.

4. Engage With Your Readers and Promote Your Post

Your guest post has been published, and you’ve started to receive comments and referral visitors to your website – but your job isn’t finished yet.

You need to engage with your readers in the post comments and respond to their queries. Be a part of their discussions and respect the time that they’ve spent reading your post.

Similarly, make sure you actively promote your guest post as well.

It will not only get you in the good books of the editor of your host blog, but also enhance your chances of getting more referral traffic from your guest post.

5. Write a Follow Up Post on Your Blog

A great way to maximize the impact of your guest post is to write a follow up post about the same topic on your own blog.

In the follow up post, you can either add something new for the readers or elaborate even further on the same points discussed in your guest post.

Once you do that, email the editor of your host blog and ask them to link your follow up post with your guest post. Tell them how it would help their readers understand the topic even further.

In most cases, if your post has value, editors would be happy to link back.


Guest blogging is a great way to attract new visitors to your blog and increase your email subscribers. However, you need to plan carefully before you start guest blogging to make sure that your efforts get the maximum reward.