5 Steps to Get the Maximum Benefit From Guest Blogging

Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan is a freelance writer, professional blogger and content marketing consultant who helps small businesses grow online through high value content . Apart from being a prolific writer, Jawad is an expert internet marketer and web design consultant. He blogs regularly on WritingMyDestiny.
Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan
Jawad Khan
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Guest blogging is one of the most frequently discussed and advocated content marketing strategies these days. Every blogging forum and community is full of posts highlighting the benefits of guest blogging.

However, many bloggers never really make enough planned effort in order to get the maximum benefit out of their guest posts. This is why you’ll find a lot of them complaining about the ineffectiveness of guest blogging and how it has been unnecessarily hyped up.

In reality though, if you take certain pre and post guest blogging measures and think strategically, there’s no reason why your guest post won’t do well.

Here are 5 things that your should do to create impactful guest posts.

1. Have a Clear Objective

This is one of the most obvious, yet mostly overlooked, reasons why many bloggers fail to make an impact with guest blogging.

Before starting your guest blogging campaign, define clear goals that you want to achieve from it. Whether your objective with guest blogging is to create backlinks to your website or to build the brand image of your company, you need to be clear about it from the start.

Your objective will define the type of content you develop for your guest posts. An unclear objective will lead to an ineffective post that will fail to achieve solid results for you and waste the time of your audience.

2. Target Relevant Blogs Only
Are You Ready For Guest Post?Once you’ve clearly defined your objectives from guest blogging, it’s time to target the right blogs. Based on your
objectives, filter out the most relevant blogs and create content that fits with them.

Make sure that your content is in line with your target blogs. It should address the problems of the blogs’ audience and should highlight actionable points to move forward.

An overwhelming number of bloggers write generic posts with no real value in it for the readers and expect other blogs to publish them.

And even when they do target the right blogs, the content of their posts is usually not in line with their guest blogging objectives.

This is why

it is absolutely critical that you approach guest blogging strategically and align your content with it.

3. Prepare Your Website for Traffic

Whenever you publish a guest post on any other established blog, you are likely to receive tons of traffic from it. Preparing for this traffic in advance is critical for the success of your guest post.

Unfortunately, this is where a large number of guest bloggers fail to take benefit.

The visitors referred from your guest post will most likely never return to your blog again if they do not find anything too hook them up on your blog.

This is why it is always recommended to design a special landing page for the visitors that are referred through your guest post. One of your main objectives should always be to increase your email list subscribers.

Once you get the email addresses, you can develop regular contact with your subscribers through new blog posts and emails.

So make sure you do not ignore this crucial part of the guest blogging cycle.

4. Engage With Your Readers and Promote Your Post

Your guest post has been published, and you’ve started to receive comments and referral visitors to your website – but your job isn’t finished yet.

You need to engage with your readers in the post comments and respond to their queries. Be a part of their discussions and respect the time that they’ve spent reading your post.

Similarly, make sure you actively promote your guest post as well.

It will not only get you in the good books of the editor of your host blog, but also enhance your chances of getting more referral traffic from your guest post.

5. Write a Follow Up Post on Your Blog

A great way to maximize the impact of your guest post is to write a follow up post about the same topic on your own blog.

In the follow up post, you can either add something new for the readers or elaborate even further on the same points discussed in your guest post.

Once you do that, email the editor of your host blog and ask them to link your follow up post with your guest post. Tell them how it would help their readers understand the topic even further.

In most cases, if your post has value, editors would be happy to link back.


Guest blogging is a great way to attract new visitors to your blog and increase your email subscribers. However, you need to plan carefully before you start guest blogging to make sure that your efforts get the maximum reward.


  1. Hi Jawad,
    Great post indeed.
    Point no 3 has caught my attention.
    And some planning and pre-work should be done before guest posting.
    Shoukot recently posted…Avoid Click Bombing And Protect Google AdsenseMy Profile

  2. It is always important to reply to the comments that you receive on your guest posts and engage with the audience. This is because the best thing that we can get from a guest post is new readers and followers.
    Saqib Razzaq recently posted…8 Must Do Things for All Bloggers and WebmastersMy Profile

  3. Yeah, guestposting on related blogs and sites is necessary as it would have much more positive effect on your ranking and authority in sight of search engines than unrelated blogs. 2nd and 4th points are really useful. Great post Jawad. :)
    Arslan recently posted…How to Integrate IDM into Chrome (issues fixed)My Profile

  4. Paul Armes says:

    Ready helpful read. What topics do you cover for guest writers?

  5. Hi Jawad,
    Do you have tips, how to choose the best places for as a guest blogging?
    Should I choose a blog with high domain authority over a blog with high traffic?
    Hadi Nugraha recently posted…Cara mencegah dan mengatasi komedoMy Profile

  6. Writing a follow up post is a good idea.

    Mohit recently posted…Valentines Day Cards 2014My Profile

  7. hi Jawad,

    Great post and really very informative Jawad. Guest blogging is a very simple way to promote your blog and i have not done it yet but now i am going to do. Can you please give me the list of such kind of blog where we can do guest blogging ?
    diwaker recently posted…Five Amazing Architectural ProjectsMy Profile

  8. Hi, wonderful tips. Guest blogging is all about connecting with readers by providing, what they’re seeking instead publishing just an article filled with words and few links to targeted site.

    In order to get a success through guest blogging, we should create or follow some rules, you’ve well mentioned that how it will help publishing article on niche relevant blogs and your additional tips are very useful.

    Thanking you.
    Naveen recently posted…Google Penguin Update 8th and 9th January 2014 –YouTube Videos Ranking High SpotsMy Profile

  9. Hello, great ideas. Guests writing a blog is dependant on linking having readers by providing, exactly what they’re looking for alternatively submitting only a page stuffed with text in addition to number of inbound links to help specific internet site.
    Mohit recently posted…Whatsapp for PC (Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  10. Hi Jawad,

    Nice points, I’ve noticed many guest bloggers won’t give much attention to their guest post once it get published. It’s a big mistake as it helps you to establish yourself as an expert plus also helps you to build relationships with the targeted audience.
    Pankaj recently posted…All in One Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  11. i was unaware of guest blogging.. you blog made me supportive to it. Good job, eh mate :)

  12. Great point on the whole “prepare your blog for traffic” bit. Pageviews are kinda a vanity metric; people hit the site and leave. Make sure to have a clear email signup form, or like you said, link back to a specific landing page (perhaps a link roundup with a signup form at the bottom).
    Jeff recently posted…Stop NetworkingMy Profile

  13. I have been into guest posting and i can tell you it has been beneficial to me. thanks for putting the benefits together.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Top 10 Method to Get Steady Referral Traffic to Your WebsiteMy Profile

  14. To write a follow up post is a must in my opinion. Those traffic we will get from guest blogging is hungry for more, don’t waste it by creating outstanding follow up post and we will get what we want.

    Great post
    Okto recently posted…8 Mistakes To Avoid When Taking Photos For Your Own BlogMy Profile

  15. I’ve always been opposed to guest bloggers for no apparent reason. Recently we have been approached by several readers who want to guest blog and now I’m 100% a fan of it. It allows us to create more unique content and really allows us to focus more on providing information for our customers.

    Thanks for the tips :)
    Tanya recently posted…Keys to Attracting Top TalentMy Profile

  16. guest posting is something I’ve been looking into doing recently, do you have any suggestions on the best way to find relevant blogs in your niche to guest post on?
    Mark recently posted…What Are the Pros and Cons of Using Security Cameras?My Profile

  17. I have never posted any post as guest on this site. However, after reading this post, I realised that I am compromising a lot by not posting here. It is interesting to know that guest post will generate tons of traffic, I would definitely post in near future with great content.
    Monu recently posted…Importance of SleepMy Profile

  18. Hey Jawad Khan,
    Thank you so much for sharing a great and helpful article with us.
    Happy Blogging & Best Regards
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted…Best Websites For Learning Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

  19. Hi Jawad, great article. I have a question about accepting guest bloggers on my own blog. Are there any WordPress plugins that make it easier for people to submit guest posts? Thanks for the help.
    Mike Howg recently posted…5 Simple Ways to Get Tons of Blog Traffic and Keep ItMy Profile

  20. Really enjoyed reading your post! Feel very touched with point 5th, follow up is good idea to get rewarded.
    Chetan recently posted…Ultimate Luxury at Reasonable RatesMy Profile

  21. i think guest blogging is the best way to reach your voice with huge audience because when you post a guest article you will make new redears to your site and to manage that new readres is most important.
    From guest post you show your talent and when new readers come to your site if you have the quality of making audience,you can take benefit from it and i think this is the reason people write guest post because you can make links from many places but getting targeted traffic is most hard work in blogging.
    hamza recently posted…SEO basics-Every blogger should knowMy Profile

  22. Guest posting has got tremendous important in the last few year and now the focus of link building has shift towards guest posting. However only those will get the maximum out put who focus stays on only quality and targeted guest posts.

    You have mentioned some great tips Jawad.
    Bilal Ahmad recently posted…Android With 64-Bit By Trail Powered Processor Launching SoonMy Profile

  23. As far as guest posting myself goes, I know that I need to step up my game a little. I don’t always search out relevant blogs because my audience is pretty broad for some niches. For instance, I write a lot about attracting women, and that kind of guest post can go on any site that has a lot of single men on it. But I know that I would have more success publishing on a site that is strictly geared towards single men and their issues.

    When it comes to accepting guest posts, I have one blog that is strictly dedicated to guest posts, and I find that my posts on the blogs (when I decide to write on it) do much better than the guest posts I publish. I may direct interested guest bloggers to this post so they can really step up their guest blogging game and promote it properly.
    Bellaisa recently posted…Navigating February And Valentine’s Day As A Single GuyMy Profile

  24. Philip Sumpter says:

    Thanks for the introduction to guest blogging. I am now researching this form of backlinks to my sites and will soon start writing/posting my articles to blogs related to my niches.

  25. Hi Jawad,
    Really great post indeed.Every guest blogger should know this 5 points for getting benefit from for what he/she going to write as guest writer.Every guest writer should follow this points.thank you for sharing.
    sameer recently posted…Facebook Adds Trending Topics to News FeedMy Profile

  26. Edward Chung says:

    Thanks for pointing out 5 points to reap the real benefits of guest blogging. I really like your idea of writing a follow up blog post. I would really want to try guest blogging in 2014!

  27. Great post Jawad.
    Guest posts is becoming a way to promote your own blog as bloggers do share their guest posts with friends in social networks.

  28. Guest blogging help me to drive quality traffic from other blogs. I also built some quality backlinks through guest blogging. Thanks for the share.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted…7 Best Ways to Sell Your Website on FlippaMy Profile

    • Be careful, mate, about the backlink end of guest posting. The recent article of Matt Cutts has argued that such links got from guest blogging efforts are Infact less beneficial and in fact may indeed prove harmful!

      My take? Guest post not for links, but for traffic and exposure!


  29. number 2 is very important, the amount of times i have been emailed with content that doesn’t relate to start-ups, brands or domains is ridiculous.
    Matthew recently posted…Available Brandable Domain Names 21st January 2014My Profile

  30. Thanks for sharing these steps dude .Guest posting can fetch a blog the precious do-follow backlink and this should be the only reason for guest posting . Thanks for sharing

    Pramod recently posted…Top 100 engineering colleges in IndiaMy Profile

  31. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

    Point number 2 is most important for me specially after MattCutts blog post about Guest Posting. As MattCutts clearly said that link from irrelevant blog via Guest blog can effect your ranking.
    Swarup recently posted…How To Enable Comment Reply or Reply to Comments on Facebook ProfileMy Profile

  32. Thanks for sharing this great tips.

    Point number 2 is most important for me specially after read MattCutts blog post about Guest Posting. As MattCutts clearly said that link from irrelevant blog via Guest blog can effect your ranking.
    Swarup recently posted…How To Enable Comment Reply or Reply to Comments on Facebook ProfileMy Profile

  33. abi shiddiq says:

    thank for sharing,
    your post very usefull for newbie like me, i think point 5 something that is very important in order to provide the most guest blogging.

  34. Was in a fix about guest blogging but after reading your article its is so much clearer. Will take a shot and implement all the steps that you have mentioned for my main blog. Hope to get some visible results!! till then ciao!

  35. Hello Mr. Jawad Khan,

    This kind of post is a double edge sword. Why? Everything you wrote here is correct. You are right and bloggers must do what you say in order to succeed (or at least to have a chance).

    The problem is that this post is very similar to hundreds, even thousands of other blog posts published on the blogosphere. Every responsible blogger knows and tells his (her) readers the same things you are saying here.

    I know there thousands and thousands of people that start online daily. Millions will start online this year. I also know that you must write in such a way so as to attract them. This means you must write a guest post that is easy to understand, otherwise they will think blogging is difficult and will run in terror. This is a universal strategy that I see it applied everywhere.

    Even the title is almost universal. We all know this type of titles: 5 steps, 7 mistakes, Top ten … , 25 influencers to … etc.

    Unfortunately the universality of the strategy makes the value of such a post lower and lower. The problem for you is: “How do you stand out from the crowd?” “How do you avoid your post to be perceived as a generic content post?”

    Thsi means that, inside the post you must provide a little bit more than the usual stuff.

    Example. Point 1: Define clear goals for guest blogging
    You provided two type of goals: build backlinks with your guest posts ; build a brand image of the company.

    The best way to stand out from the crowd would be to take one of this objectives and develop it in, at least, one more paragraph. Show people an example.

    Let’s take the second goal, for example. You should create a separate paragraph, define the goal, give some examples of the type of content you can develop for this type of goal, offer some examples of possible guest posts (titles, main idea) that can be written and so on. Explain briefly the strategy. Create a short application or something alike.

    This way there is a higher chance to stand out from the crowd without making the post look too complicate.

    It is true that when you write generic posts with magnetic titles, beautiful pictures, powerful names, citations etc., people are attracted and come to your blog. However, in time, if you do not give people something of real value, they will leave you and never return. Also, this will create a bad reputation and you will need to work very hard to get rid of it.

    Generic posts kill blogging and provide people with a bad education. The image of blogging is distorted and false expectations are created. When you do not teach people how to make money and the only thing you do is talk about making money, people will feel and understand you are not the real deal and will leave. Don’t be this type of blogger.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted…Hunt Your Most Popular Posts with the Best RifleMy Profile

  36. Really Informative Post,

    i really appreciate your work here and agree with all points.
    we must reply all of the queries we received at our guest post. it’s not only help to increase traffic but also help to make good friends over net…

  37. Nice post bro. For me, the only sad part is I won’t feel like to giveaway a quality post to other sites even though it has many benefits. Don’t know why I have such feeling. Thanks for sharing the tips.
    Anirudh Anand recently posted…[Giveaway] Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2013 worth $1000 !!My Profile

  38. i want write a guest post, but my english grammer is bad, so my guest post is not allow, but thank, that is good post, thank for sharing

  39. I intend to build a guest blogging but I don’t know from where and how to begin. This article gave me helpful hints. Thanks for your great post, Jawad.

  40. Good posts. Brother. Guest posting and engaging with your visitors is one of the greatest tool to boost or publicize your site. I never used it though but after seeing your post, I think i should give it a try.

    Thanks anyways.

  41. After the bomb that Matt dropped on us on 20th January, I think some people will revert from Guest Blogging. But I still believe that there will be no better way than Guest Blogging to generate some natural and powerful backlinks….
    Naser recently posted…Download Drag Racing 4×4 For PC FreeMy Profile

  42. fuhh..i should try this.

    I hope i can do something about guest blogging in my blog better this year.
    titan recently posted…Seminar Hartanah Abang Ensem.My Profile

  43. Hello Jawad,

    You sure have points that are really valuable and immensely beneficial when followed…you see, to succeed in anything, you must have a basic idea of how that thing works! Sadly, most so called guest bloggers simply send in their entries because they’ve been told that it’s one of the great ways to drive traffic to a blog.

    However, I have an objection to your entry: guest blogging for links is dead – or so Matt Cutts would have us believe. Be careful if your object is backlinks.

    It never pays to oppose Google!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…SPAMMERS, YOUR BLOG AND A WASTE OF ENERGY!My Profile

  44. Guest blogging is a great way for promoting your blog, but it also happened once that a guest post on my own blog drove a lot of traffic when my guest promoted it on her social media accounts. I believe that both the guest blogger and the host benefits from the guest post.
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted…Sverve Pinterest Giveaway (FIVE $50 Amazon Gift Cards)My Profile

  45. Thanks bro, matt on his latest update told there will be no use of guest blogging further, I don’t believe in it because matt himself is acting as a crack. We saw his crackness while pr update. Guest blogging is one of the most important way to gain exposure to your blog, it could also improve your writing experience, and all other essential things like that ..
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Highest Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs – Could It Be An Adsense Alternative ?My Profile

  46. that’s an awesome post guest blogging is definitely the best way to get free quality backlinks
    thanks for sharing and have a great day ahead ! :D
    Anis recently posted…Best Free Iphone Apps you must Install! part 1My Profile

  47. This is indeed a great and well informative article on guest blogging that serves as an advice to bloggers on what to do before submitting a guest post, after submitting it and after the guest post have been approved. Thanks for the tip.
    Inyavic recently posted…Pics: IG Of Police Son Living The Life. See His Watch Collection & CarsMy Profile

  48. Guest blogging in Google’s eyes nowadays turned to be spam and that’s because people leave backlinks in guest posts with keyword anchor text. Read more on Matt Cutts blog buddy.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…TreasureTrooper.com – Get Paid to Complete Offers and SurveysMy Profile

  49. My concern with guest blogging is that if I have a great idea why not use for my own blog? wouldn’t that be more beneficial in the long run?
    sayeen recently posted…Top 5 Most Powerful Intel 4th Generation Processors for LaptopsMy Profile

  50. Shaz Saab says:

    Clear objective is the key one. The objective of a guest blogger should not be only creating back links but also achieving good name among the audience of the other blog.

  51. I don’t know why but I think that Guest blogging these days is not as easy as it was couple of years ago since the past 6 – 8 months Bloggers are afraid about any new type of algorithm and don’t usually accept guest posts like before .
    Tayyab Nasir recently posted…10 BEST WAYS TO GET FREE TRAFFIC FOR YOUR BLOG IN 2014 ?My Profile

  52. As Matt Cutts says now Guest Blogging should be more Real and not for Back-Link.
    We all must Read his Blog on Guest Post.

  53. So true, Proper planning and daily motivation only help to reach out the goals. thanks for the such a nice piece of work.

  54. Arun Chandran says:

    I believe that guest blogging is still effective when one is picky about selecting the relevant niche and reputable website for guest posts. As a website owner who accepts guest posts, the approval process must be well defined and whenever a article is rejected, the author must be communicated with the reason on why it was rejected.

  55. Most of the times i find Guest Post on “How to” blogs or “SEO” blogs. You will find a plenty of them. But where to find Guest Bloggers for Offbeat blogs?

  56. Guest blogging is what every bloggers is trying their best to get more benefits from it. Guest blogging is the most important part for improving the search engine optimization of your blog. Thanks for sharing these benefits of guest blogging. :D
    Chetan Gupta recently posted…8 Benefits of Guest Blogging or Guest Posting Which You Should Get !!!My Profile

  57. There was a update regarding guest blogging as I remember and these updates confuse me a lot.
    Janmejai recently posted…Best Akismet Alternatives to Stop Spam CommentsMy Profile

  58. The problem I have with guest blogs is that it is hard to get anyone who has much authority to write a blog. If they are a recognized authority figure then they don’t really need to do it, or at least can do it for much bigger websites, whilst those who are willing to do it tend to be pretty mediocre, looking for a quick and easy link. Although there are some out there who are good, but the amount of rubbish you get sent from MyGuestBlog etc. is incredible.
    Paul D. Mitchell recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  59. Unfortunately, Google has officially said that Guest Blogging is dead way to build links. It will be considered as spam :(
    I think only natural back linking is the method to get maximum benefit.
    Ranjit J Deore recently posted…I Love You in 100 LanguagesMy Profile

  60. I know guest blogging is a gold mine for traffic and subscribers. There are many websites I’m targeting to write a guest blog post, with comluv.wpengine.com the one. Its really important for me to write a blogpost which is useful for the users and also adds value to blog itself. I loved the way you created a flow how guest blogging works. I still don’t have anything configured to set up an email list. Can you give me an idea from where should I start? Thanks in advance
    Abhishek Tavasalkar recently posted…Ultimate Valentine Gift Ideas for MenMy Profile

  61. The makes me feel a little easier about guest blogging. You know Google has scared us so much about this. I do agree that targeting relevant blogs to your blog makes sense and the visitors to the guest blog are more likely to click our to your site too.
    Robert Fowler recently posted…Retirement JobsMy Profile

  62. Muhammad Irfan says:

    thanks jawad thanks for this artlces and nice to see there muslim are growing to fast in blogging world thanks for sharing dude you are awesome and your writting is also good

  63. Ritesh Saini says:

    Thanks for this great article. There is a question popping in my mind, Is there any way by which I can add CommentLuv in Blogger without using Intense Debate Plugin????

  64. Guest blogging isn’t a piece of cake until you know all the instructions that you need to follow. I am glad that the steps you have mentioned are described that has made it easy to follow and its just great that any beginner like me would get help from it. Thanks

  65. I Haven’t Done Any Guest Posting Till Today So i don’t know Much About it but it has Lot of Importance in SEO .
    Guest Posting is the Only way to Share our Knowledge on other Blogs and drive traffic with quality backlinks.
    Atinder recently posted…How to Optimize Site for Google PandaMy Profile

  66. Hey Jawad
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Guest Blogging is very important factor of blogging and helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog. All the points you mentioned above are really important and helps in utilizing guest blogging completely. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  67. Thanks for this post. These are some great tips. I myself have heard that guest posting is the only Google approved way of making backlinks. I haven’t tried guest posting but will soon try it following these tips you shared. I am sure they will help me.
    Lalina recently posted…Windows 7 ISO 32bit /64bit Official Free DownloadMy Profile

  68. Hi Jawad, this is a great guide. I think that preparing your website for the new traffic generated by guest blogging campaigns is certainly something that many bloggers neglect. It is all very well for your guest posts to offer some great content that makes the audience want to view your site to find out more, but if your site doesn’t measure up then what was the point of it all!
    Kostas recently posted…The Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide For Small Business OwnersMy Profile

  69. Guest blogging is most known way to get traffic on site, basically we get professionally written content free of cost as well as it attracts other bloggers to write for you.

  70. I think this post is little out of context in nowadays…Google has started to go deep into guest blogging…so we should act smart now to avoid any penalties…

    • I’m sorry but I disagree. google isn’t treating guest blogging as bad, that still is the best way to get a new audience.

      if you watch matt cutts video on the subject he explains that it is sites that are using spun content as guest articles or accepting guest articles that are purely promotional that are bad.

      if you have genuine guest articles from genuine bloggers then you have nothing to worry about
      andy recently posted…Submit Your ArticleMy Profile

  71. Never tried my hand in guest blogging but after reading your post i am thinking to give it a shot.
    Jessie B recently posted…Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Actresses 2014My Profile

  72. Point number 2 is most important for me specially after MattCutts blog post about Guest Posting. As MattCutts clearly said that link from irrelevant blog via Guest blog can effect your ranking.
    Haha….i like it
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – http://www.gmail.com – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

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