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Most of you already know that guest posting is the best way to market yourself in the blogging world.

Yet still, some of you haven’t been able to get this whole guest blogging thing down.

Maybe your pitches have been rejected more often than accepted, and you think your pitches are written badly. Maybe you just don’t know what topics to pitch to them, but at the same time you don’t know how to figure out what you should.

Or maybe you just think that popular bloggers won’t even give you the time of day, and that you’re “not big” enough to write for their blogs.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

We can make you into a fearless guest posting machine. The key? Using proven methods and tools that’ve already given other people success.

The Flat Head revolution had started

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The fear of pitching a guest post

Writing a pitch to a blogger – let alone a popular one – is a scary experience.

You’ve got thoughts like “why should he even read my pitch? I’m a nobody!” running through your mind. You’re priming yourself for failure before sending the email out.

This is actually a normal experience.

Every blogger has felt that feeling, even popular ones experience this when they pitch to more popular bloggers.

Why you haven’t moved past the fear

You’re still afraid because you either:

  1. Have been rejected before
  2. Have no pitching experience

This means that either your approach is off or you just need a way to move forward despite your fear inducing inexperience.

Use proven methods to push past this plateau

So what do you do? Simple. First, an easy to follow structure is a good start. You’ll get that below.

Second, you need established methods of success to follow. We’re going to copy the methods of people with a ton of guest blogging success and use their approaches/templates.

And if it’s worked for them then it’ll work for you. All that’s left is for you to try it out.

1. Study the blog you want to pitch

People say you should understand the blog you pitch to, but what does that even mean?

Let’s take a page from guest blogging authority Danny Iny, the “Freddy Kreuger” of blogging.

He says you should know these two things:

  1. What topics are popular there
  2. What headline structures are popular there

To see what topics are popular there, see if they have a “most popular” posts section. If not, use the “strip the blog” tool.

How does “strip the blog” work? It’s easy, plugin the name of the blog you’re researching, select a date range (2 months is good), and click “strip it.”

You’ll get a list of the most popular posts within the last two months (the most popular ones will be at the top of the list). That’ll show you instantly what topics are hot there. You can take it a step further and see what the commenters talk about the most. If you make a post about that then you are guaranteed high engagement for that post.

Next, see what headlines are popular there.

Look over the most popular posts and see what “structures” and words you see the most often. Here’s the list I made to prepare this post for ComLuv:

  1. 5 ways to promote your blog post immediately after publishing 189
  2. WARNING! Don’t publish your next blog post until you read this! 129
  3. 5 ways to recycle your older blog posts 168
  4. 5 Guest PostingTechniques You should Live and Die by 109
  5. 5 killer ways
    to get the best out of your guest post
  6. Why your articles must reflect the purpose of domain name! 123
  7. Top 10 Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners! 240
  8. Is There A Legit Google SEO Guide? 116
  9. Disqus VS CommentLuv Commenting Plug-ins 173
  10. 6 Workable Tips To Supercharge Your Blogging Career 129

I just ran through the blogging section and grabbed the ones with the most comments (the numbers are the amount of comments).

Here’s what I noticed:

  1. (x) ways to (something)
  2. Two successful posts on guest blogging
  3. From reading the comments I noticed a lot of inexperienced bloggers
  4. Use of exclamation marks

And this post was the result. Just combine your research with your own knowledge base to create the perfect topic to write about (just like I did with this post).

2. Write a solid guest post pitch

Now we can make contact with other bloggers.

The pitch is very important, and while you definitely want to make it personal, you also want to follow a successful structure.

But first things first, check the blog and see if they have any guest post guidelines. Most of it will be normal stuff, but on some (popular) blogs you’ll need to keep an eye out for things like “trigger words.” They add these to make sure you’ve actually read the requirements, so be extra careful when reading guest post requirements.

With that out of the way, we can pitch our topic.

Remember what I said about structures? That’s what you need here. Follow these outlines loosely (it’s got to sound natural) and confidently. They’ve worked for other people, and they’ll work for you as well.

  1. Dana Sitar pitch 
  2. Danny Iny pitch (Scroll down a bit till you see the template, it’s in italics)

Two templates are all you need, just pick one and use it (for ALL pitches, and with proper personalization). Here’s a few tips to remember though:

  1. Use the bloggers name
  2. Pitch the topic you researched prior to the pitch
  3. Be concise
  4. Be personal (but remain true to the template)

3. Write the guest post for the blog

Once you’re pitch is accepted, you get to write it. But if you want to be a “guest posting machine,” then you need a fast and effective method to do so.

So what do I recommend? Like with your pitch, use a template. Once again, you don’t need to follow it strictly.

  1. Derek Halpern blog post template
  2. Danny Iny blog post templated (Scroll down till you see “The 4 sections of an awesome blog post”)

Just two again? Yup. Having too many options just slows things down, we want you guest posting successfully TODAY.

Don’t underestimate the power of these established templates. They create the groundwork for you, and have a great track record already. They just work, and so will you if you use them.

So now we’ve come full circle and you have everything you need to fearlessly pitch and write awesome guest posts. So even you beginners have no reason to not guest post, this is literally all you need to get started.

Over to you

Fear is one of those things that stops us from taking action, even if we know we should.

So my question to you guys is this:

How were you able to move past your own fears and start pitching for guest posts? What piece of knowledge made you say “I can write this pitch, and I’m good enough to write for this blog”?

Please leave a comment below with your answer because I’m sure we’ve all experienced this feeling.


  1. I never tried guest posts. After this post i am going to use all this tips for making the guest post great.

    Hope this tips will make my things good.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Hi Ericson,

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. I think you have mentioned it right that the you need to go through the blog on which you want to pitch your guest post. I must go through the guidelines and then i think one important thing is how you mail. I have a great mail set for guest posting request , it is very professional , so bloggers hardly reject my offer.

    Thank You

  3. And you know i have learnt a few thing from this post that i never bother to look at before now…
    I was always wondering what topic to write for my next guest post, but with the strip the blog method, i have got plenty of ideas already! Thank you!
    Also, i enjoy your writing pattern because i read through everything without jumping.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Top 6 Free WordPress Plugins to Decorate Your Blog for ChristmasMy Profile

  4. Hi,

    Guest posting is an awesome knack to increase traffic but most articles are just like spam and day by day seek engines become smart.

    Sagar Rai recently posted…10 Effective Ways How To Improve WordPress Blog Security?My Profile

  5. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I posted up a guest post, not anything to do with the fear, but mainly down to the lack of time. Holding down a day job, then reviewing movies at night, covering events etc. Keeps my schedule extremely tight, although I used to enjoy doing it.

    Might just have to start up again in 2014 ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Ever wondered why we have a Christmas Tree [InfoGraphic]My Profile

    • Blogging in general is a very time-consuming activity.

      Social media, blog post writing, blog updating, building relationships, and so on… all take up a lot of time, so I understand that adding guest posting to the mix would be seem like too much. But when you consider the benefits of it (building relationships with other bloggers, getting more traffic, building your authority), then it’s clear that it’d be worthwhile to add to your blog routine.

      Thanks for the comment Karen, and it’s cool that you review movies :)
      Ericson recently posted…10 critical lessons freelance writing taught me about success and being a bossMy Profile

  6. I believe networking makes guest posting an easy job. I frequently interact with the bloggers around in the niche and often send them email and inputs. Interviewing them is another way of getting in touch. It makes guest post publishing too much easy. :)
    Karan Lugani recently posted…Happy New Year Wishes 2014My Profile

  7. Great advice, i’m going to give it a go and try some guess posting. I have been looking into letting people guess post on my blog as well.

  8. Ericson – Great tips!

    I have always wanted to try guest posting but my biggest fear has always been that the blog owner regularly gets bombarded with requests and has no interest in responding to mine.

    Have you ever drafted your guest post article and sent it in with the request so that the owner can see the quality of the article that you want to post?

  9. Awesome tips Ericson !
    I would be implementing these tips on my first guest post on one of the blogs . I hope i get a good review on it . Thanks for sharing these tips with us .

    Pramod recently posted…Best Free Hosting Providers for WordPress WebsitesMy Profile

  10. Thanks howdy for sharing this information. Guest blogging had become a trusted source of link building, becoming a guest blogging machine is something that everyone loves to acheive. I personally wrote 2-3 guest posts but with these 2-3 guest posts i had improved the exposure of my blog. So i personally recommend every one to write or try out guest posting option because it brings hell lot of advantages to you and your blogs. Being a guest blogger improves your writing skills and ability to generate some awesome contents. Thanks again howdy for sharing this with us.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Must Have Free And Paid Seo Tools For BloggersMy Profile

  11. I just submitted my first guest blog post in a long time. It was hard to write. I am used to writing for my blog but for someone else you just don’t know if it fits. Probably should have studied their blog a little bit more before I jumped in. But live and learn and will do next time.
    Robert Fowler recently posted…Cruise VacationsMy Profile

  12. This is a great article on getting your pitch done and I like the tools you suggested. Very helpful for anyone wanting to move to that next step and do the right research.
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…Beat ProcrastinationMy Profile

  13. Nice tips Ericson. I too had the same fear when I was going to submit guest post for a blog from where my guest post was already rejected. But once I overcome the thought of being rejected, my guest post was accepted for the same blog. So what I can just say from my experience is that just get rid of your fear and go for guest posting as it is the best way one can get external backlinks. Thanks for sharing mate.
    alan recently posted…Download Dolphin Browser for PC, Dolphin Browser for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  14. Morning Li says:

    Wonderful post, Ericson. Easy to follow points, and logical. These points are well worth keeping in mind for every beginner looking to guest post. Everyone should bookmark this and use it as a basic check list.

  15. Very useful tips for me,i plan for some time to create a guest post but the biggest problem is whether it will rise to the desired level and will not be refused.

  16. I tried Guest posting a lot .. But never got good results .. May be i was not writing upto the type of blog.
    Let me try the tips !! Hope they will help
    nikhil recently posted…Amazing And Interesting Facts About AnimalsMy Profile

  17. Hello; thanks this was a solid post. For most people it is about fear. And you didn’t even mention the fear of what if no one reads or comments on it after i share it or what if it gets rejected after the pitch is accepted. before i started blogging i handled the booking for my family’s small carnival. This is one of those thankless jobs where you hear no nine times for every one time you get a yes. Oftn people will even be offended that you thought their event would lower itself to include rides in their festival or fund raiser. smile So you can’t take the rejections personally and you have to have a bad memory. My best example is from basketball. They say that a great shooter will keep putting the ball up no matter how many he misses. Just one other point, a good guest blogger will also help promote the post and reply to all comments. thanks again and take care, max
    Maxwell Ivey recently posted…The Double Ranger another new offering from Rides and FunMy Profile

  18. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing such a informative tips to make your guest successsful. As u said studying of targated blog, i always go through the blog before guest post submission. I think these tips will help me a lot in my next guest post.
    Rupali recently posted…UPSC Exam Dates 2014 Check UPSC Timetable 2014 Important InformationsMy Profile

  19. Interesting. I had no clue about the various templates which were available out there!
    Aathira recently posted…A good mobile test methodologyMy Profile

  20. Guest posting is something that can really increase your recognition. Other than that it is very beneficial while building links for a good and relevant website.
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted…Happy New Year 2014 Hindi SMSMy Profile

  21. Thanks for sharing a helpful article to guide Blogger who never tried guest posting like me. Although I already read some other articles about guest posting, but after read your article I am thinking it’s very important to do in recent days as I am working to optimized a eCommerce web site. Anyway ….. thanks again.
    somon recently posted…Whatsapp for pc – download & install on Computer (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP)My Profile

  22. Interesting that the focus here is on pitching. I think a lot of sites I pitched to haven’t responded as they are just getting too many submissions. I’m hoping submitting finished posts will be more successful.

  23. First, thanks for the Derek Halpern template. That guy has the best advice for marketing.

    I don’t think that I will ever be extremely confident in my guest posting. There is always that ‘what if they reject it’ feeling that goes along with pitching a guest post; however, knowing how important guest posting can be is what motivates me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone and pitch an idea.

    Excellent advice in this article!
    Bellaisa recently posted…Women And Men Are Different: You Need To Understand That To Succeed With WomenMy Profile

  24. Hi Ericson,
    Guest post is very nice platform to express yourself.But i dont know why personally i dont like guest blogging so i still not write any blog post.Hope your tips will help me.
    sameer recently posted…Microsoft India launches Guardian safety app for Windows Phone users in IndiaMy Profile

  25. Hristiqn Nikolov says:

    I’ve always wondered how people manage to write 800-900 high quality posts on their own blog, on top of that writing guest posts on other blogs.. Like I find it really to write at my blog and guest posts at the same time..

  26. Thanks Ericson, Such a great post on the importance of guest blogging. I recently started a blog at the Internet Business Handbook, called the Entrepreneur Speaks. The whole purpose of the blog was to enable the readers to be introduced to, inspired by and learn from a range of amazing entrepreneurs. At the same time the entrepreneurs have the opportunity to reach a new audience. A win-win situation for all, and I have been amazed by the response. However, you blog post now has me, thinking about where I should be guest posting. Thanks again.

  27. Well, CommLuv is one of my favorite blog due to it’s great articles and great authors. I just simply enjoy and browse across here to learn new and more interesting things. And too I am going to start guest posting in high authority blogs very soon. Thanks for the motivation and thanks for this great article.

  28. hello ericsiion
    thnx for this nice post really enjoyed the read will share this tips with my friends too . guest blogging has really a great importance thnx for this nice share
    with regards
    monika recently posted…Views about new samsung galaxy grand 2My Profile

  29. Hey Ericson, indeed fear hold us back from doing lots of thing we love. You have to trust on yourself and stop thinking about others. Just be yourself.
    The templates you shared are really interesting. I’ve checked ‘em out. Really informative.
    It would be better if you shared email templates to pitch bloggers for guest posts. Anyways, thanks.
    Arslan Shoukat recently posted…How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently in Just 3 StepsMy Profile

  30. hello Ericson,
    In Comluv, i find many good posts and good bloggers. It also helps us to know each other and build better community.
    In the near future, i will post article here.
    BTW, good post !
    Shoukot recently posted…How To Choose Right Domain Name Considering SEO FactorsMy Profile

  31. Guest Posting is something I’ve always wanted to do but have yet not dived in and actually done it. Don’t get me wrong I can write for me however it’s finding the right blogs in my niche that accept guest posting opportunities.

    maybe I should write an article for ComLuv?
    Mark recently posted…Kapoosh Knife Blocks Are They Any Good?My Profile

  32. Nice and informative post. Guest posting is good way to have your blog noticed but as you say there is fear of failure. There is only one guest post that is difficult to do – the first one and all that because of fear of failure.
    George recently posted…Adsense Mistakes Every Publisher Should AvoidMy Profile

  33. For me, it’s not really about the fears of guest posting (although, I did guest post on one larger site a few years ago, then had some troll in the comments kind of ruin it for me); it’s more about the time to write quality posts both for my own site as well as for others. Likely solution is to make a posting schedule and commit to it!
    Jeff recently posted…eReader Typography: Why it’s Broken & How to Fix ItMy Profile

  34. Nice informative. A handy post to overcome the fear of guest blogging and to have a thorough idea about the do’s of guest posting. Looking forward to read those kinds of post of yours. Thanks for sharing.
    Andrew recently posted…Android newbie: what does unlock the bootloader?My Profile

  35. Hi Ericson,
    I was kind of reluctant too for guest posting before reading this post. You gave some brilliant ideas for compiling a great guest post for any blog.
    Its always good to study the blog and see what is being popular and what is not. I have used the “Strip the Blog” tool and it works great.
    Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted…Five (5) Reasons To Start A BlogMy Profile

  36. Hey ricson,
    Thank you so much for sharing great and very helpful information with us.
    Best Regards & Happy Blogging
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted…Google+ Replica Email Subscription Box for Blogger & WordPressMy Profile

  37. Great post about guest blogging. I’ve been a little bit nervous about getting started with guest posting but I think I’m just going to take the plunge and do it. There’s just way to much of a benefit to completely ignore it.
    Mike Howg recently posted…Top WordPress Plugins Every Blogger Should be UsingMy Profile

  38. I enjoyed reading your post. Guest blogging can be scary even to me as English is my second language. I like the idea of researching the popular topics as well as defining the structure of the content.

  39. It hurts writing posts for others, but the result of it is really pleasing
    Sahil recently posted…Promise Day 2014 Shayari, Poems in HindiMy Profile

  40. Great post. Lots of good information here. Your mention of rejection hit home. Guess I have to overcome that and just do a good job. Thanks also for strip thee blog tool.

  41. Well, i was looking for the answers related to my guest posting fears and i guess i got it all here :) Nice or i would rather say smart tips discussed here..many thanks :)
    vito recently posted…Domestic Removals – Activities to do afterwardsMy Profile

  42. Hey Ericson,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. Yes, Guest posting is very important factor in blogging and helps in promoting our blog and also drives traffic to our blog. Many of us think that, our guest post will not accept so they didn’t even try. These tips really helps in overcoming these fears.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  43. Studying about the blog that we write is an important factor. It helps us to understand the kind of article that we should write in that particular blog.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…iPage ReviewMy Profile

  44. I have experienced the fear of guest blogging. It’s the fear of having to show a quality article that can be used for guest blogging article. Sometimes an article can be popular primarily because of unique content, yet it could be way below the quality standards required for guest posting. Rejections are common and one has to keep trying. That said, once a person overcomes this fear, guest posting can help the person as a freelance writer and also bring traffic to the websites they manage/promote.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…KikMy Profile

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