5 ways to promote your blog post immediately after publishing

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Gilbert Samuel
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ways to promote your blog post

You’ve just written a quality content, worked on your seo, hit the publish button and whew! you mind is at rest, but i assure you that this is just the beginning, you have to make your blog post go viral and I’m going to share with you the ways i promote my blog post after hitting the publish button. Actually this blog post is for those that have worked on their content by interlinking their blog post to their older posts, Adding relevant images, working on seo and proofreading. If you know you’ve omitted any of these please go back and make some corrections. To promote your blog post follow these steps that I’ll be sharing with you below, this will make your blog go viral in no time.

ways to promote your blog post after publishing

1. Share on Social Media

Sharing your blogs on social media is the first step to take before going further in any advance promotion, it’s something very simple. You can share your blog post immediately after publishing by using the Jetpack plugin, this automatically shares your post on facebook, twitter and linkedin, I’m  sure you know about this.

2. Submit to social bookmarks

Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, reddit and digg. Though the bounce rate maybe high but you’ll get some amount of readers from social bookmarking sites. You can submit your blog to multiple social bookmarking sites in a short period of time using socialmarker, it rocks.

ways to promote your blog

3. Join the Retweet Club

I’ll recommend Justretweet and easyretweet for this. Here your blog post is going to be retweeted by twitter users making it visible to their followers, this promotes your blog post and makes it go viral in no time. I’m an active member of justretweet and it has really helped my blog by bring some decent amount of readers to my blog.

4. Topic Versus Topic

The competitions on the internet are high nowadays, make a Google search of your topic and you’ll see hundreds of topics related to your that of yours. Now all you have to do is visit those blogs and post an outstanding comment on the blog and no spamming please! This works perfectly on commentluv enabled blog but also works fairly on other blogs too. In your comment, write what you think about the blog post, answer question if possible, then grab the attention of readers by telling them about your latest post and how helpful it’ll be if both ideas are shared together. To make this more easier, you can use Topsy to search for recent blog posts related to yours.

5. Create a thread in a forum

This is another strategy i actually use and enjoy. Join forums in your niche (i prefer warriorforum), create a thread similar to your topic and publish it on forums, remember to include your blog and the title of your blog in your profile’s signature and don’t forget to reply to questions, this will keep the conversation going and at the same time bring visitors to your blog.

Over to you

Are you using these methods posted above? What are the methods you use in promoting your blog immediately after hitting the publish button, share them with us, we would love to know them too.