5 ways to promote your blog post immediately after publishing

Gilbert Samuel
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Gilbert Samuel
Gilbert Samuel
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ways to promote your blog post

You’ve just written a quality content, worked on your seo, hit the publish button and whew! you mind is at rest, but i assure you that this is just the beginning, you have to make your blog post go viral and I’m going to share with you the ways i promote my blog post after hitting the publish button. Actually this blog post is for those that have worked on their content by interlinking their blog post to their older posts, Adding relevant images, working on seo and proofreading. If you know you’ve omitted any of these please go back and make some corrections. To promote your blog post follow these steps that I’ll be sharing with you below, this will make your blog go viral in no time.

ways to promote your blog post after publishing

1. Share on Social Media

Sharing your blogs on social media is the first step to take before going further in any advance promotion, it’s something very simple. You can share your blog post immediately after publishing by using the Jetpack plugin, this automatically shares your post on facebook, twitter and linkedin, I’m  sure you know about this.

2. Submit to social bookmarks

Submit your blog to social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, reddit and digg. Though the bounce rate maybe high but you’ll get some amount of readers from social bookmarking sites. You can submit your blog to multiple social bookmarking sites in a short period of time using socialmarker, it rocks.

ways to promote your blog

3. Join the Retweet Club

I’ll recommend Justretweet and easyretweet for this. Here your blog post is going to be retweeted by twitter users making it visible to their followers, this promotes your blog post and makes it go viral in no time. I’m an active member of justretweet and it has really helped my blog by bring some decent amount of readers to my blog.

4. Topic Versus Topic

The competitions on the internet are high nowadays, make a Google search of your topic and you’ll see hundreds of topics related to your that of yours. Now all you have to do is visit those blogs and post an outstanding comment on the blog and no spamming please! This works perfectly on commentluv enabled blog but also works fairly on other blogs too. In your comment, write what you think about the blog post, answer question if possible, then grab the attention of readers by telling them about your latest post and how helpful it’ll be if both ideas are shared together. To make this more easier, you can use Topsy to search for recent blog posts related to yours.

5. Create a thread in a forum

This is another strategy i actually use and enjoy. Join forums in your niche (i prefer warriorforum), create a thread similar to your topic and publish it on forums, remember to include your blog and the title of your blog in your profile’s signature and don’t forget to reply to questions, this will keep the conversation going and at the same time bring visitors to your blog.

Over to you

Are you using these methods posted above? What are the methods you use in promoting your blog immediately after hitting the publish button, share them with us, we would love to know them too. 


  1. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,

    I agree with you when you say: “Sharing your blogs on social media is the first step”. I do not use Jetpack, tough. I use Twitterfeed and manual sharing.

    It is interesting that you say the bounce rate on social bookmarking sites may be high. I wonder why is that? Also, what is “socialmarker”? Is this a kind of plugin, like Shareaholic, for example?

    I heard about Topsy but still don’t know exactly what it is.

    I would like to know more about your experience with forums. Is it difficult? Are you satisfied with the results?

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Viral Content Contest Case Study 1My Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Hi Silviu,
    i use tweeterfeed too but jetpack submits my post immediately i publish it, Thanks for the thumbs up on that.
    When you submit your contents to social bookmarking sites, you may have a high spike in traffic but they don’t actually read your content, they only skim through it and head for another blog which increases your bounce rate. Even if they convert to readers, only 5% of them will do so.
    http://socialmarker.com Its not a plugin but a site, with it you can submit your blog post to multiple social bookmarking sites in minutes, though i don’t use it much.

    As for topsy, its a search engine like google, you can search for not only blog topics but also when the topics were posted. for example if i search for “how to promote your blog post” i can configure it if i want to see only posts published between today and seven days ago. You’ll understand more if you try browsing around topsy.

    Forums works great for me, all you have to do is create a new thread and write a summary of your latest blog post, your signature will do the rest. It also helps more if you reply to comments in your thread. There’s more to using form than that, you can help by answering questions too and if your answer is helpful, they’ll greet your blog to see more helpful contents.
    hope this epic comment helps.
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed UpMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    What is the best way to Submit the Blog to social bookmarking sites ??
    Vineet Gupta recently posted..How A Common Man Can Become Rich ?My Profile

  4. abhilash says:

    hi today i get two new ideas about blog post promotion, Retwitte club and forum thread creation. i will give a try. thanks for this post

  5. Twitter:
    Well submitting to social bookmarksand social media networks is the best way to get instant views on your new post. Even pro bloggers use this tactic to get instant attention. nice post. :)
    myles recently posted..16 [Cool] Google Tricks you Did not Know | Fun TricksMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi Myles
      Submitting to social bookmarks is the best way to get instant spike in traffic but there’s a low probability that you’ll get readers from there and a high bounce rate but Social media is the best for traffic and converting them to readers and subscribers. We need to focus more on subscribers and not just the traffic alone. Thanks for your view on this buddy :)
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted..I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed UpMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Points 3 to 5 are unique and i’ve never read about them before .I’ll be trying them out …let see how it fares for me .

    Pramod recently posted..BlackBerry Q5 versus HTC One MiniMy Profile

  7. Wow Gilbert, You have truly given us some masterpiece promoting skills. I like doing things the hard way before following the soft way and here is how i promote my new blog post; first, i convert my blog post to pdf and submit it to all pdf document directories, i do blog hopping, before doing the usual ways you stated.
    Nice post and do keep it up :)
    Babanature recently posted..How To Transfer Your Blogger Blog From One Account To The OtherMy Profile

  8. hi thanks for sharing this post here is how i promote my new blog post; first, i convert my blog post to pdf and submit it to all pdf document
    vaibhav recently posted..Free download opera internet browser for mobileMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    just retweet is a really great tool for this things ! while one can automate tweets that help in social exposure of the newly written blog post !
    harshi recently posted..Root & UnRoot | Samsung Galaxy Young | GT-S6310/GT-S6312 | Easy GuideMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Great post, Gilbert! I try to share my blogs on my Twitter when I believe my blog post is relevant to my audience and followers. I’m hoping this will increase the number of readers. I think writing really valuable content is a key factor to this as well. People will be more interested in reading and sharing good content.

  11. Twitter:
    Whenever I publish a new article, I share the link on the Facebook page corresponding to the page and also on twitter. With the help from the Google Sitemap XML plugin on my wordpress, the page gets indexed in a day or two. It takes a few weeks before getting any real traffic on the page.
    chang recently posted..Kogan Mobile LoginMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Hi, Gilbert Samuel
    I think Social media share can give you instant traffic and promotion for your blog post, I am every active on all social media channels including Twitter and Facebook, and I am getting 40% referral traffic to my blog and all comes from twitter Facebook and Stumble Upon.

  13. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,

    Social media is great for almost all bloggers to drive traffic and aswell as exposure, and this fact cannot be dispute but most bloggers place less priority on the power of forum in blog traffic, backlink, and exposure which I considered not wise enough. Creating thread that is really helpful in forum will stand as a quality traffic source and can as well bring for quality backlink.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted..Strategies for increasing marketing growth stockMy Profile

  14. Will try the “Retweet Club”, never heard of it before.

  15. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,
    Do you still use Digg for social bookmarking? They let you submit links, but right now it just seems like one page of arbitrarily chosen content. If it’s relevant to a certain niche, I like to use Reddit (lots of traffic!)
    Matt recently posted..Headphones for TVMy Profile

  16. Hey..Gilbert
    nice article….well I was aware of most of the things described in it like topic vs topic , submission to social bookmarks and all but creating a thread in forums for a blog is quite a new one to which I have come to know and I will be surely gonna implement it for my blog too because yes creating a thread of your blog in a forum will help you for sure as there you can create a healthy discussion session with the other guys too and can get their view and that thing not wont help you in promoting your blogs but will also gift you with some fruitful ideas by the audiences participating in the thread.

    Nice Article keep posting and also think about the feeds section and newsletter section too..these things can also help you a lot….


  17. Twitter:
    Hey Gilbert
    Thanks for explaining this well described post. You are absolutely right that social media like Facebook , Twitter and Google+ is really a great source to drive traffic. I never heard about Justretweet and easyretweet club before so thanks for the recommendation.
    Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta recently posted..Search Engine Ranking Factors : Website Downtime By Matt CuttsMy Profile

  18. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,

    Really great points for promoting your blog posts instantly after publishing it. I think if you’re looking for social sharing club then “viral content buzz” is also great place. It helps you to promote your posts on twitter, facebook, stumbleupon & Pinterest.
    Aasma recently posted..Mobile Balance Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    This is a really comprehensive list! A little overwhelming, especially for a noob like myself, but very, very useful.Thank you
    Martin recently posted..UPDATE #4: Ten Beautiful Twitter Bootstrap templates to Any NeedsMy Profile

  20. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,
    I think social media (Facebook and G+) is the best place to promote my new blog post, this is my favourite way . It will looks natural and gain much traffic. Thank You
    Uphy recently posted..Cara Mengirim Lagu Lewat FacebookMy Profile

  21. Twitter:
    I really like your list of things to do to promote your blog. I would add guest posting to it and also commenting on .gov and edu. sites is very beneficial! I have not joined the Retweet Club yet and am exited to try it out. Thanks for sharing!
    Elena recently posted..Terrific Summer Blog Giveaway – Enter Now!My Profile

    • Twitter:
      You’re welcome Elena, you point are great and I implement them too, commenting on edu sites increases your rank quickly and gives you backlinks but I think I have to disagree with you based on this topic. My strategies are ways to promote IMMEDIATELY AFTER PUBLISHING. Commenting and guest posting (like I did on this blog) are just advanced strategies. I hope you understand :)
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted..I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed UpMy Profile

  22. Twitter:
    I have many friends and followers at G+ and this is the best source to get organic traffic. Thanks for the tips Pal! Peace
    Osama recently posted..How to Design a blog in a professional way? Tutorial Series.My Profile

  23. Twitter:
    This is a very useful post. I checked out the actual blog and look forward to learning more. I have been blogging for two years and have had modest success. The blog continues to attract new followers, but I would also like to gain more traction in terms of the visitors who actually read the posts on a daily basis. Thanks for recommending the tools for re-tweeting. I look forward to following some of the measures presented in your post.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted..Will the Canada-EU Free Trade Negotiations Conclude Anytime Soon?My Profile

  24. another strong article to promote one’s blog!!! Segun, your methods for blog promotion are strategic. I’m trying to implement most of them since the day I’ve made my mind to join blogosphere. The blogs you’ve mentioned with their respective page rank are worth bookmarking. Surely I’m gonna visit one by one to know more about them. Thanks for summing that up!!!
    Tushar recently posted..What Internet Speeds Mean in Relation to How You Use the InternetMy Profile

  25. Twitter:
    Great post!! I can’t say which one is the best of all because all your points are flawless, I love blogcommenting, socialmedia and I think its high time I implemented some of your points.
    Btw, I use justretweet for twitter promotion it works great.
    Sagar nandwani recently posted..Dolphin Browser for PC Download (Windows Computer)My Profile

  26. Twitter:
    Posting thread is the new way surely use this trick how it affects my post populartiy. Sharing on social media is the first one which i usually prefer.
    himanshu recently posted..How to backup messages on iPhone or iPad using iTunesMy Profile

  27. Great article Gilbert! Thanks for the great tips. It’s always nice to get a fresh perspective on things to get the creative juices flowing. Appreciate the great reads and I look forward to your next post. :)

  28. Twitter:
    whenever I write an article for my blog, I share it on the various social networking sites.
    After that I make some of the back links for the same.
    Thanks for sharing the tips.
    yogesh pant recently posted..How to protect computer from virus?My Profile

  29. Twitter:
    It’s important to not only write good content today but also promote it once it goes live. Topsy sounds interesting to try for.
    Okto recently posted..Finding a Target Audience through CraigslistMy Profile

  30. Twitter:
    Great to see the ways you use to promote your post.
    Thanks :)
    Harman recently posted..Royal Family Blessed With a Baby BoyMy Profile

  31. Rahul Biswal says:

    I mainly prefer to write quality content and share them on social media and social bookmarking sites. Retweet club seems interesting i will try it. Anyway thanks for the worthy post.

  32. Susan Velez says:

    Just found your site and found it very interesting Great way to get more traffic to your site, I have to admit I just hit the publish button.

    I do have social wire where my blog posts get submitted to social bookmarking sites. But as far as doing more promotion of my blog posts, I just don’t seem to make the time.

    I guess I need to focus more on implementing some of the methods that you talk about to get more traffic.

  33. Twitter:
    Great point Rahul, try out the retweet club, you’ll love it
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..I’m Tired of Blogging – Fed UpMy Profile

  34. Twitter:
    Thanks for sharing Gilbert I have read all the points and will start a kick ass campaign to boost comment section of my site..Keep it up !!
    Pritam Patil recently posted..How To Print From Internet,Print Web Page as PDFMy Profile

  35. I learned here about the retweet services, which was new to me. So, thanks for giving me that tip. I have found that regularly distributing content on my blog to my social media sites has been my biggest source of new clients.

  36. Twitter:
    Good stuff Gilbert. Now to find the time to implement . . .
    Kirby Hopper recently posted..Social Media Lead Generation – An Oxymoron?My Profile

  37. Leon Bailey says:

    I didn’t know about those RT clubs. I am definitely joining those now. Thank you for this article!

  38. Twitter:
    Thanks bro it was quite useful.I would use these tips.Retweeting club tip is new to me.I would love to use them.Thanks again bro for sharing this :)
    Nithin Upendran recently posted..HTC One Vs Galaxy S IVMy Profile

  39. Very good and useful tips, a lot of people only scratch their head thinking what to do after I had posted my article… this could be a simple and clean guide….
    Many thanks !
    Ahmad recently posted..استضافة مواقع و خصوم لا مثيل لهاMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    Wow. Tips are really effective. Especially “Justretweet “. Thanks.

  41. Hi Gilbert , and thank you for the useful information.
    You can also use social ex change for sharing your posts. They are 90% crap accounts with 0 effect, but somehow you can get some real traffic from the rest 10%.

  42. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,
    Useful and thoughtful post! Many of them believe in committing 60% for producing quality content and 40% in promoting it when the truth is vice versa!
    Mia Taylor recently posted..TAT in the Medical Transcription IndustryMy Profile

  43. sahil rana says:

    nice tips Gilbert, thanks for sharing really very helpful.

  44. Hi Gill,

    What do you think about Google + and +1′s? I am under the impression that Google + is an will be a MAJOR player in social media links now, much more so than linkedin and even Twitter! Whats your view on this ? :)

  45. Abdu ssamad says:

    Social medias are the good option to spread your blog posts.I love facebook and it gives me lot of visitors

  46. siddhartdas says:

    Hello Gilbert,
    Interesting Post, and i like your post. Ac. to me just retweet is a really great tool for it ! while one can automate tweets that help in social exposure of the newly written blog post . and in my opinion retweet is necessary to exposing of our blog. now i will keep remember of your tips and sure i will follow of your tips.. Thanks

  47. Twitter:
    i was’nt aware about the retweeting feature. Will try that.
    Shahid recently posted..Metro User interface Using Metro UI CSS themeMy Profile

  48. I send out to my social networks. Also I’ve been using Springpad and Pearltrees.

  49. Twitter:
    These are the best ideas to get our post promoted everywhere on internet. But, it’s impossible to create thread in forum for every topic on which we have written.
    Abhishek recently posted..Top Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money OnlineMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hi buddy,
      It’s totally impossible or else you won’t be publishing for the next one week, its a stressful strategy. The main thing there is that you should be at least active by replying to threads with helpful comments and create thread, you thread must not be your latest blog post. It can be anything helpful. Thanks for the concern :-D
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted..Hurray!!! Viralwriter is one month oldMy Profile

  50. Hi! I am thinking of starting up a blog, and find these suggestions very helpful. If I have actually started with my blog, I hope I can disturb you once in a while regarding promoting it as I am not a savvy on this area. Thank you for this post :)
    Ria Dancel recently posted..Palm Spring Resort and HotelMy Profile

  51. Twitter:
    One thing worth noting about submitting your OWN content to StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg. They tend to frown upon that, although I have experienced if you do it on occasion (rather than consistently), it’s not a problem. I am more experienced with SU than the other two (which are populated with rabid users who are VERY serious about Reddit and Digg), so I can give you a little insight on that. You don’t want to discover A LOT of stuff (which is what their term is for when you submit NEW content to SU). And you want to be “genuine,” meaning you want to actually use SU. Your behavior there should be natural, as in, you actually use it, like stumble through pages and thumbs up what you actually like, and just spend time exploring. SU has one of the more finely-tuned systems to figure out if you’re “gaming” their system (like a hop, or like a reciprocal thing, etc.) and they will penalize you for doing so. Those penalties can include suspending your account or making you invisible (like you think you’re still an active user but your activity is not visible to other users). Just proceed with caution. When dealing with a new social media site, check out their TOS…and err on the side of caution.
    Kristin recently posted..Shoes? No thanks.My Profile

  52. Twitter:
    This is great! I will try to register for retweets and see if my posts will be tweeted. Thanks for sharing.

  53. Twitter:
    awesome post these are cool ways to drive traffic to your published posts :)
    I’d also add sharing your posts on blogging communties and facebook groups :)
    Anis Chity recently posted..Successful Blog PlanMy Profile

  54. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert !
    Thank you for exposing really nice ideas to promote your blogpost immediately. i would like to choose social media (Social Networking and Social Bookmarking sites), which are more effective and cheapest sources to promote your site in All-in-One promotion technique.
    Googma Sansar recently posted..iPhone 5 Review – Features, Price, Specs and AppsMy Profile

  55. Twitter:
    Great I like your your ideas of promoting blog post…. I also learn new things from this post….. i even don’t know there is any retweet club who retweet your tweets thank you for sharing
    Nikhil recently posted..How Google Glass Will Change Social Media and Consumer TechnologyMy Profile

  56. Ann-Elizabeth says:

    Very important post Gilbert! Using social media to promote your posts is crucial in getting traffic to your blog. I like point 5, never really thought of doing that. Thanks for the advice.

  57. Twitter:
    Nice post Gilbert :)
    Am a part time blogger performing blogging with devotion.
    I am maintaining the post frequency of 2-3 posts per week and stay active in social networks and some blogging communities.

    But am unaware of social bookmarking sites and wanna know about it to build genuine back-links.

    You’ve specified Socialmarker is the fine tool to do social bookmarking. Help me to learn about it.
    Nirmala recently posted..Job opportunities for students to earn money onlineMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Good to see you here Nirmala, you’re a part time blogger but you’re really doing a great job over there at mymagicfundas. blogging communities is great an even better than social bookmarking because you’re get converting visitors but social bookmarking will give you a very high spike in traffic and a lesser converting visitors but the backlink is genuine.

      [www] [dot] socialmarker [dot] [com] is a site where you can submit your blog post to multiple social bookmarking sites in just minutes, its just like bizsugar but there’s a little difference, hop over to socialmarker, you’ll understand more.

      You can create an account on any social bookmarking sites like stumbleupon, riddit, digg and many more, if you don’t have.
      Hope this helps
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted..How to create an attractive blog titleMy Profile

  58. Charles Daniels says:

    Thanks for the tip on JustRetweet and Easyretweet. I’m going to start using those immediately.

  59. Twitter:
    I was looking for this type of article to promote my new pagespeed theme for wordpress to get the maximum exposure and suddenly came across to this article, thanks dear now i know the idea of internet marketing
    rakesh kumar recently posted..PageSpeed WordPress Theme – Faster than Fastest Loding WordPress themeMy Profile

  60. Jen Jones says:

    I hadn’t thought of the retweeting idea. Thanks for the resources, I’m off to check them out now. :)

  61. Twitter:
    Creating threads brings you a large amount of traffic i have worked on it it is really awesome gonna work more on it.
    himanshu recently posted..Best Android Jelly Bean Keyboard for Android 4.1,4.2 and 4.3My Profile

  62. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,

    Nice write up. For me submitting to Triberr is a must. Also, schedule tweets to be send out using Hootsuite to Facebook, Twitter, G+.

    Thanks for sharing those tips mate.

    Reginald recently posted..What Did BizSugar Taught Me About List Building?My Profile

  63. Twitter:
    I always promote my blogs Posts After Publishing/… I promote on Triberr,Facebook google+ and many more social sites.
    Gautam recently posted..Download WhatsApp For Pc,WhatsApp For Windows 7/8My Profile

  64. Twitter:
    Really want to try the re-tweet club. Twitter somehow doesn’t seem to be working for me. Just hope it helps!
    Anchal Bhatia recently posted..3 Things to Consider Before Living TogetherMy Profile

  65. Good post. I usually share my immediate post on facebook, Its FB page etc. But tools that you mention about sharing links using justretweet and easyretweet is really helpful thanks for a lot for it

  66. Twitter:
    Before i comment on the article, I want to say great job! All the points in the article are very valid. When you’re first starting out like I am, getting recognition is a bit hard. But with time, it starts to gain traction with others in the industry. I agree that the first comment is really the hardest one around. And when you get one, don’t blow it! Once again, great article :)
    Sagar nandwani recently posted..Hike Messenger Download for Android, iPhone, Blackberry, PC, NokiaMy Profile

  67. Nice tips I have a bunch of links taken for step 5 (automatic pinging) but I haven’t tested them to make sure they’re still functioning. It’s a list of update services taken from various blogs and sites. Maybe once I test them I’ll let you know!
    Tushar recently posted..5 Android Smartphone AntiVirus Apps That You Must TryMy Profile

  68. Twitter:
    Nice, Thanks for this wonderful post I’ve already been implementing quite a few of them, but you\’re right, I should be going to my older content and updating it with new links and recommendations. My best post has links to about 20 other pages, and in my Google analytic metrics it just keeps people trapped on the site for ages. Now I’ve added the ping services (awesome list, thanks) and will go and syndicate some of the information out to ezinearticles etc (which I’ve been a little lazy promoting recently).
    Prakash recently posted..Dolphin Browser For PC, Android Download (Windows & Mac)My Profile

  69. This is an informative article. I have just discovered the retweets option and have just signed up for that. This article is so helpful and thank you for sharing. Will stay tuned here so that I can learn and discover more.

  70. Twitter:
    You’re welcome John, I’m sure you’ll get more helpful articles
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..Epic Comment vs Great ArticleMy Profile

  71. Another way is to come here, leave a comment get a link back. :p
    Rohan Shankar recently posted..3 Awesome Reasons to Buy the New Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) Today!My Profile

    • Twitter:
      great point Rohan, its a perfect way of getting backlinks and traffic but i don’t think its perfect for promoting a blog post immediately after publishing, or else you have the time or a VA to post an epic comment on about 100 blogs or more in a day, which i don’t think is possible
      Gilbert Samuel recently posted..Epic Comment vs Great ArticleMy Profile

  72. rena gamueta says:

    hello mr. Gilbert
    good day!
    this blog of yours had a point, because most of the time, when i post my article. i just simply post it. and after that, i just wait in my mailbox . thank you for this brilliant idea of yours very informative.

  73. varun kumar says:

    Nice article dude… you really made a great list .. And I really liked your responses on each comment ..

  74. Twitter:
    A couple of great tidbits here……especially the socialmarker advice. Never heard of it, but it looks interesting and I will have to try it.
    Bo Kauffmann recently posted..Top 10 Winnipeg Tourist Attractions in Winnipeg (Slideshow)My Profile

  75. Twitter:
    Sharing via Facebook is best way to get traffic.

    On the second place I think is commenting on related blogs and goes with rest you mentioned.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
    I. C. Daniel recently posted..Kenworth v 1.0My Profile

  76. Twitter:
    It took me a few years to learn how important the promotion of blog posts are. I know spend twice the amount of time promoting as I do writing (thanks to Derek Halpren). I have been using JustRetweet for about 6 months and love it! I am getting some great traffic from Twitter and the time on site is great, too.
    Adam Dukes recently posted..Why Building a House is Similar to Marketing Your Business OnlineMy Profile

  77. Matt Vaughn says:

    Great post! I was happy to find inexpensive ways that will actually increase the amount of people actually reading my content, which is what it’s all about!

    Great tips, I’m off to check out retweet clubs! Thanks again!

  78. Twitter:
    I am very new to blogging so this really helps. I am trying to do most of these things except the retweeting one. I will have to try that next. Thanks for the tips!
    Jessica recently posted..Travel Research: Are Travel Guidebooks Still Useful in the Digital Age?My Profile

  79. Akash Agarwal says:

    Now a day’s social media is the most important thing to promote your blog post immediately and all other points are important too. Thanks for sharing such nice idea.

  80. Twitter:
    You’re right buddy and you are most welcome
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..5 Significance of a Quality ContentMy Profile

  81. Twitter:
    Sharing your post in social media is the best way to promote your post only thing you need is, a large number of followers which can be earned by using various plugins WordPress provides us to attract users. If you are having 50,000 followers for your blog & you share your post with them, there is a possibility that your product will reach atleast 10,000 of them which is enough to generate significant traffic into your post.
    raj recently posted..Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      You got it Raj,

      social media is the best when it comes to referral traffic, I love your point and the way you explained it.

      Not only plugins can be used but softwares like hootsuit and many others. Thanks for shaing your view

  82. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert,
    Thanks a lot for sharing such great ideas for promoting our blog post.
    And I’m totally agree with you that Social media is first step to do after publishing the post. Really Socialmaker is a very helpful tool. It helps a lot to share my post to all Social Bookmarking site and save my time.
    Once again thanks Gilbert. And keep sharing more article.. :)
    Pankaj Jain recently posted..Finally WhatsApp Voice messaging feature ConfirmedMy Profile

  83. Adam Smith says:

    Another great article , Gilbert. I completely agree with you. From my own experience, Social media is the (only) most important way to promote a website now. I understand website content is the key, however, without effective way to promote the website. The outcome might be way far from your expectation.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  84. anis rehman says:

    waao what a fate i just exactly need these steps now. really very very thanks to you gilbert

  85. Twitter:
    I’m sure it might be a great timing for you Anis . You’re welcome buddy :)
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted..5 Things your Blog Must Deliver to be LivelyMy Profile

  86. Twitter:
    I also use scoop.it – for a faster pace and to reach a larger audience. It’s worth for me!!
    Chetan recently posted..Q-veg: The natural CoQ10 supplement in IndiaMy Profile

  87. Very great post Gilbert my Paddie. What of using RSS or Feedburner? Does anyone know how to spread a blog post using Feeds?

  88. Nice tips. I see that many people recommend the retweet club. I might give it a try. Of course, social media websites have a huge impact in bringing traffic to blogs nowadays.

  89. Twitter:
    I came to know about many new things. I didn’t know about retweet and easytweet thing to promote. I was just promoting blindly. Thank you so much Gilbert. Could you please help me to get visitors from StumbleUpon and Pinterest since i am promoting there from a long time but i haven’t got any result!
    Nitin recently posted..10 Secrets to Increase Page RankMy Profile

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    great tips for promoting our content, i must say. social media has become one of the best sources to get more and more targeted traffic. we can get huge traffic from facebook and twitter. and yes justretweets and twiends are 2 nice platforms to get more retweets.
    Alan recently posted..Download Dolphin Browser for PC, Dolphin for Windows7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  91. Twitter:
    hey Silviu
    ya sharing your post on social media is a great idea because social media sites have billions of users and sometime there may be chances that your post go viral.
    suryabhan4 recently posted..Facebook and facial recognition technologyMy Profile

  92. I like forum marketing but unfortunately most of the famous ones put a lot of restrictions and rules
    i have a question can someone tell me how to make the comment luv links dofollow ?
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    This is a really great post with some very useful information and ideas to grow your following for your Blog and your posts. Thanks for the Info, I am going to apply this to some of my own stuff.
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  94. Kedar Lasane says:

    Nice ways for promotion.I regularly shares my new blog post in social media but from now will use remaining 4 ways too…A huge thanks to u

  95. Twitter:
    Hi Gilbert
    Blog post promotion is the most important part for any blog. If any blogger is only writing and not doing promotion for their blog and for their blog posts then they are going to kill their blog because without visitors or readers, there is no meaning of creating your blog. So we should always promote our blog posts on the regular basis. We can promote our blog on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. By promoting on these social networks, we can drive more traffic to our blog. Thanks for sharing this article. Happy Blogging :D
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