How to get Loyal Readers for Your Blog

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Akshay Hallur
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Loyal reader

I can talk a lot about how to get targeted traffic to your blog. But it will not be useful if you get crappy visitors who haven’t found anything useful and interesting on your blog. So you have to catch their attention with substantial content from the very first second.

Ok, I guess the intro is enough. Now I will head over straight to the topic.

Write quality and great content

The main reason, why most bloggers fails with blogging is that they are not paying much attention to their loyal readers. You are not writing for robots, so your article has to be clean and easy to read.

If you require to be  successful, you have to be original and give your loyal readers something, what they can’t get elsewhere. That’s why they are coming to your blog. They expect something from you. Moreover when they offer and help them they begin to respect you.

Communicate with other bloggers and readers

The Importance of Communication I strongly believe, that you have seen many such websites, where is no life. This is because those blog owners are not trying to create a community around their blogs…

Why is it so important to communicate with your readers? When you make connections with your readers, then they are more likely to share, what you are writing about, that means more traffic and more loyal readers to your blog.
Personally I check my fellow blogger’s blog plenty of times a day, expecting new updates.

What you have to do for this? Try to include your readers in the conversation. Ask them a question and share their opinion. This is useful for both of you – your readers can feel their importance to you and on the other side you can get cool  ideas. You should also answer to the comments on your blog, especially, sometime after you post an article. Don’t be afraid to let them post on your Facebook

fan page wall. This way your fan page will get a lot of activity and your fans are involved to discuss with each other.

Quality or quantity

There are many bloggers, who always emphasize that you have to post at least few posts a week or even more. That’s OK.


100 shallow blog posts is equal to a single insightful blog post

Think of writing a long insightful blog posts rather than small crappy posts that will neither benefit or readers. In my opinion, quality is  more important than quantity. It’s better not to write anything at all, till you find something interesting with your readers. You should write which people would love to hear and is beneficial to readers.

The importance of killer blog post titles

You should know the fact, your headline is one of the most important parts in your blog post. When visitors come across your blog in SERPs the major driving force is blog title. Your blog title decides whether the user will be a reader or not. So, it should be as much short and clear as it can. Your headline has to attract visitors’  from the very first moment. Your headline should say: “This article below me has something worth in it and you MUST check it, if you want to find out something really important”.

Have in mind that your headline will appear not only on your blog. Your headline will be visible in search engines (that means more or less search engine traffic, in feed, on other websites and forums. Search engines limit the characters used in blog titles to 56 characters.  That’s why it is so important to keep blog title short, clear to get their attention from the very first moment.

Go and get loyal readers!

Ask yourself, What type of traffic do you really need? Is it enough to get many useless visitors or is it better to get few loyal readers.

10 Loyal readers are better than 100 useless visitors

Loyal Readers will follow everything you are doing. When they feel respect for you, than they are more likely to support you, share or even buy a product from you. That’s the real READERSHIP! Having a blog is not all only about writing articles and sharing your experience – it is all about creating a community and building loyal readers.