The Six C’s Of a Successful Communication

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I happened to come across a person recently. He wasn’t handsome, he wasn’t stylist and he wasn’t really someone to be liked at first sight. But one thing that made him stand out was the way he communicated with me. I observed a few important aspects he used, to make our communication effective.

What does it take to make a communication successful?

Every one of you might have your own opinions. But actually there are a few important aspects that make it effective. Those aspects make the communication effective enough to persuade any human mind.

Some thing that I came across a few days back were a set of six C’s necessary for a successful communication. The six C’s are essential in all forms of communication, including informal communication. The six C’s can make you an effective communicator and also an effective speaker. What are those six C’s which are to be given care ?


Courtesy towards the receiver is really important in any form of communication. Respecting the receiver is important since it helps to keep the receiver calm and courteous during the course of your conversation.

Arguments are also a form of communication. It is not quite good to yell at people during heated arguments. Arguments must also have courtesy. Courtesy is the first C of a successful communication.


Clarity of the message you are attempting to convey is important. Ambiguity destroys the aim of communication. Ambiguous communication changes the state of mind the receiver is in. Receiver’s understanding of the message is important. To achieve it this clarity of the message conveyed has to be given care.


Conciseness is something which is expected a lot. Lengthiness is considered uncool these days. People’s patience to read or hear is necessary.

Once their patience is lost they become restless and try to evade you. If a reader or receiver loses patience the point of communication is lost. To maintain the reader or the receiver’s patience conciseness of the communication is important. As people say it “Short and Sweet” is preferred.


You yourself would lose temper if you were cheated by someone by wrong information being conveyed. Wrong information or the message has adverse impacts on communication. Communication can never be successful until truth is delivered. People expect to know the truth what ever might be the situation.

If a salesperson conveys a wrong information to a customer, it would temporarily benefit him providing him the credit of selling the product but would eventually damage the company’s reputation. So correctness of the data conveyed is important.


Complete data makes a communication partly successful. Completed conversions bring about decisions and a conclusions. Messages that are conveyed have to be complete for the success of the conversation.


Considering the state of mind of the customers stands out among the six C’s. It is the most important and toughest of all. It is important to understand the mind set of the receiver and also understand what he/she is expecting. Every person does not maintain the same state of mind every second. Speaking according to the mind set of the receiver is the toughest job of a successful communicator

Successful communications are made so through these six important C’s. In entrepreneurship world communication is the most sought after. If at all you sit for an interview, your communication skills are more important than your marks, your looks or what ever.

As far as daily life is concerned, communicating according to the situation is important. Life is all about communication. People strive a lot to make it successful. Effective communication skills has become mandatory part of human life and every one of us ought to learn to communicate effectively.