How To Write Your Next Post Faster Than A Cheetah!

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Samuel Pustea
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Samuel Pustea
Samuel Pustea
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When a cheetah runs, you will need a 10 mile head start to stay alive!


We all know that the cheetah is the fastest land animal on the planet.

Why am I comparing to the cheetah is because speed is the common essence here.

Time and speed to accomplish a task.

The task here is to write a post and publish it to Internet Dreams.

Writing a post can take a while, but it really shouldn’t.

When you know what to write about, the flow of words never stop.

I encourage you guys to write excellent posts along with the time you put into it.

Writing faster blog posts has many benefits that you can’t miss.

Face it; we don’t have all day to write articles since we need to get on to the promotion of our blog.

Part of the promotion is to gain more followers.

Promotion is equally important, if not the most important.

This article will give tips that will be having you create posts as fast as a cheetah!

No Distractions

With Facebook around now on the internet, your production level is always down!

Cheetahs are never distracted and they have their eyes focused on the prize which is their dinner.

Same thing when we write the next post which can be about wordpress plugins, social media, or any topic that your blog covers.

Close that tab that has your Facebook wall in it, and get focused on writing.


writing will never be as good as when you are totally focused and your mind totally engaged into what you are writing.

Have Knowledge

If you are going to write a faster post, your experience will come into play.

Please don’t try to write about an idea that you have zero knowledge about.

You will spend more time researching and going around the web finding more info.

Plus during that time, you will most likely get distracted!

So, have good knowledge to what you write about.

Limit Editing

Writing faster includes having no stops to the words you are putting down on paper.

If you have misspelled a word, don’t go back and waste time on it.

In fact, you will most likely lose the next train of thoughts that are so important to your writing.

That can wait, and you can fix by the end of your writing.

Know English Well

I am going to warn you guys that writing faster depends on how well you know the English language.

Each one of us knows how much we know the language and it depends on how well you can formulate sentences.

If you want to increase speed in your writing, I encourage you to keep learning English.

Reading, writing more, plus listening to English can all improve your English.

The Cheetah Stops

Writing faster is always done with practice.

I have been getting better and better at it myself.

You don’t have to be some guru who can type fast or know the language like Shakespeare!

It takes practice and the work you are willing to put in to get better.

Are willing to put the work in to write better and faster?

What are some other ways I can add in?