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googlespeedHave you ever post and hit the publish button only to notice that after 2 long hours+ google bot have not yet index the post? did this ever fustrate you or made you a little sad? well, if yes, then you’re my ex-brother/sister.

Because i was in the same boat for more than 3 months before finally knowing the secret to getting my blog or even blog posts indexed within seconds in google! and sadly, am going to share that secret here with you. Hope it stays within the confinement of this beautiful community.
Although, i have come across several blogging friends who thought that getting worried over “small issues” like this is a pure waste of time. If you’re in the same wagon with my blogger friends who are thinking like this, then i have got a little shocker for you.

For Example:
You start compiling, writing an awesome article on your blog (which most of us here are always doing anyways) and after some tedious hours of writing this blog posts, you decided to publish it on your blog, and in this case, your blog is not easily indexed by google, then PAM! a feed-aggregating website like:, and it’s 1 million subdomains, feed read your blog (which is the perfect match for it’s name, Feed-reader) post within 20 seconds and then get the post indexed by google, and after some hours/days, google bot lazily index your blog post.
Do you know what you’ve just turn your blog into? a web 2 blog for this website which have illegally steal your content, because to google’s eye, you completely copied the content from the ever holy-stealing feed reading site.
Which will certainly makes your blog become more irrelevant to google search and you might start lossing your rankings in your targetted keywords, and if nothing is done about this “SMALL ISSUE” now, i guess you should be expecting the google penguin’s next visit.

Important Information:
Please note that there are lots of other sites which would certainly be feed reading your blogs, apart from the above mentioned websites. so the best way on how to know if your blog is being copied automatically, is by copying some contents within the first paragraph and inserting it in google’s search, and then check out the results which will pour down on your screen..

When your blog is indexed, the probability of you ranking is certain with some link building, but if your blog post is not indexed, then stop dreaming about getting traffic to your website, because google hasn’t noticed you yet.. put on some wigs, perfume and beauty make up to catch him always staring at you with some luv.

10 Methods On How to Get YOUR Blog/Blog Posts Indexed in Google within 25 Seconds!


1. Social Networking and Social Bookmarking Websites
The use of social networking and social bookmarking websites to getting your blog indexed and noticed by google is important. These websites are places where google billions of bots are always crawling, and since it’s active, and we all know that google loves active websites, you can easily get your blog indexed within seconds there! Just don’t spam them, just share useful posts and direct them to read the full post with your links and before long, you will certainly get your blog indexed by search engines.

Use Social Bookmarking and Social Networking websites to share Your Blog. By Doing this More Visitors will come to your Blog and it will Make Google to index your Blog Faster. i have  shared a list which contains 49 most powerful social bookmarking websites where you can share your posts+link fore free.

However, just to save time, here are the Top 10 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites To Get Your blog Noticed by Search Engines.
1. Google Plus
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Linkedin
5. Pinterest
6. Reddit
7. StumbleUpon
8. Delicious
9. Tweetmeme
10. digg

2. FeedBurner
Yes, submitting your feeds to google is also a sure fire way to get your blog indexed within seconds, because these search engines gets to know about your blog through your feeds.
The simple truth is that syndicating your feed is one of the best method to getting Indexed Faster in Google. One of the best feed websites to getting your blog posts across to google is through their very own feedburner.

3. Verify Your Website in Webmaster and Use Google Analytics
One of the best method to get your new website indexed by google is using their very own products! which inculdes the webmaster tools and analytics.
The truth here is that google’s Analytics and Google Webmaster are not only Essential fr Blogger to view their Website Statistics, but it’s very important to get your Blog Index Faster in Google.

Here’s the Catch!

can’t just start giving you analytics and verify your website without firstly going through the websites.

4.  Write Quality & Long Articles To Make Your Website Authoritative
When i say long articles, i don’t mean to say articles with 100 words,  i mean articles with 600, 800 + words. This spikes google to alway see what you’re writing about.
The truth here is that google ALWAYS Loves Quality and unique Content. So just ,make sure that you give them what they want, and you get what you need. Fair exchange!

Please do make sure that you write Quality Articles in your Blog. As we all know, google hates duplicate cheap content as much as spam websites. So whenever Google see a quality Article in your website, It will Index your blog post Faster .  So if you have Quality contents in your website then Google will give you Higher Priority and will Index you Faster.

5. Submit Your Website to Google and YAHOO!
Here is another wonderful way to get your blog post indexed by google, you need to submit your blog url to yahoo and google. When you do submit your Blog url to these sites, which is currently the web biggest search engines, it’s okay.
This will certainly get your site noticed by google and YAHOO!, and this means that your blog posts would also get indexed too.

Submit your website to YAHOO! here:
Submit your website to Google here:

6. Creating an XML Sitemap.
What’s the use of map? if am correct, it helps you get to your destination a lot more easier! and this is the exact work of sitemap online to. creating a valid xml sitemap and submitting it to google and YAHOO! is a much better way to say “Hello big G and Bro Y, here is a map to know navigate my blog and curiously, they would want to know whose inviting them”
You can submit your sitemap to google through the webmaster tool. This works for blogger and also self host websites.

7. Make Your Website Load Fast!
Why would google or even YAHOO! visit a website that would take them up to 30 minutes to finish loading? it would certainly make them think that your website would give their users a bad experience. I hope you’re aware that google and YAHOO! hates sites that takes minutes/hours to finish loading? in the seo world, it’s assume and mostly confirm that the loading time of a website have a say in their ranking. So just do away with all those heavy plugins/widgets that works almost nothing, make your website loads as fast as you can, and if you’re using wordpress, you can use the optimized plugin to clear stuffs storing in your data base.

While for blogger blogs users, don’t worry, shhh, daddy google is taking care of those cache for you. just make sure you don’t install heavy widgets that would take up to ten minutes to load! even facebook and pinterest are taking seconds to load, no matter how many users are online. follow the big dog foot steps.
Try removing unnecessary plugins, flash and other embedding software to decrease your website loading time.

8. Post Regularly
Updating your website more regularly will certaily get google to notice your blog, but am not saying that you should be writing every hour, nope,  you’re not building an entertainment website, just make sure that you post the latest trending posts in your niche and also  be up to date with the latest happenings in your website, and in no time, google will certainly take notice of your blog.

You can try adding a post or two weekly. because Google crawler crawl your blog almost, when ever you publish new content. If you Post after a long time then google will crawl your blog very few times and it will not get indexed quickly. So for faster Indexing to Google you should post a new content regularly. If you notice, google is always indexing old blogs, entertainment websites because of their regular posting and the trust flow between them.

9. Post in Communities:
Sharing your website posts in communities like bizsugar,, scoopit, medddle and others will certainly get your blog posts indexed faster in google.
You don’t need to write any thing in this communtiy, they just take an excerpt from your blog posts, and then link back to you and google is always welcome in this community, so your blog post will surely get indexed!

10: COMMENT in active blogs + COMMENTLUV blogs!
and i would advice you to comment in dofollow commenttluv blogs when ever you publish new blog posts, it gives them authority dofollow links and google can also follow the link to get your blog post indexed!

Woow! feeling tired after sharing my best top 10 secretive tips to getting both new blogs, and blog posts indexed by google within seconds! Hope you love this!

What do you think about this? is any method i just mentioned here outdated or even considered “seo-wrong?”
What’s your best method to getting your blogs or blog posts indexed by google within seconds?

Please do share with the community, and did i say thanks for reading?
Thanks for reading…