5 Social Networks to Get Authority Backlinks That Google Loves!

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After the latest google visible penguin 2.1 update, it has come to light that what google really needs from bloggers is quality backlinks, which in another word can be called “authority backlinks”

Before proceeding, I really want to make you understand what an “authority” and “quality” backlinks.

Okay, I know am not talking to an audience of newbies, but to make things more simple for all new bloggers and aspiring ones, I want to go this far to help them.

According to Oxford Dictionary, Authority can be defined as: the power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience.

What about Quality?
the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.

And Backlinks?
Backlink is simply getting a link pointing to your domain/website or blog from a different domain.

Now that I have explained what authority/quality and backlink is, here are the best five social networking websites backlinks that google LOVE!

I wrote a blog post here on comluv and to my ultimate pleasure, people found it useful, in case you missed it. Here is a direct link to read about It. Index Your Blog/Blogposts Within 25 Seconds in Google!

social network websites

5 Social Network Website Backlinks That Google Loves:

1. Plus.google.com
2. Facebook.com
3. Twitter.com
4. StumbleUpon
5. Linkedin


I would be explaining in simple terms how to get backlinks that matters from these social network websites.
Most people always thought that they’re building backlinks from these authority websites, but what they don’t know, is that they’re actually spamming in the most “marked as spam” way, which might get their account suspended or disabled.

When building backlinks from authority websites, make it look more like you’re human, and you’re trying to enrich the lives of their (social network) users, which could be achieved by writing more than 100 words + and add a link to read more about it. That would certainly make it look wonderful.

According to latest facebook update, the more your words followed by your link, the more you will have views and reached people you’re targeting.


I have a short story to share about Google+ community, when it came out, I was like, since google owns this community, hundreds of their bots must be waiting to rank any website that is shared here, and I guess you know what I did?

Well, I start a massive spamming campaign, sharing just less than 10 words with my links, in communities, business pages, and in comments.

Well, this got my account suspended and it’s my google account that is showing my author profile in google search. This also got my profile picture removed from search, but thank God my gmail and adsense account were not marked as spam


You can learn from my mistake and know how to build backlinks from these authority websites. Getting a quality backlink from these website will surely boost your rankings.

The BEST way on how to get a do-follow link from google+ is from a page description. You can go to your “about” and edit it. Then ensure that you write about yourself and link to your blog from the description, that would give you a do-follow link from google+ community.


You can also get quality link from facebook through their description box too. I would advice you to create or if you have a page already, just go edit it and add your website link in the SHORT and LONG description box.
Make sure that you start the link with “http”


I know you already have a twitter account, but if not, just create an account and on your profile, you should just create a short description about yourself and link back to your website.

You can also get an authority website link from your profile in twitter.


It’s also a social network where you can get hundreds of thousands of Visitors if your blog post get stumbled many times by other stumblers, then consider yourself lucky, and just like Digg, you will get lots of traffics and make more money off anything profitable on your website.
But the truth here is that you must share something controversy, something never seen before. something exposing.
If you have a page with lots of likes, or a twitter account with lots of followers, these can really go a long way in helping you get your blog post to the top and will help get your blog some authority website links.


Linkedin is a community that connects business owners together, and get you to know each other. The truth here is that getting quality backlink from Linkedin is through the profile.

These are just five “social networks” to get authority backlinks from, but here is a must read for all bloggers who want to build authority backlinks and rank their website/niche blog in google using this helpful and free authority links.

Ten Authority Websites to Boost Your Niche Website Ranking to the Top

Since am not talking about getting traffic here, I would leave the traffic for another day.
Please, you can also get your blog posts more authority links by sharing them in Linkedin.
Make sure that you don’t spam linkedin, or your can account might get banned.

In Digg, you don’t need to create an account, you can just sign up using your twitter or facbook account.

But there’s a page to submit blog posts, and if you have friends in digg who can vote your post and it reached the top front page, then consider yourself a god for that duration, because your earnings and traffic would triple, and if your host is not strong, then sorry, because the traffic will surely crumble your account. But in Digg, you can only submit a post url, not your homepage url.

You can submit your blog posts by clicking Here

What do you think about this? Have you got any links from these websites and if yes, did you noticed any improvement in your rankings?
Please I would love to hear your experience and your thoughts regarding this.


  1. You are right Isaiah Joseph.
    This network are the best social network out there to make use of. But a lot of pro bloggers are even busy to take advantage of it.
    However, there are services that will help you manage your social network accounts if you are too busy with clients.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Top 10 Unique Ways To Make Your First $100 OnlineMy Profile

  2. Yea ofcourse you are right , but getting backlinks from social networks only will not get you ranked , you need to diversify the sources of your backlinking methods.. in addition to your proper on-site optimization and Unique quality Content.

    Thank you for this useful article
    Salem recently posted…Plan – G 0656 – EGP 424.00My Profile

  3. I have a website and a blog. Is there any way to have them both listed on my Twitter account and on my Facebook page. If not is is it worthwhile to periodically switch the listing to one and then the other?
    Steven J Fromm recently posted…Estate Planning 2013: Now What? A Must Read For EveryoneMy Profile

  4. Hey,
    The 5 social networks you mentioned here are great and indeed can drive traffic to any blog. but adding dig as a bonus,… Dig don’t perform as they use to.
    I’d also recommend reddit because they are great and can drive traffic to any blog faster.
    Babanature recently posted…Content Creation – How You Crowdsource Your EffortsMy Profile

  5. keri hudson says:

    i like the post about get high quality backlinks, i am always find new method to make HQ dofollow backlinks, and this article another good source of great information.

    • Hello keri hudson, thanks for visiting and i must commend on your beauty, ibut that is certainly out of point Here :S

      About building backlinks, i think this social networks are the top most respected ways to building authority website links and also increasing domain authority, but one thing is that they all give us “no-follow”, but it does not matter that much.
      omoscowonder recently posted…How to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  6. Yes , social media plays vital role for every business because they are the effective, easiest and cheapest way to promote website through.

  7. This is spot on, i would also recommend if you can to get backlink from Pinterest
    Matthew recently posted…Available Brandable Domain Names 23nd December 2013My Profile

  8. Brilliant post amigo. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us. I am looking forward to build it. When it comes to search engine rankings and all quality backlinks matters a lot. If you are having quality backlinks to your blog then you are pretty lucky to rank for any good traffic receiving blog. Thanks again howdy for sharing this information with us.

  9. Crish Hostcom says:

    These sites help in SMO (Social Media Optimization) and are great source of web traffic. Although the links are not dofollow, it is still great to get some authority backlinks to site.

  10. Such a wonderful article. Traffic is backbone of every blog or website. Without traffic we can’t earn money. These 5 are really awesome site for getting traffic. I didn’t know about Dig and Now I am Joining it,
    Thanks a lot
    Riya khurana recently posted…2013 Christmas Wishes for LoversMy Profile

  11. Thanks for this informative post sharing with us.. I use these Social Networking Sites.. and I use these sites for my websites too… But I must say that these things not make rank in Google … But still we can take advantage of these sites to get traffic for our website.. :)
    Deepak rawat recently posted…Happy Merry Christmas 2013 Latest Facebook Status, Whatsapp, Twitter SMS Messages WishesMy Profile

  12. Thanks for reminding this wonderful fact friend. Although most of us know that social networking websites are a great way of creating quality backlinks but despite this we don’t make much use of them.

  13. Social networks usually are believed to not give do follow links, right?
    Aathira recently posted…A good mobile test methodologyMy Profile

  14. Google+ is the best Social networking site where we get a do follow link. But how..? If you put your site link in the sharing link box and sharing with your friends; you will take a advantage of that.
    Google+ is one kind of Micro blogging site also.. Reddit is also one Kind of best way to get a dofollow links.
    Nikhil Bille recently posted…Meta Description To Blogger Blog In Search Engines InstantlyMy Profile

  15. Social networking sites are a great way to get more people coming to your site. You still need to create quality content though to keep those people coming back.

  16. Terence Chang says:

    Personally, I think StumbleUpOn is losing their social influence. It does creates the backlinks, but it’s sending high bounce rate traffic. So it’s not helping you gain better conversion rate.

    You should use social network wisely. It may generate negative impact to your website revenue.

  17. These make a good start. What’s even better is that you can often interlink all of these social profiles, in turn giving THEIR seo a backlink boost. G+ has a section for link on a page’s profile, and Youtube will carry a social icon for every social site you link to.

    • Hello Alice D, and yes, you really know your gun, all this social networks have bloggers in mind, so they provide us a platform we have to input our website URL, and about youtube, i don’t really understand or fathom if the link on our profile is a no-follow or do-follow, but after many observations, it’s a nofollow.

      But the truth is this, these links help increase our DOMAIN authority and boast our SEO.
      omoscowonder recently posted…How to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  18. i has use G+, FB, and Stubmbleupon.. believe me these 3 sites, is really usefull to insert or add ur keyword on about page. G+ is the most i choose to place my dofollow backlinks then fb to attract the visitors to want come to my blog :)
    Willy recently posted…Tips: 5 Hal Yang Menolong Kita Untuk Tetap FokusMy Profile

  19. i’m still not a fan of Google+ I just don’t the the layout and how it looks – i’m sure it will grow on me over time, for now Twitter and Facebook are my favorites.
    Mark recently posted…What is the Best Chef Knife?My Profile

  20. Yes social media links are very important but these links are always nofollow but google still value it.
    I think the links from google plus adds great value to your posts and when you gets more 1+ on your posts, google will rank your posts better.
    I am using all of them but For me stumbleupon is working best for traffic but for ranking i think my posts rank well from google plus.
    Hamza recently posted…How to start a blogMy Profile

  21. You didn’t include Pintrest, that social network is great for juice and real traffic. It’s the social network shown to priced the most revenue as well

  22. First of all its a good post. When we talk about 5 top sites Such as
    1. Plus.google.com
    2. Facebook.com
    3. Twitter.com
    4. StumbleUpon
    5. Linkedin
    Out of these 5 – G+ has more say in comparison to others. FB is a good way to attract people and build links quickly but again one has to be street smart while doing so. One need to make sure that post must have an image “Which should be Unique” and post and a link with Hast Tag.
    Twitter is informative but as per my knowledge it doesnt provide link juice
    Stumbleupon you can create community but I am afraid you won’t get quality traffic.
    Linkedin is a great way to enhance your brand visibility on Corporate World.
    Last but not the least point that you mentioned in the end really suffice all the logic.

    Thanks for your post.. Much Appreciated. :-)

  23. Nice sharing about 5 social network to get authority backlink. i look using all of them only working best for traffic but not for ranking. Only google plus can rank very well. Please correct me if i’m wrong.

  24. I would also add YouTube to the list. It’s an easy way to get great quality links.
    Bill recently posted…Eastport Photography Website RedesignMy Profile

  25. Yup. You forgot pinterest and tumblr.
    I’v got link authority from most of them.
    Hadi Nugraha recently posted…Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan cepatMy Profile

  26. Google allows back links on many of a websites. But you know it should not only be back-links that you have to comment. it should be from the heart. And by heart i say that great writing. You have got skills man.

  27. You have a good point about adding 100+ words followed by your link. I think that is true. Also added my website link in the short and long descriptions on my Facebook page. Good stuff!
    Robert Fowler recently posted…Why Boomers are Retiring OverseasMy Profile

  28. Thank you for sharing such an awesome writing. Good job.

  29. I’ve been doing this for years via my blog auto tweeting, facebooking etc and it has all paid off. I highly recommend making the most out of Google+, what better way to help out your site by giving Google what they want via Google+ ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Martians Invading, Floods Around the UK and 15 Movies in 2014My Profile

  30. Good tips, I’ve found Reddit.com has worked fairly well for me aswell. Besides the backlinks I’ve gotten some good traffic directly from having links on Reddit aswell.
    Mario recently posted…Inverter microwaves are best for cookingMy Profile

  31. Do any of these provide a dofollow link? MerchantCircle is high PR an provides a dofollow link (last time I checked).
    Kirby Hopper recently posted…On My Radar Screen: Performance-Based SEO PricingMy Profile

  32. Hi Isaiah Joe,
    StumbleUpon & Digg are very helpful for bring more traffics.
    I am now using Facebook, Twitter & Google + for sharing posts.
    Shoukot recently posted…How To Add Recent Posts Widget To Blogger EasilyMy Profile

    • Hello Shoutok, i really love this wonderful input, most people argued that Facebook and Google+ is their best source, but i guess we all have our means/ways on how to optimize these social networks and get the best out of them!

      Nice to hear that StumbleUpon & Digg are your best means of getting higher traffic.
      omoscowonder recently posted…How to Increase Blog TrafficMy Profile

  33. Superb tips. But new Google algorithm sets focus on much more than backlinks. Now website performance, coding, navigation, linking, along with unique relevant content with social media sharing specially Google plus will all be considered for top rankings by the new Google algorithm. Anyway … thanks for nice share
    somon recently posted…Download Angry birds go for pc or computer (Windows 7 / 8 / XP / Vista)My Profile

  34. Tom Crawford says:

    It is really important to be adding to the information presented on the website. This is a much more sensible long term strategy as it show readers that you have knowledge of the subject, and are someone to pay attention to.

    The short term tactic of generating as many backlinks as possible does not make good business sense. I always aim to provide additional value.

  35. Backlinks really helps to increase a blog standardization and also it enhances the blog. According to me Facebook and Stumble upon are the two best social network to get authority backlinks. these are more valuables than others. Nice article.

  36. Mahendra Kumar says:

    Stumble upon is such a massive hit that sometimes if your submission goes viral, you will get thousands of visitors every hour. I had got around ten to twelve thousand visitors per day from stumble upon for two or three of my posts last year. Cheers.

  37. I have been using social networks for backlinks and traffic from the beginning. Your post gives new information that are useful to me. Thanks.
    George recently posted…Adsense Mistakes Every Publisher Should AvoidMy Profile

  38. I have personally found posting recent posts on the website’s google business page and also digg to be a great way to get indexed fast in Google. Recently I have started with Pinterest pages. I have always believed its a good idea to get a mix of both dofollow and nofollow links.
    chang recently posted…Facebook Login TipsMy Profile

  39. Thanks for sharing. I am currently sharing my posts in G+, Facebook and Twitter only. Now I’m considering to share on latter two. Hope it will boost the traffic too.
    Andrew recently posted…Android newbie: what does unlock the bootloader?My Profile

  40. SEO has always been an amazing part of the online marketing industry, and social networks like G+, FB or Twitter originated, having less or more influence on SEO. Google + definitely has or will have a big influence on SEO. That’s easy to understand because G+ comes from Google and Google for example is interested in generating independant social signals to enrich its search engine results. But Google also evalutes public data from Twiiter or FB, of Linkedln.. if they can use it these information to increase the quality of its search engine result pages.
    Daniel recently posted…Fanpage List Builder Review and BonusMy Profile

  41. This is a great list! Another that I just discovered is Pinterest. You get a dofollow link on your profile page, then if you like, pin, comment on a high PR profile you get some of their juice! Thanks again!
    Frank Azar recently posted…We’ve Signed up for TechnoratiMy Profile

  42. I would like to add Scoop.it. It is a great way to make social backlinks, which is highly transmits signals.
    Chetan recently posted…Mira Road – A Developing DestinationMy Profile

  43. I’m going to get a linked In account going, it is the only one I was missing from your list!
    Greg Urbano recently posted…Ribeye for my second foodie post of the year.My Profile

  44. i m new in this staff seo, backlinks… so this was really helpful post, For now i only use facebook for some backlinks and also yahoo answers, on yahoo i do not know how much quality have in links but they bring instant traffic. When it comes to google plus i hate it but everyone are talking how important is for seo, so i will need to start use it. Thanks another time.

  45. Hey i got this article very helpful
    google will like backlinks off google+ because it is their own product and this is the reason
    thanks foe sharing great info with us.
    Zaib Abbasi recently posted…How to Make Money with PublicityClerksMy Profile

  46. Great article. I’ve heard a lot of different opinions about the value of Stumbleupon traffic though. A lot of bloggers don’t bother with it because the bounce rate of Stumbleupon traffic is super high. They basically only stick around for a few seconds and then leave.
    Mike Howg recently posted…Socialoomph Review – Turns You Into a Twitter WizardMy Profile

  47. Thanks for the article, getting good quality back links is getting harder and harder. Don’t forget Pinterest gives you a verified link on your profile with a do follow back link and Tumblr allows your blog back links t sites.
    Mark Buckley recently posted…Cheltenham Wedding PhotographyMy Profile

  48. After reading this post I have signed up for StumbleUpon and made a Business page for my blog on linkedIn… Hope this helps in my SEO of my blog and improves its ranking … Thank You
    Mukul Bansal recently posted…College Ambassaror Recruitment 2014My Profile

  49. I totally agree with you. Backlinks are necessary for getting search engine rankings which results in more traffic and revenue so we should build authority backlinks which are more trusted by google..and these are some good sites
    Alan recently posted…HayDay for PC Download, HayDay for Windows7/8/MacMy Profile

  50. Hi bro
    Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge with us. Today there are many social networks which can give you backlink but that link would be nofollow. Now there are many social networks giving only nofollow backlinks except Google plus. Google plus is currently giving dofollow backlink. There was a time when pinterest also gave dofollow link by verifying website but now after verifying your website, you will only get nofollow backlink. Happy blogging :)
    Chetan Gupta recently posted…How To Get High PR Dofollow Backlinks Free PR9, PR8, PR7, PR6, PR5My Profile

  51. I Have Used All these Social Networks to Build Some Backlinks and get Some Traffic.
    Generally From My Beginning i Always Focus on Social Networks to get Some Visitors Because i know Google will Not Give me Traffic in the beginning i have to word hard for it.
    Atinder recently posted…What is MozRank ? How to Improve MozRank ?My Profile

  52. Ya social media is the most powerful medium of getting referral traffic as well as the backlinks which are the life blood for any blog. Thanks for the niceand informative share.
    Mahendra recently posted…Best video player Software for Windows 7,8 List 2014My Profile

  53. Rossaimi says:

    I’m have used google plus,tumblr,linkedin, pinterest and twitter to build up some backlink. Digg not available to create backlink now. Is it true sir about digg?

  54. Nice post and Yes, social networking sites really plays an important role in blogging. These helps in promoting our blog and facebook and google+ are really very important. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  55. I think Stumbledon is a good one. It helped me drive lots of traffic to my site. Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…HostGator ReviewMy Profile

  56. Rolo Ragnar says:

    thanks for this. I have been thinking I don’t need a blog. I will just post my blog on my google+ profile. You taught me the errors of my ways. Why waste a good back link by posting the original blog post on to G+ when I can get the link from G+ to my blog with every post?

    I will finally get off my posterior and create my official blog.

    By the way, there used to be an old margarine commercial that said…. ‘it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”. I think we can add Google to that list now!

  57. great post will try it on my blog too to get authority baclinks from social network thnx for sharing this nice post will share it with my friends too
    deepti recently posted…kaspersky antivirus 2015 key full versionMy Profile

  58. Those were powerful social network sites. I registered with all of them. Got my website linked and hope to add few more in the future.
    Ismail N recently posted…Simply The Best Way To Drive Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  59. I have tried all 4 platform but never tried stumble upon. As per your post, this should be the good source of high quality traffic.
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted…How important is Alexa traffic rank?My Profile

  60. Well, Yeah Social media and social bookmaking site like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg can certainly help us build some authority links as well as drive some traffic.
    Atinder recently posted…Top High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List 2015My Profile

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