What precautions you should take before applying to Google Adsense

Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
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Google Adsense

Hi, this is my first post on comluv and I am writing about Google Adsense. You start a blog for just passing the free time or getting the attention on the internet, but if it also give you some Monetary Gain as well. Hence you start looking for an ad agency to give you some ad material. You found out Google Adsense and you thought now I can make money easily. But after some days of applying you got rejected why ?

Google Adsense is the largest ad agency in the world. That is why every blogger and webmaster are running after them that has made very difficult to get accepted by Google Adsense for new blogger. Now I have come with some basic guidelines that might lead you to get accepted by adsense. So before applying on adsense make sure that you are following all the guidelines listed below.

10 Precaution that should be taken before applying to Google Adsense

1. About Page :

An about page is very important for a blog. Not that will make your relationship better with your better but it will also help new readers to know what is your blog is about. When you apply for Google Adsense make sure you have created a about page and have given a link to it in the primary navigational menu. Without this page you will have zero chance of being accepted, so make sure you have written  a good description of you and your blog and represented it on the primary navigational menu.

2. Privacy policy :

This is one of the main reason that fails most the new blogger by accepted in the Google Adsense. Privacy policy is a description that describe to your readers that what are the personal information about them you are storing. Most of the people thinks that what is the need of having a privacy policy on a blog.

But they are wrong, you should have a privacy policy. And it costs nothing and will only take 5-10 minutes with an online privacy policy generator tool. So make sure you have a privacy policy when applying for Google Adsense. You can create a privacy policy from trust guard for free.

3. Number of posts :

I have seen many blogger who got rejected because Google said that you don’t have enough content to generate ads. Now Google has not provided any fix number of posts which will qualified for this. For my calculation if you have 60 posts with an average of 700 words per post, then it will be enough for Google Adsense. So make sure you got at least 60 posts before applying for Google Adsense.

4. Contact us Page :

It is very important that you should provide a contact us page on your blog. Most of the premium themes has a template for giving a contact us page. Just you have to choose the contact us page template while creating a new page. If you do not have a premium theme or your theme doesn’t provide you a contact us page then you can use the plugin like contact form 7 for creating a contact us page. If that’s also more of work then leave a email id there and make sure the comment tab is open on that page. So the reader can contact you by that email or by commenting on that page as well. So before applying for Google Adsense create a contact us page and before applying please test it one time.

5. Blog Design :

Your site or blog’s design play a very important role while applying for Google Adsense. If you a irregular structure then you have zero probability of getting accepted by Google Adsense. But why a good design is necessary ?

A good design doesn’t means that you have good pictures or good animation from CSS or Javascript. A good design means you must have a clear navigational menu through which you can link to any post of the blog. Your menu must show all the main categories and primary pages such as Home, About us, Privacy Policy etc. If you do not have a good navigational menu than you will be rejected because you didn’t follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

6. Content Type :

Now be aware what are you writing, Google Adsense do not accept blogs which have illegal, Porn or adult, drugs related content etc. I think you have know about adult or drugs related content but let me give you some more explanation about “Illegal Material” . Here illegal material can be articles which

  • Provide hacking of facebook or twitter accounts.
  • Provide a way or tutorial to create a bomb.
  • Provide a way to crack a game or an app.
  • Provide a tutorial or a way to download You Tube Videos.

There are things which I thought was illegal but it wasn’t. Those things are tutorial on how to Jailbreak or root a smartphone etc. So make sure before applying on Google  Adsense that you doesn’t have these types of materials.

7. Name And Email Verification :

While submitting an application to Google adsense make sure you have written all of your details correctly. Its because if you found of providing wrong info about you then your account can be rejected and if approved then it will be banned after some time.

8. Top Level Domain For Google Adsense :

Those days are over when Google Adsense accepts those blogs which have their blogs on blogspot or on wordpress. For getting accepted into the Google Adsense you have to spend some money and have to buy a Top Level Domain name such .com, So don’t try for Google Adsense if you are still on Blogspot or wordpress sublevel domains.

9. Paid Traffic or Traffic from Traffic Exchange Sites :

You are getting very high traffic after starting a blog because you bought some traffic from a traffic exchange site. Then beware Google hates paid traffic, you should never buy traffic because it won’t give you any benefit. Now to overcome this factor “Never apply for Google Adsense before 6 months“. So in six month, if you work properly you will have a good traffic and then apply for Google Adsense.

10. Copyrighted images or Plagiarism Content :

If you have done plagiarism on some post then delete those post remove that content before applying for Google Adsense. You can check the for plagiarism with some online tools such as Copyscape.

Now images tells is necessary to describe the content or the post. So you searched the Google and got the images. But before using the images first check is they having a “Creative Common License” or not. So for those images you used that doesn’t have a Creative Common License, you have to remove them. Don’t bother to apply without removing them because your application will be discarded saying that it is doing the “Copyright Infringement” .

So that’s all I have to say on the precautions of Google Adsense, if I left something out then please comment below.


  1. Hello Rohit Sharma,

    A new blogger or website owner should always be aware of the Google Adsense TOS. Being banned for the lack of knowledge happens to many newcomers.

    And far as images goes, Google will only ask you to remove images if it’s been reported by the actual owner of the image. People use other copyright images all the time, it’s all about it being reported to the right person. Lets say someone has a partnership with NIKE or Jordan, and has permission to use copyrighted images, then Google won’t harass you about it, it’s all about verification.

    Yes, “.com” is a winner with Google Adsense. It lets them know how serious you are with your website.

    People should always keep new content on their site, old contact will result in the loss of rank, and ads being displayed on the page.

    Great post, love it.
    J. Wright recently posted…Top Women’s Accessories for 2014My Profile

  2. Thanks Wright, for your gratitude !
    But I saw some of the sites who’s application is rejected due to the images. Google will ask you to remove the image if your application is accepted. Otherwise it will only say that your application is rejected due to the “Copyright Infringement” .
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…5 Most Basic Requirements while creating a websiteMy Profile

  3. Hi Rohit,

    You mentioned some really essential points here, but I guess usage of copyright images with permission is very common and many new bloggers do this mistake and keep wondering why their blog isn’t getting Google Adsense approved.
    Pankaj recently posted…All in One Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  4. Hello Pankaj,

    You are absolutely right the new bloggers doesn’t have any idea about the copyright images. So that made their work very tough to find the images with Creative Common License.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…How To Get Free Images Resources on the WebMy Profile

  5. Well
    Adsense is one of the best way to earn some extra money
    Thanks for all the important things :)
    Ashi recently posted…Instagram to Fix the Photo Hiding BugMy Profile

  6. Dinesh Sharma says:

    Never Apply for Google Adsense if you don’t have good traffic. First get a huge traffic then apply. Avoid adding other advertisements till got adsense approval. and Content is must to approve adsense so Don’t use copy or paste content.

  7. Hello Rohit,

    Your very first entry on Comluv is supremely useful…for which blogger does not appreciate more money doing what he/she already loves?

    From my discovery however, when one blogs for passion and not the bucks, the bucks naturally finds one and making money blogging becomes a piece of cake!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE WRITING EBOOKSMy Profile

  8. Thanks Akaahan for the gratitude.
    And yes you are right if a person blogs for passion then money eventually comes to it. It is all the matter of Karma, what are you going today you will be definitely rewarded tomorrow.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…SearchWP – Extend Your WordPress Blog’s Search TechniquesMy Profile

  9. Now Adsense become more strict. recently my friend applied for the adsense and got rejected to less content on home page. So Content is more important to get approved in adsense.
    Ranjeet recently posted…Biggest Security Threats Facing Cloud ComputingMy Profile

  10. dilip yadav says:

    thanks for such a nice article.
    i was going to apply for google ads..
    i will keep these things in my mind.

  11. What a great advices. These are simple yet powerful tips that many newbie forget I believe. Hope everyone get approve for their adsense account now after reading the post
    Okto recently posted…How to Make Online Store and Sell Something without Product to CreateMy Profile

  12. Hey Rohit,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these important tips with us. First Five point are really very important for getting Google adsense. Number of post, privacy policy, about us page really plays an important role in this. This post really gonna help all the newbies.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 20000My Profile

  13. Nice post Rohit Sharma,
    Before applying to Google Adsense the precautions must be taken. And I think all the points you have told here are enough. If you are an Indian blogger you must wait for 6 months before applying. Copyrighted content is the major problem.
    Prakash recently posted…Download Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/8.1My Profile

  14. Hi Rohit,

    Adsense precautions tips are useful. These tips are great and like to share these tips with my friends.
    Thank you for sharing these tips…:)

  15. You are right about the conditions of Google for any blog to provide ad. Many blogger try to manipulate Google by getting paid links to increase there ranking but Google doesn’t provide ad to such kind of blogs. There is also a specific reason for many blogs due to which they don’t get ad from Google AdSense and that is poor quality content. Bloggers just fill up their blog with extra material which effects a lot to their blog. Thanks for sharing your views. I t will help many bloggers to get some idea about Google policies.
    Ravi Chahar recently posted…How To Move A Website From One Host To Another ? Make Your Blog AliveMy Profile

  16. Nice Article, I have all these Things on my Blog but still don’t have adsense, so applied for Youtube Adsense and Got Approved but the Ads not Appearing on my blog? any Solutions? Please help and thank you very much for Taking your Time to Write this Post.
    Nitin Singh recently posted…Download Subway Surfers for PCMy Profile

  17. Hello
    Ya getting Adsense acceptance for publisher id is one of the most difficult task for newbie. The old and easy time has gone. Thanks for the nice post. All newbie must read it,who wants their own Adsense account.
    Mahendra recently posted…Nokia Lumia 530 Specs,price & release date confirmed (Rock)My Profile

  18. Hello Nitin,
    I checked out your site and find out that its still running on blogpsot.com domain. For getting approved by Google Adsense first you have to buy a premium high level domain such as .com and then wait for 6 months. After that your blog will be accepted.
    Hope this will help you.
    Rohit Sharma recently posted…Windows Phone 8.1 Finally in the marketMy Profile

  19. Hello Rohit,
    All what you said here are necessary for a blog but still, it doesn’t determine your adsense approval.
    I don’t have a disclaimer page or a privacy policy page but i did get approved and i am still using adsense on my blog.
    Good tips by the way and i am sure a lot of new bloggers will find it so useful. Have a good weekend
    Babanature recently posted…How Do I Get My Google Adsense Payment Straight to My Bank Account? a Perfect SolutionMy Profile

    • Hi Babanature,
      There are two things you can’t be certain of
      first is a Girl’s Mind
      And second is Google’s policy, rules and alogorithms.
      They changes over the night so if that works for you that’s good but all the things which are written is taken from Google Policy of Adsense so for new bloggers all the things are must.
      Rohit Sharma recently posted…Basic Needs to Make a Better Blog or Website.My Profile

  20. I wasn’t aware just how many aspects you have to take into consideration before applying to Google Adsense. This is a real eye opener. Thanks for sharing this informative article!

  21. I think Adsense Approval mostly based on Blog Design and the Quantity of Quality Content. And Also all those Bad tricky methods to drive traffic Needed to keep away to get Adsesne Account.
    Atinder recently posted…10 Quick Tips to Get Google Adsense ApprovalMy Profile

  22. Hi rohit,
    Really great tips indeed,i still don’t have Google ad sense account. So i will apply all this tips when i will apply for Google ad-sense. thank you for sharing.
    sameer recently posted…Advantages and Disadvantages of TwitterMy Profile

  23. Google Adsense is quite a risky platform for earning, but it is the best among all. Precautions must be there while applying for google adsense.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted…GO Launcher EX apkMy Profile

  24. Dejvis Devic says:

    Hello.Thanx for sharing this brand new information.Google has made plenty of changes recently and these factors are really good to know.In blogger when you try to apply for adsense it says just few countries like China must have a blog older then 6 months to apply for adsense.Is it just for some countries,or is it for every new blog that comes up?

  25. Yes, Using copyrighted images on site leads to rejection of Adsense application. I applied for adsense nearly 3 times for my site. And the third time I checked and changed few images on my site and the next application of mine got approved. So, it is must to check images.

  26. Meridith says:

    Thanks for this post, it was really informative. I’m a new blogger and I’ve been considering AdSense and becoming an affiliate marketer. I never even thought about the images, so now I have to go back and check my blog.

  27. Hello ROhit, thats a Nice writeup, but I would like to add a bit in it…

    if we apply through blogspot then all we gona get is hosted adsense which cant be used on any other custom url.

    Paid traffic is a big no no… specially for adsense, all we need to do is write informative content which might be useful for others and get it ranked is the best part…
    Sunil recently posted…Install WeChat on PCMy Profile

  28. Hemant Aggarwal says:

    I think Adsense accounts are still approved for blogspot (blogger) domains, contrary to what is mentioned in this article.

  29. Seems like its very easy to get a hosted account now a days. But one of friend who has been blogging through a blogger blog got approved for adsense, yeah full account. He has been updating that blog for the last 7 or 8 months.
    Jijin Mohan recently posted…How To Download Songs From SoundCloud To Android Without Any AppMy Profile

  30. Thanks Rohit. I’m making a niche site and maybe your article can help me something.
    Hai recently posted…Keyword Advantage Review – DiscountMy Profile

  31. If someone is looking to show ads on a blogspot and YouTube then there is no need for all these things, but if someone is looking to use Adsense on their custom domain then these tips are great for everyone…thanks for sharing these nice tips with us…
    Jawad Zaib recently posted…Best Las Vegas Restaurants 2014My Profile

  32. Hi Rohit, your post was full with very interesting and helpful infos.

    I have for very long time adsense maybe for more than 5 years and almost have forgotten how difficult or easy was than to get accepted in Google adsense program.
    Past few days i’m helping my close friend to get adsense and this post has great tips.

    Tamara recently posted…How to Watch Hulu and BBC iPlayer outside US UK Canada for FREEMy Profile

  33. Great advice. There’s some things on there that I wouldn’t have considered before applying. Off to add them now. Thanks!
    Adam recently posted…High PR CommentLuv Dofollow Blogs ListMy Profile

  34. yeah it’s really necessary , when i started blogging, i dint have any contact page , privacy, about us , these are the reasons why i got no approval fro adsense but after adding this page they took my application and accepted within a day :)
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted…Top 10 Beautifull Actress of BollywoodMy Profile

  35. Thanks for sharing. I find your post useful as I’ve haven’t used the service yet but I’m going to build my own site soon and monetize it using adsense.

  36. A site must be six month old, this is a myth, I got my account approved when my site was only 20 days old. Other than that, the points you’ve mentioned are true. But I disagree with the age one.
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted…6 Barbaric Methods of Execution That are Still UsedMy Profile

  37. I didn’t have a about us page , And you have a very valid point about copyright image. I didn’t follow any such rule when i first applied for my adsense and got rejected. Next time I will be careful and follow your rules.
    Noor Basheer recently posted…Hostgator Vs iPageMy Profile

  38. Google AdSense is undoubtedly the easiest way to make money online and most of the times new bloggers/website owners are not sure as when is the right time to apply.

    I also think that your website/blog must be six months old to get AdSense account approval is not true. Some website owners get approved before than that time period. Maybe it is to do with the quality and quantity of content your site has.
    Worli recently posted…How to Make a WebsiteMy Profile

  39. One of my Friend recently Get Approved by Adsense with 1st month with a Unique Quality blog with about 20 Posts. SO i have to say that Blog design and Quality is two major things Adsense Team want .
    Atinder recently posted…Top 60 High Paying CPC Google Adsense Keywords 2014My Profile

  40. In regards to 60 posts, that is not true at all. When I first applied for adsense I only had 9 posts and was still approved. You can always re-apply, so don’t be afraid to go ahead and apply if you don’t “have enough posts.”
    John recently posted…Teens and College Students Make Money Online!My Profile

  41. I don’t know why people waste so much of their time applying for adsense. Adsense doesn’t even pay well. There are many other earning platforms that they should follow.
    Ansh Gupta recently posted…11 Best FAQ, Knowledge Base & WordPress Wiki Themes 2014My Profile

  42. Hello Rohit , it is very informative.I don’t think privacy policy page.Where can i find other privacy policy generator for my blog?
    sreeraj recently posted…How to Backup and Restore Blogger TemplateMy Profile

  43. Nithesh Chakravarthi says:

    I have done everything except “about ” Page. Do I have to wait 6 months even after completing all those steps? my site is 5 months old and has around 90 posts.

  44. Great post, thanks i guess you talk from experience, its a good thing to know what google wan’t since i didn’t found something like this on the help page, thanks again
    Anna recently posted…One Of The TOP Best Upcoming (Futured) And Already Realeased PC Games Video Gameplay List For The Year 2014My Profile

  45. Well, some of the nice tips you have given here, many people don’t follow the tips and precautions given in this post which I envy every new blogger to follow.
    Enstine Muki recently posted…Snapchat for PC Download on Windows 7/8/XP Computer GuideMy Profile

  46. I’m currently using the Adsense privacy policy plugin to generate my website’s privacy policies. I do have noindex checked for that page, do you think that would do it? I haven’t really faced any issues as for now. :)

  47. Yes, But usually Google will ask you about your website or further information as your site becomes more popular, or when your earning increases to a certain degree. Either way, Still Good info in this post.
    Aquila A recently posted…Facetime Download for WindowsMy Profile

  48. some people just don’t know the basics of applying for google adsense and without these basics you will end up fighting yourself later when you get kicked out.

    thanks for this article, now at least people will now be informed on how to apply rightly

    thanks for sharing
    oluwadamilare Bakare recently posted…MTN Nigeria Data Plan And Subscription CodesMy Profile

  49. Well, These points are very important to get Adsense account, but these days Google is giving away accounts much easier then before. Although everyone can’t get it. My many friends got Adsense accounts with 10 day old blogs with 5 posts, but I have few clients are not getting approval event with 1 year old blog. So, it depends on luck. But still we can follow these rules and regulations to get Google adsense approval.

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