What precautions you should take before applying to Google Adsense


Hi, this is my first post on comluv and I am writing about Google Adsense. You start a blog for just passing the free time or getting the attention on the internet, but if it also give you some Monetary Gain as well. Hence you start looking for an ad agency to give you some […]

How to transform your blog to a money making monster!

review blog posts

You can never make money blogging until you give your blog the power to generate income. Blogging as an activity does not make the money. There is no way creating and publishing articles on your blog can make you money if you don’t place those money making objects on your blog. Banners, adsense sponsored posting […]

10 No Brainer Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing


I know how hard it is to make money with affiliate marketing and I am always looking for an easy way. In theory affiliate marketing is quite simple; you place an affiliate link on the Internet, people click on it and purchase the product, and then you get a commission. If only it were that […]

Robert Kiyosaki Lessons: Best ways to Protect and Preserve Money


People most of the time think and talk about the ways in which they can earn some cash and when they become rich they start taking everything lightly and end up losing all the money they have earned. You surely have heard about people who went from rags to riches overnight and came down with […]

Money and Value. How to appraise your online content.


I’m going to say something about money. I don’t want you to freak out, just follow me on this for a moment: 1 million dollars is not an amount. it is a quantity. it’s one million, dollars. What do you need to do in order to own a website that’s worth $1 million dollars? Well, […]

5 Easy Tips to Earn Money from your Blog

Top 5 Easy tips to earn money from your blog

Blogging is an ideal way to generate money but, only the creation of the blog is not enough. You have to make necessary arrangements to make it a money-making machine. Yeah, that’s right! It can be a money generating machine. There are hundreds of bloggers who are earning hundreds to thousands of dollars per month […]

4 Household Investments That Save Money Long-Term


For homeowners, they’re necessary nuisances. There are many large appliances in your home that can break at any time. There are also many parts of your house that could use an upgrade, but don’t necessarily need them at the time. Usually we put off these expenses until the last minute. But that might not be […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Completely Blog For Money


I believe that people should get their share of something for whatever they do. Blogging is one such area where you not only get money by blogging but also respect which not many professions get you. Lately I can see that trend is changing and blogging is taking a business perspective i.e.  Just money, which […]

8 Blogging Mistakes I Made That Can Kill Your Overall Success

8 mistakes I've made with my blogging career

If it’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that no one is perfect. Everyone make mistakes and this is especially true when it comes to blogging. I say this because there are a lot of pro bloggers like myself, that are on the top of their game but it wasn’t always cherries and cheesecake. They’ve made […]

How to earn more money with Amazon

Earn Money With Amazon

Like most bloggers, I’ve dabbled with being an Amazon associate and I have earned some nice pocket money from writing reviews about things I’ve bought and used myself. (like my review of the Tefal quick cup). I don’t have time for reviews! Being the constant coding geek that I am, I’ve always preferred to write […]