Top 6 Tricks to Make Your WordPress Site Faster

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Rohit Sharma
Hi I am Rohit Sharma a tech geek and an author on TechnoCR, where I writes about new technical stuff. I am currently studying and developing new wordpress themes. I love Pc Games and listening to Music.
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
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stockvault-speed-meter98594   Hi guys I have some great tech tips which will make your site faster. As most of the blogger use WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System) that’s why these trick are specially designed for those sites, which are on WordPress. But before starting let’s answer the most basic question here.

Why the load time of the site should be low ?

According to a theory when someone landed to your site, you have very few seconds to get his attention and hold him around. That’s why the speed of a site is necessary. More to that the site speed also make an impact on the SEO. As you may see the first 10 website of a search on Google have a very low page loading time. So let’s start reducing the site speed.

Top 6 tricks to decrease your page load time:

Before using any of the below steps first measure your site speed from the Pingdom, then after each steps again measure your site speed that its decreases or not.

Use a good Caching Plugin

If you’ve got static pictures, CSS and Javascript on your web site that seldom amendment, browser aspect caching will facilitate create your web site snappier. Caching involves storing components of your site in order that they solely ought to be loaded once rather than on every occasion a user visits your site. Caching is particularly useful for your come guests, in addition as others UN agency visit many pages of your web site. W3 Total Cache could be a fashionable caching plugin for WordPress utilized by sites like Mashable (their CTO created W3TC), Smashing Magazine, internet Designer Depot and WPBeginner. The plugin guarantees a ten times improvement in overall web site performance once totally (and properly) organized. WP Super Cache could be a additional easy various and you don’t ought to be a server skilled to line it up.

Using The Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks place your WordPress content nearer to the top users. Content delivery networks (CDNs) will speed up your slow WordPress web site, because your content will be delivered directly from the third party fast servers. CDNs work by offloading your static content (images, css, js) to a distribution network. If you examine a contemporary electronic computer, the HTML or PHP page is simply one request out of many ones. By decreasing these requests, you can hold your server from these tasks. CDNs offer a globally distributed network that has different performance advantages. Web Performance improvement (WPO) services transcend easy CDN

optimizations. These services offer caching, image improvement, CSS diminution and different techniques to spice up performance. I’ve used the WP Total Cache with CloudFlare and it is giving me a good result. CDNs and Cloudflare primarily profit extremely trafficked sites.

Choosing a clear and fast theme

WordPress abounds with theme choices, each free and paid. To make sure that you simply have a subject matter that performs well, certify that it’s not heavily obsessed on pictures. Whereas pictures look nice, they additionally abate loading. Another factor to seem for could be a theme with a CSS primarily based style. Finally, use Pingdom or Webpage take a look at to ascertain however well the themes perform.

Optimize information Tables

Optimizing your information tables is like defragging your pc or dynamic  the oil in your automobile – it’ll facilitate liberate area and keep your information running swimmingly. You can optimize your information tables manually exploitation phpMyAdmin or with a plugin. WP-DBManager permits you to optimize, repair, backup and restore your information. There’s additionally WP-Optimize, another information cleanup and improvement tool. This plugin additionally permits you to take away post revisions, comments within the spam queue, un-approved comments and things in trash.

Cut Down on hypertext transfer protocol Requests

Every time somebody visits a page on your website, the corresponding files should be sent to person’s browser, as well as pictures, CSS files and Javascript library references. Therefore if you’ve got a hypertext markup language file, 2 CSS files, 5 Javascript files and eight pictures, that’s a complete of sixteen files that require to be loaded. By reducing the quantity of objects in your site’s pages, you’ll be able to minimize the quantity of hypertext transfer protocol requests that area unit needed to render a page, dashing up load times. One way to try and do this is often by simplifying the planning of your website, and mixing files like scripts and CSS. The change section in W3 Total Cache permits you to feature your CSS and Javascript files therefore you’ll be able to simply mix them into one file.

Optimize Your pictures

Pictures are really necessary for a website, and they may be the reason of the page load speed. So we should Optimize our images to make their size smaller and keeping the quality almost same. For that purpose I will suggest Wp-Smush It, It is complete solution for the Images size problem. This is a good plugin that may perform basic lossless (no loss of image quality) optimizations as you transfer footage into the “Media” folder of WordPress. It even offers a “Bulk” command to optimize existing pictures. This can be a true straightforward thanks to keep it up high of your pictures for journal posts and new content side.

So that’s all for now, please reply in the comments that it helps you or not ?