Top 6 Tricks to Make Your WordPress Site Faster

Rohit Sharma
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Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma
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stockvault-speed-meter98594   Hi guys I have some great tech tips which will make your site faster. As most of the blogger use WordPress as their CMS (Content Management System) that’s why these trick are specially designed for those sites, which are on WordPress. But before starting let’s answer the most basic question here.

Why the load time of the site should be low ?

According to a theory when someone landed to your site, you have very few seconds to get his attention and hold him around. That’s why the speed of a site is necessary. More to that the site speed also make an impact on the SEO. As you may see the first 10 website of a search on Google have a very low page loading time. So let’s start reducing the site speed.

Top 6 tricks to decrease your page load time:

Before using any of the below steps first measure your site speed from the Pingdom, then after each steps again measure your site speed that its decreases or not.

Use a good Caching Plugin

If you’ve got static pictures, CSS and Javascript on your web site that seldom amendment, browser aspect caching will facilitate create your web site snappier. Caching involves storing components of your site in order that they solely ought to be loaded once rather than on every occasion a user visits your site. Caching is particularly useful for your come guests, in addition as others UN agency visit many pages of your web site. W3 Total Cache could be a fashionable caching plugin for WordPress utilized by sites like Mashable (their CTO created W3TC), Smashing Magazine, internet Designer Depot and WPBeginner. The plugin guarantees a ten times improvement in overall web site performance once totally (and properly) organized. WP Super Cache could be a additional easy various and you don’t ought to be a server skilled to line it up.

Using The Content Delivery Networks

Content delivery networks place your WordPress content nearer to the top users. Content delivery networks (CDNs) will speed up your slow WordPress web site, because your content will be delivered directly from the third party fast servers. CDNs work by offloading your static content (images, css, js) to a distribution network. If you examine a contemporary electronic computer, the HTML or PHP page is simply one request out of many ones. By decreasing these requests, you can hold your server from these tasks. CDNs offer a globally distributed network that has different performance advantages. Web Performance improvement (WPO) services transcend easy CDN optimizations. These services offer caching, image improvement, CSS diminution and different techniques

to spice up performance. I’ve used the WP Total Cache with CloudFlare and it is giving me a good result. CDNs and Cloudflare primarily profit extremely trafficked sites.

Choosing a clear and fast theme

WordPress abounds with theme choices, each free and paid. To make sure that you simply have a subject matter that performs well, certify that it’s not heavily obsessed on pictures. Whereas pictures look nice, they additionally abate loading. Another factor to seem for could be a theme with a CSS primarily based style. Finally, use Pingdom or Webpage take a look at to ascertain however well the themes perform.

Optimize information Tables

Optimizing your information tables is like defragging your pc or dynamic  the oil in your automobile – it’ll facilitate liberate area and keep your information running swimmingly. You can optimize your information tables manually exploitation phpMyAdmin or with a plugin. WP-DBManager permits you to optimize, repair, backup and restore your information. There’s additionally WP-Optimize, another information cleanup and improvement tool. This plugin additionally permits you to take away post revisions, comments within the spam queue, un-approved comments and things in trash.

Cut Down on hypertext transfer protocol Requests

Every time somebody visits a page on your website, the corresponding files should be sent to person’s browser, as well as pictures, CSS files and Javascript library references. Therefore if you’ve got a hypertext markup language file, 2 CSS files, 5 Javascript files and eight pictures, that’s a complete of sixteen files that require to be loaded. By reducing the quantity of objects in your site’s pages, you’ll be able to minimize the quantity of hypertext transfer protocol requests that area unit needed to render a page, dashing up load times. One way to try and do this is often by simplifying the planning of your website, and mixing files like scripts and CSS. The change section in W3 Total Cache permits you to feature your CSS and Javascript files therefore you’ll be able to simply mix them into one file.

Optimize Your pictures

Pictures are really necessary for a website, and they may be the reason of the page load speed. So we should Optimize our images to make their size smaller and keeping the quality almost same. For that purpose I will suggest Wp-Smush It, It is complete solution for the Images size problem. This is a good plugin that may perform basic lossless (no loss of image quality) optimizations as you transfer footage into the “Media” folder of WordPress. It even offers a “Bulk” command to optimize existing pictures. This can be a true straightforward thanks to keep it up high of your pictures for journal posts and new content side.

So that’s all for now, please reply in the comments that it helps you or not ?



  1. Twitter:
    I particularly liked the advice about optimizing photos. I am a wedding photographer, and the main problem is uploaded many pictures of each session and that make slow my site. I will follow all your advices. Thanks a lot.
    Susana Paz recently posted..Postboda Vera y TonyMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    All you outing are very informative and am still using them.
    Olayinka recently posted..Methods That Attract Women to You in Bars and ClubMy Profile

  3. Nice article indeed but would rather know which one you would recommend and why.
    thanks for sharing the post!

  4. Twitter:
    Wow thanks Rohit! I’ve been doing some of these (WP Super Cache), but I’m going to look into the CDN. Nobody wants a slow website.
    Aldo recently posted..DIY Phone Screen ReplacementMy Profile

  5. Hi Rohit,

    Thanks for this awesome post. I needed it (very badly).

    .According to alexa, my blog’s load time was over 6 seconds, which was a huge blow to me. Visitors usually want a blog to load in 4 seconds or less. I couldn’t figure out what to do and where to start from.

    Didn’t knew about optimizing images. Thanks for your valuable tips, it did helped me a lot.

    Sayantan Mahato recently posted..Download Nokia Z Launcher APK & Install (even in Rooted Phones)My Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hi Rohit, I found lots of WP sites that load slowly because the images not optimized. The site holds very large graphics or the graphics are resized in the HTML code – which doesn’t do anything to decrease page load time. Besides many sites use jpeg images that are saved at 100% quality rather than carefully making a compression ratio that decreases size without affecting the look. Anyway thanks for a nice share.
    somon recently posted..Angry Birds Epic for pc Windows 8 7 XP MAC computerMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Optimizing pictures and using only a few plugins are the best advices that work best to avoid my website to load slowly.

    Thanks for the post
    Okto recently posted..How to Make Your Website More VisibleMy Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Nice and very informative post

    WordPress is great content management system. For the people who are not good at coding and want to own a site wordPress is the best tool they can use. Site loading time is one important factor that can directly effect the website performance and ranking.

    It is surely important as it is also a factor of SEO. For new visitors the page load time is more applicable , as they do not have enough patience for the site to load slowly. They might immediately go back and try for another one. The above post explains some ways on how to reduce the website loading time . Out of the six ways mentioned above i think choosing a simple theme, having a good caching plugin and optimizing of the pictures are very important.

    Great post and I hope this post would help many people especially beginners .

    Thank you for sharing.
    Sagar recently posted..How the Science of Human Emotion works in MarketingMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    A good read Rohit …

    I have optimized everything except the HTTP requests. Guess I need to checkout number of HTTP requests that get on to the clients browser.
    Salman recently posted..Sportcraft Ping Pong Table: Buying GuideMy Profile

  10. Nice informative post to make WordPress site faster. is there is any plugin available which help us to make site faster?
    Rajeev Sharma recently posted..What is Love (Heart Touching Love Quote)My Profile

  11. Twitter:
    Hello Rohit,

    It is my unique experience that checking out (and fixing broken links) reduces page load time dramatically! My blogs improved almost by 30% just by installing the Broken Links Checker plugin for WordPress. You may wish to check this out.

    Make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..THE ART OF CONQUERING FEARMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    I just created a new site on wordpress and Bing Webmaster tools have been bugging me about site performance. I did try some of the things you listed in your article but so far nothing makes that message in webmaster tools go away. I think I should give a try to Caching Plug-in and see how it works for me.
    Umair recently posted..Awesome Cake Designs for Gamers & GeeksMy Profile

  13. Siraj Wahid says:

    Hey Rohit,,

    Speeding up your blog is a necessary task, you cannot achieve big milestones before speeding up your blog. I’ve experienced it, i was ignored by visitors at the start of my blogging career because my blog was too slow.

    Thanks for the share!


  14. Twitter:
    I have seen number of people who don’t optimize their site images, and choose heavy themes for the sack of free theme. This cause their WordPress site to load slow.
    Pankaj recently posted..Affordable Website Designing ServicesMy Profile

  15. Kuldeep says:

    Hi Rohit,
    Nice tips. Cache plugin and CDN can help alot to improve the speed of a wordpress site. Along with these 2, one should optimize his/her site’s database.
    Thanks for sharing your tips :)

  16. Aman Sareen says:

    I always recomend to wp cahe for better result to make your website run faster

  17. sandeepkumar says:

    this is really a awesome way to increase our website loading speed.i am happy to see that i am already followed your 5 tips but your 5th tip is completely new to me going to try this man
    thanks for this awesome post
    keep writing and keep rocking
    wish u success
    thanks you

  18. Twitter:
    nice points that should be known before starting blogging career. actually i always thought about user that they should not have any issue with my blog. now i can improve my blog by using these tips. thanx..
    Rahul Singh Solanki recently posted..Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus Price In IndiaMy Profile

  19. #Tip – You can also try to implement Gzip compression in your blog. It can help you save your bandwidth & reduce load times by reducing the page size.

  20. Hi
    this is really a awesome way to increase our website loading speed.i am happy to see that i am already followed your 5 tips but your 5th tip is completely new to me going to try this man
    thanks for this awesome post
    Thank you very much again…!!!
    lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  21. Thanks mate , I think changing current theme will cause some effect on Traffic , is it so ?

  22. Thanks for tips, probably the best way to boost speed by implementing cache script. It makes lot of difference.
    vikash recently posted..LG 14 Place Setting D1451WF DishwasherMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    Its does not matter how good is your blog, but if its too much time to load the viewer will be less interested too access your blog. The Best thing is keep your blog simple such that it load faster with good hosting. BTW its a nice guide for those who facing long time to load.
    Tanmoy Das recently posted..How To Download Instagram Images On Your PCMy Profile

  24. Let me add one other thing that can also make a WordPress site faster
    1. Avoid Use of Flash or Swish Based Animation: Any animations coming from these two application should be totally avoided. As they always have a large size which take some times before downloading. Instead, you should use animation with J Query and if you don’t know how to use J Query then give your site a very professional outlook without animation

    Let me ask this question, what do you mean by information table?
    Alabi recently posted..How An Award Winning Writer Loses Weight QuicklyMy Profile

  25. I think someone should make a plugin which combine all the elements to make and optimize a wordpress site faster.

    Nice article thanks for this
    agathasewing recently posted..Brother CS6000i Reviews – Feature-Rich Sewing MachineMy Profile

  26. Sumit Sagar says:

    Can we use cloudflare on a freehosting such as ?
    If yes then how …

  27. Twitter:
    Thanks for the Pingdom tip. My site is faster than 55% of all sites.
    Must admit though, most of your discussion here is over my head technically.
    joe arrigo recently posted..Making Hard Choices.
    It’s Not a Science
    My Profile

  28. Dasangam Rahul says:

    Using many Plugin,Images on wordpress website will increase loading time.In order to decrease loading,we have to use only some plugin and images.As you said above,W3 Total Cache is the best plugin to reduce your website loading time easily.Thanks for sharing these additional tricks.Does css and Js files impact in increasing loading time of a website???

  29. Bill Alexander says:

    Thanks for the tips on WP-SmushIt. I wasn’t even aware that there was an image optimization tool for WP. I’ve been using W3 Total Cache for a few years now on my client’s websites and it does help quite a bit.

  30. Ahmad Naeem says:

    really nice and Informative article to Increase WordPress site faster.I used to apply all these changes on my wordpress site to make it faster
    Thanks for sharing with us,Hope it will beneficial for me :)

  31. Twitter:
    I think these days themes play a major role in making a site faster or slower. SO selecting a fast loading which have automatic script to optimize images will be a good idea to make WordPress site load faster.
    Atinder recently posted..Glasgow Commonwealth Games Starts On 23rd July 2014My Profile

  32. Nice tips, I agree that website loading time plays a big role in SEO, cache plugins work great for speed.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Rahul Sharma recently posted..EASILY SYNC BOOKMARKS AND PASSWORDS IN CHROMEMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    hello Rohit,
    i am agree with your all point to increase speed of wordpress based blog or website but i would like to inform you that optimizing images and cut out the free space from editor file will help you a lot to increase website speed and i do not think we should use any plugin.

    Thanks & Regards
    Kapil Heera recently posted..Signs of OCD accompanied by the Social MediaMy Profile

  34. Himanshu Negi says:

    W3C Total is a nice wordpress plugin. CloudFlare is a free CDN – Content delivery network you can use. You forget about Google Page Speed Test Tool.

    Hey, I am using For images – image quality isn’t reduced much but I can see some string thing attached to my images url which should be removed according to page speed tools. Another issue is that image size needs to be defined ike height-width. How can I improve that? Is it due to my theme or something? Any suggestions?


  35. Hi Rohit
    Nice article i recently start my new education blog and its loading speed is not so good. i follow all your steps and i hope it will helpful with me. thanks for sharing with us.
    Hiren recently posted..Gujarat TET 2 Hall Ticket/Admit Card 2014 – Download Gujarat TET 2 Admit Card 2014 at ojas.guj.nic.inMy Profile

  36. Twitter:
    I learnt a lot , i am going to try it for my new wordpress website.
    Megan Lloyd recently posted..How Drupal 8 will take Open Source CMS to the Next LevelMy Profile

  37. Twitter:
    Nice Article. I really appreciate your points here. Yes. it needs to handle WordPress. Nowadays, lots of blogger using WordPress Platform for their blogs or sites. So, they also wanted to know how to maintain their respective WP blogs and how to maintain site speed. Your points are good and should have to follow it. I definitely like to use your tricks on my WordPress blog. Thanks for sharing :)
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..At Last I Crossed $5500 this Month in Google AdSenseMy Profile

  38. This is really a very nice and informative article. thank you very much for your time. i am in troubled with the loading speed with my blog and going to try a catching plugin. Hopi it will work for me. thanks again :D
    Saidulfeni recently posted..Cute Friendship Quotes With Images | Friendship wallpapersMy Profile

  39. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tip. All the while I am using WP-Supercache plugin for my wordpress and it does helps a bit! Still, it’s not as fast as some other site out there, perhaps it’s the problem of my server. It’s also my first time knowing CDN, which I guess I’ll have to look into right now. One tips that is similar to CDN is I host my photos on my Flickr and external image hosting site, instead of on my server so it will reduce the workload from the server. =)

    Nick Chan recently posted..Liverpool: A Walk In City, Cheshire Oaks & Albert DockMy Profile

  40. Hi Rohit,
    Nice Post!
    I have already done almost everything you said in the post (No CDN for now). Apart from that I have invested a lot of time in speeding up my site.
    I did this all through Google PageSpeed Insights and I can say my site is fast now, not the fastest in the world but is fast.
    Anurag recently posted..How to Share Animated GIF on Facebook?My Profile

  41. Twitter:
    Hi. Rohit Sharma.
    Its great article dude. All of these points in this articles are great. thank for this tip about caching plugin. I didn’t know about the Content Deliver Networks. This article is helpful for my website.

    Thank you so much :)

  42. Twitter:

    thanks for this very informative article. I wrote some weeks ago, a similar blogpost. Google Pagespeed in connection to traffic and conversion rate. But i have to add CDN to my blog.

    I have to clean up my source code and check unecessary code in html and css.

    Stefan recently posted..Kindle Fire HD Vorgängermodell und aktuelles Model im VergleichMy Profile

  43. Great post, thanks for your tips. I must optimize pictures with Wp-Smush It and use Caching Plugin!
    Many thanks again. It’s extremly useful!

  44. Twitter:
    Thanks Rohit to share this trick to load WP Blog faster.

    Personally I found that its hard to rank in google if the site take more than 5 sec to load.
    Swarup recently posted..Science Fiction to Reality – An InfographicMy Profile

  45. Twitter:
    Great post,
    According to me optimizing images improves your page load times drastically. I noticed that many of the bloggers use unoptimized images, that can be further compressed 70%. For this I recommend tools like Radical Image Optimizer and JpegMini.
    They really do the job well.
    Akshay Hallur recently posted..MyThemeShop Coupon Code 50% OFF with ReviewMy Profile

  46. Twitter:
    CDN doesn’t come free with web hosting I guess, We have to pay. I concentrate mainly on image optimizing and removing unwanted items from my widgets.
    Noor Basheer recently posted..Hostgator Vs Bluehost Vs DreamHostMy Profile

  47. Twitter:
    I found that just using CloudFlare on my website configured it with the W3 Total Cache was the best. It improved my load time faster than what i was getting with W3 Total Cache alone and it improved my overall load time drastically. Also using the photon service through JetPack greatly improved my load time. So Jetpack Photon and Cloudflare and your site will be running much faster
    Scott Hartley recently posted..Microsoft Security Essentials Not Up To The Task Of Protecting Your PCMy Profile

  48. Yes, you are right, CDN doesn’t come free with web hosting but there are some alternative like you can use Photon CDN (comes with Jetpack Plugin and it use to host photo) and/or google pagespeed cdn service to make your site faster.

  49. Twitter:
    Exactly, the picture size is crucial. I couldn’t understand why my site was so slow, but then I realized my pictures were huge in size. Some as big as 4MB. Changing them helped a lot
    Adam recently posted..I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  50. Twitter:
    I use nearly all these methods on my website, had some issues with WP-Smush It at one point, but it is great for saving those valuable bytes when putting pictures on your website.

    I would also recommend not using pictures bigger than you actually need, there is no point have a 2,000 pixel photograph, when it’s only going to be displayed at a lower size, if you only want it 640 pixels, then make sure you upload that size. It all helps ;)
    Karen Woodham recently posted..North Wales Pride Returned to Hendre Hall feat Misha B and KameelionMy Profile

  51. Been using all these to speed up my WP website. A speedy website means better rankings and user experience. Nice writeup :)
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted..SBI PO Answer Key 2014, Probationary Officer – Profile

  52. Atif Mansoor says:

    I always prefer to use bulk plugin, gzip compression and fast and user friendly WordPress themes in order to make my blog load faster.

  53. Muneeb Ahsan says:

    Well, i must say the article is easy to understand and well written. Well done , rohit. Speed does matter , in google serps ranking. So it is recommended to do all the listed steps to increase speed. By the way, my site speed is 74 or something.

  54. Damian Martin says:

    Thanks for the Post, I’m on the way to launch my website on WordPress Platform, this all tips are gonna help me out to make my website better, Thanks Again.

  55. Twitter:
    i do want to add one thing more, and that is optimizing pictures dramatically improve the site performance. The secret is, high resolution pictures take more bandwidth to download the picture, on the client browser, here more bandwidth mean more time, if we consider internet speed on client side pretty normal. What you say, rohit?
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted..How to hide Disk Partition in Windows 8My Profile

  56. Sofia Brooks says:

    Thank you for sharing these cool tips. Yes you are correct we have only few seconds to get someone’s attention and if the site or blog speed is slow then we will not only lose visitor but also the business. By the way what plugins do you use. I am using W3 Total cache and smush it and very satisfied with them.

  57. Twitter:
    Thanks for the nice post. About optimizing pictures, do you think I should upload pictures from my computer or copy from another site?
    Linda recently posted..Skyliner WordPress Theme ReviewMy Profile

  58. Twitter:
    Hi Rohit!
    A great post. I noticed that template matters a lot. That’s why i bought a very lite theme for my blog. Loading time is very fast and people can navigate from one page to another in no time. Thanks for the rest of the suggestions too. :)
    Osama Zia recently posted..FIFA 2014 wrapped AirlinesMy Profile

  59. Twitter:
    Very informative, Optimizing images, Using Cloudflare CDN & W3 Total Plugins will do most of the job. Thanks for the post bro.
    Nithesh Chakravarthi recently posted..Best Online Image Compressors 2014My Profile

  60. Even with all the attention in the world to the points in this post, if the WordPress site doesn’t use optimized images, it will load slowly. I notice this particular problem on many sites. They use incredibly large graphics, or the graphics are resized in the html code–which doesn’t do anything to reduce load time. Then there are the jpegs that are saved at 100% quality instead of carefully selecting a compression ratio that reduces size without affecting appearance.

  61. Twitter:
    Awesome Post. Yes. Website Speed is main aspect of every blogger. It should maintain and rectify internal errors regularly. I recommend to use WP Super Cache Plugin for their blogs. I’m using it last couple of months. It’s really nice plugin and open blog easily. Thanks for sharing good information here:)
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted..GAIL Recruitment for 15 Vacancies of Medical Officer & Doctor – July 2014My Profile

  62. Hi robit and all, I found lots of WP site that load slowly because the images not optimized. besides many site use jpeg images that decreases size without afecting the look.

  63. Hemant Aggarwal says:

    Using a CDN is a good idea. Also mention the Google Page Speed service, which is much faster than any other CDN.

  64. Twitter:
    Very nice post, very helpful. I think using a great cache plugin is the best element in speeding up your website, thanks for this.

  65. According to me, I think for WordPress sites to be faster, I personally recommend using WP Super Cache.Its very light, easy to use and extremely efficient.I use it for all of my websites.And you should minimize the use of plugins.

  66. Abdul Wahab says:

    Nice and useful information to speed up WordPress blogs. I will try these tricks on my blog to speed it up. Thanks for such a great tricks. Looking for more such kind of informative posts on wordpress

  67. Twitter:
    Thanks for the tip about Pingdom, just tested out my site. I was able to do some small things that helped with loading, though I still have to look in to optimizing my images. :-)
    Kimmy recently posted..It’s a Party on my Nails: Formula X DemolitionMy Profile

  68. Twitter:
    I use the following website to compress images and to resize them – its great at reducing the size of banner ads, through to images for your website. It allows you to specify the compression – eg the higher the compression the lower the quality.The other thing – W3 Total Cache has a couple of cool options. eg minify which reduces the size of JS and CSS code. But it also has CloudFlare built into it – so 1 less plugins draining resources from your website.
    David recently posted..Effective Small Business Marketing StrategiesMy Profile

  69. Alex Taylor says:

    Although all your tips are valuable for make one word press site faster but specially Liked “Using The Content Delivery Networks” and this is the tip of which I am lacking behind. Thanks

  70. Abdul Ghani says:

    Hi Rohit,
    Great Tips you had shared! Thanks for sharing.I will be soon using your tricks to load my wordpress sites faster :)
    Abdul Ghani.

  71. Twitter:
    Hey Rohit,
    First of all thanks for sharing such a nice post. I am WordPress lover and one of my site loads in less than 3 seconds. Here is the list of plugins which i use on my blog.
    W3 total cache – This is the best plugin i ever used. It minify the site and loads faster.
    Supercache – This is also good plugin but not the best.
    minify html tags and java scripts to make blog load faster. Compress images on blog because images are the main problem in loading. If you have large size of images on blog post than your blog will take time to load.
    Keep sharing post like this, Thanks.
    swapnil recently posted..Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3My Profile

  72. Tauqeer says:

    Yes i have started implement and getting result from this post thanks for sharing :)

  73. Tejwinder says:

    Hello Rohit

    Really an informational article. I am using w3 Total Cache Plugin but it is very complex to use. So many options and setting. Can anyone help me to make good setting of it?

  74. Luu Manh Thang says:

    Hi Rohit,
    This is great information for Internet Marketer who like use WordPress in installing a blog and website.
    I am also using the same plugins as you are.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post.
    Thanks & Regards
    Luu Manh Thang

  75. Twitter:
    Thanks Rohit for such a informative post on speeding up page load time. Can you tell me how to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content ?
    Avinash Kumar recently posted..Hai Yehi Zindagi New Song from Kick: HD Video Lyrics & ReviewMy Profile

  76. Twitter:
    Hey @Rohit ,

    Great Post ! Speeding up wordpress blog is the main reason , Fatest WordPress Blog is liked by all vistors they comes again and again , I always ignored by visitors at the start of my blogging career because my blog was too slow. I really lik your post.

    Thanks for the share!
    Manpreet recently posted..How to Become a Good ProgrammerMy Profile

  77. Twitter:
    Hey Rohit,,

    I think cloudflare and w3 Total Cache is the best things to speed up wordpress blog.

    Thanks for the share!
    Manpreet recently posted..How to Become a Good ProgrammerMy Profile

  78. that’s the trick which i was looking for a long time, and i found it here, thanks admin… my wordpress blog is too slow even it takes minutes to load pages, i hope this tut can help me out.
    Muhammad Touqeer recently posted..Hai Yehi Zindagi Lyrics – Salman Khan Song | KiCK (Download Mp3)My Profile

  79. Twitter:
    Great post Rohit, i will try these tips to speed up my blog. Anyway thanks for sharing.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..How To Add A Floating Sticky Bar In BloggerMy Profile

  80. Vanessa says:

    Page load time is such a huge factor. I have gone to blogs before where the page load time is ridiculously slow and I just leave.

  81. Utkarsh says:

    We can also minify our CSS and HTML to make the site code a big smaller. It should make the site load a bug faster. Although in my experience, it doesn’t do much than remove some meager milliseconds from the load times. Anyway, great post.

  82. Twitter:
    Optimizing your images can play a big big role. We have to make sure that the resolution which we want to display on our blog must be same in original as well. If the image is big but we try to make it small with html, it will lead to huge loading time.
    Amandeep Singh Nagpal recently posted..Step By Step Guide To Root Motorola Moto G XT1032My Profile

  83. Hari Kumar Shrestha says:

    Hey Rohit,
    Brilliant post about to make the ‘WordPress site faster’. I totally agree with you but again do you have any idea how we can optimize the scripts (specially javascripts) which make the website a bit heavy. The fast loading website is definitely beneficial for search engine rankings.

  84. Amit Ahuja says:

    That’s a truly informative post that has changed some prospects of my blogging. I will be certainly doing few tweaks to make the site more faster and hence more visible.

  85. Twitter:
    I use WP Super Cache plugin and it has decreased the loading speed of my page to a good extent. However since I use a magazine theme, the site is still not loading that fast. I am thinking to install Splash theme. Hope it works.
    Sanjib recently posted..Download UC browser for PC/Computer (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP)My Profile

  86. Shekhar Sagar Srivastava says:

    I am using W3 Total Cache on my various blogs, but didn’t knew that CDN too can improve my blog speed, can you post an article on How can we Use CDN for our websites speed improvent, irrespective of CMS platform used, and are there any services providers that provides CDN for website, actually I am a bit confused over CDN and want more clarity.

  87. Twitter:
    As usual Rohit, your post is commendable. Few realize the significance of page load time and its relevance to viewer attention. Optimizing images and using a less heavy theme is often very crucial.Thanks for the post again.

  88. Bob Ellis says:

    I learned a lot from this post.. Thanks Rohit!

  89. pavankumar says:

    what you provided were nice tips.. but some other important thing is unwanted wordpress plugins which makes website very slow and effect SERP ranking

  90. Twitter:
    Hello, Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.
    As newbie like me, it helps me alot.
    Actually I want to ask that How much images are suitable for a post?
    Thanks & Regards.
    Rohit Kumar recently posted..Sony Xperia C3 Dual Unheard and Unseen Features and SpecificationsMy Profile

  91. In addition to following the advice here, it is my belief that dedicated hosting may serve your interests better…you may wish to upgrade your hosting account and see how things turn out.

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  92. Nice post Rohit. All the six tricks mentioned above by you are really good and i hope it will work for me too. thanks.
    Jessie B recently posted..Top New Party Songs List – Best Party Songs CollectionMy Profile

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    I have been a owner of a wp blog which loads for almost 10 seconds, Tried several different methods and eventually all went into vain. After I tried the above 6 methods and the results are simply mind blowing now the load speed is reduced to 2 seconds.
    Lakshman Pentyala recently posted..Best Custom Roms for Moto XMy Profile

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    Nice blog, which contains very useful information. and how nicely you share some great tips thorugh which bloggers can easily boost up the speeds of their blog.

    The two cache plugins you mentioned above i am also using it and definitely i feel the difference of my blog speed. Thanks for excellent information.
    Muhammad Mairaj recently posted..How You Can Use Commentluv Plugin To Make Your Blog WorthyMy Profile

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    My website suffered from Low loading speed. Now I am using W3 cache plugin. Now website loading boosted. Thanks For Information Rohit.
    Pramod Pawar recently posted..How to Use Custom Domain on Blogger with GodaddyMy Profile

  96. Arun Andiselam says:

    Like other people mentioned, I would suggest to go with the caching which makes your site faster too. There is some plugins available to make the cache enabled for your wordpress site. It might cause some trouble in development but it works smooth once you finalized your website and launch it.

  97. Twitter:
    Hey Rohit,
    Nice Article, Tell me about CDN !
    I Used CDN (cloudflare) in my blog what do you think about CDN better or not ?
    Thanks for sharing very helpful post !
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  98. Twitter:
    Hey Rohit,

    Nice article, I also use some of tools that are described in this post. W3 total cache plugin is very important for wordpress blog as it auto minify CSS and Java script. It has also an important feature of CDN too. Max CDN is very helpful to increase site speed.

    For optimization of image is very useful option to optimize the image automatically.
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  99. hello rohit
    i am facinf this issue from last two days mine website score is 64/100 i tried all the methods but not getting wts going on i will apply a plugin to optimize my images hope i will get rid of this problem
    thnx for sharing the post
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  100. What is “information tables”? WP has no information tables. Probably you mean options table (wp_options)…
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    I think most of bloggers comment just because to create backlinks. But the scope of creating backlinks via commenting is falling with very high rate. Today, social networking sharing has succeeded blog commenting. Google is now preferring those webpages which have more social sharing. So it is better to earn fans instead of creating backlinks.
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted..How I got 5 free PR9 DoFollow backlinks with just 6 days old Domain?My Profile

  102. Hello Meghan I would recommend all the steps but out of them first you should use a CDN. You can read my post on CDN on my site.

    Sure i will….looks cool
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  103. Good article!
    You listed the most important facts to improve a website.
    One point I`m missing are plugins.
    If you are using 20 plugins your website header may end up loading 35 single js and css files. To fix this issue coding understandings are required and it takes time to adjust the theme+plugin accordingly.

    Also caching plugins require deep knowledge of server technology. It can be setup easily but using the correct and best settings is a different topic. The default w3tc setup gave me 85\100 google insight rank. My admin spent half a day to optimize all caching and cdn settings. Insight speed went up to 93\100

    Sitespeed is an ongoing process but worth it!

  104. Twitter:
    As per pingdom, my blog’s home page size is approx 3.5 MB which is not good. Is there anybody who can help me out to reduce the page size?
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