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Mitz Pantic
My name is Milica Pantic (aka Mitz) and I am a serial full-time blogger. I started out with one website many years ago and it went so well, I sold my businesses and began living the internet dream. Since then I have been perfecting the system of blogging and building Wordpress websites to earn money online. This is an ever changing business and I love the challenge. Please feel free to download my favorite FREE REPORTS if you are interested in improving your blogging business or starting one from scratch.
Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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point and click website builder

Yes I have been told that this statement sounds too good to be true, but it is! You can actually simply point and click to create a WordPress website. It is so easy, it should be a crime.

You do not need to be a genius html php web designer to have a real website up and running in minutes, ready to start typing your text and adding pictures. If the guy with the dread locks and his thumb up can do this from a mobile phone, you can too!

First we should talk about WordPress.

What Is The WordPress CMS?

WordPress started out as a simple blogging platform/content management system (CMS) that developed an awesome way to manage the content of your website.

Today WordPress is the most popular content management system around and is used by millions of websites around the world. Sites like Ebay, NYTimes, CNN, and Mashable all use WordPress. Even this website uses WordPress.

WordPress lets you edit your website online in a text editor that looks and feels a little bit like Microsoft word. You can select text, make it bold, underline, and turn it into a heading. The website programming is done for you, and all you really have to do is press on the publish button when you have added your content in.

WordPress then makes it all looks amazing and professional.

I guess you are wondering why this amazing software would be free for anyone to use? Well by making this software open source it encouraged other programmers to contribute to its perfection.

How To Use WordPress For The First Time

I always say that ANYONE can easily build a WordPress website

from scratch without any programming or website building knowledge.

Here are some reasons why WordPress is easy to use:

  • Most, if not all top hosting companies, all offer the one click installation of WordPress through Cpanel. It is as easy as filling in a very small form and submitting.
  • It is easy to add your first post by simply pressing the button that says “add new post”.
  • You can change your WordPress theme to a premium WordPress theme or a free one at any time by pressing the “add new theme” and then activating.
  • You don’t need to study for years to learn how to build a website with WordPress as most WordPress basics tutorials are free and easy.
  • If you want to add a special function to WordPress there are thousands of free plugins available at WordPress. Then you only need to press “add new plugin”.

Don’t Pay Someone To Point And Click

Because WordPress is installed at the press of a button, it is definitely not worth paying for someone to build your website nowadays. The most you could possibly pay for is a customised WordPress theme, but that would only really be necessary for a big business website.

Building a website with WordPress can save you thousands of dollars and people do not realise how cheap it is to get your first website, or even your second and third. To create a wordPress website, you do not require and special skill, you jsut have to take action.


I love WordPress as it has allowed me to build a professional quality website without wasting too much time or money. WordPress gives everyone the opportunity to build a website within minutes and start creating their dream.

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