5 Signs of Obsessive Compulsive Social Media Disorder


You will have to excuse this post as it all started with an idea and got twisted from there! There is a new addiction that has spread amongst both webmasters and normal people and they are calling it “obsessive compulsive social media disorder”. Have you heard about it yet? I was shocked when a friend, […]

10 No Brainer Tips for Making Money with Affiliate Marketing


I know how hard it is to make money with affiliate marketing and I am always looking for an easy way. In theory affiliate marketing is quite simple; you place an affiliate link on the Internet, people click on it and purchase the product, and then you get a commission. If only it were that […]

Laying The Right Foundations For Your WordPress Website Business

Wordpress website business

As with a real bricks and mortar house, you need solid foundations to build on when starting your WordPress website business. A website is considered a valuable piece of virtual real estate. A successful website can be worth more than your family home and without a solid backbone to your website, you run the risk […]

How To Use Your Youtube Success To Drive Traffic To Your Website

youtube success traffic video marketing

If you are a webmaster then you may have heard of people using their Youtube success to drive traffic to their websites. If you are a webmaster and have not heard of this, then where have you been? Youtube is beyond huge because people watch 2 billion videos a day and are uploading hundreds of […]

Google Approved Link Building Techniques After Hummingbird

link building

Google Google Google. Some love you, some hate you, but this is for the ones that need you. Some link building techniques will get you in trouble with Google, and if your site gets the typical thirty to fifty percent of its traffic from Google, getting in trouble with Google is a very bad idea. […]

Point And Click To Create A WordPress Website

point and click website builder

Yes I have been told that this statement sounds too good to be true, but it is! You can actually simply point and click to create a WordPress website. It is so easy, it should be a crime. You do not need to be a genius html php web designer to have a real website […]

Understanding Website Traffic Statistics And Using Them to Your Advantage


Understanding website traffic statistics is generally hard for the average person as it seems to be such a technical topic. Lets try and simplify it all. Only three things really matter in website traffic statistics: visitors, goals, and referrals. Let’s look at each one separately. Website Traffic Stats: Visitors Visitors are the people (or humans) who […]

Rookie Website Building Mistakes


The number one rookie website building mistake is starting a website without a plan. But that’s not the last mistake rookies make—let’s take a look at them all in detail. Website Building Mistake #1—No Plan Websites don’t cost much money today, but you could waste countless hours website building if you start without a plan. […]

Is There A Legit Google SEO Guide?

google seo guide

There is a free legitimate Google SEO Guide called The Official Google SEO Starter Guide which offers basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice to newbie webmasters, but it contains mostly vague advice and warnings about what not to do. What The Official Google SEO Guide Doesn’t Say The Google SEO Guide won’t tell you about […]

Google Approved WordPress SEO Tips

Wordpress seo tips

Many SEO marketers recommend WordPress SEO tips which aren’t necessarily approved by Google. They’re not necessarily forbidden by Google either, but we thought you might want to know which tips are officially approved by Google, so here are the top five Google-approved WordPress SEO tips: WordPress SEO Tips #1—Use Meta Tags Various plugins for WordPress […]