Just who the heck is your blog content for?

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Glenn C
Glenn C
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Blogging just for youself, or Google?

There is no doubt about it, blog writing is massive. Okay, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that. Thousands of new blogs start up every day. Most of which have great intentions; however, many completely miss the point.

Their content is not written for the right people! Huh, I hear you say? Well what I mean is that the blogger doesn’t write for the people they should.

To expand on this a little further, the following multiple choice question should help:

  1. Google
  2. Themselves
  3. Readers

Hopefully most people will choose a healthy split between their readers and Google. In reality it should be something like a 70/30 split, in favor of the readers. After all these are the people that actually bother to read the content you have (painstakingly) written.

Practically Unreadable

Unfortunately way too many bloggers are still writing content that is just for the search engines, aka Google. How do I know this? Well the stuff that gets churned out is practically unreadable. Most of the time the content contains way too many keywords, it seems that these bloggers are trying to force Google to notice their content.

It should also be noted that attention to formatting is important here too. A well laid out blog post will make it much easier for the reader to actually,

errr… read it!

In some desperate attempt to get their content featured as high up the rankings they are resorting to churning out spam articles. Despite Google and the others stating time in memorial that content should be adding value.

Preventing Spam

The fix for this spam is quite easy. All that it really needs is the writer to think more about the audience that they are writing for. If it is not possible to fit a keyword into a sentence naturally, then it should be left out. This practice is much better than forcing keywords into text; it makes it so much better for the reader too.

Generally speaking a good, readable article will contain around 2-3% keyword density; much higher than this and you are risking spamming your readers with your blog content.

It’s all about me!

Nearly as damaging as purely writing for Google is to just to write for yourself. This means that you really don’t care about providing your reader with any kind of solution. ┬áVery often there will be way too much technical information in your writing, when this happens readers don’t get time to digest what they have read. People don’t want to be force fed this kind of text, they really don’t.

If there is any chance of becoming the expert in your area it is done by allowing people to arrive at their own conclusions. Constantly telling people how great you are, is one sure fire way to p**s them off. Fact.

The Wrap up

Blog content is a brilliant way of engaging with your site visitors. Done well it can help you to become the authority in your niche. However, a huge number of bloggers get wrapped up in either writing content that is just for the benefit of Google, or themselves. When this happens there is much less chance that the reader will want to share the content, or even come back for a second helping.