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Amrik Virdi
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It’s common sense – quality content makes a blog successful. The structure of the content itself can still vary, from articles to reviews to “how to”s, so “quality” in and of itself does not hinge upon the actual type of post as it does the subject matter.

If you dare to go against the grain of your niche, you should be able to grab some attention. But it’s a complicated process, more complicated than just going against the pact. Quality writing can be divided into a few categories: Technical and Essence.


Quality first and foremost depends on technical capabilities:

1. Improve Your Writing

Typos, spelling errors, and bad grammar, no matter how original your content is, will destroy your post. You lose a lot of credibility as a leader within your niche if you can’t even spell properly or punctuate correctly.

While many people would hire proofreaders for this process, I think you as a blogger (even if you’re not a native English speaker) should take the time to learn proper grammar. Take a class, read a textbook, go through online tutorials, hire a tutor.

This will in the long run make writing a much less time-consuming task, and it makes you a better conveyor of information.

2. Simplify Your Language

For many writers, even English native speakers, a post’s writing can be grammatically perfect but still difficult to follow. This is because the attention span of most readers now is extremely short. Any sort of writing that is unnecessarily long or wordy will be overlooked.

While an academic paper will congratulate you for your wordy language, your readers certainly will not. One of the biggest problems I see is the overuse of prepositional phrases. For example: “Writing should be simplified to make readers want to read our content more for traffic in order to become credible bloggers.” All the times I used “to” or “in order to” or “for,”

I was making the sentence unnecessarily long.

The meaning of the sentence is lost when I pack so much information in there. Break up sentences.


We’re at the heart of quality content. Once you’ve mastered your basic writing skills, you can be more free to put your heart into your posts.

1. Inform your Readers with Fresh Material

Always think: what will be interesting to readers? What should they learn after they’ve read my post? Something should draw your reader to the content itself. If you’re a tech blogger, then maybe your review on the new Nexus will intrigue them. Once they’ve finished reading, they should gain a better understanding of the tablet and know better whether or not they want to buy the product.

Fresh should mean it comes from your own opinions and worldview, not necessarily taken from another blogger. To do this, keep a tab on what other people are saying within your niche.

2. Write about Things that Interest You

Even the most controversial and the “hottest” topics can’t win readers if you yourself are not interested. Readers will know when you put your heart into your writing. You won’t be able to stop writing. You will be putting material in that is truly from your personal experience, and not just a rehashing of what others are saying.

3. Write about Yourself

If you’ve got a good following already, then readers should be pretty interested in you. If you haven’t talked about your own experiences yet, you really should put yourself out there.

Even if you’re just an information blog aimed at educating your readers, you shouldn’t let that hold you back. Write about your life, get a small memoir going through your posts. It makes you more likeable and connected to your readers as not just an informer but as a human being.

So the first step is your writing. Develop your grammar and your language and then start working on your actual content. You should notice that you will start forming your own tone and style in your writing. The content should be fresh, well-informed, and easy to relate to. This will get you a nice readership going and get your reputation in tip-top shape. 


  1. Quality Content really improves the ranking of our website. Providing quality contents will attract large amount of visitors to the website and it also improves the relationship between the users and the webmasters.
    Zaveeth Aslam recently posted…IMPROVE YOUR Wi-Fi SIGNAL, FIVE SIMPLE STEPSMy Profile

  2. Content is King. If you content is of high quality, then people will start recommending it and you will lots of traffic. Writing quality and unique contents will help us to drive traffic where our visitors will come our readers soon.

    Thanks for sharing this useful article.
    Shathyan Raja recently posted…Guest Crew – The Community of Guest BloggersMy Profile

  3. Thanks for this wonderful post i started blogging a few days backs and reading a lot of stuff online found a few are useful and this post is one of them thanks mate:-)
    lakshman teja recently posted…How to delete a Site from Alexa?My Profile

  4. we all know that Content is King and if we can’t provide quality content then no body will visit again our blog.
    for getting loyal readers we have to provide fresh and unique quality articles to audience so that they can share our articles with their friends.
    Thanks Amrik for providing us an awesome article
    Rajesh Jhamb recently posted…LG Optimus G2 Full SpecificationsMy Profile

  5. Using relevant images and maintaining keyword density also helps out to have a better quality article..
    Thanks Amrik for sharing this helpful guide..

  6. I think everyone writing any kind of content should take a course in English, or enough courses to get proficient. I find it real easy to find web geeks where I live to help me on my web designs but to find one that can write English well is a challenge. So far I haven’t found any.
    Kirby Hopper recently posted…The Conflicting Goals Of Web Design User ExperienceMy Profile

  7. Nice tips dude !
    These tips are important for a non English bloggers their Mother Tongue is not English ..they can have problems with writing a good post .And bloggers should do research before writing any post .This can help them to post a very high quality content.

    Pramod recently posted…WickedLeak Wammy Passion Z+ price,specs and features | WickedLeak Wammy Passion Z price,specs and featuresMy Profile

  8. Hi Amrik

    What I found the interesting thing, is the your writing style.
    Though the article itself holds a valuable information and the presentation made it more perfect, easy to read and understand.
    Coming to the article… You have used the two words technical and essence. For a Tech Blogger its always necessary to choose the right niche and should have sufficient knowledge of the topic before writing.
    I agree with the point you have discussed in the post.

    For the essence. I think its all about how good Internet marketer you are. Am I right ?
    By the way thanks for the article.
    ~ Ravi Verma
    Ravi Verma recently posted…Finally WhatsApp Voice messaging feature ConfirmedMy Profile

  9. Sahil Garg says:

    Hello Zaveeth
    Nice article buddy. all Points are necessary to create a quality Content. a Blogger should gather all Information about article what he want to write and then start writing in a Right manner.

  10. Great tips on writing good articles bro and you really write awesome article and keep going like this.
    Gautam recently posted…How To Download Temple Run 2 For PcMy Profile

  11. Hello Amrik,
    Of Course Content is the most important thing of your blog. Every newbie blogger should start blogging with this point. If we don’t provide unique and quality content on our blog, then we lost our visitors, no one will like to visits on our blog. So it’s really necessary to provide quality content.
    BTW Amrik, very nice post and thanks for sharing such a great post..:)
    Keep sharing… :) :)
    Pankaj Jain recently posted…Google Nexus 5 V’s iPhone 5: An OverviewMy Profile

  12. Hi Amrik,
    In my experience quality means helpful. Our blog post needs to help someone with a need. It doesn’t have to help everyone. If we try to solve everyone’s problem, the “quality” status in that content would be gone.
    Okto recently posted…Three Social Media Networks to Include In Your Online CampaignMy Profile

  13. Sameer Sumdarshi says:

    It seems that this content is specially written for me. Just a Joke.
    A really good post for bloggers like me.

  14. old but gold tips thanks for share amrik. i think keywords destroy the quality.Every writer try to put more and more keywords to make blog post search engine friendly.But he doesn’t know by using more and more keywords quality lost.Reader is fluctuate to read..

    Thanks for share….
    Ramesh Kumar recently posted…How To intelligently Use Yahoo Answers To Get Traffic Without Depending On GoogleMy Profile

  15. Quality content comes out when you represent real yourself, and don’t try to copy someone else. I know research is quite crucial for coming up with relevant and useful information but share it with your own style, so you can make it interesting and attractive.
    Pankaj recently posted…Best Online Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  16. Andrew Wave says:

    Quality content is the king. You can rank your website without SEO Link effort with only news articles.
    You are Right. It ‘s easy to put an effort to write new article. I don’t understand why people think to rank a website with just few pages and duplate post!
    Thank anyway for that:). I’m completly agree with you.

  17. I liked the graphic and how you laid out everything in steps.I would have to liked more information on the different formats to use but other than that I thought it was very informative article. Thanks for the great tips!
    Martin recently posted…Is FLASH Appropriate for your Business Website?My Profile

  18. Hi Amrik,

    1. “Typos, spelling errors, and bad grammar, no matter how original your content is, will destroy your post. ” It depends. I saw many influencers making typos and nobody seemed to care. So, I imagine that these kind of things will destroy your reputation only on the long run and if they constantly appear on your writing.
    2. “… the attention span of most readers now is extremely short”. On the one hand, this is true. On the other hand when you are in the correct niche and write for the correct “persona” and you are talking about the “right” problems, needs and wants of your readers, then they will read your article no matter how long it is.

    One question: Why on Earth are people surfing the net when they don’t read the articles? If you really want to solve your problem, you will pay attention to what you read. How do you know an article is good for you and solves your problem, if you do not read it? Headlines? People abuse the headlines more and more these days so a killer title, a magnetic headline is no guarantee you’ll get a quality content. The solution should be: never read long post. Ever. When a post is short, read only the headlines. They will surely solve your problem. The best solution: quit internet for good. Never read a post. Any post. This is the real way to solve all your problems and succeed.

    3. Essence? I made a model of creating quality content that ensures maximum success and cannot be beaten. I invite everybody to come and learn. It is free and no opt in is required. The best internet marketers and influencers don’t know how to do it. Come and learn. Everybody.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted…How to Succeed Online when You are Lazy and BoredMy Profile

  19. All really great tips! I especially like just the simple, checking writing and simplifying your language. Although it may seem like a normal thing to you and I, I see a lot of people trying to run successful blogs without having the basics in place.

    Great read though.

  20. Sunidhi Dass says:

    So far i thought if you have the latest content to share you will get the traffic and i really dont care about the arrangement of content. but once i followed your instruction now my traffic is almost double and bounce rate is getting lower. Thanks for sharing..

  21. As you said every blogger must write what he has interest in that.Because by writing interesting articles it would be a fantastic article and give some links to you also.

  22. I would add two more things to your list: research everything you write about and write only about things you are passionate about! Thanks for sharing your very useful guide!
    Elena recently posted…Sensational and Easy Yoga Poses to Deliver Chronic Pain ReliefMy Profile

  23. Nice post Amrik! One trick I like to use is writing about something and combine it with something I’m passionate about… For example I just did a blog post about prospecting strategies, pretty boring right? Well what I did is ask the question, “How would Batman prospect people and build a team?” The result was great content with a cool twist!

    -Eric Out-

  24. Hey Amrik,

    Good post. As a blogger, they need to realize that they blog for a reason. Just don’t blog because … they want to make money. Instead, blog on things you are interested in. Put at least some heart and soul into the writing. You will do better than.

    Thanks for sharing mate!
    Reginald recently posted…BlueHost Review – Professional Web HostingMy Profile

  25. The most important things are to write gripping contents , use attractive language, select a topic that you know and write something about yourself. These things brought me lots of success. Thanks for this nice post.

  26. Great, post,
    To write a great content. you need this quality but as well as a communication with readers also needed
    thank for sharing this….. :)
    Nikhil recently posted…Why Is Better Than Problogger For NewbieMy Profile

  27. Without wanting to sound sycophantic, the first point is absolutely correct. There are one or two guest bloggers here who would do well to take on board this point. If English isn’t your native tongue, get your writing proof read please. Otherwise it comes across as being spammy.
    Chloe recently posted…Banks of letterboxes for housing developments and estates?My Profile

  28. Sadie Cosby says:

    Thank you for your useful tips on how to write quality content of a blog and this will help me improve my blog. I will share my success with you when i get some effect and i hope you can give me some guides:)

  29. Simplifying the language is the best way to write your blog post. Its not an intelligent decision to use difficult language to write your blog post as by this you will loose a significant number of readers of your blog & at the same time you will miss the target of reaching to your readers. Nice post Amrik, keep it up.
    raj recently posted…Talking Tom Cat for PC download, Talking Tom Cat for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  30. really nice post but can you tell me where to find new article topic for technology blog

  31. Great post, I’m glad I didn’t fall into any of the negative aspect. I started writing short summaries about myself and experience as a blogger in between my blog posts which made it interesting, this have really boosted my blog.

    Keep up with the great post Amrik
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…How I got Google Adsense Approval on a 7 Weeks Old BlogMy Profile

  32. sohibul habib says:

    sometimes making great article need skills, and the pasient.. im dont agree if some one say that making quality content /article is easy..

  33. daniesh alfie says:

    i,m still trouble making quality content in another language, many people says that our language is better than other..
    thanks for the sharing..

  34. awesome article. blogger should write about the thing which he cares about. Never chose a niche about which you don’t have enough knowledge. its really hard to write correctly for non natives but with proper hardworking and knowledge English can be improved. Thanks
    Muneeb Ahsan recently posted…How to disable startup programs in windows 8My Profile

  35. Michael London says:

    Thanks for the post Amrik, some very useful information particularly about the importance of good grammar and short sentence structure. I shall try to incorporate this advice into my own writing style.

  36. Content is King. If you content is of prime quality, then individuals can begin recommending it and you’ll immeasurable traffic. Writing quality and distinctive contents can facilitate United States of America to drive traffic wherever our guests can come back our readers shortly.

  37. I really like #3 It is something I missed as I busy to educate people and forgot to write about myself. Thank you for the insight

  38. Amrik, thanks I have a hard time understanding quality content since everything is subjective. I’m just going to write like I always do and keep it like that. – Scott Craighead
    Scott Craighead recently posted…Hot Blog Tips Addresses Blogging With That Gaming CriticMy Profile

  39. Amy smith says:

    First I was impressed by your epic guide above; you’ve really achieved your goal of sharable content.
    Thank you for your time and effort to summarize everything for the audience.

  40. Bob Thomas says:

    Great article, I can’t agree more than you not only need fresh, original content, but the content needs to be free of grammar and spelling errors.

  41. I’ve always found that writing frequently always helps a blog, such as every day or every 3 days. But when it comes to writing articles, I just write about what I enjoy and it usually comes down to the world of entertainment.
    Karen Woodham recently posted…Who is Larry Shippers and why are One Direction fans so angry?My Profile

  42. yahh..writing about yourself. Its needed and necessary. Not only write for others people.
    titan recently posted…Jobdirumah Payment – Kali ke 48My Profile

  43. siddhartdas says:

    Hello Amrik
    Quality Article ,
    As we know that Content is super King. If you writing quality content, then people will start recommending it and you will get the traffic in huge amount. its matter also of your Writing format and your topics should also interesting so that you can get a lot users. Well i would like to say thanks which you have shared your views with us.

  44. hello amrik
    very informative post Using relevant images and maintaining keyword density also helps out to have a better quality article..
    thnx for sharing this article

  45. it is really helpful for the readers to find any article which is written in a simple language.
    We should use jargon as less as possible.
    yogesh pant recently posted…What is an Accretion Disk?My Profile

  46. Writing personal experience in the articles give it a unique and better essence to your readers.
    himanshu recently posted…Download Google chrome offline installer for freeMy Profile

  47. Thanks for the tips, quality content definitely is key. Also I find I get good responses when I write as I naturally speak when talking to a friend. This way I can keep a down to earth and easy to read style even when communicating on more detailed subjects.
    Sondra recently posted…Fiverr Gig: Place Your Banner On My Classified Ad Site For LIFE!My Profile

  48. Manpreet Kashyap says:

    Your Tips and Suggestions are great, but web is already full of content related to almost every topic.

    how can we get the topics that are really new so that we write an original content that no one has yet written.

  49. Puneet Gupta says:

    Hi Amrik,
    Good Post, as you have guide about the Content in your post. Really i am impressed with you. i also prefer on Content and as we know that Content is super king. Quality is most important for our website /blogs. So we need to write quality content so that we can get huge traffic and can get no.1 ranking in search engine results. So thanks a lot for sharing this Guidence. Really It will help me to writing Quality content.Thanks

  50. in my view quality content is that which satisfy and complete the need of your audience. you should write for audience interest not for own interest. anyway thanks for the helpful post.
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…How to get Insurance for Apple iPhoneMy Profile

  51. Great post, Amrik. I definitely agree with your tips. I always try to write valuable content that my readers will be interested in. I’m always working to improve my writing skills so readers will keep coming back.

  52. Quality n fresh content is most crucial factor!
    Vineet Gupta recently posted…15th August – India got Freedom, but Did You Got Financial Freedom?My Profile

  53. Suraj Suryanaryanan says:

    Hi Amrik,
    Nice Tips Regarding how to make Quality Contents and while others show interest in finding new words which are difficult to understand, choosing a simple language is always a better option. Thumbs Up dude… Visit Our Blog Just let us know the review. Thanks buddy :)

  54. I completely agree that writing should always be driven by the writer. It should be about what the writer wants it to be about and appeal to their sensibilities. You’re also right to point out, on the other hand, how important simplicity is online. If the writer needs to make a compromise anywhere, it should be in simplifying their writing.

  55. True True , Very True . Couldn’t agree more. Nowadays people are just focusing on creating money . They don’t understand that the money will follow your writing, Your writing shouldn’t follow the Money!

  56. Great!
    Quality is that thing counts in now-days and one will never be down if he takes content quality to that level.
    Harman recently posted…Satyagraha Movie Box Office Collection on First, Second & Third DayMy Profile

  57. I’ve found number three on the list to be very true. When I write posts that contain little bits of information about myself, and written from the heart, I get a much better response from readers and the stats show it too.

    Good article.

  58. Great article! I consider myself a pretty good writer, but still tend to fall into the trap of difficult-to-read sentences. I use the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress and it warns you if your sentences are too long and difficult to read. It really keeps me on my toes. This article is a great reminder that we always need to be learning and improving our craft. Thank you!

  59. No.2 is the best way to write quality contents, there is nothing better than write something that interests you, you will be happy writing is which will create a sort of bond between you and your readers.
    Thanks for the great post.

  60. Nice post!
    I am not English writer, but i think i can use your advice and implement it on my post. I want people become more interested in my article.
    Thank you ;)
    Irfan R recently posted…Membuka (Mengakses) Website Yang di BlokirMy Profile

  61. Good article. You make a good point about writing about yourself and things that interest you. I see so many blogs that have posts that don’t seem personal. Everything seems so dry. In my posts I try to always ad a line or two that shows how I am off regardless of what the topic is.
    Leon Bailey recently posted…Orlando RV TV CommercialMy Profile

  62. Jane Brown says:


    Content is the most important thing in a blog because it attracts the readers and will make them remain committed to the blog.

    Jane Brown

  63. very inspiring post, thanks for sharing these tips =)
    Ahmed Taha recently posted…Prostaglandins and inflammation: the synthesis, effects, and functionsMy Profile

  64. Very nice tips Amrik. Thanks for sharing the tips.
    I think the most 3 important things which really matter among them all are simplifying the language, improving the writing skills, and always giving fresh and great material…
    Ahmed Taha recently posted…Overweight and obesity: the 3 secrets guide to be fit and get in shapeMy Profile

  65. Reetika Gupta says:

    Hello Amrik,
    Very Informative Post and this is true that Quality Content is most important for our blog. in my opinion Topics and quality content both are matter to get the traffic in huge amount on the Site. so your topic should be interesting so that mostly people can get on our blog. well i would like to say thanks to you for sharing this post which you have guide me about the Content.. Thanks

  66. Adam Smith says:

    Another great article , Amrik. I completely agree with you. From my own experience, Social media is the (only) most important way to promote a website now. I understand website content is the key, however, without effective way to promote the website. The outcome might be way far from your expectation.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  67. Finding new idea is really hard these days. can you suggest some tips to find new ideas for a tech blog..Thanks

  68. Well done on this post! This is refreshing to read, and i definately plan to work on overuse of prepositional phrases
    Miguel Shands recently posted…The Best Free recording softwareMy Profile

  69. I learned a trick in creating a quality content post. You need to include your keyword in the first paragraph and at the last paragraph.

    • Hello May Jean,

      Thanks for sharing this beautiful idea about content promotion. Could you please tell me how much i can put one article. So that Google will not penalize.
      This will avoid me from Google penalty.

  70. Guides are infinite! Here or on another blog! But I think at least i can follow one of these :)
    Chetan recently posted…Q-veg: The natural CoQ10 supplement in IndiaMy Profile

  71. Hi Amrik ,

    I think to create a quality content , the writer should focus on giving some value to the article so that people will actually get something from the content. Keeping the readers in mind , content should be written.

  72. Sharing experience is the best thing we can do to grab visitors trust.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Brantner TA 11045 XXL v 1.3My Profile

  73. #2 Simplify your language
    This seems to be very true. There are many blogs that use very complex and tough jargon which make it difficult to understand. Using simple language will help to connect with the readers emotionally.
    Mia Taylor recently posted…Adopting EHRs Found Beneficial for Mass Community DoctorsMy Profile

  74. while writing, we should always consider the question:
    “What the reader actually wants”
    The answer shall be quite simple but different for different articles and thus, the writing becomes much more easy.
    yogesh pant recently posted…What is an Accretion Disk?My Profile

  75. yes this is the only guide to create quality and at the same time it is readable by every reader.Then only it would be sharable to others also.Nice post amrik.
    raman bathina recently posted…5 Best and Free Media Players for WindowsMy Profile

  76. Brett Slansky says:

    Hi Amrik,
    as many people here stated, you gave some of the best tips on creating a quality content. I have some things to say about the point No. 1 — Grammar :-)

    I know that grammar, spelling and other things are necessary to create content that people can say WOW…and if the readers get 10 mistakes right up front, they would not probably bother to continue to read.

    But for some people it is very difficult task.

    I just want to say to your readers to write as you speak and then re-read it at loud. Sometimes I even print the whole article and let my wife to read it as well. Like that, we always find some little mistakes.

    All I want from you is not to be afraid of making mistakes. That is how you learn and do not think that everything must be prefect. As the matter of fact, two days ago I stumbled across an article written by one of the most respected internet marketer and a lot of readers posted comments trying to point out his grammar mistakes.

    After 5 comments or so, the GURU replied:

    Guys, I am a marketer, if you came here to learn something about marketing, do not look for spelling mistakes.

    And I agree with him. Why would I take my sweet time to look for mistakes? That is never my intention when I visit other people’s blogs! I always want to learn something from them. So why waste my time?

    So just be yourself, try your best and do not worry about the rest :-)

    Have a great day,


  77. This Guide was actually useful. I am totally considering to simplify my language and make it easy for my readers. Thanks for this info.

  78. Jon Poland says:

    Amrik — your point that some bloggers need to take a grammar class is very important. Successful blogging is all about building an audience by creating quality content that helps serve a group of people who have a common interest. If the blogger is going to successfully build an audience, he or she has to be able to “connect” with that audience. Poor grammar and poor English simply make it more difficult to connect.

    Your article was excellent. However, there is one more point I would like to add about creating content. If possible, writers and blogger should also try to create content that is “timeless.” Focus on creating content that will help and serve a market for months and years to come. This will allow the writer to produce a piece of content once and then have that content generate traffic, leads and revenue for his business for months and years to come. This article that you posted is a great example of “timeless” content. Well done, Amrik.

  79. hiii amrik
    I think to create a quality content , the writer should focus on giving some value to the article so that people will actually get something from the content. Keeping the readers in mind , content should be written.
    rajat recently posted…free download best android themes 2013My Profile

  80. Hi Amrik,
    Thanks for this beautiful article, i think using the right keyword by searching in the google keyword planner one can improve its trffic, and by uploading relevent pictures with quilty content also
    kuldeep recently posted…NOKIA LUMIA 925My Profile

  81. Hi Amrik.
    Small world…Nice to bump into you here!!
    I totally agree with you bout the need to keep a post simple.
    I was recently approached my a young guy who told me how he loved some of the unusual and offbeat articles on my blogs but was unable to understand them all because he feels I use big and heavy words excessively.
    I immediately took that as a cue and have been making a conscious effort to keep my language simple ever since.
    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan recently posted…Is Facebook Running Out of Ideas?My Profile

  82. I like this article, especially starting with grammar and spelling. There are so many posts out there that don’t seem to have been read before being posted. Original content “hand written” adds so much more value than spun content.
    Andy Lockhart recently posted…Take Out The NegativeMy Profile

  83. well if we talk about Quality content, It is the main part of our blog and the main reason is that if we focus on Quality we will have regular visitors to our site as well as unique visitors and it will increase or site reputation too. Thanks a lot Mr. Amrik for sharing this article.
    Have a nice week Ahead.

    Karan Oberoi
    Karan Oberoi recently posted…Grand Masti 2013 (1st) First Day Total Box Office CollectionMy Profile

  84. Love this article, Google Panda is a change in the ranking algorithm (rank) the results of a Google search. This downgrade impact on your website / blog with the poor quality of the content (bad quality) and “thin content sites”. I think content very important for site reputation.


  85. I really liked what you said about simplifying the language , that’s a very genuine and very important advice to consider i think……
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  86. Hmm….Nice effective tips…Thanks a lot
    SAJID recently posted…[Update] Jailbreak iOS 6.1.3 coming or not?My Profile

  87. I agree with all the points you’ve listed above and will like to add to it that a writer must know his/her voice. This is very important in blogging. If a writer doesn’t use the right voice to speak to the readers, no matter how good the article is, it will be less interesting to the readers. Thanks so sharing.
    Ngah Benoit recently posted…How important is an apology to your relationshipMy Profile

  88. Amrik this is important and true. Every blogger has to read and apply your guide on their writing so as to make fresh, readable and relevant to the niche. Nice post ~Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Download Temple Run for PC,Computer & Android [How to Use Guide]My Profile

  89. Hey Amrik,
    Nice post and Yes, quality content is very important factor for success of any blog. We have to make it better and simple so that our reader can easily understand our content. We have to write topic only in which we have interest as it really help us to keep focus on our content and we can provide more accurate information to them. Thanks for sharing these tips with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

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