5 Reasons Why Blogging is Like Parenting

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Blogging has captured many Internet users’ imaginations. A large number of people blog merely about their personal lives, or display photos of flowers in their garden. However, increasingly, bloggers are taking this activity very seriously, and are making (or trying to) money from blogging. Once you have blogged for a while, regardless of how serious you are about it, you realise that your blogs have almost become your children. Here are five ways in which blogging is like parenting.

1. The pregnancy

You spend months thinking about nothing else but its arrival. You spend ages planning the virtual nursery (the hosting platform) and making sure that each aspect will give your baby just the space and comfort she needs. You deliberate for hours to decide the exact shades of the perfect colours to make it just right. You read everything you can find online and from books, sometimes even buying “˜courses’ you don’t need. But as far as is possible, it’s got to precise. You’re serious about your baby. You want the very best for her.

2. The choosing of the name

Oh, to choose a name! You do your research to make sure the name you want for your baby is not too common. You check out what it means, alternative spellings, and do searches to confirm that it doesn’t sound like anything indecent or silly. You run it by friends and family “˜in the know’ to make sure it would be loved by everyone. Everything is ready, but you don’t sit back. You can’t relax. You go over all your plans time after time, to make certain all is taken care of before the launch of the new ‘life’.

3. Sleepless nights

The baby gets here and the sleepless nights begin. You stay up late at nights to deal with a ‘baby’

who still does not know the difference between night and day, so it keeps you busy 24/7. When it’s resting, your mind still isn’t. All it wants is your time. It eats and eats and eats, so you have to work your fingers off. You still read all you can find. Your hunger for information has grown since the birth and you can still almost smell the “˜freshness’ of the event.

4. You want everyone you know to meet the baby

…And not only your immediate circle. You post pictures on Facebook and Twitter too! You tell everyone about this new ‘baby’ in your life. You create a signature link on your email so that everyone you contact will have access to the news. Your conversations, regardless of the topic, always find a way back to your baby and how greatly it has changed your life. You sign up to every forum you can, and all the social networking sites you’ve seen hanging about the web, just so that you can link up and everyone can be made aware of your exciting news. Sometimes you even strike up the nerve to show “˜baby’ pictures with perfect strangers. They don’t really want to know, but they politely humour your incessant boasting.

5. Once you pop you can’t stop

Before your first one, the thought of a “˜birth’ scared you silly. Now that you’ve learned the ropes, anything is possible. Your second one’s a breeze. Some people say the real difference is between numbers one and two, not numbers two and three. So far, you can’t say for sure, but you’re itching to find out. The second one is already in the planning. Each time you feed your first “˜child’ you think, “˜I’m going to do it… as soon as I get this one off the ground.’

Has your blog become your baby? Please visit me at A Blogger’s Books to see pictures of mine.