How To Write High Quality Articles Really Fast (20 Or 30 Minutes)

Josue Valles

Josue Valles

I'm a proud internet marketer, boyfriend of the most wonderful woman in the world, we've been together for over 2 years now (wow, time goes fast...) and I currently live in Chihuahua, Mexico. There are three things that I LOVE more than anything: -Jesus -My girlfriend -Internet Marketing I'm entrepreneur, author and founder of Internet Marketing Club, a blog that helps people succeed in their online businesses. There I blog about SEO, blogging and proven Internet marketing strategies that I've been using in my own sites and marketing campaigns. You can contact me on Twitter
Josue Valles
Josue Valles
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 How to write high quality articles fast

Let’s face it. Sometimes write new content is a hard work. But not only that. 90% of the people are busy and don’t have the enough time to write content when they want. Maybe you can pay someone to write content for you, but, if you want to create your own content this tips can help you write a high quality article in about 20 or 30 minutes.

So, how do this works?

The main problem when it comes content creation is that the writer don’t have a base structure to order their post. Here is an example of a order structured blog post that you can use for your content too.

1.- Your Title

(You may put an image here)

(Your fist paragraph or intro)

2.- Your first section

(Short paragraph)

3.- Your Second Section


(Short paragraph)

4.- Your third section

(Short paragraph)

5.- Your Summary goes here

Basically this is a good example of a speed article structure. If you put attention you will notice that all is based in the same pattern, so basically all you need to do is have clear your topic and structure your content in sections following the same pattern of information and images so you can write fast.

Note: Obviously this is just an example and you can mold it to your benefit, but basically this is how it works.

Now let’s talk about each of our structure


1.- Title

This is fundamental because this is the first that your audience will see. If your title is non-attractive you will have few clicks in that blog post, so keep that in your mind.

My recommendation is that you find an SEO title that share well in social media.

2.-  Images

Try to don’t use pictures with copyright protection but most of the time you will can grab the pictures from Google. Also try to follow the same pattern of images so you can find them fast.

3.- Structured List

Basically just break down your topic in a couple of sections, don’t think too hard about it, just order your list. For example 11 ways to lose belly fat or 3 SEO tips that will kill your competition, etc.

If you order your topic that way you don’t only will write your content much faster, but you will make your article more easy to read. That is important for your audience.

4.- Short paragraphs

This is too simple. Just explain in a couple of lines what do you trying to say in your section.

5.- Summary or Resume

Maybe you’re thinking that this section is not important, but i can say that it is. Most of the people don’t want read, they just scan the content and try to grab the basic idea. I realized that a lot of people just read the summary, so is important.

In this section you need to put in a few words the basic idea of your post so the reader can easy understand what you trying to explain.

Final Words:

In a few words, if you want to write fast you only need 3 things:

1.- Have a topic
2.- Structure your topic in sections
3.- Follow the same pattern of images and information.

If you have this 3 things, i can promise you that you will write your content so much faster, but also you will make your articles more easy to read. I love this strategy because i can write 3 or 4 pieces of content every day in about an 1 or 2 hours and when i finish i still having so much time to spend with my family and friends.

Hopefully you found this article useful and if you do, please spread the love in social media and leave your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Some very spot on tips. Thanks. I have similar set of rules when writing articles, but I don’t really use pictures. Josue, grammar!
    Adam recently posted…I was wrong about FacebookMy Profile

  2. Hi Jose,

    Thanks for this helpful post. Content are articles are the key part of the blogging. Without content, blogging can’t be done. People want to read your content, but long and well-written content. They don’t want to write a 300-words summary posts. They want to read guides and others consisting of 1000s of words.

    It’s okay to a extent. But it’s hard to write it out. Especially when the bloggers have got less to devote for blogging. Unless one is professional blogger, it’s quite hard to do.

    But, thanks to your tips, now I can write posts super-fast/

    Sayantan Mahato recently posted…How the Amazon Smartphone Could Change the Smartphone IndustryMy Profile

  3. Hi Josue,

    In my opinion if you have good knowledge and experience about any topic then you can write it quickly. But if you’re new to the topic and lots of time spend on researching about the topic. So writing within 20-30 minutes won’t be possible.
    Pankaj recently posted…Online Mobile Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  4. These were great tips.Thanks to your article
    By the help of these tips i will be able to put great and valuable content in short time.
    Sushain recently posted…Wallpapers for PC | HD Wallpapers for PCMy Profile

  5. Abhishek says:

    Real good points,content has always been the king.With these techniques we surely can write a good quality article in a very short span of time.

  6. Nice article. Staying focused in a positive environment is a great way to write high quality articles too. Thanks for the info
    J. Wright recently posted…Anti-aging Skincare tricks for Men, DIYMy Profile

  7. Hi Josue,

    Yes, having a base structure or breaking down your articles point by point when writing them helps you write fast.

    Of course, you learn to do that better through practice. It’s probably going to take you some time when you’re trying to write an article the first time around. But the more you write, the faster you become.

    I remember it took me over a week to complete my first article. But through time, as I write more and more, I learned to break my articles down point by point when writing them and my writing becomes faster.

    Thank you for sharing your structure.
    Mickiyas B. recently posted…How to Increase Comments on Your BlogMy Profile

  8. Hey Josue,
    Yes, i am agree with you. These tips are really awesome. If we have same structure to write articles than we can write articles really fast. If we divide article into different paragraph that it will very easy to write and read.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice article.
    swapnil recently posted…Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy Note 3My Profile

  9. Hello Josue,

    Apt tips here. However, these would only work perfectly for short posts and not marathon ones or indepth reviews which require at least 1500 words. What do you think?

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted…5 BIG IDEAS FOR BLOGGING WHEN NO IDEAS COME TO YOUR HEADMy Profile

  10. This is very nice article. I believe the toughest thing in writing a post is to have a good Topic. Once this part is covered, rest is somewhat easy.
    Umair recently posted…Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for TwitterMy Profile

  11. I think the first step in writing a new article should be picking a long tail keyword that is eye catching. You have provided a good article structure to start with. Above all, one should not have any sort of distraction while writing a article.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…Tips to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  12. Yes, one can write articles really fast as your title suggests but I question how ‘high quality’ they are.
    Pictures are easy to come by…if you just want any old picture. Time must be spent to find pictures or images that actually pertain to the post. And then proper SEO treatment is required.
    Then we also have to talk about proof reading and correcting errors in the text. In this author’s text there are many errors and makes one wonder how much effort the author actually put into the post.
    I argue a good quality post will take longer than 20 -30 minutes the author suggests.
    Troy S. recently posted…#914 Silly PuttyMy Profile

  13. Tejwinder says:

    Hello Josue

    Great description here. You have just make things so simple. If somebody follow these easy steps he/she will recognise the change in their writing with the best structural content. Thanks for sharing such an informational article with us.

  14. I must say you have provided a very good post on how to write blog posts fast. It is the best article on this topic I have read so far. :)
    Avinash Kumar recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Star Advance with Android KitKat Launched at Rs. 7,299My Profile

  15. Hi Josue,
    Writing fast is important tips for bloggers. Writing fast and quality content? This is something bloggers have to know for sure.

    Thanks for this encouraging tips. Wish you have a wonderful week
    Okto recently posted…How to Clone Your Best CustomersMy Profile

  16. Ray Blanchett says:


    This is the basic format I use for more concise points when going into a length article is not relevant. Posting points of best practice or the main teaching and learning points are examples. Already have about 50-60 pages such using this format without pictures and each page receives repeat visitors.

    Thanks for your quick writing format.

  17. great tips for writing quality content really fast. Thank you
    Rahul Biswal recently posted…WordPress XML Sitemap: All You Need To KnowMy Profile

  18. The only other thing I would suggest is, also interlink your website. eg on you new post, try to link it to other posts you already have on your blog – as this helps from an SEO point of view. Plus it also help keep people on your site a little long.
    David recently posted…Social Media Automation that Everyone Should ConsiderMy Profile

  19. DownloadApps says:

    Thats really nice article. I hope i could also start writing fast, rather hiring authors for hq content.


  20. A while ago, I’ve learned the same ideas from a friend of mine with a lot of experience. Definitely it is much easier and faster to write when outline is prepared. As well as quality is better. Well, I am not that professional in article writing, but when I have an inspiration, I can easily write 2-3 articles in an hour.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted…Steps to Deploy a Social, Search Optimized WordPress BlogMy Profile

  21. Great techniques and tips but you missed about keywords and header tags. They are very important to get higher position in SERPS. Anyway thanks for the tips.
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted…How To Add A Floating Sticky Bar In BloggerMy Profile

  22. Abhijit Bangal says:

    Really is that all so easy? I still have to experience this if that is indeed so. When I write some stuff, I really find it difficult to get going (not always though). However, if these tips are used properly, I am sure these will help because they look realistic.
    Thanks for them all…

  23. Thanks for very interesting and helpful post about writing article fast. The difficulty I experience frequently is getting quality content for research to add in article together, particularly if it’s a topic about which my knowledge is limited. Getting sources of good information can be challenging and time consuming. Once that’s been achieved then yes, it shouldn’t take too long to write the high quality article. Anyway thanks for a nice share
    somon recently posted…Gunship Battle Helicopter 3D for PC Windows 8 7 XP MAC computerMy Profile

  24. Hi Josue,
    Great Tips!
    Although I did something different and wrote a big article in just 30 minutes. Well, to be frank I didn’t did it, What is it? Well, one day my ISP was having trouble. So, there was no internet connectivity. I decide to write a post on GWT and man, I wrote it too fast.
    For me Internet is the biggest distraction but since on my blog I write about tech, this trick doesn’t works here.
    Thanks for the share.
    Anurag recently posted…Xiaomi Mi3 vs Nexus 5 – ComparisonMy Profile

  25. It is not easy as you told in this article. A good article is always comes with a great research otherwise most of the time our fellow bloggers will invest most of his/her time in -“reinventing the wheel”
    rakesh kumar recently posted…Implement bxslider in WordPress with Custom Post TypeMy Profile

  26. Usually i take 1-3 hours for writing a post. Previously i didn’t know about this structure. Thanx for your post. Now, i can cut down some valuable time. :D

  27. That\’s helpful indeed! Writing quality content is definitely a challenging task! Oft i\’m faced with this writer\’s block and finding the right topic gets a bit tiresome. Great post and definitely a time killer :)

  28. Josue, Very informative tips. It is main and essential part in blogging. You have to try to write an article. Your points are really be helpful for newbies about how to write an article in less than 15-20 mins. It’s really cool and I appreciated. I’d follow your steps to write an article ahead.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)
    Pritam Nagrale recently posted…Top 10 World Bloggers to Inspire FromMy Profile

  29. Thanks for the tips, we have always found it hard to write content, from our website to our blogs. The hardest part is where to start. We have a blog which we are only now beginning to use so these tips will really help me when I have to start churning some articles out next week, thanks for the post.

  30. Hey josue,
    Nice post and Yes, writing article and not just simple article but high quality articles again and again is not an easy task and consume lots of time. These points are really important. Our title should be eye catching because it is the first thing which reader sees.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  31. These ares some important points which you mentioned above. Many blogger faces difficulty on writing articles in short period. I like the structure you mentioned above for writing article. This post really gonna help many newbies.
    Lalita Bisht recently posted…Whatsapp Status FunnyMy Profile

  32. Nice way to represent article. It makes article writing easy and maintain the quality writing. I like this structure. Surely use these steps in my articles. Thanks for sharing. Newbies has to learn from here.
    Thanks again.
    Rohit Kumar recently posted…Happy Friendship Day 2014 quotes, Friendship day messagesMy Profile

  33. Mark Chandler says:

    We haven’t got our website up and running yet, thats how hard we find content, when your busy working or projects its always hard to find time to sit and write text. On our new site we are going to have a news/blog section, and its a daunting feeling knowing that we are going to have to write not only content but engaging content. Being a blog novice hopefully using some of these tips will really help, thanks for the post.

  34. One of the things I struggle with is where to include an image. sometime I’m writing a tutorial and want to have lots of screenshots, but they seem to take over the post. It ends up looking like a long list of pictures.
    Also do you tend to put a credit line for photos right under the photo or at the end of your post?
    Jason Benway recently posted…comment blocks of code with notepad++My Profile

  35. I believe in slow and steady wins the race. You mentioned some really nice tips in here, though.
    Vikas Bhatt recently posted…Karnataka 2nd PUC Result 2014 2nd PU Results http://www.karresults.nic.inMy Profile

  36. To get images for your articles without copyright concern, go to FreeDigitalPhotos,com. You can use them free as long as you include credits. Also Wikepedia Commons is a great source.
    joe arrigo recently posted…Take a Breather:
    Regenerate with Good News
    My Profile

  37. Great tips for fast and good writing! What i personally believe is that Reading is the key to it. Reading a lot! Coz that’s how you would fill up your memory banks . Not only will it be helpful for writing posts but also in revealing your creative styles. Thanks for sharing this great post.
    Kathy Mathis recently posted…Haruki Murakami’s New Novel To hit Bookstores soonMy Profile

  38. In my opinion if you have good knowledge and experience about any topic then you can write it quickly. But if you’re new to the topic and lots of time spend on researching about the topic. So writing within 20-30 minutes won’t be possible. Research takes a long time
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  39. Hi Josue

    Nice piece of work. Most of us follow some steps or others when writing an elaborate article. I like to storyboard before I start writing.
    I identify the major areas I want to cover and then I create a PPT where I dedicate a slide for each topic. I keep on adding my points to individual slides as and when they strike me.

    Once I am sure I have enough data with me, I start to consolidate the data and present an article. This method definitely takes not more that 30 min to complete an article. But what about the time required to storyboard?

    You have described an “Organized Way” of writing a new article which is indeed great and helpful for a lot of people, people with good knowledge of what they are writing. But people with a limited knowledge on the subject should still use this method but the results are surely not 20-30 for the output.


  40. Writing in the form of lists is pretty easy and fast to write articles….
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  41. Nice way to represent article. It makes article writing easy and maintain the quality writing. I like this structure. Surely use these steps in my articles. Thanks for sharing. Newbies has to learn from here.
    Thanks a lot…..
    lalina recently posted…Top 10 Best Drinking GamesMy Profile

  42. I agree whole heartedly that the writing comes quickly when the inspired ideas are there. I also have a full time job apart from my blog, and actually, I blog as a part of my paying gig that’s already writing-heavy, so it can be a challenge.
    I think it is important to interject creativity into the process and also just be observant. Some of my best ideas are born out of metaphors within my own life or experiences. Mowing the lawn, watching a friend’s kid, things that don’t have anything to do with my topic, which is thrilling,
    Amrish recently posted…Ik Pal Yahi Lyrics – Creature 3D | Saim Bhatt,Bipasha BasuMy Profile

  43. Very nice sharing. No doubt these tips plays significant role in blogging. because every blogger wants new article everyday to promote their website as well as to satisfy the visitors of his/her blog. No doubt these tips are very helpful for bloggers.

    Thanks for sharing such and excellent article.

  44. Very Nice Article ! It makes article writing easy and maintain the quality writing. I like this structure. Surely use these steps in my articles. Thanks for sharing. Newbies has to learn from here.
    Thanks for sharing !

    Preet recently posted…Windows 9 Preview Free for EveryoneMy Profile

  45. Short or long, don’t make it a sea of text. Use subtitles and attention grabbers, lists, images, etc. Most people just scan through, don’t actually read word by word.
    Andy Kent recently posted…An Amazing Experience on Top of Burj KhalifaMy Profile

  46. Tamira Hamilton says:

    Ironic! I use a formula very similar and it makes getting the job done quickly AND effectively. I learned this from an internet marketer and had to modify to fit the WordPress Theme that I use (to make it visually appealing). Now that I have this template I can structure any blog topic in my head prior to writing it.

  47. Some of these tips are right on. I use many of these each and every day
    Paul recently posted…10 Ways To Save Money With Home InsuranceMy Profile

  48. In my opinion if you have good knowledge and experience about any topic then you can write it quickly. But if you’re new to the topic and lots of time spend on researching about the topic. So writing within 20-30 minutes won’t be possible. And you need to research also
    lalina recently posted…Showbox for PC Free DownloadMy Profile

  49. Hi
    First of all thank you for sharing helpful post. Can you please explain the significance of bold and italic in on-page seo? Does putting keywords in bold or italics improve SEO?
    Ankit Chauhan recently posted…Common Blogging Mistakes Made By BloggersMy Profile

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