Affordable Storage Ideas For Small Bedroom

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Affordable storage ideas for small bedrooms will show you the vital things you need for good storage if you have a small bedroom. These storage ideas are great for kids rooms, caravan living, or holiday homes. Storage doesn’t have to be expensive to be useful. The following 4 ideas will not set you back much, but they will make a great difference to your bedroom clutter.

Storage idea 1: shelves behind a curtain



storage idea - shelves behind curtain

Not many people can afford fancy wardrobes, especially for their kids’ rooms. Besides, even if they could, not all wardrobes come in the size you want. There’s an easy way to combat this and save money at the same time. If you have a recess in the room this is a perfect plan, if not, it will still work for you. Buy cheap shelving or MDF. Cut to size, then put up your brackets where you want the shelves to go. If you want to hang hangers behind the curtain, an old curtain pole will work for this. You can mix different types of storage (like shelves, a curtain pole, and a slim chest of drawers). When this is done, put up your curtain to keep the stuff hidden and dust free. I have a tutorial on how to do this on my diy blog if you want more information.



once the curtain is closed, even storage looks pretty

Storage idea 2: wall storage

Wall storages are cheap and simple to make – even without sewing experience or talent. Wall storages can be made out of fabric and can be customised for colour, shape and size because you can make them yourself. They’re useful, but add beauty to your interior design. They’re ideal for small bedrooms and caravans etc because the take up no space at all. They lie flat on the wall and the things that cause clutter the most (odd stuff) can all be put into your wall storage. So ideal they are – where usefulness is concerned – I sent a picture of this one I made to a UK magazine (hard copy) and they’re paying me a good price to use the tip in their publication.


Storage idea 3: shoe boxes

Shoe boxes come in different sizes. They’re sound and strong and many of them can last for years. (I’ve got some that have). There’s no stitching or building involved in customising shoe boxes (or any other box) for storage. Simply cut fabric to size, apply fabric glue, and paste on the boxes. You may have leftover fabric from curtains you had made – these are very useful and they match with your existing décor. If you don’t have these, wall paper can work just as well. Don’t forget that you can paint wall paper any colour you like. You can choose to paint them exactly the same colour as the bedroom wall or you can use another complementary colour.

You can paste on handles made from gift-wrapping ribbons if you like, but this is not necessary. Your cheap storage box will be stunning either way. It looks nicer if you have about 3 boxes of different sizes. You can store these on your desk, on top of the wardrobe, or on the floor.

Storage idea 4: bed with storage

Unlike the prior cheaper storage ideas, this one will cost you a bit of money. Beds with storage underneath are almost required if you’ve got a small bedroom to design. You can simply buy a bed with storage space underneath it. However, if you want to make the best use of the space you have, it’s better to have a bed made. It will fit exactly into whatever space you have – with no waste dust-trap corners you can’t possibly put anything in. The only caution with this is that you have to make sure you’re absolutely sure the bed can’t go anywhere else in the room. We used to have one such room (for my son). There was only one place the bed could go, and part of this space was taken up by a small incline from the stairs directly beneath the bedroom. The best idea was to have a custom bed made – with great results. We had a longer-than-average bed with drawers and shelves underneath. This was all our son needed for storage, as boys don’t have long, flowing dresses which need to be hung up. A small side table completed the small room.

Conclusion: affordable storage ideas for small bedrooms

If you use a few or all of these ideas for your small bedroom, you should have no problems with storage and lack of space. These are all usable for anyone, and are customisable to suit your needs and likes. Have you used any of these affordable storage solutions? What are your favourite storage ideas for small bedrooms? Please share them with us, especially if they won’t break the bank when it comes to bedroom designs. Thank you