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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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In order to make your home comfortable, you might have to come up with some clever ideas. It’s not easy to decorate your home and save space at the same time. On the other hand, keeping your home clean at all times is only possible if you keep all your stuff in a regular and patterned way i.e. in an order easy to clean. You also want your home to be a cozy place to be at. After all, you do spend a great deal of time in it. A new home is a blank canvas which gives you an endless number of possibilities. It’s a fun and overwhelming business, but you don’t want to go over the top. Sometimes too much decoration can make your home look cluttered, which, besides being a major problem of many modern age families, makes your home look inconvenient. Going through these simple ideas you might find some that are just your cup of tea, and furthermore they might inspire you to give your own personal touches in the end. For starters, it would be a good idea not to think of looking after your home as a strenuous task. Think of the conveniences you will have after you have made you house a nice and pleasant place to be at.

Step-1– clear as much clutter as possible

Before even thinking about decorating, you have to make space for it. This, however, is the trickiest part. Where will

all the old things you can’t imagine yourself living without go? In the cellar or in the room which once was a fine little family library? But the cellar is full of bottles of vines and the home library became a storage room where there’s just no more room for you to walk into. Transporting all of them to another room just makes matters worse. Have you recently spent some time taking care of your garden? I don’t mean watering the plants of mowing the lawn. I mean transforming your garden into an equally pleasant place to be at, just as your own house. Not many people think of the possibilities a garden shed has right after they move in, but now might be the right time for it. After all, the purpose of a garden shed is for it to become a storage place. This way, you can remove all the stuff which has been narrowing down your free space at home and step 1 is complete. Now might be a good time to train your thoroughness and organization. You don’t want to transport things in a disorganized way because this will only lead to a lot of mess. It’s a good idea to pack your things into boxes and separate them in logical ways. Labeling them is a sort of a necessity. It will make it much easier for you to get around afterwards and find the things you need in no time. Now comes the good part – decorating!

Step-2 – smart decorating

The best decoration tools take the least space, believe it or not. When your room is still blank canvas, you want to start from the walls. Painting them in colors you are fond of is one option, but

installing some nicely designed tiles is another (and in most cases, better). You don’t have to install tiles in all of your rooms (it’s both strenuous and expensive), but installing high quality ones in your kitchen and your bathroom is probably the best thing you can do, if you haven’t thought of doing it so far. You want some high quality tiles, for example those mosaic ones, which can alternate with different kinds of mosaics made from only two colors. Your bathroom is the place where water splashes constantly and your kitchen is no different. If you install tiles which afterwards turn out to be hard to clean, not only will you cause yourself unnecessary additional work, but rust can also appear and turn out to be an arch enemy of your household. In the bathroom, you can install some glass mosaics and play with as many colors as you wish. Keep in mind that your bathroom is the first place you go into when you wake up, so you want to make it all nice and cozy. Tiles don’t take up any space, but are probably the best decorating tool one can introduce into their home. If you have a pool, it’s also an ideal place where some glass tiles can be installed.

Step-3 – cherry on top!

After you have finished dealing with all the unnecessary clutter and after you have equipped your household with some refreshing high-quality tiles, you can go crazy and install all other decorations as you like it. Try out new decorative furniture or redecorate the old one (paint the kitchen cupboards or your living room cabinets). Hang some artwork. You can even try out some catchy frames which will add up to the picture. Add shelves, but floating shelves. They don’t take up the space and they look amazing on walls when filled up with books or some small ornaments. Play with lighting. Sew some interesting cloth designs which you can put over your lamps and create an extraordinary atmosphere in your living room.  Try out some new curtains. They also take up no space at all but are much more effective than dozens of vases, statues and other ornaments people tend to fill their home up with. Windows are a great investment as well and most people don’t understand that changing your windows can be beneficial as a decorative move but as general home investment as well. All these decorative tools will have an effect on your home, like an amazing spice has in a tasty dish. Feel free to experiment.

All in all, lack of space at home seems to be a common problem. Getting rid of things doesn’t have to be the only solution. Good organization, smart planning ahead and acquiring only practical things is the only way to go. The sooner you start clearing useless clutter from your home, the more space you will have for yourself, your family and friends to invite over.  Enjoy!