6 Peculiar Tips That Will Make Your Home Greener

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Being energy efficient is not only a good financial idea, but it is also our responsibility. There has been a lot of talk in recent years about some ice caps melting and the climate changing. Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, this is actually quite true, and if you haven’t already changed your ordinary incandescent light bulbs with their energy efficient cousin, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for. Besides buying a TV that has a green energy star mark, there are plenty of ways to stay green that you simply haven’t thought of.


Plastic is bad. Period.

We throw away who knows how many billions of plastic bags every year, as they are the most common way of carrying our groceries. All this, if not properly recycled by specialized companies, will only pollute nature. Don’t worry though, nature has a lot of bacteria that can biodegrade any material if given enough time, and nature will decompose plastic in about, well, 450 years. If that doesn’t make you wonder about what you’re doing to your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren the next time you simply throw away a plastic bottle, then nothing will.


Green paint.

Ordinary paint used for our homes, walls or any other kind of decoration, even printing ink can contain a number of dangerous ingredients, including heavy metals, or other toxic organic compounds that will cause ozone destruction or other health problems. All of those are released into the air by simple evaporation, and some traces will be left in the paint when completely dry. Naturally, when buying the next can of paint or ink for your printer, make sure to find the solution that is healthiest for you and best for the planet.


Plant a flower, or a tree.



Not only will this be a great addition

to your home, but it will improve the appearance of it very much and just imagine how much oxygen will be released into the air by those same plants. Just be careful when using fertilizers, and make sure to use compost, as it is the most natural solution. That will keep the soil full of nutrients that the plants need to grow, and will reduce the need for chemicals. This is especially important if you plan on growing your own vegetables which you plan on eating later on. When buying fruits or vegetables, look for those that have been produced organically, meaning no harsh chemicals were used.


Bamboo is wood too.

If you are about to purchase your new hardwood floor, why not select bamboo? It is really eco-friendly because, simply put, it is a plant where a lot of it can be turned into planks, and it grows quite quickly. Unlike traditional trees which need many, many years (around 100) to properly develop into a full grown tree, bamboo needs around six years. Naturally, when using glues, select the one without formaldehyde, which is dangerous both for you and the environment.


Water is valuable.

Just because you have as much clean, drinkable water as you would like, it does not mean that everyone else in the world has that privilege. This means that you will have to save water as much as you can, take shorter showers, and replace all the faulty faucets which can leak incredible amounts of water each year. When it comes to pipes, call a professional to insulate them, as this is especially important if your water heater is not so close to your bathroom or kitchen, as a lot of heat is lost when the water is traveling through pipes.


You do not need that junk mail.

Try and contact companies that are sending you catalogues of things you do not want or need. You will save a lot of paper in the process, and you will get rid of unnecessary junk, too. The same thing applies to the bills that you receive via mail. Ask if you can receive them via email, since that will save a lot of paper in the process, not to mention ink and transport. Save paper as much as you can, and when buying any paper products, make sure that they are made from recycled paper.