How to Make your Home a Better Place to Live in

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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wall art

Why is it very important that your home is artistic and interesting? First of all, the way you organize and design your home reflects your personality. Let’s start from the way you decided to paint the walls. If the walls in your bedroom are white or light blue colored, it means that you are a peaceful, open-minded, and nice person. But, if your bedroom is dark red or dark blue, it means that you are a bit closed or a tad aggressive. The same is with furniture and ornaments you keep – the stuff you place somewhere in order to reflect who you are. Secondly, your house is a place where you spend at least a third of your day. It is warmly recommended that you make it a nice place to be in. You should focus on keeping it clean and you should also focus on making it more interesting. If you feel nice at home you are more likely to do your work with more enthusiasm. Just imagine sitting on a couch that is filled with dirty clothes and watching TV. Not nice! Here are some very useful tips on how to make your home a better place to live.

  1. Mosaics

living room floor tiles

A mosaic is a group of small pieces of colored stone, glass, marble, or terracotta. These pieces are organized in a specific way in order to make a pattern or a picture. So, a mosaic is the art of making a surface look like a picture. How can this help you decorate your home and how can you make something useful out of it? It’s very simple – stone mosaic tiles! Stone mosaic tiles add a touch of elegance and creativity wherever they’re put in the house. If you put these tiles in the kitchen, they will inspire you while you cook. If you put them in the bedroom, they will be the first nice thing you see when you wake up. If you put them in the hall, they will be the first thing your guests will see when they come to visit you. As you can see, with stone mosaic tiles you can make no mistakes, wherever you decide to put them. The most beautiful thing about stone mosaic tiles

is that they can open your sense of creativity, as there is a huge variety of combinations that can be made. Some of the best can be found here, but of course you can make your own combinations when you get stone mosaic tiles. Mosaics are made by putting these colored pieces onto cement which holds them all together and keeps them in place.

The art of mosaics goes way back in history. The earliest examples were found in Abra, Mesopotamia dated back to the third millennium BC. They were made of colored stones and shells. Today, many mosaics are made of marble, and marble mosaics are widely used in architecture. Some mosaics are even made out of pure gold, but with a layer of glass on top of it (so the gold cannot be scratched). No matter the material, a mosaic that was developed thousands of years ago has stayed very popular until today, and you can have it at home with stone mosaic tiles!

  1. Aquariums and plants

home aquarium

An aquarium is in fact like a piece of furniture when it comes to decorating your home. Why is it the second best thing to have? Here’s why – aquariums are excellent stress reducers! Looking at an aquarium for only five minutes can help you feel relaxed and stress reduced. It’s better to get a bigger aquarium that includes an oxygen pump, because the sound of air running through water is also very relaxing. Useful tip: make sure you get a plant for each room. Plants will give a nature’s touch to your home. If you have a computer in your living room, put a cactus next to it. Cacti absorb radiation!

  1. Think clean

Keep your place clean at all times! Remove dust daily. Not only does it not look good, most men are allergic to dust, it’s just that we don’t even notice it, as it’s a mild allergy. Still, it can affect our overall quality of life in our personal living space, so don’t be lazy about cleaning it up.

To sum up, your home is who you are. Don’t let it be a dull place. With just a few useful tips you can make your home a wonderful place to live in!