What Blog Owners Want Most After 9 PM

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Missy Diaz
Online freelancer, web content provider and social media enthusiast. Author of Super Blogga, a fun guide aimed at new blog owners with over 70 plus blogging tips, tricks and techniques. Missy also runs G34 Media - a blog all about new media. And during the day writes for a jewelry shop - Kranich's Jewelers.
Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
Missy Diaz
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social media love

A blog owner is a curious creature indeed. Who else spends an ungodly amount of time online , tweeting till dark and madly networking till the cows come home. This is the life of the new breed of blog owner. He or she depends on the mercy of strangers, readers, fans and followers for its bread and butter, its very life and more. However most blog owners are smart, independent and wildly creative individuals who will stop at nothing to get their blog to the top.

But what do blog owners want the most? Especially after 9 pm.

Most blog owners are after one thing and that one thing is love. Not your garden variety I heart you love, but a new better kind of love. One that appreciates good work, encourages sharing and good will. You see blog owners are in it for the glory of all that is mighty and endearing. They write, they link, they tweet, Facebook and now even Google Plus. All in the name of love.

Once upon a time there was no Google, no Facebook and no Twitter to bestow our pretty little hearts on. Instead it was a cold loveless life with only a mere pitter patter of writings on the wall with no social media at all.

But today there’s a world of life and wonder that any blog owner would be proud to be a part of. See what a blog owner wants most below.

Twitter Love – Enter Twitter the micro-blogging social network that lets you communicate in bite size chunks to a legion of followers. Fast paced is the name of the game and last we checked the network has grown leaps and bounds. Twitter is great for letting your followers know about new articles, new products and services and or to simply share what’s new and hot in the world of blogging. Share

openly and freely, use it wisely and reap its many rewards. Follow your fave bloggers and reach out to them via Twitter, many a relationship has been established via this wondrous new blogging tool.

Facebook Love – Facebook went above and beyond any web workers wildest expectations with its 500 million members and crazy insane adaptation. No one could have predicted that this social network would go from dorm room idea to global phenomenon. But it did just that and more, including the spawn of a best selling book and an Oscar nominated blockbuster film. If you haven’t added a Facebook LIKE box to your blog yet – what are you waiting for? Make it easy for others to fan and love you, add one today.

Google Plus Love – The latest network to enter the fray is the Google Plus Network and what a bang it has made since its arrival not too long ago. This one has a special kind of love built-in as there are many rumors that mention search may be impacted with your use of it. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure. The Google Plus Network is here to stay and for the foreseeable future. This one has a bit of a learning curve so if you haven’t adapted it yet, we understand. But don’t get left behind, learn from each other and start showering your fellow blog owners with some Google Plus love.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the one thing blog owners want most after 9pm is social media love. And lots of it. So if you want to please a fellow blog owner, shower him (or her) with a Facebook LIKE, a tweet on Twitter or hit the Plus button on Google. He or she will be delighted and drunk with love. Social media love.

Your Turn!
What type of social media love do you like best and why?
Are you using Google Plus, yet?
Know of a fellow blog owner that gives good social media love?

Tell us below in the comment area.