Google Plus: The Facebook Killer?

Ardiv Jauhari

Ardiv Jauhari

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Ardiv Jauhari
Ardiv Jauhari
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Ardiv Jauhari
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Google Plus Facebook Killer

Google Plus VS Facebook

I’m sure most of you have heard of the newest and latest social networking site called Google Plus! Questions have been raised on whether it is  the “Facebook Killer”, and so far it has been taking the social networking scene by storm! This is a terrific opportunity for consumers and companies alike to establish themselves early and take advantage of the benefits of having a Google Plus account.

So exactly what is so unique about Google Plus? Primarily it takes what was so effective about Facebook and adds a little bit of “Google Magic” to develop a totally unique social network which focuses on providing the users with relevant contents for their search results from authors that they trust and follows. After all, Google loves content right? Why would their social network be any different?

For those of you who have been keeping up with the latest Google Plus updates, you’ll also realize that “Circles” are Google’s solution to personal privacy issues. In essence you are now able to group up all your “new buddies” into various different circles in which you can choose to share your posts with. Posting and sharing link or status update are more personal on Google Plus because you can select which circles you’d want to share your post or updates to. As an example, you probably would not want your family to see photos of a night out with your girlfriend as much as you might not wish for your employers to tap into your personal life.

Google Plus Similarities To Twitter

Additionally, Google Plus allows for one way follows which is similar to Twitter, where one could follow someone or be followed without needing to follow back, it’s not a reciprocal relationship

off the bat and it is easy to choose whether your fans could see your content or not. For business usage, Google plans to release business accounts quite similar to Facebook pages but for the meantime, it’s a great opportunity for you to start gathering more Google Plus followers so that once they implement this update, your business will be ahead of the pack.

Initially, it’s a great idea (similar to Twitter) to begin following influential and well informed Google Plus users so that you can get the latest news and updates which will definitely help you with establishing some wonderful techniques on the best ways to use Google Plus. You will also want to be fairly active in the community, start out commenting on others posts and engage various other users. Similar to everything else on the internet, ensure that you are adding relevant points to the discussion. Causing people to trust you and your viewpoint may cause them to follow you.

As you have most likely discovered if you are an Internet Marketer, Google provides these great tools such as the Google Keyword Tool that can make your keyword research so much easier. The exact same goes for Google Plus. There is a website called Social Statistics where it provides a simple list of those who has the a great deal of followers on Google Plus. Simply log in and it will display a list of the leading accounts. You’ll want to begin following those individuals that are related to your niche.

There is no question that Google Plus is going to be a very helpful marketing device in the future. If you wish to get a head start on the competition, now is the time to join up with Google Plus and begin finding out exactly how you could utilizing it for all your marketing efforts!

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  1. Google plus is like the combination of Facebook and Twitter for me. But I don’t think it can kill the Facebook that easy. A lot have been lured by Facebook and they just can’t easily turn their attention to another site and start from scratch again.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Start a Research BusinessMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      I can’t say that I disagree with you at all Sarah, Facebook has indeed established itself as one of the big giants in the online world! But we cant easily disregard the fact that people won’t be willing to start from scratch again if it turns popular enough, remember the Friendster > Myspace > Facebook transition? :)
      Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..Slacking Off And Still Seeing Results In TrafficMy Profile

      • Twitter:
        The big difference in the Myspace comparison though is that Myspace didn’t adapt quickly enough, and Facebook has. Pulling the business minded people is one thing, but pulling the masses is a whole different ball game. I feel like they don’t really have the setup for that.

        Personally I wouldn’t really want it to to be next fad anyway.. I kind of like it the way it is.

  2. Hi Ardiv, I agree Sarah, Facebook has got an unbeatable position. Google+ is developing but is mostly loved by professionals (bloggers, website owners, businessmen) and Facebook is visited by common people and we know that which class has more number of individuals
    Rehmat recently posted..Beautiful CSS Buttons (Download and Demo) for BloggerMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    I feel G Plus is growing at a super quick clip Ardiv. The communities are better policed than most Facebook Groups and I find engaging and responding more easy to do on Plus.

    With that in mind Facebook is still the monster entity. No taking out this big boy soon, although Google Plus will continue to gobble up folks who are a bit tired of the Facebook scene.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How to Simplify Your BusinessMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Hi Ardiv,
    Without any doubt the addition of communities to Google Plus has made a positive and tremendous impact on social media and on Google plus itself.

    The introduction of communities in my opinion has expanded its reach. Google plus is no longer just for business professionals and Internet marketers – If you browse the type of communities being created; you will see it is very diverse.

    Although, people hooked to Facebook may initially find it difficult to turn their attention to Google plus or any other social media for that matter, It would be interesting to know how things will look in a couple of months or a few years from now.

    Lola Stoney A recently posted..Google Communities: is it worth your time?My Profile

  5. Hi Ardiv, Good Post!

    Google+ is now very important for bloggers as the number of +1 is equal to number of pr9 back links. So, it has to be the first choice for bloggers rather than facebook for content sharing.

    Moreover, Google +1 also help to rank better in searches. You have to start to use Google+ now or in the future and it is better if you make the right decision now.

  6. Twitter:
    Hi Ardiv,

    I use Google+, FB ad Twitter. So far Twitter has been the best for me. I’m gaining followers on FB and haven’t been working real hard on G+. I’ll definitely give it a second look. Thanks!
    Rich recently posted..The Benefits Of Juicing BeetsMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    I am loving Google plus even more.

    I just feel like it has more of a professional feel as well as a good entertainment side to it!

    I still love to use Facebook, but I am going to focus on using Google+ even more.
    Samuel recently posted..3 Twitter Tools For You To Succeed On Twitter!My Profile

  8. Twitter:
    Hi Arvid !
    Thank you for your knowledge sharing. Google Plus is one most emerging community site, where people can meet with their favorite person and exchage their view. It is also great marketing and promotional tools for web publishers.
    Googma Sansar recently posted..6 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your SiteMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Google Plus is good. OK very good but you cannot compare it with Facebook. I don’t think it would be wise to even imagine that G+ would beat Facebook someday. That won’t be possible any day.
    Saqib Razzaq recently posted..101+ Ways To Dramatically Increase Blog Traffic Part IMy Profile

  10. Twitter:
    Hi Arvid

    Thanks for sharing my EN friend.

    I’m working on becoming more active on G+.
    G+ definitely has an advantage over FB because it is Google.
    Although FB is a great tool and maybe even a necessary one, since G+ is Google I believe it is definitely time to get on the G+ bandwagon.

    See you in Chicago :-)
    Dorothy recently posted..Get Happy Now With These 8 TipsMy Profile

  11. it is no doubt that Google Plus has an negative effect on Facebook but I don’t think it can kill the Facebook because FB is gradually famous.
    Shamim recently posted..Insurance Mobile Marketing Experts In SMS AdvertisingMy Profile

  12. Twitter:
    Google plus is gaining in popularity but I will still stick to facebook because almost 99% of them are still using facebook but not Google Plus

  13. Twitter:
    Hiya Shamim, I guess only time will tell but my prediction is, the future looks bright for Google Plus :)
    Ardiv Jauhari recently posted..Slacking Off And Still Seeing Results In TrafficMy Profile

  14. Hey !
    Very interesting post. Well I totally agree with Remat.
    No doubt google+ can not totally kill the facebook. One more reason is that the switching cost of facebook is too much high. people are addicted to facebook.
    Matt recently posted..Win Kindle Fire for Free at Lights Camera BingoMy Profile

  15. Fuji Agung Prasetya says:

    I agree with the contents of this article. That would be a google plus social networking could be a contender facebook. This is because there are many features that google plus. For example, like, hang out, etc. features. In addition it also supports google plus bloggers in doing SEO optimization. :)

  16. Twitter:
    I have always felt Google plus is underrated..Comparing it to Facebook and twitter its the only social networking site which has zero tolerance for spam..I have seen multiple users in their forums trying to get this access reinstated to no joy..they are very strict which in a way is good to fight spam…
    Suraj recently posted..Facebook for iOS app now includes free callingMy Profile

  17. Twitter:
    I guess The Bloggers have brought Most of the Traffic for Google Plus rather than users. Google Plus is indeed Better than Facebook but the main disadvantage of it is that it needs more bandwidth. Yet Facebook can be brought down if Better User Friendly policies are used
    Ravi recently posted..How to Create Custom Screensavers for Windows ?My Profile

  18. I don’t think Google + is or ever will be a true contender to Facebook. It’s been out for about 2 or 3 years now and has hardly made any waves outside of business use. Facebook is here to stay and has cemented it’s prominence by buying out instagram. I don’t even know anyone who uses Google+ regularly.
    Mario Smith recently posted..The Note 8 Confirmed- Possible iPad Mini Killer?My Profile

  19. I think facebook is still the best option. I think FB is more user friendly than Google +. BTW we are used to use facebook for a long time, so it would take a long time to get used to another social network.

  20. In SEO, Google Plus clearly wins the battle. Internet marketers made use of this social media to establish brand awareness but when it comes to getting a wider customer base, friends, followers and even potential clients Facebook is the one you can trust.

  21. Adhi Sukma says:

    I think, there are always possibilities for Google+ to kill Facebook, but not now. Google+ has to try harder, create something new and easy to be used. Honeslty, I prefer FB than Google+ at this time :)

  22. Facebook is too giant to be covered by Google+. But I like both. Is it one more place for marketing, and marketing in our area is always welcomed!
    Evan recently posted..Law Business WordPress themes 2013 best showcaseMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    While I do believe Google+ is better than Facebook I don’t think it will ever surpass it for the simple reason that facebook got there first. All our friends already use it and have their content on it thus we are forced to keep it as well unfortunately :(
    Dave recently posted..Nerds SongMy Profile

  24. Ahsan raza says:

    I was also thinking that google+ will clean sweep facebook near in the future. c’mon Facebook is getting old now

  25. Short answer is NO it’s not a facebook killer although I believe it is better and like the layout and the way it’s setup.

  26. Twitter:
    I really like Google Plus and I’m using it for almost one year now, but I don’t think it will ever become as popular as Facebook!
    Radu D. recently posted..How To Bulk Up & Gain Muscle Mass For Skinny GuysMy Profile

  27. Twitter:
    Surely, Google Plus popularity is really increasing day by day and this one really becomes of the most dangerous competitor for Facebook. The existing source shows some of most stunning featuers of Google Plus, they are really looking killer for the Facebook incredibility.
    Justin Thomson recently posted..Health and Fitness AppMy Profile

  28. Chad Agrawal says:

    Google Plus is definitely the best of Facebook and Twitter put together. I love the following/circling from twitter but the layout and structure of facebook. If you consider Google’s approach by integrating search and webmasters, it’s sure to be the dominant social network in the future!

  29. Twitter:
    The thing I hate about Google plus is that it offers a lot of customization. No one really has the time to separate all those friends in different list, and then you need to set what circle will be able to see which post. This thing is a bit annoying.

  30. I don’t think it will be a FB killer. A lot of people still think Google + is a flop and don’t even try to use it. Even though that is not true.

  31. Google + and Facebook both are good enough for effective social media promotion and completely agree with your point . Thank you :D
    himanshi recently posted..Google Chrome Shortcuts For More Productivity [ Mac and Windows ]My Profile

  32. Twitter:
    the google plus is extremely useful but might need some time to be able to be compared with facebook, though not for anything but do to high volume users facebook currently has
    Collins recently posted..PES 2011 Pro Evolution Soccer Game for Android PhonesMy Profile

  33. Twitter:
    Psh…if only Facebook would disappear. That’s a long time coming, but I like the idea!

  34. So G+ = fb+twitter. So one can have just the G+ account instead of having two accounts on fb and twitter & still can have the all benefits that one can have from both fb & twitter.

  35. Scott Hall says:

    Google Plus will never catch up to facebook. They blew it. Their only chance was to do with Twitter did and they did the exact opposite. The only reason Twitter was able to catch facebook, is because they allowed pseudonyms and spammers in addition to an open community. Google plus went the other direction by preventing pseudonyms and focusing too much on preventing spam which ruined what I think would’ve been an historical uprising in the social media world. Trying too hard to prevent spam is like trying to ban guns or soft drinks with strict regulations. You might be trying to help, but you’re really just taking away my liberties and privacy. Why leave what I have invested in facebook and twitter for an experience that has less liberty and less privacy. There’s no logic in that. And they never recovered from that. You can’t even be down with g+ unless you got a gmail. lol.

    It might be great for business folks and bloggers who like to use their real names, but it has no appeal to the common man. Critical acclaim will not make up for lack of appeal.

  36. Twitter:
    “Google magic”, like you said, is what it will take this new social network to get good hits.
    Anyhow, I still like Facebook over Google Plus. Why? Because Facebook has more audience than Google Plus.
    While I myself use G+ of content marketing, but I don’t think it can replace the charm of “real social networking” that Facebook has established.
    Perhaps the reason why Facebook is still ahead of Google when it comes to social networking is because it is especially meant for that. Google was started as a search engine and does that job best.
    Chetan recently posted..Google Plus, Author Rank, Content Marketing, SEO : The Complete StoryMy Profile

  37. I dont think that google plus will ever compete with facebook although google plus is becoming very popular in the blogging community. As we see more blogs developing i think that the popularity of google plus will increase. Although i think that i would still use my facebook for my other group of friends.
    jamie recently posted..ipad appsMy Profile

  38. Twitter:
    I think both are in different league so nothing much to worry about. Moreover google plus was not that great for me. I am still not getting used to it. On other hand facebook is bit simpler and used by much more people.
    Keral Patel recently posted..Five Reasons You Should Have Your Own WebsiteMy Profile

  39. Twitter:
    Nice post and I am totally agree with you that Google plus is good way to marketing but I think Facebook is still better that google plus as facebook have more user than Google plus and it’s interface is also better then google plus. Thanks for sharing this post.

  40. Twitter:
    Hello Ardiv…
    Nice article about Google Plus.Yes It is a very interesting social media website.It provides all the nice feature which Facebook provides.It is very helpful to bloggers too. Thanks for sharing nice article.
    Mahendra recently posted..Ways to reduce cell phone bill :easy and effectiveMy Profile

  41. Twitter:
    I don’t think Google Plus will have nay affect on Facebook. Facebook will always remain best social network specially for Teenagers. It is also a best market place. but when considered for business, Google plus can also give huge traffic. So, i think both are good but Facebook always Wins due to Number of Active users and amount of customers.
    Atinder recently posted..How to Increase Followers on Google PlusMy Profile

  42. I Agree Google Plus will rule in the future….almost all bloggers use google Plus For Rankings…And Search Engine Optimization…
    Manohar Tn recently posted..Addmefast alternatives (Social Media Exchange Sites)My Profile

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