Google Plus: The Facebook Killer?

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Ardiv Jauhari
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Google Plus Facebook Killer

Google Plus VS Facebook

I’m sure most of you have heard of the newest and latest social networking site called Google Plus! Questions have been raised on whether it is  the “Facebook Killer”, and so far it has been taking the social networking scene by storm! This is a terrific opportunity for consumers and companies alike to establish themselves early and take advantage of the benefits of having a Google Plus account.

So exactly what is so unique about Google Plus? Primarily it takes what was so effective about Facebook and adds a little bit of “Google Magic” to develop a totally unique social network which focuses on providing the users with relevant contents for their search results from authors that they trust and follows. After all, Google loves content right? Why would their social network be any different?

For those of you who have been keeping up with the latest Google Plus updates, you’ll also realize that “Circles” are Google’s solution to personal privacy issues. In essence you are now able to group up all your “new buddies” into various different circles in which you can choose to share your posts with. Posting and sharing link or status update are more personal on Google Plus because you can select which circles you’d want to share your post or updates to. As an example, you probably would not want your family to see photos of a night out with your girlfriend as much as you might not wish for your employers to tap into your personal life.

Google Plus Similarities To Twitter

Additionally, Google Plus allows for one way follows which is similar to Twitter, where one could follow someone or be followed without needing to follow back, it’s not a reciprocal relationship off the bat and it

is easy to choose whether your fans could see your content or not. For business usage, Google plans to release business accounts quite similar to Facebook pages but for the meantime, it’s a great opportunity for you to start gathering more Google Plus followers so that once they implement this update, your business will be ahead of the pack.

Initially, it’s a great idea (similar to Twitter) to begin following influential and well informed Google Plus users so that you can get the latest news and updates which will definitely help you with establishing some wonderful techniques on the best ways to use Google Plus. You will also want to be fairly active in the community, start out commenting on others posts and engage various other users. Similar to everything else on the internet, ensure that you are adding relevant points to the discussion. Causing people to trust you and your viewpoint may cause them to follow you.

As you have most likely discovered if you are an Internet Marketer, Google provides these great tools such as the Google Keyword Tool that can make your keyword research so much easier. The exact same goes for Google Plus. There is a website called Social Statistics where it provides a simple list of those who has the a great deal of followers on Google Plus. Simply log in and it will display a list of the leading accounts. You’ll want to begin following those individuals that are related to your niche.

There is no question that Google Plus is going to be a very helpful marketing device in the future. If you wish to get a head start on the competition, now is the time to join up with Google Plus and begin finding out exactly how you could utilizing it for all your marketing efforts!

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