Email campaigns plus social media – using the most lethal success formula

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K. S. Bisht
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K. S. Bisht
K. S. Bisht
K. S. Bisht
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Every seasoned marketing campaigner knows that email campaigns are nothing more than a winning combination of timing, placement and sheer luck. But, what if you could create a media campaign that could guarantee to be a winning combination, without the uncertainty of failure, no matter what? Well now you can, by integrating email campaigns with social media platforms. We believe that a social media flavor, when effused into e-mail campaigns, will help you build deep rooted relationships with your customers.

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Email & Social Media Integration – the need

Our experience has taught us that in order to build relationships with your customers, you can go astray if you don’t target their social media profiles. Combined effect of email marketing and social media integration allows you to be where your audience is, or at least share your marketing content in places where they can see it. We’ve compiled a list of a few tips that will help you make the most of the combination of your email campaign and social media campaign:

1. Upload subscriber lists to social media networks

There are a number of critical key reasons you should upload your subscriber lists to all social media networks:

  • It creates a relationship, by putting a face and a name for your email subscribers to recognize.
  • By following your subscribers on social media, you can get a clear idea of all their needs and wants.
  • By publishing interesting and engaging content on social networks, you could end up with some new followers to add to a sense of community.

Adding subscribers list to Twitter is a simple process, as is using Facebook Custom Audiences. Begin your email list integrations with social media right away.

2. Automate Email Outreach

There’s no better way to get influential people and bloggers to share your content than by including some social proof to go with it. When you publish new content, it has to be seeded with shares before you can even consider asking an influential person to share. The trick – work on getting more than a few hundred shares for your social media content, and then send automated emails, using tools like Mailigen,

to a curated list of influential bloggers. Configuring number of resends, event based triggering, etc. is easily manageable with these email automation tools.

3. Run Retargeting ads

By running retargeting ads on Facebook and Twitter for people who click your emails, you get to match the intent and interest of consumers and use it as a great way to make money. All you need is a retargeting tool like Perfect Audience (for Facebook) for the social media network you’re using, a tracking code to be placed on your website for identifying users who click through your ads, and a fantastic email supposed to go to these targeted users.

Social networks are perfect platforms to run your ads simply because:

  • they are affordable, and
  • they receive heavy traffic on a consistent basis.

4. Create Exclusive Social Groups

Creating exclusive social groups for your subscribers might be the most underrated and unutilized marketing tactic ever. And many marketing campaigns have shown that creating such exclusive groups for Twitter and Facebook is more than likely to double the returns on your investment. For instance, run an exclusive access private social group wherein authoritative bloggers share video tutorials, and members get VIP access upon referring 5 of their friends to the group! Slowly, you can accumulate a massive list of targeted users, and can then mix and match the rest of the strategies shared above to leverage your email list.


Most consumers make their informed buying decision based on more than a single source or medium. So, it’s pretty obvious that marketers could be missing out on some major business opportunities when they focus all their energy on a single channel. Bring in social media to your email marketing efforts, and see the difference right away.