Own Your Content Channels (Why Email Is An Old Friend)

Mark Masters
Managing Director of Bournemouth based creative marketing company, The ID Group. Helping to position businesses as the authority in their industry and providing advice, opinion and guidance for brands to be the 'go to' choice.
Mark Masters
Mark Masters
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The strongest way to build your digital space is to own it. Don’t build it on someone else’s terms.

Anyone who thinks that Facebook or Twitter is a place owned and controlled by yourself is bonkers. Whether you’ve taken your time to go through Facebook’s 14,000 word terms and conditions or think that it’s ok for Twitter to consider your photos with ‘worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence (with the right to sublicense),’ you may think that you own your content but someone else can use it whenever and however they want.

Someone Has To Pay For It, So Why Not Own Your Content?

Whilst we all agree that these free services have made our lives easier and quicker to have a voice to our audiences, they have to be paid for somehow. Social media platforms are not a charity, they are here to utilise the information we provide. Building your platform on someone else’s terms is not the way forward to creating an online arena.

The easiest way to own your own digital space and a platform that everyone, yes everyone, is familiar with is still email. Whilst the single most important thing to the success of your business is building a database of people who are willing to listen to you and subscribe to what you have to say, email is still the most reliable platform that everyone is familiar with and understands (there are 3.3 billion email accounts compared to 1.73 billion social network users).

Trusted Email Like An Old Friend

Whilst we all get to grips with the likes of Google+ (by the way liking the idea behind the Google+ and YouTube integration) and figure out the role it plays to communicate our messages and recognition

from Google, we can all say that email is reliable, easy to use and straightforward to control.

The world of social media is becoming more and more about building a digital persona of how we want others to see us (I’ve mentioned that it is begininng to become a bit tiresome of reading on Twitter how busy people are, to come across as looking more important), rather than create an authentic voice. Email lets us stamp our own personality and we can get to understand what works for our audience and ourselves.

Email allows us to be intimate and personal and this can be the catalyst to help build relationships and for others to understand what we stand for and earn their attention. The ability for email to connect on a one-to-one level can help support a two way conversation.

The best way social works within your own digital space is where the social media connections can then be moved over to what is yours (by asking permission of the person in contact with, naturally we can’t move Twitter accounts to our email). This is where you are in control of the experience and whether it is to build a stronger direct conversation or to add to your database, you are in the driving seat.

Email marketing relationships have such an important role to play. You own the message, when it is sent, who it is sent to and the outcome for the message.

Social Media Is Just A Distribution Channel

When we consider Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ as a main source and not a distribution channel (of information), we forfeit any intellectual property rights we thought we had.

When we create and build platforms that we have complete control over, it becomes far easier to let a relationship develop and have an audience who understand what you believe in and the relevantuseful and entertaining content you produce.

It’s time to embrace what is rightfully yours and own your content.


  1. Social media is aiming to distribute the network, there will always be a positive and a negative side of a conten.

  2. Good work done by Mark Masters, i loved this post and looking forward to more such articles.
    Kunal recently posted…Allah Waariyan Lyrics Yaariyan by Shafqat Amanat AliMy Profile

  3. Mohit Farswan says:

    I agree peninggi badan. We can just distribute our content through social media. And i has always been a positive as well as negative side.

  4. Although Social media is among the popular channels that one can get traffic, building an email list is still consider the best as you can connect with your subscribers anytime.
    And yes you own the content.
    Frank Joseph recently posted…Top 5 Adult Ad Networks to Monetize your WebsitesMy Profile

  5. Brilliantly written article buddy thanks for sharing this with us. Over these years social media had become a great source of traffic, they have been feeding traffic to thousands of bloggers out there are at the internet. Email marketing is also a best way to generate quality traffic to your blog.
    Nithin Upendran recently posted…Tips To Find Keywordluv/Commentluv Enabled Blogs.My Profile

  6. Hello Mr. Masters,

    Another article that is different from what we currently read on the blogosphere. So many people read and write negative things about email (email is dead etc.)… . Unfortunately for them, what they say is not taken from experience but from what they read on other blogs. As a results a lot of aberrations are promoted (close your comment system, delete your email accounts, close your blog and go to social media).
    Well, if you listen tot he herd, you risk enormously. The only thing that matters is to learn from your experience.
    I think your vision is real. The “property” and “control” factors will become more and more important in the future. Social media is a great tool but we have absolutely no control over it. Many people will learn this the hard way.
    Yes, there is an ocean of emails out there. However, when you choose a niche the ocean instantly becomes a lake.
    What I am interested in is not only the actual state of email marketing, but also the future trends. I think it is very important to know how email will change in the future. There are some interesting trends. Maybe you can write another article about the actual and future state of email.

    Have a wonderful day
    silviu recently posted…Vintage Photo Prints and How to Sell Successfully on eBayMy Profile

  7. social media helps you build up your leads list a lot quicker than anything else. so again it goes back to the email as the good ole source but not with the new gmail updates we’re getting screwed again. i remember someone showing me how to fix that problem.
    Everett Dalton recently posted…Blu Ray Player Toshiba – $62 (wakeupnow)My Profile

  8. O yeah.. I always use email address with my domain brand name in it. More be trusted. And my brand would be easily memorized.
    Hadi Nugraha recently posted…Cara menghilangkan bekas jerawat dengan cepatMy Profile

  9. Hi Mark, the problem with social media is that it’s not very social .. ;-)
    Mark recently posted…How Many Kitchen Knives Do You Really Need?My Profile

  10. Hey Mark,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I learned lots of new stuff after reading this post. This post surely gonna help all the newbies. Social media sites help in promoting business.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 7000My Profile

  11. great article, i look forward to reading more from you. Also subscribed to ID GROUP. thanks :)
    Paul recently posted…10 Best Exotic CarsMy Profile

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