The School Geography Textbook Diagram For Content Marketing

Mark Masters
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Mark Masters
Mark Masters
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Grow & Flow

The secret to effective content marketing is similar to the geography class at school where we all learnt about meandering rivers.

Whilst the majority of us can go high-brow and talk about ‘ox-bow’ lakes, putting it into a principal of a constant flow of content and a growth of material(s) that can stand the course of time, becomes a clear analogy to work with.

The ‘Flow’ & ‘Grow’ Principal

The constant flow of the river represents continual movement towards the mouth of the river basin. In terms of content, the frequent flow of tweets, LinkedIn entries, and Facebook posts represents the continual stream of activity all aimed at your audience. The flow of information is always intended to your target audience (or the river basin if we go back to school mode).

As you can see from the diagram the flow of the river also produces layers of sediment deposits on the side of the channel. Moving this to a content analogy, the deposits represent the more substantial information that is produced. Rather than the frequent ‘flow’ of information, this represents the ability for content to ‘grow’ and to stand the test of time (and recognised as more substantial than a train of thought).

The sediment deposits represents the high quality content from blog articles, the ‘best practice guides,’ video content, in-house newspapers/magazines that are predominantly aimed at helping turn your customers into industry experts. This is the more considerable material

that constitutes a greater investment of time and carries more substance than the continual flow of information.

‘Flow’ & ‘Grow’ Has To Work Together

Both the concept of continuous ‘flow’ of information and ‘growth’ of more considered content cannot work in isolation. The river diagram from the school textbook, the flow of information over time helps contribute to the distribution of sediment throughout the river channel. Taking this to our content metaphor, the regular short bursts of information can help contribute to a greater cause intended to stand the test of time by being aimed at helping others and primarily used at positioning you and your customers as the authority. The sediment represents the knowledge and resources used to help grow your positioning within your marketplace.

The entire river can represent our aim as businesses to be perceived as the thought leader. The route to become recognised as the ‘go to’ business is never in a straight line, it takes investment in time and energy. What the ‘flow’ and ‘grow’ concept represents is a commitment to consistent quality.

The Content Marketing Conclusion

By continuing to invest in your brand and build trust and influence within your audience, you become the trusted expert. If this becomes the focus, as opposed to purely selling a product from 9am to 5pm selling becomes a lot more easier


  1. Wow ! I really loved the analogy. From what I understand it is like this : Grow your content through blog posts, videos, emails, ezines etc and then flow them towards your audience through various social media platforms. That’s what more or less the life cycle of a river. I really like the point regarding flow and grow working together. Just one question : Are the flow and grow equally important or have a 80/20 or 60/40 ratio. In my opinion the growing should have a bit edge over flowing. What do you think?
    William recently posted…How to directly download Android Apps to PC from Google Play Store?My Profile

    • Hi William,

      Interesting point re how much of a focus for flow or grow.

      ‘Flow’ represents the train of consciousness and is constant, where the ‘grow’ is the more considered angle and takes time. I would say that sway isn’t a vital aspect as they are both completely separate entities. The best way to explain is one is instant, the other is cultivated.


      Mark Masters recently posted…How To Increase Company Profits — Guest PostMy Profile

  2. Hi Mark,
    This is a good way to bring us back to school. I really do remember my physical geography lessons where this was treated. Now applying it to content marketing, a term that never existed in our days, is exceptionally interesting. No lesson learned is ever a waste ;)
    Enstine Muki recently posted…When is the right time to start monetizing a new blog?My Profile

  3. hi Mark,
    the school text books really have a detailed version of the text. The manner of presenting is also great there. You have cited a great idea to implement that on blogging. Very innovative indeed.
    yogesh recently posted…Why should we have a cyber-security system?My Profile

  4. very informative post .This is the best way to explain is one is instant, the other is cultivated.

  5. It is interesting to see how you related content marketing to geography. I have never seen any similar representation, yet to apt. It also highlights the importance of new regular content to keep the river flowing.
    chang recently posted…Yolasite loginMy Profile

  6. Hi Mark,
    You made me go back to my classroom days where i used to sit up, to hear my geography teacher explaining about rivers , seas, and its flow. This analogy and the grow-flow principle is just mind blowing and i hope this would reach all the freshers, so that they can understand it in ease.

    Great post Mark !! Your post is always marked by me ;) :)
    Jessica Parker recently posted…Why Healthcare Practices Need Claims Management OutsourcingMy Profile

  7. Hi Mark,
    You have written the article in a different way, relating content marketing with geography. The writing style is also a tip for effective content marketing. :) Readers find it interesting to read blogs if written with sufficient examples and a different pattern.
    Helen Wright recently posted…HomeMy Profile

  8. This first time I read your Topic I couldn’t see where content and school geography are coming in. You are great in creativity Mark. I think it should also fall on this category of content marketing since it is drawing good attention from people like me. Good tips to work with. ~Anetta
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Download WhatsApp for PC & AndroidMy Profile

  9. Flow and grow is really a nice rhythming words, but I don’t think they really do help, sorry.!!!
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Y Price in IndiaMy Profile

  10. I think one of the most important aspects of successful blogging is sticking to it and posting regularly. If you manage to do that, everything else just comes naturally. I remember when I started blogging and even now, don’t post regularly though I wanted and thought i would.
    Andy Kent recently posted…Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

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