The School Geography Textbook Diagram For Content Marketing

Grow & Flow

The secret to effective content marketing is similar to the geography class at school where we all learnt about meandering rivers. Whilst the majority of us can go high-brow and talk about ‘ox-bow’ lakes, putting it into a principal of a constant flow of content and a growth of material(s) that can stand the course of time, becomes a […]

The Future of Links for 2014 and Beyond


Links are the most important factor to have good reputation in search engines and to help a website standout in its competition online and it is also the only way for crawlers and user to navigate from one page to another within the website. However, in a complex life of SEO in post penguin era, […]

9 Ways Business Collaboration Can Help You Grow


Saying ‘I can do this myself’ is the equivalent of saying, ‘I don’t leverage and the outcome of my final work will be at best average.’ This article is where business collaboration can be a powerful growth tool. When you learn to embrace the skills and talents of others, the end result can be a massive […]

Social Media Competitions Suck At Building New Customers

Does social media competitions open new doors for you?

Social media competitions can be cost effective and easy to run, but not necessarily a tool for winning more customers. Ask yourself, is it about building a community when in reality it is not about building a dialogue, just someone wanting a prize.   So, Why Bother With A Social Media Competition? We thought earlier this […]

Targeted Internet Marketing

targeted website traffic image

In the world of internet where people check their mailbox before having breakfast in the morning Targeted Internet Marketing has taken a substantial stand on its own. This type of marketing is all about getting right customers at the right place on the web. The people who are interested in availing the services offered by […]

Branding: In Complete Control


Today in the marketing world, branding is one of the most popular terms that have helped many companies in becoming at the top of the industry that they have chosen. It is an effective way of being recognized by many consumers through an image of a specific product that most customers recognize the company with. […]

10 Ways to Build Business Leads with Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing

Using Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation According to the Brafton marketing company, close to 75% of companies who have established a presence on social media sites have been able to build business leads with social media marketing. In fact, companies who use this marketing tactic have seen a 50% increase in new business relationships […]

Repurpose Content – Get More Out of Your Best Content


If you’ve been at this Internet marketing business for a while you may very well be sitting on a library of content that you can repurpose to drive significant traffic and obtain new, quality backlinks. Of course more traffic and new backlinks most likely will result in more conversions and if that’s of interest to […]

How Social Media Keyword Research Gives You the Edge


If you have an online marketing and promotional strategy, you undoubtedly have a strategy to research keywords and employ them into your content and paid search advertising. However, while researching keywords is vital to a successful SEO campaign, most online marketers fail to research the most popular places for keywords: social media sites. Why is […]

Changed tag results page and some branding here and there

I’ve done some minor updates to the site today (at the cost of my normal Sunday routine) which make the whole place a little bit more “commentluv” and changed the way the tag results page displays. The login page now has the logo and the help page in the dashboard has a link to the […]