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K. S. Bisht
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K. S. Bisht
K. S. Bisht

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K. S. Bisht
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Tips for Writing for Other Websites


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Content marketing is becoming a large part of the overall strategy of many companies these days. One of the biggest ways that people are benefitting are guest posts. This practice has been around since the very early days of the Internet, but it’s more difficult these days with so many other people trying to get their content published. Below are some tips that will help you get more out of your guest posting efforts.

How to Write Better Guest Posts

Here are some practical ways you can write better guest posts and get more published!

  • Know the Target Website – The first thing you’re going to want to do – before you start writing – is to find a website where you want to get the article published. Sometimes you’ll be able to find a page for submission guidelines. Be sure to read this to know what a webmaster wants. Additionally, try to read some of their old posts to get an idea of the type of writing they publish.
  • Be Creative and Unique – Once you have your target, you’re going to want to brainstorm ideas. Once you have a short list, pick the best three and go through them to see if you can make them even better. If you have a topic
    a lot of other people use, try to come up with a new and interesting angle.
  • Write and Submit – Rather than writing to a webmaster and pitching the topic, go ahead and write the whole article and submit it to them. Even if they do not accept it, you can still make changes and submit elsewhere. However, this is going to increase your chances of getting published. Don’t tease webmasters! Show them what you can do upfront.
  • Wait Patiently – After you send off the article, remember to wait patiently and don’t bug the webmaster. While you may want to know right away if you’re accepted or not, you’re going to have to wait. If you try to rush the process by bugging the webmaster, you’re going to upset them and decrease the chances your content gets published.
  • Celebrate / Get Back to Work – If you follow the tips above, there’s a good chance your guest post is going to be accepted. Once it is you can celebrate a little bit, but you want to make sure you get back to work! One guest post is not going to help you all that much. But if you can do several a week, you’re going to start seeing results quickly.

If you don’t want to write the guest posts on your own, many different solutions exist online. For example, at, they have a service that will write the content for you as well as find a place to get it published online. Outsourcing your guest posts can be a big time saver for you and allow you to dedicate more time to your website(s).


  1. I have never submitted any Guest Post yet. On seeing your article I will definitely try it.
    Naveen recently posted…How To Play HD Games In Micromax phonesMy Profile

  2. Great points Bisht! Guest blogging is being abused by spammers and fake guest posters these days and an awareness in the form of blog posts like these is absolutely necessary.

    1. Learn about the host blog first before you want to make a guest submission.
    2. Write a post that suits the blog. More importantly, let the post strike a spark in the minds of the host blog’s audience.
    3. Be polite with your submission. And don’t be aggressive with the host blogger bugging him/her frequently asking various things including the publish date etc.
    4. Be nice to the audience of the host blog who read your post and commented/shared it. Go the extra mile in connecting with them and responding to their comments.
    5. Don’t be too focused on getting links. Rather, be focused on creating quality!

    Thanks for this post.
    Jane recently posted…The Era Of iPhone Apps: Driving Users CrazyMy Profile

  3. Great advice. Do you ever follow up with webmasters and is there an excepted time frame for this? Like wait a week then two weeks then a month. Then submit the article to a different site? Or once the article has been submitted do you not consider submitting it else where til you hear back from them?

  4. Great information
    Your outline should help anyone who would like to become a guest poster at least get their message read.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Sagar Nandwani recently posted…Arrival of Samsung Galaxy Express 2 to Vodafone UKMy Profile

  5. This blog post is really out standing. Guest blogging is the best and effective way for creating a great personality of your blog by which your blog will get many benefits and you will be the good blog writer among your fellow bloggers on the blogosphere. I have also written a blog post on guest blogging then thinks why not to read other post relted to guest blogging and came across to your post. Thanks for your sharing. ;)
    Chetan Gupta recently posted…How To Find Guest Blogging Sites – Quick TipsMy Profile

  6. Thanks for your article. I have come to know lots of things from your article. I will surely use your tips.

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