What you can learn from Goldilocks about screening websites for guest posting.

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Darnell Jackson
Darnell Jackson is the founder of Your Online Business Resource. He often says, "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 he also started TruckLicense.net which has redefined how to get qualified for a CDL without going to expensive trucking school. Darnell also created the #IBCT International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis.
Darnell Jackson
Darnell Jackson
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Guest Posting has reached the point where it’s no longer a hot trend, it’s a fundamental requirement for success.

How else are you going to get quality backlinks from high page rank websites?

Guest posting the only technique that basically 100% of successful bloggers seem to agree on world wide.  They all insist that you need to write guest posts to promote your website especially when you’re starting out.

The problem is they don’t tell you what to watch out for.

They tell you how great guest posting works and how much traffic you can get from it and how well it helped their product launches, etc.

What they don’t tell you about are the real risks involved.


Haven’t heard that one before have you?

This is one of the biggest lessons I learned in 2012.

The experience that I went through last year is what motivated me to write this guest post.

I wanted to share my experience in order to get you to think about the real pros and cons of writing a guest post for another blog.


It’s just like the old nursery story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

Finding a good blog for guest posting is a process of elimination.

If you remember little Goldilocks tasted the first porridge and it was too HOT, then she tasted the second porridge and it was too cold.

Finally she tasted the third porridge and it was just right.

When you’re looking for somewhere to publish your guest post you’re just like Goldilocks except you’re picking a blog not breakfast.

Just like Goldilocks found one bowl of porridge too HOT and another one TOO cold you’ll find the same with blogs that offer guest posting opportunities.


  • Hot as in Stolen.  This is what I found out the hard way in 2012.  Be aware there are unscrupulous clowns out there disguised as bloggers that will steal your guest post faster than you can blink.You submit a guest post to their blog only to later find it published on someone else’s.  What makes it even worse is they take credit for the article you wrote.
  • Hot as in Pricey.  There is a new trend I’ve noticed where some bloggers are starting to charge money for guest posts.  I’ve seen prices as low as $5 and as high as $40 to REVIEW your guest post submission which doesn’t even guarantee the article will be published.
  • Hot as in on FIRE.  Getting your blog post published on one of the top blogs is very difficult primarily because of competition and people get busy.  Managers of popular blogs have 100 times more stuff going on so getting their attention is 100 times harder.


  • Cold as in mean.

    I’m noticing a trend where once some bloggers get a Page Rank of about 4 and some regular traffic all of a sudden they expect guest writers to pass a perfect test or something.Before they’ll

    publish your guest post they want you to jump through flaming hoops while juggling two chainsaws and a hamster.  It’s like, “come on man are you serious”.
  • Cold as in dead.

    Writing a guest post on a small blog can be very beneficial.

    It’s the blogs that are dead in the water that you should avoid.  If a blog doesn’t publish new content regularly and it hasn’t for months this is a good reason to mark it off your list.


  • Just right for your niche interests.  One of the biggest opportunities that I see guest bloggers missing is they act like they should only write for blogs that are in the same niche or category as their own blog.I think this is a big mistake because most people have multiple interests.  I call it cross marketing niches.Example, if your blog is about weddings, writing an article for a blog about guns could be just as beneficial if not more so than writing for another wedding blog.The truth is you write better articles when you’re motivated by your genuine interest.  Quality trumps Quantity.
  • Just right for your skills.   Smaller “boutique” blogs are a good fit when you’re starting out writing guests posts because they’re casual and not obsessed with “perfection” like the “big EGO blogs”.
  • Just right around the corner.   It’s impossible to write a guest post for a blog that you can’t find.  If you can’t find them online then your visitors can’t either.  It should be easy to find a blog for guest posting:
    • Search Google for “submit guest post”.  You’ll find a ton of blogs and articles with list posts full of great sites to submit your guest posts.
    • Search Google for “by guest writer”.  You’ll find a ton of articles written by guest writers.  These blogs may not advertise guest posting but obviously they publish articles by guest writers.


Anything that offers benefits has to also offer some risk somewhere, this is just common sense.  #OldSchoolKnowledge
We all bring something to the table, the problem is only a few of us know what IT is and even fewer of us do anything about it.
Writing guest posts is one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your blog promotion and personal development.
Successful entrepreneurs have thick skin and this comes from dealing with rejection like a robot.
Maybe your problem is you’re too soft?
Make a commitment to write and submit a new guest post every month, or week, or day.
Develop a system for dealing with rejection and watch out for what will happen as a result.
Now its over to you
  • How hard was it for you to get your first guest post published?
  • If you haven’t started guest posting yet, what are you waiting for an invitation?
  • Have you ever considered using a guest posting service?