CASE STUDY: How to use YOUR NAME domain to help Your Online Business.

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Darnell Jackson
Darnell Jackson is the founder of Your Online Business Resource. He often says, "We come from absolute greatness. Accomplishing the extraordinary is the least that we should expect from ourselves." In 2012 he also started which has redefined how to get qualified for a CDL without going to expensive trucking school. Darnell also created the #IBCT International Blogger Championship Tournament which features the top 64 blogs worldwide in a competitive comparative analysis.
Darnell Jackson
Darnell Jackson
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case study

Como se llamo?

Everyone has an answer to this question, right?  Or at least everyone who knows a little Spanish does.

We all have a name or something that we want people to call us.

Personally, I would like to be known as “the Dude” like the character in that movie The Big Lebowski but so far I don’t think it’s catching on, “man”.  😉

In all seriousness the name we choose for our online business is very important.

We agonize for weeks or months until eventually we decide on a name that we really love.

Then we try to introduce everyone in the world to this new name that we now “have”.

We focus all our energy on branding and networking in order to get the word out.  We spend our money on advertising and our time on promoting our new name on social media and the interwebs.

All the while it never dawns on us that we already have a brand that’s out there.

We already have an established name that we’ve spent years and even decades developing and promoting.

What brand am I speaking of?


You have already spent your entire life meeting people, building contacts, and making friends.

Even though you haven’t realized it yet YOUR NAME IS YOUR BRAND.

Why aren’t you using your name’s domain yet?

Earlier this year (I’m writing this on 12/31/2012) I finally set up my “full name” domain and I want to share with you the END-OF-YEAR results of my case study.

1. Referral visitors from Your Name Domain stay on your business site longer.

When I set up my full name domain I wanted to see how well the referral traffic would perform on my main business website.

I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

The most compelling stat was how much longer the referral visitors from my name domain stayed on my business website than all other sources.

As a mater of fact my name domain was the only source to refer visitors that stayed almost 6 minutes on average (5:55).  This is more than twice as long as the average visitor duration from all traffic sources, which is just 2 minutes and 40 seconds per visit on my business website.

2. Referral visitors from Your Name Domain view more pages per visit.

It was encouraging to see that referral visitors from my name domain not only stayed on my business website longer but also they clicked MORE PAGES per visit than any other source.

This tells me that not only are these visitors reading my content longer but also they’re checking out more content on my business site.

Visitors referred from my name domain viewed 2.49 pages per visit while no other referral source averaged over 2 pages per visit except Twitter which averaged 2.1 pages per visit.  All the other sources averaged less than 1.9 pages per visit.

3. Referral visitors from Your Name Domain have a lower bounce rate.

The average bounce rate for my business website in 2012 is 66.50%.  The bounce rate for traffic coming from my name domain was 10% better at 56.86%.

Surprisingly enough only Twitter had a better bounce rate than the visitors from my name domain at 54.39%.

If you don’t know your bounce rate is an extremely important yet very simple indicator of general website health.  The percentage of visitors that “bounce”

or leave your website after viewing only one page is your bounce rate.

The lower this number is the better.  Have you ever clicked a website and left immediately after only two seconds?  Yeah, you don’t want to be THAT site.

So, how did I do it?

  • I set up my full name domain as a hello world, I am Darnell Jackson “brochure” website.
  • I included the latest posts from my other sites using an RSS feed widget.
  • I included logo’s with links to my business and niche websites to introduce my brands.
  • I published personal statements for visitors so people would know WHO I am and WHAT I stand for.
  • I displayed my latest tweets and included a link to my Google+ account to encourage people to connect with me.
  • I used consistent branding on my name domain, business website, niche websites, and my Twitter profile so people would recognize me.

SUMMARY: There’s no referral like a referral from yourself.

Men lie women lie, number don’t.

Your name domain can generate serious results.

I purposely concealed my exact visitor numbers above because I want you focus on QUALITY visits not QUANTITY.  

I built to be a meet and greet website and a referral machine and so far that’s exactly what it’s been doing.

The site has proven it is effective at filtering out the “tire kickers” and sending my business and niche websites REAL targeted traffic.

These visitors stick around longer and read more pages because they are genuinely interested.

I also noticed a spike in email subscribers during this period but I can’t conclude 100% if they came from my name domain or not.

I also set up my twitter account to do the same thing so I’m not surprised that it’s stats are right up there with my name domain’s performance.

I use my full name on Twitter, I’m very candid with my comments, I post regularly, and I’m not afraid of controversy.  I think these are the reasons why my tweets send my business website traffic so well.

Wait a minute.  If both my name domain and my twitter accounts refer targeted traffic what’s the difference?

#1 – You own your name domain not or Apple if they buy them.

Someone could hack or delete my twitter account at any moment and I would loose all that traffic and my 700+ “followers”.  Think about how many Facebook accounts have been shut down recently.

With my name domain the only person that can shut it down is me, or ANONYMOUS but those dudes aren’t mad at me, lol.   :)

I strongly recommend that you get started today the first step is to Find Your Domain Name, Register Your Domain Name, and then start creating content that helps people get to know you.

There are tons of Domain Name Registrars to choose from I recommend Godaddy or Dreamhost which is the sponsor of my podcast. 

PS:  Did you hear what happened to Guy Fieri?

He failed to register the domain name for his famous restaurant and wouldn’t you know someone else beat him to the punch and is using it as a parody.  It’s hilarious.

Check out this article from Mashable.

Now it’s back over to you.  How are you using your name domain? If not yet, WHY?