Comment Luv: It’s The Human Condition

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human ego

Validation. Young, old, rich, poor, no matter our age, sex, or station in life, the human ego feeds on validation. Without it, we wither & die in a sea of misery & discontent. With it, we are capable of greatness, of pushing ourselves to do more & be more. However, validation is dependent on one thing”¦one thing that is both completely out of our control, & completely within our control. Those around us.

Outside of our control because we cannot force others to appreciate our talents & efforts. Within our control because we CAN be the person who is always ready & willing to acknowledge & appreciate the talents & efforts of those around us. We’ve all heard the tired clichés, “What comes around, goes around.”, or, “Karma’s a bitch.”, but clichés become clichés for the element of truth they hold. If you are not willing to reach out & validate the people within your blogging community, you can’t expect them to be lining up to shower your comment section with accolades. By the same token, when you do show other bloggers respect & appreciation, they will reciprocate in kind.

The Beginning of Blogging

When I first began blogging, a mere 6 months ago, I was spurned by some of the more established bloggers I initially reached out to. Unable to find the validation I so desperately needed from those in the community, I almost gave up the whole idea of Crazy Town. Instead, I changed tactics & fell back on yet another tired clich锦You catch more flies with sugar. Rather than seeking validation for myself, I began doling it out relentlessly. So relentlessly

in fact, that I quickly gained the reputation of being a “Fairy Blogmother”. I comment all over the internet on a routine basis, tweet links left, right, & center, & I offered up 8 guest posts on my blog in one month. I mention, & link to, all of my favourite bloggers regularly. I even began making buttons for total strangers, at times completely unbeknownst to them, just to add them to my blog roll, & then I send them the codes they need to add it to their own site. I offer up tips & advice to “newbies” to improve their traffic & guide them through the etiquette of blogging. And of course, I added Comment Luv & began using Mr. Linky. Eventually, I got my validation”¦in the giving of it. Did I just slip another cliché past you? Why yes, I think I did”¦Give & you shall receive.

It really is as simple as that

Comment Luv provides a quick & easy manner in which to spread the “luv” from site to site, & is the first step you can take with your blog towards validating others & showing your appreciation”¦treat others as you wish to be treated. I know, mad skills with the clichés! As a commenter, bear in mind that the blog owner has just given you a fabulous opportunity to receive validation of your own. The best way to utilize this is to ensure that the title you leave behind is going to grab others by the hand & yank them in to your world. And of course, leave an engaging & witty comment behind in return for the Comment Luv”¦validate them. It’s the human condition.

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