WordPress Comment Plugins You Will Need For Your Website Success

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Mitz Pantic
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Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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WordPress comment plugins have become an absolute necessity for every WordPress website. People have realized how important it is to build communities and relationships with the people that visit your website. Commenting is a great way to get to know people and there are many WordPress comment plug-ins to enhance this experience.

We all know that it is not possible to install every WordPress comment plug-in that there is. Therefore I am just going to mention a few essential WordPress comment plug-ins that I use on my WordPress websites.

WordPress comment plugins

We all use them and we all love them. Hopefully this article will help you discover a new addition to your plugin family.

WordPress comment plug-ins that show the love:

Comment luv

I have previously written and raved about this fantastic plug-in developed by Andy Bailey. People know that this plug-in is great and it is one of those WordPress comment plugins that everyone uses, however they do not realize the full advantages to using comment luv. Every time this plugin gets updated I am blown away with the new features it brings. There are no other WordPress comment plug-ins that can do what the commentluv plug-in does.

This plug-in not only encourages people to comment on your blog, but it is also great for search engine optimization.

Top Commentators Widget

This is a widget that displays the people that comment the most on your posts. It is not have to be the top commenters widget, as there are many other WordPress comment plug-ins available that do the same thing. This shows that people that comment on your blog that you appreciate them and welcome their comments.

WordPress comment plugins that encourage return visits:

Subscribe To Comments

The most popular comment for encouraging people to return is probably the subscribe to comments plug-in. This is when you tick the box to subscribe to the comments on that post. Therefore you will be notified if there are any follow-up comments on that article. Not everyone kicks the box and subscribes to comments but it is handy to have. The reason they do not tick the box is because you get notified about every comment placed on the article and sometimes that can be hundreds if it is a popular blog.


This it is one of those WordPress comment plug-ins that I will not do without! I

started using this a backup to the subscribe to comments plug-in listed above. There is nothing worse than replying to a comment on your blog and the person has forgotten to subscribe to the comments, and never knows that you have replied. With this Replyme WordPress plug-in, when a reply is made an e-mail will be sent to the person that made the original comment. When people receive this e-mail they often return to your blog and engage in more conversation.

This plugin has turned out to be invaluable. When I guest post on various blogs I can tell if they have the replyme plugin, because some of my return comments are wasted, which is both sad for me and them.

Contact Commenters

This is a plug-in allows you to contact people that have commented on your website. You can compose an e-mail and send it to people that have commented on certain posts within a certain time frame. You can also see a list of commenter’s websites so you can return the favor. For example if you had a free report about SEO to give away you could email all the people that commented on your Search Engine Optimization article and send them a copy.

Wordpress comment plugins

WordPress comment plugins to stop spam:


This is one of the lucky WordPress Comment plugins that come standard with the WordPress installation. All you have to do is activate it. If you do not set this plugin up as soon as your blog is live, you will be spammed instantly. I still to this day use this plug-in even know people say it is not that good. I know it does not pick up absolutely everything, so I have another plug-in that works with it.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This is another plug-in that Andy has developed and since I have installed this plug-in on my website’s I have not had any problem with spam whatsoever! It works great with Akismet and is the most simplest plug-in I have seen that just works well. This is another one of those WordPress comment plugins that I would definitely not do without!

Add your say below and let me know what WordPress Comment plugins you use on your website.