Perfect Teeth: 4 Different Treatments That Will Solve Your Problems

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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A beautiful smile and perfect teeth are one of our greatest natural accessories, but not many people can say that they are satisfied with their teeth. Those who aren’t should realize that this problem is not something that cannot be solved. With effective cosmetic dentistry treatments, you can have the teeth you always wanted. Your new teeth can look natural and the most important thing – you won’t be ashamed to laugh and smile any more. Visit your dentist to see what could be done for your problem.

Painless And White


If your only problem is having stained teeth, then you are a lucky person. This is the simplest dental treatment that lasts not more than an hour. You will have to repeat the procedure maybe two or three times (max), and that’s it! If you are a smoker (which is something you should definitely consider dropping) or you eat food that can stain your teeth, this is a perfect treatment for you.

However, you will have to avoid anything that can stain your teeth again when you get your teeth whitened – this is not some magical treatment that will make your teeth resistant to staining. It will only make them white and good hygiene, plus avoiding drinks and food that can change their color will make them stay white. Teeth whitening is completely painless. Your dentist will apply a teeth whitening solution onto your teeth and speed up the process of whitening by using a special laser light.

Dead Roots Might be a Bit of Trouble

Discoloration problems can be sometimes troublesome as they cannot always be solved by teeth whitening. The cause of permanent teeth discoloration are dead roots. Dental veneers can solve this problem easily… the only thing you will need to do is pick the right color that will match your natural teeth color. Your dentist will take off a thin layer on the front part of your tooth and fix a veneer onto your tooth. This is also a great solution for chipped and cracked teeth. Consult with your dentist about this simple treatment that can and will completely change the look of your teeth.

Implants May Be Your Solution


If you’re missing a tooth or more, you should consider getting dental implants. This method is a little bit more aggressive than any other cosmetic dentistry method, but is the one that has potential to last much longer than any other. If you need to replace a bad tooth that is way too decayed to be saved, then you might want to think about this treatment. After the tooth is extracted, you will have to wait a month or two until your wound heals completely. Then, your dentist will check the structure of your jaw bone, and if it doesn’t need augmentation, the dentist will fix a titanium screw-like rod in your jaw bone. After that, you will have to wait a couple of more weeks until your body gets adjusted to the rod and only then will the dentist cement a dental crown onto it. The results are more than amazing.

Or Crowns Perhaps

In addition, dental crowns can be applied to your natural root if you are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth. The difference between dental crowns and dental veneers is that, when crowns are concerned, you dentist will have to take off more of your enamel in order to cement them onto the base, the remaining part of your tooth. If you are not fully satisfied with your misaligned or small teeth, this might be the most suitable cosmetic dentistry treatment for you. The process of fixing dental crowns lasts no longer than two weeks and is done under local anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about the pain.

Another cosmetic surgery treatment that can easily solve your problem of missing teeth is placing a dental bridge. Some people prefer this to dental implants in order to speed up the process, avoid the possible pain and some even don’t have another option, if their jaw bone is too damaged. A dental bridge is often composed out of two dental crowns and a pontic. The dentist will have to abrade two teeth next to the gap and cement the crowns onto them, filling the gap between them with a pontic. That’s it.