Negative Impacts of Alcohol and Why You Should Quit Drinking

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ever since childhood, our minds are bombarded with negative impacts that alcohol has on our health. Yet somehow a lot of people ends up being addicted to it. The truth is, having a first drink is not a wonderful experience. Indeed, there is nothing particular about the taste that draws us back into drinking. It is either social pressure, our will to challenge the authority and form individuality, and the fact that under the influence, we are relieved of the portion of anxiety, which does feel great.

However, alcoholism is the easy way out of our troubles, and addiction is formed easily, so, before we know it, a lot of our finances are devoured due to this habit. Here is the list of negative things you bring upon yourself with continued exposure to alcoholic drinks.

quit drinking

Liver related disease   

As long as you refuse to drink responsibly, you can look forward to certain liver related complications. It is heavily suggested, if you drink great amounts of alcohol, to undergo a liver function test. First of all, fatty liver disease can occur since fat builds up inside it – you might experience fatigue and loss of weight. If you opt to stop drinking, this will disappear on its own. On the other hand, if you choose to continue, you are prone to develop toxic hepatitis that is caused by various toxins and exposure to particular chemicals, and it ranges from mild to severe. Lastly, there is cirrhosis, when the liver becomes damaged beyond self-repair, and is prone to failure. Once again, all of these can be avoided by quitting this nasty habit.

You become socially unbearable

If you are out with your friends and you all decide to take a few more shots, then you won’t have any trouble socializing. However, if you are the only person with a stench of alcohol and inappropriate behavior, then rest assured, the best thing that can happen to you is an intervention. No one will tolerate you indefinitely, and if you start behaving like that inside your home, in front of your kids, you become a bad role model, and may cause them to become insecure. It is not uncommon for a marriage to fall apart as a result of alcoholism. Furthermore, it is only a matter of time before driving under the influence becomes a good idea, and at that moment, you become a nuisance to yourself and everyone on the street.


If you quit  

As mentioned, your health will improve, you will also sleep better and boost your performance at work. Moreover, you become more energetic, focus and concentration will spike for approximately 18%, but at the same time, you are bound to experience some withdrawal symptoms. In the event you cannot abandon this habit completely, then reduce the intake of alcohol as much as possible. Practicing moderation is not impossible, and could prove to be an even better alternative. When you quit completely, it still means the habit has control over your life, whereas by reducing the intake, you prove you can be responsible.