Why Twitter Is the Best Social Media Platform for Popularizing your blog

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No doubt, twitter is the best social media platform to connect and engage with other bloggers. Twitter is the best way to quickly promote your online products, blog posts or other things and you can make your links go viral in no time. The best ways to get more out of twitter are: Use your […]

Google – Benevolent or Malevolent?

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Does a day go past when you don’t have some interaction with google? Whether it’s searching for that elusive recipe, accessing emails or finding the location of the restaurant where you were supposed to be meeting your wife 20 minutes ago we all rely on Google to some extent. Famously of Infamously Google’s motto is […]

Will this Guest Blog Strategy Work?

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I¬†thought I would bring this question to the ComLuv community as it seems to be one of the more successful sources I have personally found for guest blogging. Perhaps you guys can let me know what you think of my formula and idea, I have a little bit of a different approach to guest blogging. […]

Positive Affirmations Took Over My Life (in a GOOD way)!

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Today I’d like to share a personal story with you – my personal story of how I have used positive affirmations throughout my life, and indeed, how they have took over my life in many areas and many different ways. Before I get started, let me make sure you know what affirmations are. To summarize, […]

Congratulations to all our Blogging Contest Winners

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OMG can you believe it? what a fantastic and awesome contest it has been for everyone involved!! We had entries galore, comments in abundance and tens of thousands of pageviews and humans eyes on every single article here and at Famousbloggers. I for one am so super impressed by how well the thing went and […]

Are You Commenting Wrong?

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Can you comment in the wrong manner even if you do not spam? Maybe not wrong, but unproductive. Most people visit blogs here and there and comment one day, then visit off somewhere else another day. This is the drive-by approach to commenting. There is a better way, though. The community way. Focus your energy […]

An affair with Words: Why I comment?

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I am a comment vixen in disguise. My affair with words leads me to travel the web engaging in repetitive and lustrous affairs with the comment box. Lay a comment here and there, then worrying if my words fared well through-out the night, and return to see if my comment solicited a response or not. […]

Creating Articles that Encourage Comments

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For a person like me, getting people to comment on my articles is no easy task considering I tend to have a taste for more than one topic and not everyone is interested in every topic I like. Spending hours writing an article, doing my research, creating links, posting images and spell and grammar checking, […]

Streamlining And Tweeting For Your Reactions Via Comments

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Many of you that may come by or drop by the site from traffic sources like Adgitize and linkrefferal may really feel the need to bounce as soon as you hit the door. In a way that may seem kind of like the thing to do to get your “required” visits in for the day. […]

How to Triple Your Blog Traffic, Comments and RSS Signup Using CommentLuv!

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Everyone agrees, blogs are a 2 way communication tool. But what happens when you’ve labored to create a well designed blog and has written what you know to be wonderful posts but no one cared to add a comment? If your blog has become a one way street (it just seems you’re the only one […]