Why Twitter Is the Best Social Media Platform for Popularizing your blog

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Ravi Kumar
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Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar
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No doubt, twitter is the best social media platform to connect and engage with other bloggers. Twitter is the best way to quickly promote your online products, blog posts or other things and you can make your links go viral in no time.

Why Twitter Is the Best Social Media Platform for Popularizing your blog

Why Twitter Is the Best Social Media Platform for Popularizing your blog

The best ways to get more out of twitter are:

  • Use your common sense to stand out from other bloggers
  • Use top class headlines on your twitter profile
  • Build relationships with your customers and influential people that you know
  • Engage more with your readers regularly

How to get more out of twitter?

Tweet regularly

Spend time on twitter to post latest tweets and let others know what’s going around your blogs and online businesses. Don’t make your twitter account sit idle. Use your tweets to get more engagement from your partners, readers or customers.

Tweeting 5 to 10 times a day will definitely bring you more twitter visibility and followers. No one will like to follow you on twitter if you don’t actively organize the tweets on your account. So, make sure you are spending quality time on twitter to tweet the latest updates and don’t forget to engage with others by tweeting their stuff or replying on their best tweets. This way you will be building great network on your twitter profiles to get more online visibility around your blogs.

Get more twitter followers

There’s no doubt, you need more twitter followers to make your links go viral in the blogosphere. Without having much followers, you REALLY can’t make twitter work for you.

How to get more twitter followers then?

Following are the surefire ways to quickly get more twitter followers.

  • Follow the influential
    bloggers in your niche
  • Retweet their stuff regularly
  • Connect with them often
  • Follow more people (you can follow 200 people every day)
  • Unfollow those people who won’t follow you back (use the free tools like twiends to unfollow)
  • Give some time to make other people follow you
  • Learn how to write great titles on your twitter (you need to distinguish yourself from others)
  • Use twitter follow buttons on your blogs

Approach the top bloggers

By staying in touch with the top bloggers in your niche will actually make you to learn and analyze the NEW things. You will also know the trending topics around your network by following the top bloggers.

Because most top bloggers have great following on twitter. Whatever happens around blogosphere they will come to know by other bloggers and they will update the latest information on their twitter accounts.

This will make you analyze how to create more impact on other bloggers using twitter, so start following the influential bloggers from now on. Remember that, most top bloggers don’t follow you back unless you are a celebrity or who is already making a great buzz in online.

Tweet at the right times

The best time to get more visibility on twitter is between 1 pm to 3 pm every day (EST timing zone). So, don’t miss this time, set aside some time to tweet around these time intervals to get more clicks on your twitter accounts.

Try to create 2 or more twitter profiles to quickly build a great impact on other bloggers. This will also bring you more followers (by having 2 or more twitter profiles). But make sure to spend time on all the twitter profiles that you have to engage with others.

Use twitter sharing buttons

DiggDigg is the BEST plugin that is available for the WordPress users to make their readers easily share their posts. You must be using twitter sharing buttons on your blog posts to make your readers to tweet your stuff.

Your readers will definitely tweet your contents, if they find your blog posts useful and engaging. Ask your readers to tweet your stuff at the end of  your blog posts.

Note: Thank your readers, fans or followers if they tweet your blog posts. This will make them loyal to you in the long run.

Over to you:

Do you have any more tips to use twitter to get most out of it? Please share your tips below and tweet this post if you find it useful.