Top 10 Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners!

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Scott Craighead
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Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners

How I Feel When Trying To Find A Plug-in That Helps and Works!

Notice: The Top 10 Most Useful Free WordPress Plugins For Beginners Is Rated By Must Have Essentials, Ease of Use, and Preventive Blog Maintenance.

To Install Each Plug-in You Have Downloaded Follow this Path.

( Your WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New> Upload)

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress is a great platform for your website! For me, it beats out any and all competition! It’s infinitely useful and a powerful tool. There are however, some plugins you need to download in order to utilize it correctly. Is this particular plugin’s case, it’s helping search engines find your site accurately and getting the correct information across to the people searching to find your website as well. It’s easily one of the most important free WordPress plugins to have above all else, especially for beginners.

2. Jetpack Socialize

With the huge amounts of blogs relying on social media! It is essential to have others share and promote your work. Social media is the perfect platform along with SEO to get your name out there and put your work out there in front of people.  I’d say Google+ is the most important out of the social media profiles for SEO and Facebook (Group Sharing) brings in a lot of traffic as well. Socialize from Jetpack puts the social media buttons on the bottom of each page or post for people to use and share with others! A much needed plug-in for your blog. I personally only use Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest on my socialize.

3. Social Media Widget

This social media widget is the widget that surpasses any other social media widget out there! It has numerous social media types and all the icons fit in uniform and looks very nice and smooth.  It is extremely easy to configure this plug-in and it can even turn you onto other networks to help market yourself. I do not joke when I say it has the most social media profile’s I’ve ever seen! While still having the extreme ease of use along with it. On a side note, if your looking to start up your RSS feed, it usually is (http://yourwebsite/feed/). It’s best on the top, right-hand side with the words “Connect With Us” above it!

4. All in one Favicon

If you don’t know what a favicon is, it’s the little symbol you see on your bookmarks or the top of the page next to your address depending on the browser your using. Every website should have a favicon! The best thing for a favicon would either be your Logo or just a picture of yourself.  This website will convert your image to the .ico favicon for you.  This plugin makes installing your favicon a breeze, which can be very difficult to do if your new or if your theme doesn’t address it. Always, I repeat always have a favicon.

5. Copyright Proof

This is about protecting your work from people trying to scrape your site or take your content and put it up on their own website. Everything you do should have this plugin on it and if you haven’t used this yet. You should right away! It also protects other people’s comment’s on your post’s in case a spammer thinks it can be universally used to spam. Having this plugin prevents your user’s from being blacklisted with the comment spam agency’s. It’s a great idea, no blog should be without it.

6. WP No Frames


sure this has stopped you before and you don’t even know it.  When your browsing Google images and you find an image and click view original image! Instead of it being the image you wanted to see. It’s the website that it’s on. That’s because of this plugin. It has a lot more uses as well, like someone stealing your website using an IFrame and so on and so forth.  There are Spammers and Scams a plenty out there.  You have to do what you can to stop them before they try something with your stuff.  Protecting yourself is one the smartest things you can do in the day and age we live in.

7. AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget

Another social bookmark widget, Really? I understand your thought on that. But, this is something your going to want to have!  This will put the sharing buttons on top of the post as well.  It’s a great idea to have share buttons on the top and bottom of the posts especially if you have long posts. Must user’s, myself included, will always scroll to the top of the post or page when they’re finished reading it. I found it really, really helps to have it at sitting at the top for user friendly usability. How use-ably useful to use for the user! :)! You can see it in action on top of my website posts! Why not give some shares while your there and lend me a hand huh?

8. CommentLuv/GASP

First lets talk about WASP. Most WordPress Sites have the Akismet Plugin in their plugins when they start. I say don’t use it. It’s a little too strong and sometimes real comments won’t make it through.  WASP which comes with the CommentLuv plugin doesn’t filter it so hard and has the correct adjustable settings to fit your standards of what a comment should be like.  It’s a wonderful plugin that I will never be without.

As for CommentLuv this plugin is amazing for adding value for the commenter or users on your website. I say, stay away from Disqus or Facebook comments.  The WordPress comment system is great and this plugin is a great addition to that as well. Fact is, I won’t comment on any blog that doesn’t have either CommentLuv or WordPress as their comment platform.  I don’t want all that signing in with all that social media madness every time I post a comment.  With WordPress, you do it once and your done. Simple as that.

9. pTypeConverter

If you were like me when I first started out. You thought that maybe your written work looked a lot better by using pages instead of posts.  With all the tags, dates, and other stuff. I really didn’t want on my website. It really depends on your taste and your theme’s style.  But when I changed my theme! I wanted to switch pages to posts because it fits the look I have now.  This plugin allows you change them all at once and with ease at that.  It has Page to Post or Post to Page.  It has other features as well, but this is whats most useful about it.  It’s something to have just in case you make mistakes somewhere down the line.

10. Comment Control

(WordPress Dashboard> Plugins> Add New> Search: Comment Control)

This is another thing I’m guilty off! I thought in the back of my mind that comments make my page look UN-professional.  Really, it doesn’t, so about 4 months later I decided that I wanted comments back! Problem! I didn’t want to go to every post and update it with the comments check mark box. No way, No how! I tried using the one under Discussion but that only worked for new articles for WordPress! So, I was stuck! Luckily, I found this plug-in which should be adopted into WordPress itself if you ask me. This allows supreme control over turning comments on or off in specific ways.  I’d suggest it to anyone on the WordPress Platform, any day!

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